WebinarJam Review: Is It Worth Trying? Honest Review (2024 Update)

webinarjam review

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webinarjam review

WebinarJam Review (Updated With 2024 Changes)

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on February 26, 2024

If you’re in the market for a webinar, broadcasting or live streaming tool, you want something that is flexible and dynamic. You want a webinar software that not only comes with out of the box with many features, but also allows you to do your own customizations. 

WebinarJam promises to offer all of this, but does it actually live up to the hype?

In this WebinarJam review, I’ll give you my unbiased opinions of this platform, going over its pros and cons, and hopefully by the end of the article, you will know whether it’s the right webinar tool to grow your business.

One quick note before we dive into this review — in terms of Webinarjam pricing, we have an exclusive agreement with Webinarjam to offer a 30 day $1 trial instead of the standard 14 day $1 trial. This is available through the links on this page and this is not available on other websites or directly through Webinarjam’s homepage. It’s a great way to test out this webinar platform for yourself so you can form your own opinions and see how it meets your needs.

What I Cover in This 2024 WebinarJam Review

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is one of the most popular and most versatile webinar hosting software in the marketing today.

Businesses use it to

  • Broadcast live webinars and hybrid webinars (automated webinars can be done in conjunction with Everwebinar)
  • Stream events
  • For live casting

WebinarJam supports many languages, works with every OS, is compatible with all browsers and has versions for desktop and mobile.

You can use this webinar platform to broadcast to up to 5000 people anywhere in the world, through media such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live or on Webinar’s onsite network.

WebinarJam gives you the option of presenting solo or inviting up to six co-presenters. Each co-presenter can highlight their live stream event individually. 

You can also work as an affiliate for WebinarJam and you can learn more in our Webinarjam affiliate program article. 

Key Features of WebinarJam

How Good Is WebinarJam’s Tech?

WebinarJam is a pretty light software, and it has a pretty decent loading time.

It is also compatible with all OS and works on iPad, iPhone and android devices. However, only attendees can access WebinarJam on mobile. As a meeting host, you can only access WebinarJam on your computer.

The panic room is a pretty unique feature that really sets WebinarJam apart from other webinar platforms. None of the broadcasting and webinar software I have ever reviewed have this feature. The panic room serves as a convenient backup plan in case you experience connectivity issues with your room.

Instead of asking attendees to hold on while you restart the webinar, you get automatically transferred to the panic room in the event that something goes wrong in your regular webinar room.

WebinarJam will automatically record your presentation and if you choose to replay it at a later date, it will simulate the entire presentation, including chats, questions, polls, offers and sales.

This way, anyone who signs up for the webinar in future gets as close to the real experience you gave in the real webinar as possible. 

Customer Engagement Features to Help Conversions

WebinarJam has quite a number of engagement tools. These include:

The whiteboard

The whiteboard allows you to demonstrate your points in the webinar room during a presentation. The transparency slider that comes with the whiteboard allows you to create an opaque overlay over other open applications and minimize distractions.

The options on the left of the whiteboard allow you to draw, color, insert text, annotate with arrows, and this turns your whiteboard into a good teaching aid.


Polls will help you emphasize certain parts of your presentation.

You can time your poll sharing times strategically throughout your presentation so that your polls show up at relevant moments.

For example, let’s suppose you are giving a presentation about WebinarJam, and you are talking about its customization feature. So you publish a poll asking “How relevant is customization for your business?”

Such a question will cause your audience to take a pause to consider what you are asking in relation to the customization feature you are demonstrating in your presentation. Anyone who thinks such a feature is very relevant to their business is likely to consider buying the software. 

Live Offers

WebinarJam can be a great selling tool because it allows you to showcase product offers during your presentation. You can add links to your offers so that attendees can follow the link to engage with your product.

Any time you click on your control panel to display an offer, it shows up on the attendee’s screen and stays on until the attendee collapses their sidebar.

The customer journey can be long and tiresome. Since customers want value for their money, they will keep searching until they find sufficient proof that a product can solve a problem they have.

Live offers give you the opportunity to engage with potential customers early on in their buying journey, thereby paving the way for frictionless buying (and selling) during your sales webinars. 

Anyone who attends your webinar has a problem for which they need a solution. They think that you might have a solution to their problem, but they aren’t sure yet. On a webinar, you have your audience’s full attention. They can interact with your product and ask questions about it.

Give them the answers they need until they are satisfied that by converting with you, they are getting value for money.

WebinarJam’s Analytics Feature

The My Analytics tab in WebinarJam is your go to area when you want to track:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Monetization
  • Landing page performance, including split test tracking
  • Notifications

The traffic option tells you how many visitors have been to your webinar page and how many of those registered. From this, you can calculate the conversion rate of each session.

How long attendees stay for a webinar can interfere with conversion rates. If an attendee leaves before they see your offer, they will not know about your product, meaning therefore that they won’t interact with it or engage with you about it. Such details are important for boosting sales, and the engagement section helps you out in this regard.

In addition, if you want to know what the attendees thought about your webinar, you can view their ratings on the engagement section.

The Monetization section tracks all the financial aspects of your webinar, including the revenue earned from signups and sales conversions from the live and replay sessions. 

Under notifications, you can view the performance for all your scheduled communication regarding the webinar. Metrics such as open rate and click-through rate are displayed here.

Webinarjam also allows you to embed third party tracking such as Google analytics or Facebook tracking codes. This will assist you in your remarketing efforts.

For example:

You can retarget visitors who didn’t register on Facebook by sending them a reminder call-to-action. You can also send retargeting offers on Facebook to attendees who showed high intent by staying to the end of the webinar but did not convert on the webinars.

All in all, the analytics offered by WebinarJam are on par with or even better than many other webinar services.

Registration Page Templates and A/B Testing

People will find out about your webinar from different media sources and from those sources, they will arrive at a registration page.

WebinarJam has hundreds of templates that you can use to customize a registration page that captures the essence of your brand and the message you wish to deliver through your webinar.

Customization options include:

  • Adding videos or static images,
  • Changing appearance: font size, color and style
  • Adding logos or banners
  • Message

A feature you might find incredibly helpful under landing pages is A/B split testing. This allows you to create alternative landing pages for every webinar, and test which one performs better.

For example: You can create a sign up with an image but no statistics and another one with an image and statistics.

After testing, you can continue promoting your webinar with the one that gets more sign ups.

Integration with Other Platforms

If your brand is active on YouTube and Facebook, it would probably be more convenient to broadcast your webinar to your audiences directly on those platforms. WebinarJam can integrate with Facebook as well as YouTube to make this possible.

You will need Zapier to integrate WebinarJam with Facebook. The process is quite straightforward and painless and requires no coding.

Zapier has outlined a simple step-by-step process of the whole integration. Here it is:

YouTube Live is already built into WebinarJam as a broadcasting option. To broadcast on YouTube, you simply have to choose YouTube Live under the streaming page. However, you will also have to adjust some settings on your YouTube channel so that attendees can see the webinar.

Another key software to mention here is EverWebinar, WebinarJam’s sister software that allows you to do automated webinars.

WebinarJam was created for live broadcasting, meaning therefore that if you have an evergreen webinar, you cannot replay a recording of it on demand.

With EverWebinar you can schedule simulations of your live webinar sessions to automatically play as part of an ongoing marketing campaign. This will allow you to regularly host webinars on an ongoing basis to further grow your reach and get better results from your efforts.

EverWebinar is designed to look and feel just like WebinarJam, thus minimizing the learning curve for the user. Learn more in our Everwebinar pricing piece.

WebinarJam’s Email Marketing Features

If you are running a webinar as part of a marketing campaign, you will find WebinarJam’s email notification system quite useful. You can send notifications prior to the webinar (pre webinar) and after the webinar (post webinar).

Pre webinar

People sign up for webinars, but this does not guarantee that they will show up. Pre-Webinar email notifications remind them not just to attend, but the benefits of attending.

Remember that anyone who has gone through the trouble of signing up is a high-intent lead. WebinarJam’s reminders will helps you to remind them why they signed up in the first place.

Post webinar

During the webinar, attendees will take specific actions. For instance, an attendee might interact extensively with your offer.

If such an attendee leaves the webinar without converting, send them a post-webinar email regarding the offer. Customize the email: find out what they liked, what they didn’t like, invite them to a free trial, etcetera.

You can also send post-webinar notifications to any no-show registrants, reminding them what they missed.

By the way, this is where webinar reviews come in handy because they allow you to hype up your post-webinar emails with comments from real attendees. You can include such comments in your emails telling people to demonstrate how they are missing out by not buying your offers.

Usability for the Host

The first thing you notice when you log into WebinarJam is that the UI is pretty simple. Look at the screen below; there isn’t a lot going on there. Just a few options to figure out and that’s pretty much all there is to this software.

To get started with a new webinar, you simply click Add webinar button on the top right hand corner of the screen and this toggles this webinar configuration dialog box:

You can do a simple and easy set up in less than 60 seconds with Express configuration. This comes in handy when you want to get on a quick call with your audience. The full configuration allows you to set up a full webinar system.

Express configuration gives you three options:

Click on the first one when you want to set up a quick meeting.

The set up process for express configuration takes mere seconds and it generates a meeting link which you can share with your audience to log in from the browser. They simply need to “enter room” and wait for the call to start. Easy peasy.

On the same three options above, click schedule for later to go through the motions of setting up a fully configured webinar system.


WebinarJam has four pricing tiers:

  • Starter at $39/mo (billed yearly) or $49 (billed monthly)
  • Basic at $79/mo (billed yearly) or $99 (billed monthly)
  • Professional at $229/mo (billed yearly) or $299 (billed monthly)
  • Enterprise at $379/mo (billed yearly) or $499 (billed monthly)

Admittedly, I wish they had a free tier with limited features for users with very minor needs, but they do have the 30-day $1 trial option which still gives you an entire month to check everything out without paying much at all.

If you’re having a hard time choosing between any of these plans, I’d recommend choosing the Starter one. Once you test out some of the features I’ve discussed here, you can then upgrade to a pricier tier that best matches your specific needs.

Note however that the panic room, Always On Room and the Control Center are missing in the Starter and Basic tiers.

These features are what make WebinarJam unique as compared to other webinar software.

Without the panic room, you cannot recover your room instantly if your webinar session suffers a failure. If you want your team to help you run your webinar, you cannot do so without the control center.

All the 3 price tiers come with a 30-day refund.

Pros and Cons of WebinarJam

There is so much to say about WebinarJam. A lot of it is positive, but there are a few negatives you should be aware of. Here are some highlights of the Pros and Cons.


  • Landing pages. Having a landing page option built into WebinarJam is a great thing because you don’t have to get out of the software to create a registration page.
  • Testing page before go-live. I like that WebinarJam gives you a testing option before you go live. This allows you to test everything including all links and logins. Testing the live room and control center options will also give you a taste of what to expect as the host. If you have prepared offers, surveys or handouts, you can access all of that in the testing page.
  • Offers: One of my favorite WebinarJam features is it gives you the ability to post offers directly within your webinars. I’ve found that this can be incredibly effective for driving sales while you have an engaged audience on hand.


  • Audio/video test: The process for changing camera settings isn’t very convenient in my opinion. WebinarJam seems to have a preference for your built in camera. If you need to change that to an external webcam, you cannot do that from within WebinarJam. You have to instead go to your browser settings and choose the camera you want there. After that, you have to reload the room.
  • Camera options. The screen application feature allows you to choose any application to share. Although you can choose a picture in picture mode when showing your presentation, a slight downside to this feature is that if you don’t want to show your image during the presentation, you cannot toggle it on and off in the WebinarJam. You instead have to turn off your camera.

Is WebinarJam Worth It?

Yes! Even with the few downsides mentioned above, WebinarJam is well worth your money especially if you are looking for a powerful education and marketing tool that you can use to reach and engage thousands of people in one go.

You will hard-pressed to find any other software that allows you to give unlimited webinars to 5000 attendees at such a price point. Most webinar tools operate on a sliding price structure, meaning that the more people you need to engage or the more webinars you need to hold, the more you have to pay.

With WebinarJam, as long as you can keep your webinars engaging and relevant, the upfront cost you have to pay for this webinar tool justifies itself.

Alternatives to WebinarJam

In case you find the software is not well suited to your needs, you can check out these Webinarjam alternatives:


Demio is an alternative webinar tool ideal for marketing. It supports live and ever green webinars with a maximum attendance of 1000 attendees and comes with marketing tools such as product promotion and surveys.

It sets up easy and also has an intuitive user interface that supports easy use. Learn more in our Webinarjam vs Demio article.


You can use Zoom to hold one on meetings with clients or to broadcast to large groups of people. Zoom supports screen sharing, session recording, attendee interaction through chat and voice. Zoom is easy to use and has good audio and video. We have compared the two software platforms in our Webinarjam vs Zoom post.

Zoom also have “zoom for home” which you can use to have video calls with your loved ones. 


GoToWebinar is another good webinar software. Its monthly pricing structure is suitable if you don’t want to make a long term commitment to a webinar software. You may also find it sufficient if you don’t need an aggressive marketing tool that supports products offers.

Just like WebinarJam, GoToWebinar offers similar options to attend webinar now or schedule for later.

However, unlike WebinarJam, GoToWebinar doesn’t offer as many customization options when creating a registration page for your attendees.

Find out more in our Webinarjam vs GotoWebinar comparison.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the verdict on WebinarJam?

In my opinion, it really is one of the best webinar tools out there that I’ve tested to date.

There are lots of cool features that truly set it apart, like:

  • Highly customizable webinar funnels and templates that cater to any presentation style or brand aesthetic.
  • Advanced A/B testing for webinar landing pages, alongside comprehensive analytics to refine and perfect your webinar strategy.
  • A powerful email editor coupled with sophisticated audience segmentation capabilities, allowing for targeted and effective communication.
  • Interactive tools designed to engage attendees fully, including the ability to inject offers into your webinars, ensuring a captivating webinar experience.
Remember, with our exclusive link you can test out WebinarJam for an entire month for only $1 before you commit to a monthly or annual plan.
I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you’re serious about leveraging webinars to connect with your audience, grow your brand, or boost your sales. This trial period is a great chance to explore all the features WebinarJam has to offer, from its customizable templates to its interactive tools, without any upfront commitment. 

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