ClickMagick Pricing & Plans for 2023 (Learn How To Get Discounted Annual Plan)

Clickmagick Pricing

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ClickMagick Pricing (2023) - Learn How To Get Discounted Annual Plan

Clickmagick Pricing

 Published by Al Rose  Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Need some guidance on Clickmagick pricing?

Clickmagick is an online marketing tool that provides a suite of features designed to help businesses increase conversions and get more ROI from their marketing campaigns.

The tool is designed to help you track your links, optimize your campaigns, and improve your overall marketing performance.

But how much does this link tracking software cost? And is it worth it for your online business?

In the guide below, we break down each pricing plan’s key benefits so you can save time on picking the best option for your business. This pricing review is also UP-TO-DATE FOR 2023 which is important as many other reviews haven’t updated for the price changes over the past two years and the pricing has changed somewhat over time.

For starters, the three Clickmagick pricing plans are: the Starter Plan at $37 per month, the Standard Plan at $97 per month, and the Pro Plan at $197 per month

Each plan comes with a 14 day free trial so you can test each feature. If you sign up after the trial, there is no minimum commitment: i.e. no contracts, no sign up or cancellation fees and you can cancel at any time. 

Let’s jump in and see what each of the Clickmagick plans offers in detail and why it’s loved by online marketers

ClickMagick Pricing Plans



Per month

($29/mo when paid annually saving $96 a year)



Per month

($58/mo when paid annually saving $228 a year)



Per month

($149/mo when paid annually saving $567 a year)

Get the Yearly Pricing Option (Discount on Monthly Between 25%-30%)

To get the discounted lump sum yearly pricing option, you need firstly to sign up for the free trial and provide your credit card details

Once signed up, go the ‘Billing’ section in your Clickmagick account as outlined in screenshot below. You then click the ‘Change’ button next to your current plan. This will bring you the pricing columns where you can switch to the ‘Yearly’ option as we’ve outlined in screenshot.

Clickmagick Billing Section Instructions
Clickmagick Yearly Billing

Starter Plan at $37 Per Month

The Starter Plan will suit online marketers who are on a tighter budget who are looking for just the core features of the tracking software. You may be restricted depending on the traffic to your business by the 10,000 click limit they impose on the Starter Plan. 

A click can be anything from sale funnel clicks to image clicks etc. You can save your click quota however by telling Clickmagick to ignore certain clicks like bots or competitors who can waste your clicks and mess up your stats. Conversion-based clicks like opt-ins and sales are unlimited with Clickmagick.

The core features as displayed in the screenshot below include: the ability to track an entire sales funnel instead of just one click in the funnel. Using ‘first party’ cookies that can’t be blocked, you can actively see where your lead drops off in the sales funnel and make improvements so sales can be increased. This also means the tracker can’t be impacted by privacy related changes which saves you having to re-do your tracking. You should be aware though that you can only track 1 funnel project at this Starter Plan level.

The GEO and Mobile Targeting feature has the benefit of sending users to custom pages based on the device they’re using or where they are in the world. Conversion rates can be improved significantly by sending a mobile user to the mobile optimized version of your website and by offering them country-specific deals based on their location.

Clickmagick’s affiliate marketing tool gives you some unique advantages over your competitors too. Their ‘Dynamic affiliate links allow you to send visitors to any page you want instead of the advertiser’s opt-in or sales page. In this way, if the advertiser you’re working with has a poor sales page, you can instead send them to your optimized page which is directly linked to the advertiser’s order form and this gives you a better chance of converting and making the sale.

Their Automated & Intelligent Split Testing will also take human error out of this comparison process which leads to more profitable results. Typically, we guess the winners of our split testing based on a short sample of results. Clickmagick’s automation will alert you when there is a statistically significant winner and it can automatically redirect your traffic to the winner. This is not only super convenient but maximizes conversions.  

In terms of users, you will be limited to one user login at the Starter level. Team members are only allowed at the higher tiers. 

2 custom tracking domains can be used at this level. This means you can brand your tracking links which can help to increase clicks as users prefer cleanly presented links instead of random jumbles of letters. 

Your click data and stats will remain available for 6 months on the Starter plan, this increases to 1 year with the Standard Plan and 2 years for the Pro Plan.

You are limited to online support with the Starter Plan which allows email help requests with a response rate quotes at 8-10 hours.

You will likely need to use the Knowledge Base resource as an additional form of support as more in-depth support is provided at higher tiers.

Standard Plan at $97 Per Month

There is a 10x increase in monthly Click’s at the Standard Plan level with 100,000 clicks allowed. This should be plenty for most small to medium-sized online businesses/online marketers and 10x is a generous jump considering the price has not jumped comparatively high.

You can follow your leads all over the internet with the multi-platform retargeting feature. Instead of your ads just appearing on desktop where your lead showed interest in your website, you can instead target them on all the different devices they use during the day. This has a powerful impact on sales as you are racing your lead wherever they go online. 

A really unique benefit available at the Standard Plan level is offline conversion tracking. You can track offline sales all the way back to the ad or promotion that attracted the lead. This offline business sector has previously been really inaccessible to automated testing but now you can optimise this process for more sales.

This isn’t available with other link trackers so if you are doing a lot of offline sales, Clickmagick will be the best fit for your business. 

The Clickshield function will let you set rules to avoid clicks from bots and competitors clicking on your ads trying to increase your spend. Once in place, this is a huge money-saving benefit as these unwanted clicks can really eat into ad spend for businesses without this feature. 

The Audience Optimization feature makes it super easy to send accurate conversion data to the advertising platforms you are working with. More accurate data for them means they target more engaged customers for your brand which increases conversion rates and sales. 

There is also direct integration with Facebook’s Conversion API at the Standard Plan level. By getting valid conversion data in real time, Facebook’s API can significantly improve the accuracy and performance of your Facebook ads.

For you, that means reaching users who are more likely to take out their credit card and buy from you or at least engage in your content.  

Clickmagick also throw in paid traffic courses for all the major networks at this level including Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

Custom tracking domains are jacked up to 10 at this level.A total of 3 team members can also have unique logins with the Standard Plan.

The customer support is really improved at this tier. You get a walkthrough of Clickmagick with a 1 to 1  onboarding call when you start up.

There is live chat support, unavailable at the Starter plan level. Helpdesk emails are also responded to within 2 hours. If issues are too overwhelming, there is also the option of a Zoom call to rectify problems.

Pro Plan at $197 per month

This is the most robust of all the Clickmagick plans.

There are no additional tech features added at the Pro Plan level, they just increase your quotas for key aspects like Clicks. 

Instead of 100,000 Clicks, you now have 1 million clicks available to use. Funnel tracking becomes unlimited and team members’ access also goes to unlimited. While Clickmagick Pro Plan pricing might seem expensive, this tier is targeted at large teams or businesses with significant traffic. 

You can also create as many custom domains as you want at this level. Done for you’ access is also provided which means the Clickmagick tech team will login into your account and customise or set up funnels or tracking in any form you want.

As noted before, you will also have access to the tracking data you generate for two years with the Pro Plan. Learn more about each feature in our Clickmagick review.

Pricing Summary

How much does ClickMagick cost? In summary you will be paying the following per month for the three Clickmagick pricing plans:

  • $37 per month for the Starter Plan
  • $97 per month for the Standard Plan
  • $197 per month for the Pro Plan

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