GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels 2023 Comparison: Who Wins The Battle?

Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels Comparison

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Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels 2023 Comparison: Who Wins The Funnel Building Battle?

Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels Comparison

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 12, 2023

Building a sales funnel involves a ton of work and this is why most marketers like you prefer to use an advanced tool that can handle these sales funnels end-to-end.

There are lots of sales funnel builders out there, but not all of them are created equal. Two of the best are Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels, but there are some important differences between them.

Now you’ve done your research and have boiled down to two great choices – Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels. How do you pick one over the other? What factors to consider? 

In the guide below, we compare each sales funnel builder side by side. We’ll detail each of their features so you can make an informed decision when choosing a sales funnel software.

But before we get started, it’s worth noting you can try each of these tools free and see which one you think is best for building funnels for your business.  

Groovefunnels offers both a free plan that gives limited access to some of its tools as well as some paid plans that give full access to nearly 20 marketing apps on the Groove platform.

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, comes with a 14-day free trial.

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Key Features of Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels

Let’s now jump into a detailed comparison of the key features of both these tools, starting with a brief introduction on what these tools are and whom do they benefit. 

Groovefunnels Explained

Groovefunnels is one of the newer sales funnel builder platforms, and it has created a big buzz among sales professionals for its low price and wide collection of tools. 

This web-based sales funnel builder application and the huge set of marketing tools that come with it make it ideal for every online marketer who wants to build sales funnels, automate email marketing, provide membership sites or host videos/webinars

It also builds websites, landing pages, and marketing campaigns, thereby making it easy to sell products and services online as well as to create funnels for marketing. 

With the drag and drop style webpage builder, the platforms eliminate the need to learn how to code and develop but rather to make use of a library of templates for the various functionality.

Their paid plans provide access to all their products, giving you nearly 20 tools for one affordable subscription. 

Clickfunnels Explained

Clickfunnels is a tool that helps online marketers to create and launch their own sales funnels with high-quality templates available. With a simple user interface that facilitates end-to-end automation, it gives complete control to the online marketers.

Further, its plug-and-play feature makes creating and editing content easy, thereby making it ideal for every type of online business.

Now that you have an idea of what both the tools do, let’s take a detailed look into some of their key features and the areas where one scores over the other. 

Ready-made Sales Funnel Templates

Both platforms offer many ready-to-use sales funnels that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Let’s see how they stack up against each other and which is better to use to create sales funnels.


In Groovefunnels, you can create landing pages and websites through readymade and well-designed templates.

There are more than 180 landing page templates and about 10+ complete website templates for online businesses of all types.

Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels Templates


The biggest strength of Clickfunnels is its sales funnels that helps to convert a visitor to a paid customer. Everything you need such as a page builder, shopping cart, and CRM is already connected. You just have to do a plug and play to get started.

Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels Template

That said, setting up these funnels can be tricky simply because you have to change the URLs at many places. Also, you have to create a domain or subdomain to remove the extension to your URL.


Overall, both platforms have excellent templates that can get you started in minutes. But Groovefunnels is the winner here simply because customizing them is easier.

Also, users have reported that the Clickfunnels’ templates have responsiveness issues. Further, Clickfunnels doesn’t have a ton of checkout templates. 

Video Hosting

One of the areas where Groovefunnels scores over Clickfunnels is video hosting. 

Clickfunnels doesn’t support video hosting by itself, so you’ll have to upload a video on YouTube or other third-party services to embed a video in your sales funnel.

Hosting on Groovevideo or Clickfunnels

Groovefunnels, on the other hand, has its own video hosting platform called GrooveVideo that comes with many customization options including a call to action and adding tags. It also provides A/B testing and in-depth analytics. You can learn more about these features in our full Groovefunnels review.

Due to these reasons, Groovefunnels must be your choice if you want to have videos hosted within the same platform. 

Drag and Drop Landing Page and Website Editor

A drag and drop interface has become a must-have for all marketing platforms, and both Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels offer them.


The drag and drop editor is straightforward and intuitive. It comes with many options that may seem overwhelming at first for new users, but you’ll find it convenient as you get used to it.

The builder is divided into seven sections, namely, blocks, elements, pages, funnels, pop-ups, stats, and integrations. You can drag and drop these elements easily into your sales pages.

You can also use custom domains with the Groovefunnels free plan which is a significant plus. Typically, platforms woud force you to used branded domains with free offers like Fortunately, you can use your own domain with Groovefunnels.  


Clickfunnels also has a fairly robust and well-designed drag and drop editor that comes with about 18 different elements. In particular, the visual font picker is a convenient tool to help decide on the right text size and font for your pages. 

On the flip side, the design of the editor could have been better and user navigation is not so intuitive.

You can learn more about all of this in our Clickfunnels review.


As you may have guessed, Groovefunnels is slightly better than Clickfunnels because its editor is much better in design and usability.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of both platforms is enticing for online marketers. So, what’s the difference?


Groovefunnels offers commission on recurring monthly payments, and the payouts are weekly. Besides, it is a high-converting product that has the potential to earn up to 40% recurring.

A salient feature of this program is the Groove Affiliate Assist where a free account is assigned to you forever. When that person upgrades, you get the full commission, regardless of who (you or Groovefunnels) promoted the upgrade. 

On the other hand, if another affiliate promotes the upgrade, you still earn half the commission and the other person receives the other half. 

Let’s understand this with an example. If you’re a free member, you get a 20% commission and you get to keep it fully if you or Groovepages promoted the upgrade. But if another affiliate promoted the upgrade through content, then you get 10% and the other affiliate gets 10%. 

Overall, an attractive and win-win situation for everyone. As a bonus, it comes with an intuitive and centralized dashboard.

The performance can be tracked on the affiliate management tool dashboard, and a person can even shift between being an affiliate and a vendor by clicking on a small button on the dashboard.  


Clickfunnels affiliates get all possible help to be successful and the top affiliates get to win their dream cars! In fact, Clickfunnels claims that 181 of its affiliates have won their dream cars so far (at the time of writing this piece).

Clickfunnels Affiliate program against Grooveaffiliate

It pays up to 40% commission on all monthly recurring and front-end orders. When a person starts, it is at 20%, and based on performance, that affiliate partner becomes eligible to move to the 30% and 40% brackets.


Though both platforms have attractive affiliate programs that are challenging and enticing for affiliate partners, the Groove Affiliate Assist makes Groovefunnels the better choice.  Especially when you get 20% Tier 2 commissions on your affiliate sign up sales. 

Membership Area

Memberships are a sought-after option as it provides a steady stream of revenue for the person offering it and regular content updates for the members.


Groovefunnels has a fairly easy setup process where an individual becomes a member and can access the content after the payment is made. From an owner’s standpoint, it is simple to set up, allows both gate and drip content, and offers varying membership plans including free access.

However, only 100 members are allowed per GrooveMember free account. But if you upgrade to their paid plans, you can get more members.  


Clickfunnels also offers a membership site, but it is not easy to create or maintain one. Also, it doesn’t offer many customization options and more importantly, it is not designed for a good customer experience. Further, the registration and payment pages are not integrated.

Also, there is no mobile responsiveness and it lacks the tools for interactions among members.


Groovefunnels is the hands-down winner in this aspect. 

Sales and Checkout Features

Sales and checkout must be a smooth and streamlined process for a high conversion rate.


GrooveSell is the program that handles the sales and checkout process. It is designed to handle large sales volumes, so there is no question of a freeze at the time of checkout. Also, you can easily create sales, checkout, and thank you pages through its templated funnels.

It integrates well with Stripe and PayPal to provide a one-step checkout process.


Clickfunnels also integrates well with PayPal and Stripe. Also, its shopping cart feature makes it easy to create checkout pages. 


Both platforms are winners as they are equally good at providing easy checkout options that can increase the conversion rate. 

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing continues to be an important tool in every digital marketer’s arsenal. So, how do these two platforms fare on this front?


GrooveMail is the feature that enables email marketing and automation, and as expected, it is well-developed and comes with a ton of features that make it easy to add lists, send emails, and follow it up.

The interface is easy to navigate and it is powerful enough to handle all autoresponder needs. 


Clickfunnels integrates with a ton of apps including Zapier and MailChimp to provide an integrated email marketing automation. 

Clickfunnels Email automation vs groovemail

It allows you to easily build email lists, turn visitors into email subscribers, provides well-designed templates for emails, creates email sequences, and more.


Clickfunnels is the winner here because GrooveMail has certain limitations. For example, it’s not possible to clone broadcast emails and the email builder is not as intuitive as that of GroovePages. 

Customer Support and Community

Customer support is a vital aspect of every platform, so let’s see how the two platforms perform on this front.


Groovefunnels has a built-in app called GrooveDesk where you can raise tickets. The response is pretty quick and in case of urgent issues, you can have a live chat as well.


Clickfunnels offers high-quality customer service, right from onboarding to troubleshooting any issues. You can reach out through phone or email to get quick answers to your questions. They have extensive documentation as well.


Both platforms are good in their own ways, so it depends on what works best for you. 

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, both the platforms score equally well.

A good aspect about both Clickfunnels and Groovefunnels is that you don’t have to be a technically sound person to use them.

In fact, no website development or coding skills are necessary to build the websites and landing pages. All that it requires is imagination and a firm idea of using different design elements, and the platforms handle the rest for you.

The drag-and-drop interface of both the platforms are intuitive, thereby making it ideal for even those who are creating a sales funnel for the first time.

Overall, both the platforms score equally well when it comes to ease of use, and this surely makes the user the winner here. 

Thus, these are the salient features and differences between Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels.


Groovefunnels pricing has the following plans at this time:

  • Base plan (FREE) – 500 contacts, 2,500 email sends per month, 1 custom domain
  • Starter plan ($79/mo billed annually) — 5,000 contacts, 50,000 email sends per month, unlimited products, 5 custom domains, no platform fees.
  • Pro plan ($239/mo billed annually) — 30,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, unlimited custom domains, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages hosting, and more.

Clickfunnels pricing, on the other hand, has three plans and they are:

  • ClickFunnels ($97/month)
  • ClickFunnels Platinum ($297/month)
  • TwoCommaClubX ($2,497/month)

Which is Better? Groovefunnels or Clickfunnels

Now, comes the big question. Should you choose GrooveFunnels or ClickFunnels? 

Honestly, both platforms are good. Though there are many similarities, there are also a ton of differences, so it depends on what you want from such a platform.

Choose Groovefunnels when you:

  • Want lifetime free access to a funnel builder (GroovePages) and e-commerce platform (GrooveSell)!
  • Plan to host a lot of videos
  • Need a digital automated calendar to stay on top of what you must do
  • Prefer a ticketing system to raise queries
  • Want pages to load faster as it uses a progressive Javascript platform
  • Need an all-in-one marketing platform for building and scaling online businesses. 

It’s also important to note that there is a limited time free offer for the whole service, so this may be the time to make the most of it. 

Choose Clickfunnels when you:

  • Want an extensive digital marketing library of content. FunnelFix has extensive information on every aspect of digital marketing.
  • Prefer to call for customer service
  • Need stellar templates for every operation
  • Want an integrated sales pipeline

To conclude, GrooveFunnels is a comprehensive marketing platform that offers a ton of features needed for digital marketers whereas Clickfunnels is a lot narrower, catering mainly to the creation and implementation of sales funnels.

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive marketing platform, Groovefunnels is your choice!

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