Everwebinar Pricing (2023 Updates Included)

Everwebinar Pricing

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Everwebinar Pricing (2023 Updates Included)

Everwebinar Pricing

 Published by Al Rose  Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Finding it hard to find clear info on the Everwebinar pricing structure?

Thankfully, the 2023 pricing makes things a lot easier but there are some points you need to know before buying. 

Many reviews online talk about outdated pricing structures for Everwebinar (2021 or earlier). This article is updated for 2023 price changes and will give you a clear picture on whether Everwebinar is the best webinar platform for your business. 

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Let’s get into it.

Everwebinar Pricing

Annual Plan



(Save $98)

Biennial Plan


Every Two years

(Save $395)

Annual Plan at $499 Yearly / Biennial Plan at $874 every 2 years

Every feature is available with Everwebinar. It doesn’t matter if you choose the Annual plan or Biennial plan. You will get every feature available regardless of the payment plan you choose. 

The only difference between the plans is the cost savings you will make if you activate the Biennial plan instead of the Annual Plan.

If you go for the Biennial plan which involves paying $874 every two years, you will save $125 over the cost of the Annual plan.

Now what do you get for these fees?

Everwebinar’s flagship feature is their automated webinars.

Users don’t have to wait to view your webinar and have access 24 hours a day so you can make money while you sleep. They can enter straight away and the webinar starts within a few minutes which gives them the impression they’ve arrived at the perfect time.

This feature maximises audience attendance conversions which increases your chances of making more sales. 

These automated or evergreen webinars look and feel like live Webinars and you can be notified of any live chats that pop up during these replays.

This means you can chat live with your visitors.

Users who feel like they are properly engaging with the host will have more comfort signing up. You can also have these questions sent over by email.

The feeling of a real-time webinar is also increased by the live chat simulator in the webinar room.

You can import previous chats or write your own and their webinar software will run it during the event.

This real-time feel of the webinar can be captured while you are off doing other things.

If you want to give your visitors a recorded webinar that feels like it’s live, Everwebinar is the best automated webinar software out there today.

You can also charge for the webinars by putting them behind a paywall if you want to profit upfront. 

Live clickable offers can also be added to the automated webinar so every replay can potentially bring in sales.  

Critically, everything happens in the user’s browser. They don’t have to download anything which has been shown to lose potential customers who have less trust downloading files from companies who are not considered ‘top tier’ like Apple.

Other key features to note include:

Everwebinar Integrations: You can connect Everwebinar with your autoresponder of choice like Mailchimp, Active Campaign or Kartra and target your webinar registrants with follow up marketing messages.

Optimized Landing Page Templates: The Everwebinar team have designed templated registration pages which add huge value as they are optimized for conversions. 

Transparent Analytics: Data on each attendee, the length of time they stayed in the webinar, and where they dropped out are critical features which can help you tailor your webinar for more conversions.

Email/SMS Follow Up From Everwebinar: Everwebinar’s software will automatically email or text (depending on user’s sign up preference) your webinar registrants pre and post webinars at your preference. Messages can be crafted based on the actions taken in the webinar such as leaving early. This gives you the best chance of converting users to your product.

Everwebinar Pricing Summary

The three Everwebinar pricing options (remember all features are available with each of these plans):

  • Annual Plan at $499 per year
  • Biennial Plan at $799 per year



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