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Who We Are

TodayTesting is the go-to resource for creators and entrepreneurs who want to turn their knowledge into a thriving online business. Our team of experts writes unbiased software reviews and helpful, easy-to-understand guides to help you with every step of the process, from creating your product offering (e.g. online courses, membership communities, coaching programs, etc.) to marketing and selling it. Some of the links on our site are affiliate links, and we may receive a commission when you use them, helping us sustain our mission and deliver top-notch content.

Our Mission

There are tens of millions of creators out there who are trying to monetize their knowledge, but the sad reality is only a few of them have actually built successful businesses. Most fail only because they haven’t had access to the right tools, guidance, and strategies. While passion and expertise are essential, navigating the digital landscape requires a blend of innovation, market understanding, and the utilization of effective platforms. At TodayTesting, we aim to bridge that gap, providing creators with the insights and resources they need to transform their knowledge into a thriving online enterprise.

Our Editorial Standards

At TodayTesting, our editorial standards are rooted in integrity and expertise. Our writing team is made up of industry professionals who’ve built successful online courses and digital products, ensuring our advice is both practical and proven. Before recommending any tool or product, we rigorously test it ourselves, guaranteeing our reviews are grounded in real-world experience. Moreover, our brand partnerships are carefully chosen, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and the trust of our readers.

You can learn more about our editorial standards here. 

Meet Our Team


Hanah Alexander


Hanah has extensive experience in blog management, software review, and social media marketing. She is the lifeblood of Today Testing, ensuring that each piece of the engine is fully functioning to keep the train moving forward.