Webinarjam Pricing (2021 Updates Including 30 Day Trial Details)

Webinarjam pricing

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What Webinarjam pricing plan in 2021 is best for your business?

Our article takes a deep dive on each of the 3 plans available and answers key questions like how it compares to Zoom, hosting evergreen webinars and insight on sneaky charges. 

By the end, you will have a clear picture on whether it’s worth the money for your business.

There is currently a lot of outdated info online about Webinarjam’s cost structure with many reviews talking about 2020 prices. This article is updated for 2021 so it reflects TODAY’s prices

As a heads up, we have an exclusive 30 day $1 trial for Webinarjam only available on our website. This is not available directly from Webinarjam’s homepage. 

Let’s get started.

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How much does WebinarJam cost?




no monthly plan available

500 Attendees



Per Year
No montlhy plan available
2000 Attendees



Per Year
No Monthly plan available
5000 Attendees

Webinarjam Basic Plan at $499 per year

There is a nice simplicity to these Webinarjam plans. Only a few differences between each tier. Having less moving parts makes it easier to pick the correct plan for your company.

Starting off, there are no restrictions on the number of webinars you can host at any plan level.

You will be limited to 500 attendees with the Basic plan though. This should be plenty for small business owners starting off.

If you find yourself hovering around 500 registrations, it’s very easy to upgrade to the professional plan before the Webinar starts.

You are restricted to 2 hosts/ panelists with the Basic Plan which shouldn’t be an issue for you entrepreneurs. Multiple hosts are useful when you want a roundtable discussion of experts but it’s not exactly a necessity. 

Webinar’s duration is limited to 2 hours with this plan which again should be enough time for a productive seminar.

Q & As are typically where webinars start to eat up time so managing this section effectively should keep you within the limits.

The following features are also available at all plan levels including Basic without restrictions

  • Paid Webinars: you can integrate a payment gateway like Paypal or Kartra with Webinarjam and created a password protected room so you can charge customers to view.


  • Live Chat: Engaging your audience through real time private comments and group chat can be critical in securing a sale so this is a key feature.


  • Email Reminders: Pre and post webinar email reminders can be sent out from Webinarjam’s servers to customers automatically. The emails will appear as sent from your domain email address.


  • Automatic Recording: Webinarjam’s ‘Replica Replay’ ensures your Webinar is recorded automatically and everything that happens in the ‘Live Room’ is accurately mimicked.


  • Handouts: Easily share files like PDF bonuses during the live webinar that your audience can download

Webinarjam Professional Plan at $699 per year

An extra $200 per year will allow you to host 2000 attendees instead of 500.

Panelists / Hosts are doubled to 4 and the webinar duration is extended to 3 hours

Two unique features are also added at the Professional level. 

The ‘Panic Button’ feature can save you in bad, patchy webinars. Use Webinarjam’s Panic Button as an escape plan If the page is acting up with tech issues during a live webinar. 

This button will boot up a new live webinar room and transfer your audience there automatically.

An ‘Always On Room’ feature is also available. If you are doing live webinars on a regular basis, you can reserve this room keeping it open 24/7 with your own branded URL link that never changes.

That makes it far more shareable as the link won’t be different each time you go live.

webinarjam panic button feature

Webinarjam Enterprise Plan at $999 per year

Pretty self-explanatory feature increases at the Webinarjam Enterprise plan tier. 

4,000 attendees instead of 2,000.

Hosts limits are set at 6 people which should be enough for any roundtable discussion and the webinar duration is increased to 4 hours.

I can’t imagine any audience wants to sit through 4 hours so hopefully, you won’t need the full 4 hours!

The Control Center is added as one unique feature of the Enterprise plan.

This is a page where your moderators can work on the coordination of the live event while you focus on presenting. Users of this control panel can broadcast or reply to comments in private and mange the live elements such as sending offers to attendees or creating polls. Other features can be seen in our Webinarjam review.

Webinarjam Pricing Q & A

Webinarjam Monthly Pricing - Does It Exist?

No Webinarjam does not do monthly pricing. It is an annual fee starting at $499 per year for the Basic plan.

Can You Run An Automated /Evergreen Webinar With Webinarjam?

No, you can’t do automated, recurring Webinars. Webinarjam is a live webinar platform. It does however work in conjunction with Everwebinar, a sister product that is an automated webinar service.

You can do your live seminars on Webinarjam and convert them to work in an automated fashion with Everwebinar.

What Kind of Payment Do Webinarjam Accept?

The three major providers: Mastercard, VISA and American Express.

Can You Receive A Full Refund From Webinarjam?

You will get a full refund from Webinarjam if you request within the first 30 days after your purchase. 

Are There Any Sneaky Charges To Worry About With Webinarjam?

The only charge we noted in the Ts and Cs that may catch you off guard is a chargeback fee. If you initiate a chargeback (you ask for a refund after paying for Webinarjam within the 1st month), you may be charged $50 as a processing fee. 

Which Is Better, Zoom vs Webinarjam?

Zoom Webinar is designed for larger companies with bigger budgets to host big online events.

They have the ability to 10,000 attendees and 100 panelists but their pricing tiers are far more expensive.

For example, hosting 1,000 attendees will cost you over $2720 with Zoom per year while you can host 2000 people with Webinarjam for $699 per annum.

Zoom Webinar is also less focused on the marketing and sales side with Webinarjam offering more marketing features designed to drive conversions.

This is mainly a size and budget discussion though; solopreneurs and small businesses should go for Webinarjam while bigger SMEs and corporates should consider Zoom Webinar.

Pricing Synopsis

Here are your three Webinarjam plans in summary (there is no monthly pricing option):

  • Base Plan at $499 per year
  • Pro Plan at $699 per year
  • Enterprise Plan at $999 per year

 Video Synopsis


A brief video overview of the pricing plan features.

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