Podia Pricing 2023: What Plan Works For Your Business?

Podia Pricing

Podia Pricing (2023) - What Plan Works For Your Business

Podia Pricing

 Published by Al Rose  Last Updated on May 3, 2023 by Hanah Alexander

What’s the best Podia pricing plan for your company in 2023?

We break down the different plans available focusing on the features and restrictions in each. There are a number of other articles on Google talking about Podia’s pricing structure in 2022. We have included the most up to date 2023 pricing which includes recent changes

As a starting point, here’s a quick summary: Free plan at no cost, Mover plan at $39 per month, Shaker plan at $89 per month, Earthquaker plan at $199 per month. Each plan can also be purchased with an annual payment that brings a discount. 

If you want to test the features, you can do this with a 14-day free trial which comes with all the Shaker plan features and Podia integrations. You won’t need to give credit card details to access this free trial either. 

Let’s get started with the pricing breakdown so you can find the right plan for your business, whether you’re selling online courses, coaching, or some other digital product!

Podia Pricing Plans



Per month



Per month

($33/mo when paid annually saving $78 a year)



Per month

($75/mo when paid annually saving $158 a year)



Per month

($166/mo when paid annually saving $396 a year)

Free Plan for $0 per month

One of the biggest changes to Podia pricing in 2023 is they’ve launched a (very limited) free plan).

The Podia Free plan is designed for new creators who want to start building the basic foundations for an online business (e.g. a website, collecting emails, drafting a course for future release, etc.).

Podia’s new free plan now includes an 8% transaction fee for products and community plans sold by creators, marking a change from their previous fee-free structure.

For aspiring creators, the ability to access a platform without any upfront costs is crucial. With a small transaction fee, Podia offers a more favorable option for creators, allowing them to build and monetize their products before any payment is required. This removes barriers and concerns that may arise, creating a more streamlined and accessible process for new creators to begin their journey.

All in all, the Podia Free plan is pretty limited and most online businesses will outgrow it pretty quickly, but for those just starting out, it’s a great asset for getting an online presence and monetizing products.

Mover Plan for $39 per month ($33 per month when billed annually)

A key selling point of Podia is that they don’t put limits on contacts or on products you can sell. There’s also no limit on the videos or files you host.

This is the biggest pricing difference between Podia and rivals like Kartra or Kajabi who both have limits on the number of products you sell and contacts in your list. 

Podia does not charge any transaction fees either at any price tier. You will get charged however for payment processor fees like Paypal or Stripe. 

In terms of selling courses, every feature is available at this Mover tier, including selling unlimited coaching sessions (only 1 coaching product is allowed with the Podia Free plan). These features include drip courses (delivering content section by section), pre-sell courses, use of payment plans, course bundling, full use of quizzes, and the ability to offer upsells. 

You can also sell digital downloads like eBooks, and video files along with webinars (integrates with Youtube Live).

In terms of email marketing – there is no limit on email subscribers at this entry price tier but you will be limited to 5,000 emails that you can send in a month.

For your Podia site, you can use your own domain which means you are not stuck with a Podia subdomain like example.podia.com. There are no page limits as noted previously. 

Podia adds the paid community option at this tier so you can put content behind a paywall. Building your community on your domain will be restricted to 1,000 community members with the Mover plan.

In the community hub, you can create topics to engage your audience. At the Mover pricing tier, you have a maximum of 15 topics.  

If you want to add a team member with separate login details, please note this will cost you $20 extra per month.

Shaker Plan for $89 per month ($75 per month when billed annually)

The Podia Shaker plan takes things to the next level for growing online businesses.

Podia adds the ability to issue course certificates to students on completion of courses which helps to keep students engaged. 

The embeddable checkout also becomes available. You can create a buy button and put it anywhere on your product page which means visitors can buy without leaving the page. 

The community member max level rises to 15,000 and you can add unlimited Community topics instead of just 15 topics with the Mover plan. 

The Podia affiliate marketing platform is also available at this tier. With a few clicks, you can set up your own affiliate program and invite your audience to promote your products in exchange for a commission.

You can set custom commission amounts or use a site wide commission structure and payouts are automatically handled by Podia’s software. 

The Podia Shaker plan also allows the use of third-party code and lets you turn off Podia branding on your site.

The amount of emails you can send per month rises to 15,000 at the Shaker plan level and you can also remove podia branding from all pages at this tier. You can learn more about each feature in our Podia review

Earthquaker plan at $199 per month ($166 per month when billed annually)

Podia increases the Community members limit to 100,000 at the Earthquaker tier and email monthly sending limit goes to 50,000

Login access for 5 team members (team seats) is also included in this tier. 

The customer support is really upgraded at this tier. You get a personalized onboarding call to speed up the migration and a permanent support agent who fields all your questions as your business grows. 

A monthly mastermind takes place at this tier with fellow Earthquaker plan users where you can share tips and strategies for business growth.

Podia Cost Summary

Here’s a very quick reminder of what you get with the various Podia pricing plans:

  • Free plan at $0 per month
  • Mover plan at $39 per month
  • Shaker plan at $89 per month
  • Earthquaker at $199 per month

How Does Podia Pricing Compare?

Want to see how Podia plans stack up against other top online course platforms and tools for selling your digital products? See these guides:

 Video Synopsis


A quick synopsis of the pricing plans as noted in the article.

Still Not Sure Which Podia Plan You Should Use For Your Online Course Business? Get Some More Clarity By Leaving Your Questions Below.

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