Is Kajabi A CRM? What You Need to Know

is kajabi a crm

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Is Kajabi A CRM? What You Need to Know

Is Kajabi a crm

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 19, 2024

Kajabi isn’t your standard CRM platform — it’s a whole lot more. It’s an all-in-one business tool that makes it easy to create online content, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, track analytics, and more.

And yes, Kajabi does have CRM capabilities. Along with all of the features above, it also comes with a comprehensive contact management system for managing your customers well.

As someone who’s used Kajabi for several years now, I’ve fully tested its CRM features in depth, and in the article below, I’m going to walk you through everything it can do.

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Does Kajabi Have A CRM?

Kajabi has a well-developed contact management system that makes it easy to store, access, and manage customer profiles. It is also available at all pricing tiers

Beyond traditional contact management, Kajabi’s system excels in integrating various aspects of customer relationship management. This integration includes detailed analytics on customer interactions, course progress, and email engagement, all accessible from a unified dashboard. This holistic approach is what sets Kajabi apart as a CRM tool, especially for businesses focused on digital products and online courses.

Here are some of the things you can track with this system.


The Lifecycle tab gives a snapshot of the activities of all your customers, so you can better understand them and cater to their needs. Specifically, it gives the following information. 

  • Lifespan – The number of days since this user came into your system
  • Purchases – The number of purchases made so far
  • Net Revenue – The net revenue generated by a customer
  • Email campaigns sent to a customer
  • Number of offers granted
  • Number of forms submitted
Understanding the Lifecycle of your customers in Kajabi allows for more personalized and effective marketing strategies. By tracking these metrics, you can tailor your communications and offers to match the specific stage of each customer’s journey, enhancing their experience and your business’s profitability.

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The Info tab gives the following information.

  • The date on which this customer was added to your list
  • The subscription status to your email marketing campaigns
  • The last sign-in date
  • The date on which this customer became a member
  • Net revenue generated through this customer
  • Number of sign-ins
  • The last date and time of sign-in
This comprehensive data collection in the Info tab is crucial for maintaining up-to-date records of your customers. It helps in segmenting your audience for targeted campaigns and understanding customer engagement levels, which are key components of effective CRM.


In the Purchases tab, you can see a list of all the purchases a customer has made and all the offers that you’ve granted.


You can add tags to user profiles to make it easy to organize and categorize your list while creating email campaigns and automation.

I’ve found the ability to tag users to be a powerful feature in Kajabi’s CRM arsenal. It lets you segment your audience based on their behavior, interests, or any custom criteria you set. This segmentation is invaluable for delivering personalized content and offers, thereby increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Edit details

Other Actions

Some of the other actions you can perform on this platform are:

  • Send a password reset link
  • Mute a member from posting comments
  • Hide a profile from the member dashboard
  • Change a member’s password
  • Grant offers
  • Delete a profile
These additional actions in Kajabi’s CRM system enhance your ability to manage customer interactions effectively. Whether it’s addressing customer support issues or tailoring access to specific offers, these tools empower you to maintain a high level of control and customization in your customer relationships.
As you can see, this platform gives comprehensive information about your users including every activity they have made on your site, so you can offer personalized products and services to boost your revenue.

Importing Contacts into Kajabi

Importing contacts into Kajabi is a breeze. If you have a CSV or an excel file, format it like this – John Doe,

Now, navigate to the People tab, choose the import bulk contacts, copy-paste the values from your CSV or Excel file, and click “Save”. This should automatically add these people to your contacts list. 

The ease of importing contacts into Kajabi streamlines the process of consolidating your customer database, especially if you’re migrating from another system. This feature ensures that you can maintain continuity in your customer relationships without any disruption.

You can also grant offers, add them to an email marketing campaign, and more. 


From the above features, it’s clear that Kajabi is more than just a CRM.

While Kajabi may not be a traditional CRM in the conventional sense, its comprehensive contact management system, combined with its all-in-one business tools, positions it as a formidable CRM alternative. 

Especially for businesses in the digital content and online course space, Kajabi offers a unique blend of CRM functionalities that are tailored to their specific needs. Its ability to provide detailed insights into customer behavior and preferences makes it a valuable asset for any business looking to grow and maintain strong customer relationships.

It comes with a ton of advanced features that make it easy to create and maintain your customer list, give personalized offers, and so much more to create a lasting relationships and increase conversion rates. 

Want to learn more about Kajabi? Check out our full Kajabi review for an in-depth look at the platform.

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