Kajabi Review: What is Kajabi and Is It Worth It? (2024 Update)

Kajabi Review

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Kajabi Review

Kajabi Review 2024

Kajabi offer the full suite of business and marketing tools so entrepreneurs and small/medium sized businesses can do everything from one platform.

Published By Al Rose Last Updated on February 16, 2024

Looking for a platform that will help you grow your online venture or course selling business? Before you make choice, read our in-depth 2024 Kajabi review to see if it might be what you’re looking for.

Building an online business platform requires many different features to enable the company to operate professionally.

Few platforms have been able to integrate as many critical features thereby enabling users to provide content, do the administration of the business online, and market the course content on a single platform. Typically, doing everything that goes into managing an online business (especially one that involves creating and selling online courses) requires subscriptions to multiple platforms.

But Kajabi aims to be the all-in-one solution. With Kajabi, you get email marketing tools, lead funnel building, course building, course marketing, course selling (you can even presell a course), membership management, and a whole lot more — all in one central platform.

It sounds great, right?

But does Kajabi really live up to all the hype? Is it one of the best online course platforms? And is Kajabi worth the money? (To look more closely at the costs involved, see our Kajabi pricing article.) 

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Highly Recommended
Kajabi is a well-rounded platform providing access to a host of features that will enable you to manage your online education business effectively. Get a 14-day FREE TRIAL now when you click the button below.

In this Kajabi review, we will provide some insight into the features and how it integrates to provide a complete solution for online entrepreneurship and business.

If you want to get started right now here’s a link to a 14 day free trial for Kajabi.

Access Your Free Kajabi Strategy Meeting

Following the steps below, you can secure a free 1:1 strategic session with a member of the Kajabi Customer Success team to help build your business on Kajabi.

Step 1: Sign up for your free Kajabi trial by clicking on this link or other links on this page

Step 2: You’ll get an email from us providing instructions on how to schedule your free Success Session.

Step 3: Schedule Session with a Kajabi expert and use their knowledge to create a personalized action plan for your business.

What Is Kajabi?

Kajabi offers everything you need to build a business selling online courses or membership sites. 

Kajabi includes tools for building a website with a blog, course creation, growing sales and marketing funnels, tracking analytics, and automated email marketing tools. 

All of this is done on an all-in-one platform, and integration to all required features are built-in.

Templates are built-in for landing pages, sales funnels, events, built-in video streaming, and email automation.

The administration pages like customizable checkout and payment processing pages can be controlled from the dashboard.

Simply put, it’s everything you need to start and grow an online course business (check out these Kajabi course examples).

Kajabi has helped more than 50,000 entrepreneurs around the world build thriving businesses selling online courses and other digital offerings.

Kajabi Review: Key Features

Kajabi Products

Let’s take a look at all of the different features included with your Kajabi account:

Online course platform

Creating a great online learning experience is the primary job of online course platforms and in this section, we’ll see how Kajabi performs when it comes to content delivery and member engagement.

kajabi products

Content Uploading and Structuring

Uploading content into Kajabi is a straightforward process, making course creation a breeze. 

They provide a Products Blueprint which is a pre-built sample structure for various digital products with categories and posts added by default. 

Categories enable you to organize your content and posts containing the content. It is an intuitive and straightforward process to create and sell your course and to upload the content in Kajabi.

You can add a variety of content marketing features including videos, assessments, text, pdf downloads, and more.

The content can be uploaded from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

The videos are hosted by Wistia from where they can be uploaded in bulk for use in your blog posts and sales pages.

Curriculum Builder

To build your curriculum you order your Categories or Posts by dragging and dropping at your preferred location. There is another level called Subcategories to make the structuring of your curriculum extremely flexible and easy to create.

Kajabi Mobile App

The Kajabi platform has a mobile app for both iOS and Android web based devices enabling students to access the course anywhere they have access to a mobile network.

Kajabi quiz editor

You can add timed quizzes through the Assessments feature and they can be added to your landing pages. Quizzes cannot be imported from external files and can’t include advanced quiz elements like question banks, timed quizzes.


Kajabi doesn’t support the creation of certificates and therefore you will have to use third-party software such as Accredible or Google Slides for certificates.


Kajabi’s gamification features let you incorporate incentives like badges, points, leaderboards, and more into your course.

Student Discussions

Kajabi Community enables you to create a community forum on the platform and you can make this available as a standalone product or as part of your membership site. This has been noted by Kajabi users as a one of their student engagement tools.


You can drip your course content when you release Categories within a course after a pre-set duration after course enrolment. In this way course content is only made available according to your course schedule.

Lock Course Content

The Content Locking feature you can force students to complete a lesson before moving on to the next lesson. The lesson can be in the form of an assessment that has to be completed before moving onto the next lesson.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows students and other interested parties to promote online courses platforms like Kajabi in exchange for a commission.

Affiliates can be added for your business or selected courses. The commission structure can be set for the various affiliate programs that you make available.

Kajabi Affiliate Dashboard

Kajabi by default creates a registration and a login page for your affiliates.

It provides access to a private affiliate dashboard with its affiliates links where they can track statistics on their performance.

Kajabi allows you to create a fully-functional affiliate program but some of the areas that need improvement are the cookie tracking period and upload of swipe file for your affiliates.

The default for cookie tracking is 30 days and can’t be amended.


The chosen blueprint provides the pieces you require to guide you through the setup of the selected funnel including landing pages, forms, automated email campaigns, your offer and more.

The Freebie blueprint enables you to offer a lead magnet enabling you to build your email list.

The Zoom Webinar OVO blueprint enables you to market and sell online courses through webinars.

In the Webinar blueprint, Kajabi automatically creates the registration page, confirmation page, and the reminder and follow up emails. You can set events and share pre-recorded webinars as part of your automated marketing plan.

Kajabi was built around this marketing feature and the blueprints are designed to achieve high conversion rates. Customer Kajabi reviews confirm it does not disappoint with either of these features and it is a critical time saver. The features work well, and you are guided every step of the way.

Kajabi Pipeline


Hosting, Security, and Updates

You can host your website on the Kajabi infrastructure at no extra costs and they will maintain the infrastructure. There will be no increase in your subscription when the website traffic increases.

Hosting your domain on the Kajabi platform is possible. You have to create a sub-domain on your domain and link it to your business. E.g. www.teachingbusiness.myowndomain.com

Alternatively, you can host your school on the Kajabi domain. The domain name will read as follows www.teachingbusiness.kajabi.com

The Kajabi branding can be removed on the growth and Pro plans and therefore your website will be completely white-labeled. 

Security on all your pages via an SSL certificate is provided by Kajabi and it is enabled by default on all your pages. There is no need for you to install the SSL certificate.

Landing Page Templates

Building landing pages on Kajabi is quite simple through the use of the drag ‘n drop landing page editor which is designed to provide a great user experience (UX).

kajabi landing page template

Standard Pages

There are 10 standard pages available on Kajabi:

  • Homepage
  • Library
  • Store
  • Login
  • Static Page
  • Thank You Page
  • 404 Page
  • Blog
  • Blog Post

Finally, you can also create option forms that you can either embed in your blog posts or use as popups to collect email addresses for your small business.

Overall, Kajabi does a decent job when it comes to building marketing funnels and at this point, no other online course platform offers you this sort of funnel building capability.

Check out these Kajabi website examples to see what’s possible with the platform.


Kajabi Marketing Automation

It is possible to automate your email marketing campaigns via the Kajabi Automations feature. The automation enables you to set some parameters for sending marketing emails. 

You can track the number of people that signs up from your email campaign. 

There is a pre-set option to determine the sequence of the mails and you can add multiple emails to be sent out in the set sequence.

There are a lot of things (e.g. sending a one-off coupon automatically) that won’t be possible or easy to do if you were to use an external email automation tool with your course platform.

The Automations feature enables you to add/remove tags, move users between different email sequences, and send targeted campaigns based on the recipients’ actions to the mail.

Few of the competitors allow you access to the number of parameters that Kajabi does to automate the delivery of future emails. 

This can all be controlled from Kajabi’s CRM system

Email Marketing with Personalization

For a personal touch, Kajabi enables the email broadcasts to all your subscribers and add some personalized details into the email. Some user Kajabi reviews from social media highlight that this email personalization has improved their conversion rates. 

Ease of Use

Setting up your course on Kajabi is quite straightforward and does not require a technical expert or a large amount of time. The templates available in the various categories will aid you in creating a good user experience for visitors.


Kajabi has reporting tools to provide information on your courses, affiliates, students and sales transactions.

The analytics are available in the various product areas and do not have a specific place on the dashboard. This is something that Kajabi can look into for future releases to provide a better user experience.

Sales reports

  • These provide information on the sales by selected period, report on subscriptions, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and Churn Rate.

Affiliate reports

  • Affiliate reports will report on affiliate purchases and commissions.

Marketing reports

  • This will provide information on the number of opt-ins by day, week, and by month.

Kajabi Course Progress

  • You can track the progress of your students, results of quizzes and how your videos performed at either at the product level, lesson level, or at the student level.

Kajabi Video Stats

  • The video report provides feedback on engagement rate, play rate, etc. to indicate if students drop off on a specific place on the video through the use of Visual Engagement Viewer and Video heatmaps.

Payments and Fees

Product Pricing Options (Offers)

To enable the pricing of your course you have to create an Offer. This is straightforward to do and extremely flexible.

The following options are available, and you can:

  • Set the pricing structure to sell courses for free
  • Request a once-off payment
  • Subscription payment plan. Recurring subscriptions can be weekly, monthly or annual
  • Charge a setup fee or enable a free trial period
  • Select the currency for pricing in USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, and more
  • Make the offer selective and only provide access to a single product or multiple products applicable to the offer
  • Regulate the access date when you are pre-selling online courses 
  • Limit a member’s access to your courses to a certain period and their access will expire
  • Create a single coupon code or generate bulk coupon codes
  • Select the offers applicable to the coupon
Kajabi Checkout page

Optimized Checkout Page

Kajabi offers full control over information collected from your customers on the checkout page.

Kajabi also offers 2 powerful conversion marketing tools, firstly add an order bump to your checkout page or, offer a 1-click upsell to your users on the thank you page leading to increased sales.

Abandoned carts can be tracked and you can follow up with an email.


Kajabi offers checkout pages rather than a shopping cart as checkout pages tend to convert and sell better. In the case of online trading with multiple courses available the traditional shopping cart functionality might work better. Kajabi can connect to an eCommerce platform like 3dcart.

Kajabi Payment Gateways

Kajabi lacks is the ability to handle EU VAT and other taxes during the checkout process.

Payment processing can be done with Stripe and PayPal. PayPal is available as a payment option for subscriptions/payment plans and even for non-USD pricing.

There are no transaction fees and payment is sent to you immediately.


While Kajabi was built to provide powerful email marketing tools that form part of the platform, you can integrate with 5 other email marketing solutions such as Aweber, MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, and Active Campaign.

You have access to Zapier that can integrate with an email automation platform like Infusionsoft as Kajabi does not integrate directly into it. 

Zapier also offers integration to Google Slides for issuing certificates to your students, Google Analytics and Segment for tracking visitors to your website

Customer Support

Kajabi university

Chat support

Kajabi provides one of the more helpful customer support teams in the marketing software niche and they offer 24/7 live chat support from the Growth pricing plan upwards. The Basic plan only has access to chat support during office hours.

Kajabi Assistant Bar

The Kajabi assistant bar provides access to a searchable database that contains tutorials.

Kajabi University

The Kajabi Hero University provides access to free training on a variety of topics to guide you on how to create your courses and guiding you in how to market your digital products on social media and other platforms.

Kajabi Hero

Kajabi Hero is a rewards program designed to reward creators who reach revenue levels offering some exclusive perks.

Kajabi Facebook

Kajabi has a user community on Facebook enabling the community to interact and assist each other in content and ideas.

The Pro plan offers webinars and event options, but everyone has access to the Kajabi blog and the help center.

Pricing Kajabi Review

Kajabi has three tiers available at standard pricing, a 14 day free trial period and an Enterprise plan.

14-day free trial

To select the 14 days trial period, you will have to select one of the three pricing plans and supply your credit card details. You can cancel this 14-day trial before the days expire or else you will be billed for the plan that you selected.

Basic Plan Features

The Basic plan is available at $119 per month on a yearly subscription paid upfront or at $149 per month if you pay monthly and the Kajabi logo branding is compulsory on all products. It is the perfect place for someone to start.

Growth Plan Features

The Growth plan is available at $159 per month on a yearly subscription paid upfront or at $199 per month if you pay monthly and the Kajabi logo branding can be removed from your products from this plan upwards. This is the most popular of all the pricing plans available.

Pro Plan Features

This top tier plan is available at $319 per month on a yearly subscription paid upfront or at $399 per month if you pay monthly. This plan is more suitable for lecturers that have access to a huge contact list or membership list.

Enterprise Plan

There is an Enterprise plan available, but you will have to contact Kajabi for more information on costs and the offering.

Kajabi is one of the better options for a full spectrum of online education experience. It offers more than 10 well-designed course player themes, unlimited video hosting, iOS/Android mobile app, Community involvement, quizzes, surveys and a drip feature for courses.

The blogging feature is the greatest downside to the Kajabi platform and they would do well to address this feature.

Kajabi was built for marketing online content and it does this well.

Choose Kajabi if…

  • You want an all-in-one solution
  • You don’t mind the expense or learning curve
  • You require marketing assistance
  • You want detailed analytics
  • You want training and good customer service
  • You want an unlimited video hosting

Don’t choose Kajabi if…

  • You don’t have an existing audience 
  • You want to add products frequently due to product-based pricing
  • You are on a tight budget

Kajabi vs Teachable

Teachable is is a rival in the online course platforms space and it allows users to create and sell online courses under their brand. 

Teachable doesn’t provide the number of features as Kajabi for course player design and it also can’t build a community forum. There are no site themes while there are limited editing options available in the page builder.

Kajabi is the better platform to build your entire website and marketing funnels on but if you need are more in-depth review look at Kajabi vs Teachable article. 

Kajabi vs Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that also includes membership site platform creation capabilities built on sales and marketing features. There are many templates available for landing pages and checkout pages .

The page builder offers email automation marketing tools, website builder, inbuilt video marketing, and scheduling tools but the built-in video hosting limits are low.

Our full comparison here Kajabi vs Kartra.

Kajabi vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is arguably the most popular sales funnel builder and it includes membership site creation capabilities, dozens of pre-built blueprints, and sales funnel templates.

Adding upsell and downsell features to your checkout pages are straightforward

The bottom line is though that ClickFunnels membership site builder is very basic in its design and lacks many essential features. ClickFunnels cannot build a regular website or create a blog.

ClickFunnels is a good tool for marketing your online courses and sales funnels while Kajabi will take care of the marketing aspect and deliver online courses. Our in-depth comparison can be read here Kajabi vs Clickfunnels.

This will have to be done on external platforms such as WordPress. Another rival worth checking out at Kajabi vs WordPress

Kajabi vs Thinkific

Thinkific is one of the market leaders in the online course platform space and it’s a very popular tool in its own right.

You can host various forms of content marketing like videos, documents, and text.

Courses can be distributed via the drip feature and access can be controlled to courses through the content locking feature and membership site feature. You can check out our full pros and cons review at Kajabi vs Thinkific.

Other Competitors

Online business owners also consider the similarities of other software with Kajabi. Kajabi vs Podia is often compared because of Podia’s online course capabilities. 

Ontraport shares a bundle of features with Kajabi with its reputation for marketing automation quite renowned in the industry. We assessed this in our Kajabi vs Ontraport post. 

Infusionsoft is another advanced marketing platform that shares traits with Kajabi and we looked at these here – Kajabi vs Infusionsoft

Kajabi’s email marketing features and sales pipeline builder have also brought it into competition with Mailchimp, one of the giants of the online marketing space. We review their rivalry in our pros and cons Kajabi vs Mailchimp article.

Kajabi Verdict

Kajabi is geared towards high powered marketing tools called Pipelines to aid you in connecting your landing pages and checkout pages.

The email feature is the core of the platform as that enables you to set up instructions for the process to be followed and which mails should be sent out dependent on whether a mail has been read or not. This will strengthen your marketing effort.

Overall Kajabi is a well-rounded platform providing access to a host of features that will enable you to manage your online education business effectively.



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