ClickMagick Pricing & Plans for 2024 (Is It Worth It?)

Clickmagick Pricing

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ClickMagick Pricing & Plans for 2024 (Is It Worth It?)

Clickmagick Pricing

 Published by Al Rose  Last Updated on May 3, 2024

Need some guidance on Clickmagick pricing?

Clickmagick is an online marketing tool that provides a suite of features designed to help businesses increase conversions and get more ROI from their marketing campaigns.

The tool is designed to help you track your links, optimize your campaigns, and improve your overall marketing performance.

But how much does this link-tracking software cost? And is it worth it for your online business?

In this guide, we break down each pricing plan’s key benefits so you can save time picking the best option for your business. This pricing review is also UP-TO-DATE FOR 2024 to help you make an informed decision, as the pricing has changed over time.

At a glance, the three Clickmagick pricing plans are: 

  • Starter Plan at $69 per month.
  • Standard Plan at $149 per month.
  • Pro Plan at $299 per month. 

Each plan comes with a 14 day free trial so you can test each feature. If you sign up after the trial, there is no minimum commitment: i.e. no contracts, no sign up or cancellation fees and you can cancel at any time. 

Let’s jump in and see what each Clickmagick plan offers in detail and why online marketers love it!

ClickMagick Pricing Plans



Per month



Per month



Per month

Get the Yearly Pricing Option (Discount on Monthly Between 25%-30%)

To get the discounted lump sum yearly pricing option, sign up for the free trial and provide your credit card details. 

Once signed up, go to the ‘Billing’ section in your Clickmagick account as outlined in the screenshot below. You then click the ‘Change’ button next to your current plan. This will bring you the pricing columns where you can switch to the ‘Yearly’ option.

Starter Plan at $69 Per Month

The Starter Plan will suit online marketers on a tighter budget looking for just the core features of the tracking software. Note that this plan restricts you to just 10,000 clicks.

A click can be anything from a sale funnel to image clicks, and can quickly add to your limit. However, the good news is you can save your click quota by telling Clickmagick to ignore certain clicks like bots or competitors who can waste your clicks and mess up your stats. Conversion-based clicks like opt-ins and sales are unlimited with Clickmagick.

A highlight of this plan is a feature called TrueTracking.that tracks all free, paid, and organic traffic. Moreover, it offers real-time stats and reports, affiliate marketing tools, optional tracking links and rotators, and linkless tracking to easily track your entire sales funnel cost-effectively. 

Another useful feature is the built-in bot filtering that automatically filters 90% or more of the bots and other automated clicks to ensure your stats are accurate. If you own a Shopify store, you can even plug in the Shopify Companion app with just a few clicks. With this option, you can also track the “Add to cart” and “Checkout” events, all the way to the original link that brought a lead to your page. Such statistics can help assess the efficiency of your ads and other marketing initiatives. If you don’t have Shopify, but another store on a platform like BigCommerce, you can still use the standard tracking code for the same features and benefits.

In this plan, you get one website or Ecom store, basic online support, one team member, and data retention for six months.

Standard Plan at $149 Per Month

There is a 10x increase in monthly clicks at the Standard Plan, as it allows up to 100,000 clicks. This should be plenty for most small to medium-sized online businesses/online marketers and 10x is a generous jump considering the price has not jumped comparatively high.

Along with the clicks, you get five websites or Ecom stores, support for three team members, one-year data support, and something that ClickMagick calls “Fanatical support.” As a part of this support tier, you get a quick tour during the Kickoff Call and from thereon, live chat support for about 16 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Besides the support, you also get a ton of other features in this plan. Here’s a look at the important ones.

Auto Cost Update

One feature we use extensively is the Auto Cost update, where ClickMagick integrates with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and TikTok ads to optimize your spending. It also handles the currency conversions and the related statistics are 100% accurate. In this plan, you can also integrate two accounts for each supported ad network.

Overall, your ad spending statistics along with their optimization are presented in an easily understandable format to help you get more out of every dollar you spend!

Audience Optimization

Ad networks use AI algorithms to support your targeted advertising efforts. However, this targeting is not accurate because of bad data, leading to a loss of about 20 to 50% of conversions. 

Clickmagick’s Audience Optimization automatically sends your conversion data to these platforms, so they will have accurate data to work on. Needless to say, the results will also be more accurate, More importantly, you will have more customers at the lowest possible cost. 


Note that there are no limits for sending Conversion Actions or Pixels, and you can use both default and advanced custom rules. Also, you can integrate two accounts for each supported ad network.

Click Shield

With this feature, you can decide which click behavior is acceptable, and can automatically block the rest. This way bots and irrelevant users don’t even see your ads. As a result, your ad spending will decrease while your conversions stay the same. This can be particularly effective in PPC ads.

Cross-Device Tracking

With cross-device tracking, you can track your users even if they switch from one device to another. More importantly, it also ensures the accuracy of your statistics.

Revenue Tracking

By integrating ClickMagick, you can track your recurring revenue like subscriptions. You can use apps like Stripe, Recharge, and Appstle for this tracking. The advantage is that you can view customer statistics like LTV and ROAS over a period, using which you can scale and optimize your marketing efforts.

Attribution Modeling

Clickmagick uses the Last Click attribution model which gives credit to the last link or ad a user clicked on to get an accurate picture of what makes users convert. Along with this model, ClickMagick also supports other attribution models like Linear, Position-based, and Time Decay that can provide deeper insights into how your marketing components are working. 

Offline Sales Tracking

If you use offline modes for payments and orders, tracking them is not easy. This is where Clickmagick helps, as it tweaks your opt-in or other lead capture form to also include offline sales. 

Mobile App and APIs

You can build your customizations and automation to do anything on the Clickmagick platform using its APIs. Plus, you can also use Zapier to connect to other apps. 

Clickmagick comes with a mobile app.

Due to such excellent features, the Standard Plan is the most popular. Moreover, you have everything available in the Starter Plan. Together, all these make the Standard Plan a great value for your money. 

Pro Plan at $299 per month

This is the most robust of all the Clickmagick plans.

There are no additional tech features added at the Pro Plan level, they just increase your quotas for key aspects like Clicks. 

Instead of 100,000 Clicks, you now have 1 million clicks available to use. Funnel tracking becomes unlimited and team members’ access also goes unlimited. While Clickmagick Pro Plan pricing might seem expensive, this tier is targeted at large teams or businesses with significant traffic. 

You can also create as many custom domains as you want at this level. ‘Done for you’ access is also provided which means the Clickmagick tech team will log in to your account and customize or set up funnels or tracking in any form you want.

As noted before, you will also have access to the tracking data you generate for two years with the Pro Plan. Learn more about each feature in our Clickmagick review.

Pricing Summary

How much does ClickMagick cost? In summary you will be paying the following per month for the three Clickmagick pricing plans:

  • $69 per month for the Starter Plan
  • $149 per month for the Standard Plan
  • $299 per month for the Pro Plan

Is Clickmagick Worth It?

I think Clickmagick is a great choice for anyone doing any online business. 

Using this tool, you can track conversions and optimize the money spent on running online ads. More importantly, it provides insights into your users’ behavior, so you can better formulate marketing strategies that can, in turn, increase your bottom line.

Plus, the support is great, especially in the higher plans, and they are knowledgeable enough to help you get out of any situation.

The price is also very reasonable in my opinion, as you can use Clickmagick to save a lot more money on your ad spending while maintaining the same conversion rates. 

With all that said, I think Clickmagick is worth the cost for most online businesses.  

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