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The Builderall pricing structure keeps things simple with just two plans to choose from: Premium running at $69.90 per month and the Funnel Club plan which requires a one-time fee of $199 and then payments of $69.90 a month. Our article looks at the key differences between the two in terms of features and highlights the correct match between company size and pricing plan. 

In terms of free plan offers, Builderall doesn’t have any right now but we have arranged a limited 14-day trial for $1 with Builderall (available here) so you can test the software.   

If you don’t have time to get into the specifics of each plan, just check out our summary tables below to get an overview of Builderall’s pricing tiers.

Builderall Pricing

$199 One Time Fee + $69.90
The key additional features that the higher tier Funnel Club plan offers is access to specialist sales funnels, the Builderall affiliate program. and full digital marketing platform. All tools are included with this plan.
  • 30+ Messenger Chatbot Niche Funnel
  • 50+ Niche Funnels for Agencies
  • 50+ Niche Funnels to capture leads and sell
  • 20+ Niche Funnels for List Building (lead magnet included)
  • 300+ Cheetah Strategic Funnels
  • Builderall Premium Affiliate Automatic Approval
  • Weekly New Niche Funnels added
  • Weekly New Cheetah Strategic Themes Added
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Premium gives you all the essential features to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground. Full access to drag and drop site builder with unlimited pages and subscribers and email automation gives you everything to run your online business.
  • 15 Domains
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Cheetah Website Builder & Funnel Builder
  • Builderall Checkout
  • Unlimited Membership areas
  • Drag N Drop Email Marketing Automation
  • Webinar Builder
  • One Individual Live Call with a Builderall Specialist & More
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Premium plan at $69.90 per month

Targeted at companies and entrepreneurs in the early growth stage, the Premium plan gives you the elements required to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground. Full access to drag and drop site website builder and funnel builder with unlimited pages and subdomains gives you the core features to get started.

A common stumbling block for businesses is outgrowing the subscriber limits on marketing platforms quickly forcing them to tier up to very expensive plans. Builderall provides unlimited subscribers with this Premium plan level which removes this headache. 

Access to checkout software, email marketing automation functionality and unlimited membership sites in this plan are also important assets to get your online business started. 

All aspects of the standard sales funnel are covered in this plan from initial lead generation to the sales checkout stage. You will need to upgrade to the Funnel Club plan however to get access to pre=made sales funnels created by Builderall.

You combine these features with the CRM system available at this Marketer plan tier and you essentially have all the tools that top-end online companies are using to manage their business. 

A Builderall Specialist will also help you get set up with a live call.

One other nice additional feature at this price point is the quick 3-Click WordPress integration.

For anyone looking to connect their WordPress website, this is useful as the manual process of connecting Builderall to your site on the server can be difficult.

Funnel Club plan at $199 one-time fee plus $69.90 per month

The key feature that the highest tier Funnel Club plan offers access to ready-made sales funnels built by the Builderall team.

These funnels and landing pages have been optimized through market tests for high conversion rates. Some of the sales funnels include tripwire funnels, product launch funnels, lead magnet funnels, and funnels for particular business niches. 

New niche funnels are also added by Builderall every week. 

The Funnel Club also offers immediate access to the Builderall affiliate program so you can earn monthly recurring income from referring Builderall to customers and friends. 

Builderall Pricing Summary

To recap here are your Builderall plan options. This is no free trial.

  • Premium plan at $69.90 a month
  • Funnel Club plan at one-time payment of $199 and $69.90 a month

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To assess each feature please see our Builderall review article. 

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4 thoughts on “Builderall Pricing 2021: In-Depth Cost Breakdown

  1. Sam Reply

    I have about 50,000 contacts on my email list, Can I import them all and send them email successfully with premium plan because with free trial I discovered I can only import 10 contacts. Hope I won’t be experiencing the same problem even with their premium plan?

    • Today Testing Team Post authorReply

      Hi Sam,

      Because there was a lot of abuse (marketers uploading very large lists of subscribers that were then spammed), Builderall changed their policy on being able to upload your list. You need to contact support (using a ticket from your dashboard) and they will work with you to help you upload your subscribers to your list on the premium plan.

  2. Nixon Reply

    What happens when you enter on the 1dollar,what happens after 30days do you keep paying that 1 dollar every month just curious please reply

    • Today Testing Team Post authorReply

      you pay the full monthly prices after the $1 trial.

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