Podia Pricing 2024: What Plan Works For Your Business?

Podia Pricing

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Podia Pricing (2024) - What Plan Works For Your Business

Podia Pricing

 Published by Al Rose  Last Updated on May 27, 2024

When it comes to platforms for course creators and digital entrepreneurs, Podia is an affordable and versatile choice. As a course creator myself, I’ve explored various platforms, and Podia’s promise of an all-in-one solution caught my attention. With plans ranging from a free option (albeit with limited features) to $89 a month, Podia offers a spectrum of features tailored to the needs of digital entrepreneurs.

While the price point is attractive, it’s the suite of tools that truly stands out. From website building to hosting diverse digital products like courses, webinars, and even communities, Podia positions itself as a holistic platform for creators.

In this article, I’ll delve into the nuances of Podia’s pricing and plans, helping you discern if it’s the right fit for your digital journey. I’ll explain the features and restrictions of each plan in depth. I’ve included the most up-to-date 2024 pricing which includes recent changes. 

As a starting point, here’s a quick summary: Free plan at no cost, Starter plan at $9 per month, Mover plan at $39 per month, and the Shaker plan at $89 per month. Each plan can also be purchased with an annual payment that brings a discount. In addition, there’s an email marketing add-on that can be attached to your plan with pricing that varies based on the number of subscribers you have. This add-on is free if you have less than 100 subscribers. 

Similar to the email marketing add-on, you have the team add-on that enables you to add team members or virtual assistants. You can add as many team members as you need by paying extra for every member. 

If you want to test the features, you can do this with a 14-day free trial that comes with all the Starter plan features and Podia integrations. You won’t need to give credit card details to access this free trial either. 

Let’s get started with the pricing breakdown so you can find the right plan for your business, whether you’re selling online courses, coaching, or some other digital product!

Podia Pricing Plans

Here’s a brief look at Podia’s pricing plans.

Podia Pricing Plans

At a glance, Podia offers the following plans:

  • Free – $0
  • Starter – $9
  • Mover – $39
  • Shaker – $89

Let’s take a detailed look at each of these plans.

Podia Free Plan - $0

The Podia Free plan is designed for new creators who want to start building the basic foundations for an online business (e.g. a website, collecting emails, drafting a course for future release, etc.).

However, this free plan comes with a 10% transaction fee for every transaction. It is also highly limited, as this plan offers only one download, website, blog, and coaching product. Moreover, you can only draft webinars, courses, and product bundles, but must upgrade to publish them. 

All in all, the Podia Free plan is limited and most online businesses will outgrow it quickly, but for those just starting, it’s a great asset for getting an online presence and monetizing products.

Podia Starter Plan - $9 per month ($4 per month when billed annually)

If you want to personalize your website with a custom domain, the Starter plan is a good choice. Also, the transaction fees are reduced to 8%.

Beyond that, there’s no real advantage with this Starter plan as you will outgrow the limits quickly, especially if you run a growing business. Though you can save 2% on every transaction when compared to the Free plan, you will have to make many transactions to garner this benefit, by which time, you may need more features.

Mover Plan for $39 per month ($33 per month when billed annually)

A key selling point of Podia is that they don’t put limits on your activities. 

This is the biggest pricing difference between Podia and rivals like Kartra or Kajabi who both have limits on the number of products you sell and contacts in your list. 

In terms of selling courses, every feature is available at this Mover tier, including selling unlimited coaching sessions (only 1 coaching product is allowed with the Podia Free plan). These features include drip courses (delivering content section by section), pre-sell courses, use of payment plans, course bundling, full use of quizzes, and the ability to offer upsells. 

You can also sell digital downloads like eBooks, and video files along with webinars (integrates with Youtube Live).

For your Podia site, you can use your own domain which means you are not stuck with a Podia subdomain like example.podia.com. There are no page limits as noted previously, but you can have only one website and blog.

You also have unlimited webinars through which you can educate your customers and answer their questions. Podia integrates with Zoom or YouTube Live to execute this functionality. Also, unlimited product bundles enhance your selling prospects while adding value to your customers.

The Podia Mover plan also allows the use of third-party code and lets you turn off Podia branding on your site.

Due to such features, the Mover plan is well-suited for growing businesses that want to reach out to a wider audience to market their products.

Shaker Plan for $89 per month ($59 per month when billed annually)

The Podia Shaker plan takes things to the next level for growing online businesses.

When compared to the Mover plan, you get affiliate support in this plan. More importantly, there are no transaction fees in this plan and you get to keep all the money you earn! This is what makes the SHaker plan truly valuable for your money. 

You can learn more about each feature in our Podia review

Next, let’s move on to the add-ons.

Podia Email Marketing Add-On

One of the biggest changes to Podia’s plans is that email marketing is now a separate add-on feature.

Podia recognizes the importance of email marketing in the digital creator’s toolkit and has introduced a dedicated email marketing add-on to complement its platform. This isn’t just a rudimentary feature; it’s a comprehensive solution allowing creators to run their email campaigns directly from Podia. From an easy-to-use email broadcast editor to advanced segmentation based on products and revenue, it’s designed to cater to every email marketing need.

What sets this add-on apart is its flexible pricing. Instead of a flat rate, the cost is determined by the number of subscribers, ensuring you only pay for what you use. Whether you’re starting with less than 100 subscribers (free) or you’ve grown your list to over 100,000 ($330/month), there’s a tier suited for you. This scalability ensures that as your audience grows, your email marketing solution can grow with it, without any abrupt jumps in pricing.

In essence, Podia’s email marketing add-on offers a seamless integration of email marketing tools with its platform, ensuring creators have everything they need in one place.

Podia Cost Summary

Here’s a very quick reminder of what you get with the various Podia pricing plans:

  • Free plan at $0 per month
  • Starter plan at $9 per month
  • Mover plan at $39 per month
  • Shaker plan at $89 per month

How Does Podia Pricing Compare?

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