The Best Kajabi Website Examples for Inspiration (2023 Guide)

Kajabi Website Examples

The Best Kajabi Website Examples

Kajabi Website Examples

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Thinking about building a website for your online business but need some inspiration from other successful Kajabi website examples?

Kajabi is a popular platform for creating online courses, sharing educational material, setting up drip content behind a membership wall, and providing any other kind of educational or tutorial content. 

With Kajabi, you can do everything from creating and selling your own online course to setting up a membership website to launching complete email marketing campaigns to building funnels and a whole lot more.

Simply put, Kajabi is billed as the all-in-one platform for launching and growing an online business.

One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is its modern and aesthetic templates that enable you to create stunning websites. In turn, such visually-appealing websites boost your brand image and lead to more sales and conversions.

If you’re wondering how these websites might look, read on, as we show a ton of Kajabi website examples. 

Each of the websites below has leveraged Kajabi’s capabilities to showcase and promote their respective business. 

All of them have been built from Kajabi’s templates or through the Kajabi builder. 

So, if you’re someone who’s looking to explore Kajabi as an option for your online content or just looking for some inspiration to build your webpage, we have you covered.

Read on for a look at some of the best Kajabi website examples so you can see what’s possible when building your site on this platform.

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Kajabi Website Example #1: Sonia Roselli

This website is all about makeup and learning more about what beauty products to use and how to use them, to help every person look the way they want. It handles everything from casual makeup at home to exquisite bridal makeup and can be a good starting point for anyone looking to learn more about makeup.

It uses Kajabi to promote its videos and blogs and to sell its products through its e-commerce store. It also offers content like business training for bridal makeup artists for its paid members.  As you can see, this website leverages Kajabi to provide a comprehensive platform for educating anyone interested in makeup and at the same time, uses the e-commerce capabilities of Kajabi to sell products through its store.

Kajabi Website Example #1

Kajabi Website Example #2: Pain Cure Clinic

Kajabi Website Example #2 is a website made with the Kajabi website builder and is dedicated to curing Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS). Started by John and Laura Thornton, this website is a classic example of building a simple and informative webpage using Kajabi. The content and flow transition well across pages and there is plenty of information about TMS for anyone looking to learn more about this condition. 

A notable aspect of this website is the video testimonials that surprisingly load fast and don’t impact the overall performance of the page. This is possible because of the robust Kajabi engine that powers it. Besides this, the combination of courses and consultation along with some practical advice also provides a glimpse into how Kajabi can help you quickly put your thoughts into action.

Kajabi Website Example #3: Floret Online Workshop

Kajabi Website Example #3

This platform provides the content and courses you need to grow your flower garden or even build a flower-based business. Erin Benzakien, a leading American florist and the brainchild behind the Floret Online Workshop,  uses this website to provide step-by-step instruction on growing flowers. In essence, she shares her knowledge and experience with the world for other flower growers to pursue their passion and become successful if they want to explore commercial options. 

Built on Kajabi, this platform generates leads for her online workshop and at the same time, boosts conversion by enthusing visitors to learn the art of growing flowers. It also uses Kajabi’s e-commerce features to sell books and to provide information for visitors to make informed decisions about joining the workshops.

Kajabi Website Example #4: Pualena Digital Design

Kajabi Website Example #4 is an interactive website that builds online courses for you. It provides the digital design needed for anyone who’s looking to create courses and sell their knowledge to the world. 

This site itself is built on Kajabi and it also uses Kajabi to create high-converting courses for its clients.  This example shows how you can use Kajabi to build an interactive website. Also, there are many elements on each of the pages, yet they look clean. In particular, the interactive page is where you can choose the package you want or build a custom package based on your needs. This page is implemented well and keeps the focus on just what the audience wants. 

Paulena showcases a ton of things like podcasts, media, the creators and their background, and a detailed list of their services. Each of these pages has been built on Kajabi, and this truly shows the variety and versatility that Kajabi can provide for those with a passion for design.

Kajabi Website Example #5: The Bromley Method

Kajabi Website Example #5

On this website, Emma Bromley hosts live sessions, offers workshops and courses, and even helps to schedule private sessions for pilates. The combination of these different services into a single platform clearly shows the versatility of Kajabi. Also, the overall website is simple and effective in conveying what it should. Every image shows how women can get back in shape after pregnancy and handle their postpartum stress.

It also provides potential customers to book an in-person session with Emma at her private studio in Woodland Hills. This ability to provide many options for customers and the seamless integration of all these services into a single platform is the highlight of this website.

Kajabi Website Example #6: Earn That Body

Kajabi Website Example #6 is an online nutrition and fitness streaming service that offers live streaming strength training sessions, besides a slew of other courses related to fitness. As a visitor, you can watch live classes or sign up for specific courses that start and end on specified days. Plus, you can also sign up for a strong body challenge program that is ongoing and motivates you to take care of your health and nutrition. 

Created using Kajabi’s builder, this site has an intuitive menu that takes you to three athlete programs, seven nutritional programs, and many exercise modules.  Customers can also purchase paid content like audiobooks through its e-commerce store. Besides all this, one-on-one consultations are offered as well.

Kajabi Website Example #7: Juice Guru Institute

Kajabi Website Example #7

This website provides the information and training you need to become a certified juice therapist.  It is a fairly simple site with direct navigation options through the header menu. The “Success stories” tab doubles up as the portfolio page and is a smart marketing tactic by the creators. The “Freebies” menu is another catchy option that kindles the visitors’ curiosity to explore. 

This site has many unique aspects. You can watch a miniature video on the right-hand side while browsing the site. There’s also a social pop-up that shows who has bought a course from which part of the world. It also has podcasts and blogs along with an e-commerce store for books and juice equipment such as blenders and dehydrators. The Open House video can also be watched anytime. Despite this heavy use of videos through the website, there’s no discernible variation in the performance of the web pages.

Kajabi Website Example #8: Wholetones

Wholetones is a site that offers peaceful and spiritual music for healing. It is a unique platform that sells music to potential customers.

This website shows how you can leverage the power of Kajabi to combine audio and visuals for your audience. It also doubles up as a lead generation site to get more subscribers for your business. It has simple navigation with only the login option at the top. As you can see in the image below, it’s easy to offer discounts and coupons to bring more people on board. Likewise, you can watch a trailer to get an idea of the offering or have a free trial, all of which are implemented using Kajabi’s tools.

Kajabi Website Example #8

Kajabi Website Example #9: ICY Productions

ICY Productions offers a wide range of content through its pages. It’s one of the few sites that makes the most of all of Kajabi’s capabilities. It offers two courses, gives away offers for early-bird purchases, has an interesting blog with relevant content and Call-to-Action (CTA) on each, and has an e-commerce store as well. This site also focuses more on content and has only a few visuals. The theme and color combination also blend well.

As a registered user of this site, you can have your library and move the watched/interested content to it. This backend storage/database activities are also handled by Kajabi. Besides the combination of different offerings add to this website’s appeal.

Kajabi Website Example #9

Kajabi Website Example #10: MPS Grants

Kajabi Website Example #10

MPS Grants is a consultation and grant writing company that specializes in helping public organizations to get funding from philanthropic trusts and individuals. A highlight of this website is its simple design with little images. There is really a ton of content on these pages and they talk extensively about what this company can do for any organization that’s looking for additional funding. Yet, the pages look pleasing and uncluttered, and it’s easy to follow the flow. There’s even a section that offers premium content for paid members, and this is likely to have tips and tricks on securing the funding and other pertinent information. It also features a store where you can purchase relevant books and other materials. This site has a separate blogs section as well.

Kajabi Website Example #11: MedXPro 360

Kajabi Website Example #11

This is a full-fledged site designed for medical exercise professionals. It is a lead generation site and one that offers premium content for paid members. It also comes with videos, testimonials,  online training courses, live videos, consultations, webinars, blogs, and more. This is a perfect example of all that you can do with Kajabi. As you can see, multiple offerings are combined into a single site to bring more customers on board and give them the flexibility to pick the content that works best for them. 

There are also multiple payment options to give a ton of payment flexibility for customers and to boost the overall conversion rate. Again, all these features leverage Kajabi’s capabilities.

Kajabi Website Example #12: Love and Logic

Love and Logic is a classic Kajabi-based website that offers a slew of courses related to children, parenting, and their overall well-being. A highlight of this site is the search capabilities on the homepage that enable you to filter courses based on class name, speaker, and more. It has a login page, that is mandatory to access courses, and this paywall was implemented with Kajabi’s tools as well. Further, the email marketing campaigns are also implemented and managed through Kajabi.

Other than pre-fixed courses, this website also hosts webinars at regular intervals for interested parents. The clean design and simple color combination add to the site’s appeal.

Kajabi Website Example #12

Kajabi Website Example #13: The Fight Back

This website has an intriguing name, and is all about material arts and exercise programs designed for women. As soon as you open the page, you can see that it is for both course creators and students who wish to take up martial arts to improve their well-being. There’s a separate course for anyone looking to teach martial arts to others and the highlights of this course are well-explained. 

Also, the site displays the list of available programs, both in-person and online. It also has a podcast page and a list of podcasts that you can listen to. Lastly, there’s an online store that sells tiger-imprinted goodies as a symbol of fighting back, which by the way, is the theme of the entire website.

Overall, it’s a simple and clean-looking website that effectively conveys what it’s designed for. 


A Final Word on Kajabi Website Examples

These are some of the websites that we love for the simple and innovative ideas that they showcase. 

In particular, we like these Kajabi website examples because they combine different types of courses/content offerings through the same platform to give visitors the flexibility they need to pick the content they like. 

Also, these Kajabi websites are well-designed and don’t appear cluttered despite the ton of information displayed.

More importantly, these websites clearly show the power of Kajabi and how it can boost your online businesses in a big way. 

These Kajabi websites are also proof of how you can share your knowledge with the world and make a steady revenue from it.  

We hope these websites inspire you to create a website on the Kajabi platform, so you can leverage its benefits for steady revenue.

Want to learn more about Kajabi? Check out our full Kajabi review for an in-depth look at the platform.

Click here to try Kajabi for free today.

Have any other Kajabi website examples you love? Share them with us by commenting below.

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