Builderall Pricing 2024: In-Depth Cost Breakdown & Plan Comparison

builderall pricing

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Builderall Pricing 2024: In-Depth Cost Breakdown & Plan Comparison

builderall pricing

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on April 19, 2024

Whether you’re looking to launch a website, design an app, or market your online business, Builderall promises to be the tool that lets you do everything you need to launch and grow your venture. The platform advertises itself as “the world’s most complete and powerful digital marketing platform, but is it true? And is Builderall pricing worth it?

In the guide below, we’ll go in-depth explaining the different Builderall plans, features, and costs, helping you decide if it’s worthwhile for your business.

The Builderall cost structure has changed in 2024 as the company has changed its plans. While the company still has its 3 most popular plans (detailed in the chart below), they’ve also added 4th plan (more info on this later). Also, they have some WordPress-specific plans that can come in handy if you have a WordPress site. 

Our article looks at the key differences between the different plans in terms of features and highlights the correct match between company size and pricing plan. 

In terms of free plan offers, Builderall doesn’t have any right now but we have arranged a limited 14-day trial for $1 with Builderall (available here) so you can test the software.   

If you don’t have time to get into the specifics of each plan, just check out our summary tables below to get an overview of Builderall’s pricing plans.

Builderall Pricing

Core Plan


Per month

     √  AI Content Creator

     √  Drag and Drop Website Builder

Essentials Plan


Per month

     √  AI Content Creator

     √  Drag and Drop Website Builder

     √  Email Automation

     √  Website Chat

Advanced Plan


Per month

     √  AI Content Builder

     √  Drag and Drop Website Builder

     √  Email Automation

     √  Website Chat

     √  Funnel Builder

     √  All Launch Tools

Premium Plan


Per month

     √  AI Content Builder

     √  Drag and Drop Website Builder

     √  Email Automation

     √ Website Chat

     √  Funnel Builder

     √  All Launch Tools

     √  Course Creator

     √  Video Hosting



Builderall Core Plan at $17 per Month

The Core Plan gives you just enough to get started with your online business. 

In this plan, you will get one published website, one domain connection, and two pro mailboxes. For many of you starting, these limitations shouldn’t be an issue as you won’t have an audience yet. However, note that you will have only 1GB of storage, which can be a great limitation, especially if you have a big contact list. In such cases, you will have to go with the Advanced or Premium plans.

The Core plan also offers an AI content creator that saves time and makes it possible for anyone with an imagination and idea to build an online business. Its wide range of AI features enables beginner and experienced web developers to build stunning websites. 

Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface coupled with its AI capabilities analyzes user content and objectives to create a matching design. 

All these features make Builderall a compelling choice for anyone looking to enter the online business. 

Builderall Essentials Plan at $47 per Month

The Builderall Essentials plan is a great step up for those who have outgrown the basic Core package.

With the Builderall Essentials plan, you get:

  • 3 published websites.
  • 3 connected domains.
  • 5 pro mailboxes.
  • 1 GB disk space
  • Plus everything included in the Core plan 

The Builderall Essentials plan is a solid option for a growing online business, but remember that this doesn’t fully unleash everything the platform has to offer. Chances are you will outgrow this plan at some point, but the Builderall cost is very reasonable for this plan.

Along with the above features, you get 3,000 subscribers and can up to 50,000 sent emails a month. It even supports email automation, making it a good choice for those who rely extensively on email marketing. 

If you’re looking to build customer relationships and answer queries, this plan offers a live chat that you can include on your website.

Builderall Advanced Plan at $97 per Month

Targeted at companies and entrepreneurs in the early growth stage, the Builderall Advanced plan gives you the elements required to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground and get it moving at breakneck speed. 

This plan offers great value for your money as you get:

  • 5 published websites
  • 5 connected domains
  • 15 pro mailboxes.
  • 3 GB storage. 

In this plan, you also get access to 10,000 subscribers and can send a maximum of 200,000 emails a month. Along with the features of the Essentials plan, you also get a funnel builder and all the 25+ launch tools with more than a cumulative feature count of 1,000!

Plus, three team members can access this tool, making it ideal for cross-functional use. 

This plan is also a good choice if you use WhatsApp as a part of your marketing stack. It offers a feature called WhatsApp Central to keep all your messages in a single place for further analysis. Also, its WhatsApp automation tool eases the process of responding to questions, sending follow-up messages, and more. 

Like WhatsApp, you also have support for the Telegram app. Its social Autopost bot, SMS messaging, and Instagram chatbot ensure that you are always connected with your customers. 

Access to their E=Learning Course Builder and the Builderall Webinar builder also helps improve your growth aspects, as you reach out to more customers with informative and educative content. You can even create and host courses, track student progress, and more on the Builderall app. If you plan to extend to webinars as a part of your marketing strategy, this plan supports that as well. 

All aspects of the standard sales funnel are covered in this plan from initial lead generation to the sales checkout stage. You will need to upgrade to the Funnel Club plan however to get access to pre-made sales funnels created by Builderall.


You combine these features with the CRM system available at this Builderall Premium plan tier and you essentially have all the tools that top-end online companies are using to manage their business. 

Builderall Premium Plan at $247 per Month

The Premium plan is the highest-tier plan, and it supports 10 published websites and 10 connected domains. Moreover, it supports a whopping 50 pro mailboxes, making it a good choice for a marketing agency or an organization that’s on the path of growth and scalability.

While the storage space remains the same as the Advanced plan at 3GB, you can store up to 25,000 subscribers and send up to 600,000 emails a month. Plus, 10 team members can access the Builderall platform, making it a good choice for agencies that handle multiple clients. 

Two key features that you can get with this plan are video hosting and a course creator. In this plan, you can create multiple courses and host videos natively on the platform. Its related features like a Quiz builder, magazine builder, and mockup studio offer plenty of opportunities to create additional revenue streams. 

You can also include a help desk natively to your offering to help customers submit tickets and track them, enhancing the overall quality of customer service.

Overall, the Premium plan is comprehensive and offers everything you need to create websites, build email marketing campaigns, create and sell courses, and more. You are limited only by your ideas in this plan.

These different plans are well-suited for different businesses that are at varying stages of growth and require custom plans to suit their specific needs. Moreover, it provides opportunities for building a wide range of revenue streams. The pricing is also affordable when compared to many similar platforms, making it a good value for money.

Another highlight is its WordPress plans, which we will talk about next.

Builderall WordPress Plans

Builderall offers WordPress plugins geared for building stunning WordPress sites using its intuitive drag-and-drop editor. 

Besides ease of use, unique integrations, and multiple elements, Builderall’s WordPress plugin offers the following features:

  • Real-time editing.
  • Granular customization.
  • Landing pages.
  • A templates library.
  • Multiple elements like headers, footers, and popups. 
  • Mobile responsiveness. 
  • WordPress shortcodes.
  • Animations, and more.

Due to such extensive features, the Builderall plugin has thousands of installations and high ratings.

These WordPress plugin plans come in three flavors:

  • WP Essentials – $47 per month.
  • WP Advanced – $97 per month.
  • WP Premium – $247 per month.

The features are similar to what you get in the standalone plan, but they can be extended to WordPress.

Builderall Pricing Plans Summary

To recap here are your Builderall pricing plans.

  • Core plan at $17 per month.
  • Essentials plan at $47 per month.
  • Advanced plan at $97 per month.
  • Premium plan at $247 per month. 

The last three plans are available to use Builderall as a WordPress plugin.

Is Builderall Worth the Cost?

Now that we’ve seen the pricing structure, let’s answer the big question – is Builderall worth the cost?

It’s clear that Builderall offers a ton of features to run a successful online business. 

From eCommerce to courses, you can use Builderall to create custom landing pages and websites, build email marketing campaigns, use its funnels to guide your customers, and do so much more.

In the higher plans, you can also create courses and eLearning centers to create additional revenue streams. 

Overall, Builderall has something for everyone, starting from those who are making a foray into online business to established players looking to grow and scale. 

In my opinion, the number of features it offers for a flat monthly cost makes it a great value for your money. 

To learn more about each feature please see our Builderall review article. 

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