The 9 Best Kajabi Course Examples to Use for Inspiration

Kajabi Course Examples

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The 9 Kajabi Course Examples

Kajabi Course Examples

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Last Updated on December 19, 2023

Thinking about building your own online course but need some inspiration from some successful Kajabi course examples?

Kajabi is a versatile platform for building online courses, providing drip content for your paid members, hosting webinars, and all other forms of digital content delivery.  

When it comes to creating online courses with Kajabi, the possibilities are practically endless. No matter what type of online course you want to create, you can build it on the platform. Not only that, Kajabi makes it easy to market and sell your online course too, all from the same dashboard so you can start generating income fast.

Before you get started, you should take some time to explore everything that’s possible with Kajabi’s online course creation tool.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Kajabi course examples so you can see what all you can do when building your course on this platform.

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Your Guitar Saga

Your Guitar Saga is a popular site for anyone looking to learn guitar or take some lessons to improve their skills. This platform leverages many capabilities of Kajabi.

Your Guitar Saga

First off, it acts as a lead generation platform as anyone who signs up can get 30 free guitar lessons. Next, there’s a paid membership, and members get exclusive content such as advanced guitar lessons. This site also offers complete online courses that span a few weeks. At the end of each course, there’s an evaluation for students. 

Other than these, Erich Andreas, the owner of this site, also offers one-on-one coaching classes and consultations using the Kajabi Coaching product. He also hosts interactive webinars at regular intervals to engage his community.

This site leverages Kajabi’s payment platform. Its one-click payment, discount and coupon codes, and upsell and cross-sell features are well-used. Given the popularity of this site, we can assume that all these features help in the conversion rate. 

Overall, this site has multiple revenue streams, all powered by Kajabi’s products. Further, the simple and intuitive design adds to its appeal as well.

Sancri Healing

Sancri Healing is a website that specializes in helping people to live happier and more fulfilling lives.  It is run by Sandra Gijsbers, a Netherlands-based non-medical practitioner who uses energy healing methods and therapy sessions to help individuals lead a meaningful life. Though this website is in German, we still think it’s a good showcase of all the things you can do with Kajabi.

Sancri Healing

She uses this website to generate leads, as there are free downloads and PDFs about personal development. She uses these leads to build her mailing list and promotes her courses through email marketing as well.

This website offers paid online courses that range from just a few days to even a few weeks/months. For example, her self-healing programs cost 30 Euros and are a 30-day program that tells you how to take care of your mental and physical health. On the other end of her offering is a Reiki course that costs 300 Euros per session. These are 1:1 sessions with her students. 

Other than these, she conducts seminars and interactive workshops, and also has a blog where she shares relevant information and articles that can benefit everyone. 

In all, a comprehensive website that provides different types of content to meet her clients’ needs.

Earn That Body

Earn That Body is an online nutrition and fitness training business that helps people to lose fat and live a healthy life. Built on Kajab, this platform offers many types of content and service packages for its clients.

Earn That Body

First off, it offers online courses for anyone looking to improve their fitness.  Besides this, there are a ton of online courses and programs that are broadly divided into Nutrition Programs, Athlete Programs, and Workouts. Customers can quickly read a gist of what each program is, the cost, and duration, and can decide if this is something for them. There are also live-streaming classes for which customers can sign up ahead of time or right at the time of the class. Kim Eagle, who runs this site, offers 1:1 coaching and consultation as well. 

All the courses are backed by some powerful content in the form of podcasts and blogs that encourage visitors to become healthy by signing up for one of the courses. Kim also builds her email mailing list with a free e-book on protein shake recipes. 

Overall, this site is a classic example of how one can sell online courses and consultations using different forms of content and marketing strategies.

3D For Designers

Your online courses and content can be for a niche audience too, and that’s exactly why we wanted to showcase 3D for Designers. As the name suggests, the courses and content on this site are geared toward designers who want to create, edit, and animate objects in 3D.

3D For Designers

This website also uses Kajabi to design its courses and deliver them to students. One of its most popular courses is called “Intro to Cinema 4D for Designers”, a self-paced course that teaches designers the different 3D techniques for lighting, color, form, and texture. There is detailed information on what this course offers and the modules in it, so potential clients can make informed decisions about signing up.  There are no timelines and students can study at their own pace. 

This is a simple website that offers only courses and no other additional information. At the time of writing this piece, there are no lead generation features in this website. Still, we have chosen this website as one of our nine showcase examples to highlight the delivery engine of Kajabi.

As you may have guessed, the course offered here is heavy on 3D and animation, yet there are no drops or rendering problems. This is in part because of Kajabi’s robust engine and rendering capabilities.

Paradise Getaways

Paradise Getaways is a honeymoon and destination planning website that takes care of proving end-to-end services, from consultation to execution, for your weddings, honeymoons, and even family vacations.

This service uses Kajabi’s products for strengthening and promoting its business. Take the lead generation process, for example. Users get to watch a free video when they provide their email ID. Likewise, users can view testimonials to understand this service better while the blogs section provides informative content for visitors to make informed decisions. 

The site is laid out well and provides comprehensive information with the right amount of text and pictures. As a result, it doesn’t feel cluttered, and yet, visitors get all the information they need to evaluate this service. 

Overall, a good example of how you can use Kajabi not just for course creation, but also for content display and lead generation.

720 Fico

720 Fico is a unique service that helps people to improve their credit scores, so they can access many financial products at lower rates of interest. This website suggests a multi-pronged approach to improve your credit score.

720 Fico

As a part of its package, this website offers templates of dispute letters that you can download, modify, and send to the concerned authorities to rectify any discrepancies in your credit report. Also, it provides a ton of information and tips on rectifying your credit score. In fact, it even guarantees that your credit score will improve by 50 points if you follow some of the tips and suggestions given by the experts on the site.

There’s plenty of information on this site to repair your credit score, build your creditworthiness, and even leverage the tools available at your disposal.  It even connects with a third-party service to display your credit score. A simple and no-frills website with a login page and a library to keep track of the content you have accessed, so you can continue from where you left off.

The Unicorn Advisory

The Unicorn Advisory is a service that helps you to make the most of Kajabi to build your online business. It eliminates the complexities of building a website and shows how easy it is to get started with Kajabi.

The Unicorn Advisory

Just like the websites we described above, this one also offers free resources as a means for lead generation and building email lists. The highlight of this website is its five-week course that teaches all that you need to know about Kajabi. 

This site itself is built on Kajabi and uses its many features and capabilities. A good example is the upsell and discount feature where the five-week course is offered for just $5 if you sign up within a specified date. Further, it also links back to Kajabi for affiliate income and even strives to create a community where Kajabi information and tips are shared regularly.

There’s also a 1:1 consultation for clients who have specific questions or don’t have the time for a complete course. All this is backed by informative blogs, free Kajabi templates, and other resources. In all, a good poster boy for Kajabi that is not just built on this platform, but also teaches about it.


Orthovated is an orthodontic coaching website designed for training dental assistants to learn the tools of the trade. It is a comprehensive course with 80+ lessons included in it.


Built on the Kajabi platform, this course is highly interactive and aims to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. At the same time, there are regular assignments and evaluations that happen at the end of every module, and students have to get a certain percentage to qualify for a completion certificate. These courses include videos as well, and all these reflect the versatility of Kajabi when it comes to creating outstanding courses. 

Besides this course, there’s a lead generation feature and the option to schedule a 1:1 session to learn more about Orthovated.

Survival Swim School

Survival Swim School provides pediatric survival swimming lessons. In other words, it provides training for parents, caregivers, and children of all ages to bring down the chances of children drowning. This website has courses for children from six months to six years of age.

Survival Swim School

These are 1:1 lessons only, so children can understand what’s being taught. This means, you can use the website to book physical classes for your children. Other than this, Survival Swim School provides a ton of content on important safety tips and how to prevent drowning. All this content is free, and there is no paid or membership drip content.

Overall, it’s a fairly straightforward website built on Kajabi. It highlights the courses offered that include adult swimming classes and survival swimming lessons. The design and content flow well, making it appealing and informative to visitors. 


Final Thoughts on Kajabi Courses

These 9 Kajabi course examples give you insight into some of the different things that are possible when it comes to creating, marketing, and selling online courses on this online learning platform. 

These examples are varied in their offerings and how they use the different Kajabi products. Nevertheless, they sure give a glimpse into the power of Kajabi and what it can do for your business. These websites also highlight how the different Kajabi products integrate seamlessly with each other to provide an excellent user experience for visitors. We hope they inspire new business ideas and websites for you.

Want to learn more about Kajabi? Check out our full Kajabi review for an in-depth look at the platform and how it can help you build a successful online business.

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Have any other Kajabi course examples you love? Share them with us by commenting below.

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