Groovefunnels Pricing Plans (2021) - LifeTime Platinum Offer Explained

Groovefunnels Pricing

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Finding the Groovefunnels pricing structure a bit confusing? We will guide you through your options so you are clear of the special pricing offer available right now. 

For those in need of a quick summary: there are two pricing options for Groovefunnels available at this time. They are the Free Lifetime plan (full access for life to all Groove products with some restrictions) and the Platinum Lifetime plan (full unrestricted access for life to every Groovefunnels product).

These lifetime plans are special offers from Groovefunnels.

In the first quarter of 2021, this pricing structure will revert to standard recurring monthly billing starting at $99 per month for the base plan. Members who have signed up to these Lifetime plans will not be impacted however when these changes occur as their Lifetime memberships will be locked in.

Read our full pricing breakdown of all your Groovefunnels options below or lock in your Free Groovefunnels Lifetime account today.  

Groovefunnels Pricing Plans

Free Lifetime


Per month

No Credit Card Required

Free Plan GrooveFunnels Product List

GroovePages  (Replaces Clickfunnels)

GrooveSell  (Replaces SamCart)

GrooveMember (Replaces Kajabi)

GrooveKart (Replaces Shopify)

GrooveMail  (Replaces ActiveCampaign)

GrooveAffiliate  (Replaces TapAffiliate)

GrooveWebinars (Replaces EverWebinar)

GrooveVideo (Replaces Vimeo)

GrooveDesk  (Replaces ZenDesk)

+ Access To Other Unreleased Groovefunnel Products Like GrooveSurvey and GrooveProof

Platinum Lifetime


One Time Payment(oTHER Staggered pAYMENT oPTIONS available)

Unrestricted Access To All Groovefunnels Products For Life

Groovefunnels Free Lifetime Plan

Unlike most Free plans offered by marketing software platforms, Groovefunnels are not just providing the skeleton of their features here.

For those who sign up, they are giving free Lifetime accounts and full access to both their GroovePages and GrooveSell products.

A credit card will not be required at any time in this process when using the Free plan. 

Groovepages is Groovefunnels’ powerful funnel and website builder. It is designed as a drag and drop page builder and it allows business owners to design their website and sales funnels from the ground up without any coding knowledge.

Conversion tested page templates for areas like opt ins and lead magnets are also included. 

Crucially, you can avail of custom domains with this Free plan which is critical for branding. Instead of having your sales funnels and pages under the Groovefunnels banner with a domain like, all your content comes under your brand:

Groovesell is the feature that allows you to promote and sell your digital products online. This Groove online sales system takes payment for your products, either digital or physical, and caters to a subscription service from your customers.

With this Free Account for life,  you can sell unlimited products along with unlimited customers and leads

This level of feature availability for a free plan is unusual as close competitors like Kajabi or Kartra would not provide unlimited customers and products at even their highest pricing tier. 

Unsurprisingly, this Free plan offer won’t last forever.

Groovefunnels intend to switch to monthly billing plans in Q1 of 2021 which will restrict access to these features with a tiered pricing structure. 

As the table above shows, the Free plan will also give you access to other business tools in the Groovefunnels suite. 

GrooveKart and their membership site platform GrooveMember will allow you to build an audience and sell products to them on the same platform. Also included in the Free Plan are GrooveMail (the email marketing automation platform of Groovefunnels) and GrooveVideo with an upload limit of 5GB per video.  

Certain usage limits will exist for some of these tools to separate the Free Plan from the Lifetime Platinum deal.

For example, Groovemember will allow you to create one membership site with the Free Plan and unlimited membership sites with the Lifetime Platinum. GrooveKart credit card rates will also be cheaper with the Platinum offer (2.85% online credit card rate vs 4.95% with the Free plan).

Other package limits for unreleased tools have still not been confirmed.

Some of the other tools include GrooveProof (social proof pop up feature), GrooveDesk (built-in help desk that allows you to engage with your customers), and GrooveWebinars (present webinars live or automated)

Groovefunnels Platinum Lifetime Offer Starting at $1,397 (One Time Payment)

Groovefunnels is currently offering Lifetime access to all their tools for a one time price. A one time fee of $1,397 will ensure you can use their products forever including availing of all software updates and additional features created in the future.

Why are they providing this deal and is Groovefunnels legit? Groovefunnels is still in beta meaning it is new software with key features being added every month.

With some of their main features like Groovedesk or Groovewebinars not released yet, they want to give new customers this lifetime benefit for joining Groovefunnels in the early days.

The company was founded by Mike Filsaime who helped establish Kartra and was the second online marketer in history to do a $1 Million Launch back in 2006 so they are very much the real deal.

Lifetime Platinum members have four options to pay this upgrade fee detailed below:

  • Pay $0 today and have a 14 day free trial utilising all the features.After this trial period, pay 4 monthly instalments of $497 ($1,988 in total)
  • Pay the $1,397 up front (biggest saving)
  • Pay 6 monthly instalments of $388 starting today ($2,328 in total)
  • Pay 12 monthly instalments of $249 starting today ($2,988 in total)

This lifetime payment option is due to expire in Q1 of 2021 and will be replaced by the monthly recurring model used by competitors like Kajabi or Clickfunnels where you pay a fixed fee every month in perpetuity. A breakdown of these expected monthly costs is detailed in the next section.

The image above captures the annual cost saving and mix of tools free users will get when they upgrade to the Lifetime Platinum deal. 

Another important benefit to note about upgrading to Lifetime Platinum concerns the Groovefunnels affiliate program called Grooveaffiliate.

A Free Plan member-only gets 20% commissions on their referrals to Groovefunnels. 

When you are a Platinum Lifetime Groovefunnels member, you double your affiliate payouts by getting 40% commissions on all referrals for life

For example, instead of getting $279.40 ($1,397 x 20%) when your lead upgrades to the Platinum Lifetime plan, you will be paid $558.80 ($1,397 x 40%) which is a significant jump in income.

Tier-2 commissions are also included when you upgrade to a Lifetime Plan membership. This means you earn a commission on sales that your affiliates make. This commission is set at 10% per sale. 

Over time, this is a significant increase in payout potential as now you have affiliates that you didn’t even sign up earning for you in a multi-tier affiliate structure. 

This doubled commission and Tier 2 benefit will not be available to any new members who sign up after the Lifetime Platinum deal ends. Platinum members will keep this increased commission benefit in perpetuity.

To confirm, no commissions are paid from members signing up to the Free Lifetime Accounts, only when members upgrade to the Platinum Lifetime plan.

Groovefunnels have a number of bonuses available to Lifetime Platinum members when they upgrade.

Recordings of the 3 day Groove-A-Thon marketing event including cheat sheets and interviews with leading online marketing experts are also available on Platinum upgrade.

Upgrading to Lifetime Platinum also means a free VIP ticket to GrooveKon and live in-person workshops throughout the year for members looking to connect and learn.

Groove Digital Bonuses Mike Filsaime

Groovefunnels Change To Pricing Once Free/Platinum Offer Ends

Groovefunnels have indicated the following pricing structure when they end the current limited-time Platinum offer.

  • GrooveFunnels Silver plan at  $99 per month.
  • GrooveFunnels Gold plan at $199 per month.
  • GrooveFunnels Platinum at $299 per month.

Members who want to be cost-efficient should consider securing the Free Groovefunnels account for life now so this monthly rebilling is avoided. 



 Video Synopsis


A  synopsis of the pricing plans as noted in the article. You can also check out our Groovefunnels review article. 

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