Groovefunnels Pricing Plans (2022) - Lifetime Plan Price Increasing To $2497 Soon

Groovefunnels Pricing

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Is Groovefunnels pricing legit?

Is the Groovefunnels Platinum Lifetime Plan worth it?

Which of the Groovefunnels pricing plans is the best fit?

How does it even help my business?

Our pricing review covers these questions and more so you can be informed before making your buying decision.

The majority of the pricing reviews for Groovefunnels on the web have outdated info from 2020, ESPECIALLY around the Platinum Lifetime deal and it’s planned 2022 prices increases.  

This article is UPDATED for 2022 and details how you can lock in all Groovefunnels features for life for a special once off payment (with no monthly bills).

With Groovefunnel’s benefits, this is a potential game-changer if you act before the special pricing changes.

FYI though!

Groovefunnels isn’t for everybody (we will unpack that later).

Lets dive into our Groovefunnels pricing plans overview! Use Our Table of Contents to quickly get the info you want.

Table of Contents

Groovefunnels Pricing Plans

Free Plan

Per month
No Credit Card Required

Free Plan GrooveFunnels Product List

GroovePages  (Replaces Clickfunnels)

GrooveSell  (Replaces SamCart)

GrooveMember (Replaces Kajabi)

GrooveKart (Replaces Shopify)

GrooveMail  (Replaces ActiveCampaign)

GrooveAffiliate  (Replaces TapAffiliate)

GrooveWebinars (Replaces EverWebinar)

GrooveVideo (Replaces Vimeo)

GrooveDesk  (Replaces ZenDesk)

+ Access To Other Unreleased Groovefunnel Products Like GrooveSurvey and GrooveProof

Platinum Lifetime

One Time Payment (oTHER Staggered pAYMENT oPTIONS available)
Unrestricted Access To All Groovefunnels Products For Life

What Is GrooveFunnels?

Groovefunnels is an all-in-one marketing tool that unlocks your business’ growth potential.  It does this through a combination of customizable landing pages, targeted email marketing, automated marketing campaigns and high converting checkout pages.

Great….but how does it really help you?

For you, that means you have everything needed to build a profitable product or course, drive traffic and create devoted, returning customers (all on 1 platform with no tech skill or learning curves required).

With some elbow grease, you can automate this process growing sales with no extra effort while you focus on other things like family or travelling.

In my case, it was a no-brainer.

I was spending over $465 a month ($97 for Clickfunnels, $129 for ActiveCampaign, $199 for Samcart, $40 for Everwebinar) for a bunch of software that Groove could handle for a one-time payment.

Not a hard switching decision!

These tedious chores vanished when I moved to Groovefunnels:

  • Managing 4 separate platforms. (super inconvenient)
  • Dealing with integration errors (tech knowledge needed),
  • Infiltrating all the different customer support teams (time-consuming).
  • PAYING ALL these different providers (expensive).

That said, confusion still exists around Groovefunnels which will cover in the next section.

Is Groovefunnels Pricing Legit?

Yes, Groovefunnels is legit. They provide software that thousands of people are using every day to build businesses.

Groovefunnels was founded by Mike Filsaime.

Mike has been a mainstay in the internet marketing space for over a decade and is also one of the founders of Kartra and WebinarJam. Kartra, in particular, is a big fish in the business software space with millions in annual turnover.

425,000 business owners are using Groovefunnels, myself included. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee for the Lifetime Plan.

groovefunnels 30 day guarantee

Any issues you have, just get your money back…simples.

How Much Does Groovefunnels Cost?

Groovefunnels Free Plan –

  • Free! The free account gives you access to all tools with restrictions. No credit card needed. Access to some features will change when pricing reverts to monthly billing. 

Groovefunnels Lifetime Platinum Plan –

  • $1,997 (One time payment for Lifetime Feature Access.) or staggered payments:
  • 2 x $999 payments ($1,998)
  • 6 x $597 payments ($3,582)

Groovefunnels Lifetime Plan Increasing To $2,497 Soon (Step By Step Guide)

Groovefunnels has announced that the Lifetime Platinum cost will gradually increase before being replaced by monthly billing at $299 per month at some point soon. 

The current price of $1,997 will steeply rise to $2,497 before the Groovefunnels Platinum Lifetime deal is ended. This price increase is planned for early 2022 so there’s still time to secure the Lifetime plan at the cheaper $1,997 price and save yourself $500.

If you want to upgrade and lock in a Lifetime Groovefunnels account and save money before this price hike, click here. You will also get a Funnels Masterclass bonus when you sign up before the price change. 

I have also screenshot the price increase slides from the Webinar below. 

Groovefunnels 1,997

Features of Both Free and Platinum Plans

  • Design unlimited high-converting sales funnels and landing pages (GroovePages)
  • Sell Unlimited Products (GrooveSell)
  • Custom Domains (GroovePages)
  • Automated Email Marketing Platform (GrooveMail)
  • Membership Site Platform (Groovemember)
  • Video Marketing with GrooveVideo
  • Shopping cart functionality (GrooveKart)
  • Powerful affiliate program (GrooveAffiliate)
  • Webinar software (GrooveWebinar coming soon)
  • Built-in helpdesk (GrooveDesk coming soon)

Groovefunnels Free Plan

My typical Groovefunnels pricing discussion with entrepreneurs goes like this:

“Is Groovefunnels really FREE??”


“No, Seriously??”            

“YES! You have access to EVERY FEATURE you need to build your business and attract customers with the Free plan.”

“Is There A Catch??”

“Of course! There ALWAYS is! Pesky Feature Restrictions!” (Okay I would never use the word pesky in a conversation but it felt right here..)

You will find the feature restrictions on the Groovefunnels Free Plan blocking your business growth pretty quickly. For example, you are limited to 5 landing page templates in Groovepages.

The Platinum Plan has HUNDREDS of templates…

Charging 2% per transaction with Groovekart on the Free Plan versus 0% With Platinum Lifetime is also annoying. This is a profit eater.

Don’t get me wrong.

The features offered in the free account here are amazing. I can’t think of other software companies who are giving away as much.

For example, with the Groovefunnels Free Plan:

You can sell unlimited products. To unlimited customers.

With a fully loaded shopping cart system (1-click upsells, bump offers, flexible pricing options).

This level of feature availability for a free plan is unusual as close competitors like Kajabi or Kartra would not provide unlimited customers and products at even their highest pricing tier. 

You can also build a fully branded website with your own custom domain (no need for

It’s great for a Free plan but there are constraints (more examples of those later).

On the other hand, The Groovefunnels Platinum Lifetime deal means EVERYTHING is unlimited for life.

An INEVITABLE price change is also on the horizon for Groovefunnels users.

Groovefunnels announced in a webinar that the special Lifetime Platinum deal will end in early 2022 and they will revert to monthly recurring billing. See the screenshot below taken from Groovefunnels website.

Future Groove Monthly Billing Cost
Groove lifetime payment options
Current Lifetime Payment Options

Lifetime Platinum members will NOT be impacted when these changes occur. Their Groovefunnels Lifetime deal is locked in forever so they will never be charged monthly costs.

Free members will keep access to some features like GrooveSell when the pricing changes happens. BUT you will need to start paying monthly bills for many of Groovefunnels features.

Disappointing I know but COME ON!  This tool grows your business on auto-pilot, Groovefunnels need to make money for providing this!

Groovefunnels Platinum Lifetime Offer Starting at $1,997 (One Time Payment)

That $1,997 can be a daunting figure but you need to think about what you’re getting in exchange.

LIFETIME access to ALL Groovefunnels tools including all updates. Forever access with no subsequent monthly bills.

Read that again.

You could travel to Mars with SpaceX (it takes 6 months, I checked), spend a few years there and when you come back to Earth:

Your Groovefunnels Platinum account would STILL be working. Ready to sell your Mars merchandise.

I get it though. When you are starting out with an online business, paying $1,997 for software when you won’t be seeing any return for some months is difficult.

But think about it.

The moment you earn more than $1,997 from your business, Groovefunnels software is paid for. From that point, your automated business is churning out sales WITHOUT SOFTWARE COSTS thanks to the Groovefunnels Lifetime Deal.

Presumably, you expect to make more than $1,997 from your business if you aren’t already.

If not, this article isn’t for you. Scaling your business involves spending some money.

This is an investment for serious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business. Alternatively, you can see how expensive software can get in the comparison table below (sidenote: there is a subset of readers who I would recommend Kajabi over Groovefunnels, more on that later).

Paying for the Platinum Lifetime plan in two instalments of $999 is a second option. Many users take this option as it’s a more manageable hit on the wallet.

Paying for the Platinum Groovefunnels plan in instalments of $597 over 6 payments (comes to $3,582) is a third option.

You will be paying an extra $1,585 for this 6 part instalment plan instead of the one-time $1,997 payment or the two staggered $999 payments.

Not small change but at least some flexibility to get that Lifetime account secured.

Just remember, the Lifetime plan has a planned price increase in early 2022 (going to $2,497) so you can save yourself $500 by acting before then if the software fits your business.

Groovefunnels Platinum Offer Versus Other Business Software

The Critical Differences Between The Free Plan and The Platinum Lifetime Plan

  • Future Price Change To Monthly Billing – If you are in the Free plan when the price changes in the near future, you will be paying monthly bills for many of Groovefunnels features. Lifetime Platinum members will not pay any monthly bills. The one-time payment ensures they have unlimited feature access for life.
  • GrooveMail Contacts Limit – You are restricted to 500 contacts with the Free Groovefunnels plan. Email is still the most effective way of making online sales so this is a real barrier to growth. Unlimited contacts available with the Platinum Lifetime pan.
  • GrooveMail Email Limit – 5,000 per month with the Free Plan, unlimited with Platinum Lifetime. Once you have a few automated email campaigns running, this 5,000 limit can quickly be surpassed.
  • Lack of Page and Funnel Templates – You are limited to 5 GroovePages (Landing Page Builder) templates with the Free Plan. The Platinum Plan has hundreds of page and sales funnel templates that have been proven to convert users into paying customers. You are saved from designing and testing your own pages with these ready-made optimized pages.
  • GrooveMember – 100 member limit with the Free plan, unlimited with Platinum. You also only get 1 membership site with the Free plan, again unlimited with Lifetime Platinum.
  • Affiliate Payout – Referring your audience to Groove gets you 20% commission for life with the free plan. You get 40% commission for Life with the Platinum Lifetime plan (DOUBLE COMMISSION). 10% Tier 2 commissions (getting paid for sales your referral makes) are also added at the Platinum level. Upgrading ensures you don’t leave this extra money on the table.
  • Payment Processor Charges – The Free Plan eats into profits from sales as it charges 2% per transaction made through the third-party payment processors like Paypal or Stripe. The Platinum Lifetime plan charges nothing (0%) for using these third party processors.

Other package limits for unreleased tools have still not been confirmed.

GrooveProof (social proof pop up feature), GrooveDesk (built-in help desk that allows you to engage with your customers), and GrooveWebinars (present webinars live or automated) will be released soon.

Why Is Groovefunnels Offering Lifetime Platinum Plan

Groovefunnels is still in beta meaning it’s a new software platform with key features being added every month.

With some of their main features like Groovedesk or Groovewebinars not released yet, they want to give new customers this lifetime benefit for joining Groovefunnels in the early days.

You get all Groove’s products for life including new features they releases and updates.

For a once-off flat lifetime rate.

I Recommend Groovefunnels IF:

  • You are a content creator with a growing business or beginner that needs an all-in-one marketing tool. With one software purchase, you have a streamlined system for attracting leads, converting them into paying customers and in a repeatable way. All without tech knowledge and for a one-time fee. At this special pricing, there is no-one competing with Groovefunnels with this feature mix.
  • Ecommerce Store Owners. Running an ecommerce store usually involves integrating several platforms like Shopify and Wix which quickly becomes expensive. GrooveKart’s (Groovefunnels ecommerce software) print-on-demand, dropshipping and cart abandonment capabilities mixes with other Groove platforms like GroovePages to increase conversions and sales.

I Don't Recommend Groovefunnels IF:

  • You have a big budget and you want to use conditional based advanced automations in your email marketing and product offers. Advanced marketers would benefit more from Kajabi (base plan starting at $145 per month) as they are the best in show for automation functionality. Groovefunnels are in the early stages of their growth and cannot match Kajabi’s tech right now.

  • You just require a basic email campaign builder. Mailchimp’s Free plan (2,000 contacts) is plenty to get started and has a simple to use interface.

Other Points To Consider With Groovefunnels

GrooveMail Current Issue (September 2021 Resumption)

GrooveMail broadcasts and sequences resumed service in September 2021.

Groove had to temporarily disable elements of GrooveMail’s features because some Free members were impacting email deliverability.

Thankfully, this stoppage does not include transactional emails, affiliate emails, or user information for GrooveMember.

In the interim, for August and parts of September, you could use MailChimp which is an effective short-term replacement. Mailchimp has a Free plan with up to 2,000 contacts which are super useful.

Is Groovefunnels Better Than Clickfunnels?

Yes and no.

Clickfunnels has more landing page and sales funnel builder templates as this is their unique selling point. They have built their business on high converting landing pages.

That said, Clickfunnels is weak outside of its core ‘Sales Funnel’ function.

Their shopping cart feature is basic at best and many users end up integrating with external carts which adds to your monthly expense.

Automation marketing is also only available at the highest tier, $297 per month.  

Groovefunnels has a more all-round feature advantage. Clickfunnels seems to add features at random based on what’s popular with less focus on usability.  

We also wrote up a comparison of Groovefunnels and Leadpages you can read here to see how it checks out against another tool.

Groovefunnels Cost Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Yes, Groovefunnels Lifetime plan has a pricey upfront fee but when you can build a sales system where every stage of the customer transaction from lead nurturing to payment processed is automated, the one-time fee should be considered as more of an investment. 



 Video Synopsis


A  synopsis of the pricing plans as noted in the article. You can also check out our Groovefunnels review article. 

Still Not Sure Which Way To Go, Get Some More Clarity By Leaving Your Questions Below.​

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