Convertbox Review 2023: (Features, Lifetime Price Details, & More)

Convertbox Review

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Convertbox Review 2023: (Features, Lifetime Price Details, & More)

Convertbox Review

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

If you are trying to decide whether to buy Convertbox, and are looking for reliable information to help you cross your t’s and dot your i’s, you have stumbled on the right review. 

Why should you read and trust my Convertbox review?

One, I have been in the online business for 7 years, which is a long enough time for me to comfortably say I am an expert at using and testing lead generation tools and other software you need for running a successful online business.

Two, I have written this review based on my experience using Convertbox for the past year (started using the software in May 2020).

Three, this article is updated for 2023. Convertbox has changed quite a bit, and you won’t get much value reading a review of it that was done months or years ago, which seems to sum up most Convertbox reviews that you see today.

Keep in mind, Convertbox is currently offering their software for a once-off lifetime fee of $495. That means you get full access to Convertbox for life including all feature updates. 

Let’s get started with my in-depth Convertbox review!

Table of Contents

Section 1: What Is Convertbox

Convertbox is a messaging, segmentation and lead generation tool all wrapped in one. You can use Convertbox as an optin form to get customer contacts and grow your list, to segment customers based on behavior, and for on-site targeting and retargeting with personalized offers.

Convertbox is a SaaS based tool although it’s also available as a plugin for WordPress sites.

Section 2: 2019: Before I Had Convertbox

Lead generation tools have come quite a long way since I started doing business online.

Back then, everyone was talking about how “content is King”, which was true because you needed content to drive traffic to your website. I knew how to write content, and I invested quite a bit of time in that area but beyond that, I had zero practical knowledge on what to do with all that traffic I was getting.

Although lead generation tools were starting to gain popularity, you needed to be an expert to use them.

Tasks like creating opt-in forms and funnels, which are now pretty much DIY thanks to tools like Convertbox, could only be done by an expert. 

Not to mention, all those tools cost a pretty penny, so only high-profile marketers and agencies could use them.

Thankfully, WordPress had been shaking up the online scene quite a bit, with developers creating all sorts of plugins for the Open-source CMS (WordPress).

Among those plugins was Thrive Themes; I used it and was glad to see leads increasing month on month. Although I was pleased with Thrive Themes, I didn’t stop looking for a replacement. I needed a tool to take my lead generation to the next level.

Then I discovered the Convertbox lifetime deal that only costs $495!

Although I had some teething issues with Convertbox, the team has improved on the software quite a bit.

Convertbox has super intelligent targeting that takes all the guess work and actual work out of lead generation.

It also lets you do what other optin forms do, but without annoying site visitors.

I have grown my email list with Convertbox and even seen a significant increase in my sales. 

And here’s the clincher: I will be getting these benefits for life without ever having to pay a cent for lead generation software again!

Section 3: Convertbox: Who Is It For

Convertbox is a great tool, but it is not for everyone. The fact that is a SaaS for instance, means that among other things, it will limit the level of customizations you can access. You will benefit most from using Convertbox if you fall in the following groups:

  • New solopreneurs and bloggers
  • Course creators with websites
  • Ecommerce site owners

Convertbox: Who Is It Not For

Convertbox is not for you if you fall in these categories:

Digital agencies. For most people, the customizations available in Convertbox will do just fine. In fact, they are more than sufficient. But for others, you might want to do a lot more than what you see on the page editor. E.g change the size of the Convertbox, or its layout, etc.

People who want free accounts. Convertbox is free for a lifetime, but only once you pay a one-time subscription fee of $495.

Section 4: 4 Things Business Owners Need To Know Before Buying Convertbox

#1. The Convertbox Lifetime Deal Is Ending

There is no time like the present to get Convertbox because the software is currently on offer: pay $590 for the Pro account, and access Convertbox for life. 

Compare this with paying $1188 yearly ($99/month), not to mention the peace of mind you get for not having to think about subscriptions for lead generations ever again. 

If you have a website or are in the process of developing one, you need to remember that the Convertbox lifetime deal runs out at some point soon and will be replaced by this standard monthly billing. 

#2. It’s Legit And Not A Scam: The Lifetime Fee Is Seed Money

I get it if you are skeptical about this tool. I mean, $590 for a lifetime is the kind of wording that screams “SCAM”. But it’s not a scam. I have been using Convertbox for around a year and have seen great results with it.

The reason why it’s going for such a low one-off price is because the money collected from initial sales will serve as seed money. This means that instead of Convertbox founders going for a round of funding in exchange for equity, they are offering you access to the software in return for a small amount that will help them further develop the software.

Plus, Convertbox has all the markers of a legit software: legit reviews, legit ownership by people with a good reputation in the software/online world.

#3. It Matches Thrive Leads And Optin Monster’s Features but With No Monthly Bills

Convertbox can do what Thrive Leads and Optin Monster can do but with an added bonus: you get no monthly bills.

Since Convertbox is new in the market, it is created to do what its predecessors can do, but with the added benefit of being more light weight and nimble: creating opt in forms, editing, integrating, A/B testing, setting rules and conditions, all take place with a lot less effort and way fewer steps.

#4. It Has Some Bugs As It’s New But Not For Much Longer

Most new software have bugs, and Convertbox is no exception. Luckily, since Convertbox is raising seed funding by offering initial subscribers a one-time lifetime pricing, they can test more iterations of the software to eliminate the bugs.

While we are on the subject of things you need to know before buying Convertbox, here’s a pet peeve with this software right now:

You can only view performance for individual Convertboxes. If you want to know how a specific page in a Convertbox performed, you can’t. I find this annoying, but not necessarily a deal-breaker, as the reports in Convertbox are still sufficient when you want to A/B test and optimize future campaigns.

That said, Convertbox is still a work in progress and we are likely to see this issue resolved in future iterations as i have mentioned it to their developers.

Section 5: Key Features (What Does It Do)

Creating Personalised Offers

Although Convertbox may be classified as a lead generation tool, it is way more than that.

It is also a powerful segmentation tool that can intelligently convert your visitors with highly personalized offers.

This means that every visitor can follow their own unique journey on your website.

One of the ways to personalize offers on Convertbox is with conditional rules. For example, if you are running a marketing campaign for “swimming vests for Pitbulls” on your dog website, you only want to show that to a customer with a Pitbull. Better yet, you want to show that to a customer with a Pitbull, but whose behavior suggests that their Pitbull drowning is a legitimate concern.

But how can you get this level of user-specific information?

By using targeting rules.

Lead capture forms_actions

So, if at some point you published an article on how to keep your Pitbull from drowning, you can show your Pitbull swimming vests to any visitors who visit that page.

Your conditional rule would be: IF customer has visited Pitbull drowning blog (Condition), THEN don’t show this Convertbox to the visitor (Action).

This effectively eliminates anyone without an interest in Pitbulls or their dog drowning, and highly personalizes the offer for everyone else who sees it.

Lead Capture Forms

Convertbox is a lead capture tool. So, most (if not all) Convertbox templates come with an opt-in form element already added in. You can edit the form fields or even remove them when dealing with customers who are in the advanced stages of buying.

Lead capture forms

The page editor in Convertbox gives you multiple options for customizing your forms in a way that seamlessly transitions your customers from one step of conversion to the next.

You can find these options in the actions and integrations areas in the form settings.

You can also connect your lead capture forms to your CRM or autoresponder, so that all your emails can automatically feed into those tools. This gives synchronicity in all your campaigns and also aligns all teams that access the CRM. You can set rules that allow your Convertbox forms to automatically send visitors straight to any CRM or autoresponder integrations that you have already set up.

Countdown Timers

Convertbox has countdown timers. Adding a timer in your Convertbox is a great way to get more conversions.

Countdown timer

This is a helpful feature especially when your goal is to sell, as timers create more urgency, which in turn prompts visitors to buy before the timer runs out.

You should not confuse the countdown timer with the display timer in the frequency settings.

Whereas the countdown timer prompts a sale by creating urgency, the display timer controls the point at which a Convertbox will display.

For example, after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Display timer

The display timer therefore acts as both an attention grabber, and a tool for improving user experience.

You don’t want customers seeing convertboxes too often or before they have had a chance to view content related to your offer. You control such experiences with a display timer.

Multi-step Funnels

Convertbox has a surprisingly great feature that is not only a time saver when you want to create many convertboxes for the same campaign or goal, but also ties together your campaigns rather nicely to increase relevance, boost user experience and also improve how you track your lead generation activity.

Let me paint you a picture of what I mean:

Imagine for a moment that you want to generate leads, target would-be customers, and also retarget cart abandoners.

These are just three goals, but when you consider that each customer has a unique journey, then the process could get very complicated.

multi step funnels

This is where multi-step funnels come in:

They let you start from the top (with a new customer) to create a funnel that segments customers and caters to all their needs until they exit the funnel.

Without a funnel, you will miss out on a lot of customers because you are not passing them through a unified system that “sees” where they are and what they want.

Display Anywhere On Site

Convertbox optins have several display options (Convertbox types):

  • Sticky bar. This type sits at the top of your website
  • Call out modal. Also known as a slide in, it almost resembles a chat box because it slides in and sits in the corner of your screen.
  • Center modal. This is the traditional style of optin that pop ups in the middle of the screen as you scroll or when you try to exit a page (exit intent popup forms).
  • Full page. This takes up a full page.
  • These optins display on the side of your website or inline with your content.

You can choose where on a page these Convertbox types display. Display options vary depending on the Convertbox type you choose.

For example, if you have selected callout modal as your Convertbox type, you will have the option to either display your Convertbox on the bottom right or bottom left of your screen.

Notice how the display is unintrusive. Like all other things in Convertbox, you can A/B test these display options and opt for the one that users respond more positively to.

Display options_which pages

Another display option you have available to you is deciding where on a website you want a Convertbox to show.

This could be anything from the whole website, to a single blog post or a blog category. This option improves targeting, increases relevance of your offer, decreases the likelihood of bounce backs or unsubscribes, and consequently leads to better conversions.

Note: The blob category option is only available for Word Press sites, and only if you are using Convertbox as a WordPress plugin.

Integration With Other Tools

Convertbox integrates with email marketing tools, CRM and Zapier, allowing you to exchange information between your different tools. Convertbox also integrates with ecommerce platforms as well as html websites and major page builders.

This allows you to collect emails, names and other contact details, or send data across all the software you use.

Convertbox has a list of software that it already integrates with. If your software is not on that list, you can add it to your list of integrations in the following ways:

  • Use Convertbox Html integration
  • Through Convertbox webhooks
  • Using Zapier

Ease Of Use

Convertbox is easy to use. Every step flows so smoothly, straight from when you log in, opt to create a Convertbox, select a Convertbox type, pick a template, edit the template in the page editor, and finally launch it.

You may need to go through a few sub steps to get everything set up, but they are all quite uncomplicated. In addition, it helps to know a few things beforehand, such as the type of Convertbox suited for your goal or the best template to choose.

But you shouldn’t get hung up on such details when starting out, otherwise, you’ll never get started.

I personally learned Convertbox by choosing a template, then I got started, and focused on A/B testing to improve my campaigns. That’s how I got to learn what works and what doesn’t.

That said, you’ll also find processes that may be a bit complicated on other software, such as setting up integrations or configuring settings, to be pretty simple to do on Convertbox.

Customer Support

Customer support is another marker for credible software, and Convertbox does not disappoint in this area either.

Convertbox has an information-packed help desk, which ensures that customers have everything they need to engage in some self-guided support.

But in case you need some additional help, you can reach Convertbox by raising a ticket on email. You should get a response within 24 hours of sending an email.

Section 6: Convertbox Pricing

I have already mentioned that you can get Convertbox today for a one-off lifetime price of $495. Here’s what you will get for this Convertbox pricing:

  • Never, ever have to pay for the software again
  • Personalize offers based on CRM or website data
  • Build your contacts lists
  • Create surveys, tag and segment visitors
  • A/B test straight inside your editor
  • Track data and optimize campaigns
  • Customize convertboxes with an easy drag and drop editor

You can also upgrade to the Pro plan for an extra $95. With the pro plan you get 500,000 views instead of 250,000 that you get on the standard plan. You can also use Convertbox on 50 websites instead of 10.

This pricing structure is uncomplicated because you don’t have to compare and contrast pricing tiers. You only have one tier, and it gives you access to all features. What’s ‘more, you get peace of mind because you don’t have to scramble around trying to beat subscription due dates.

Section 7: Convertbox Final Summary: Yes or No?

Given everything I have discussed above, it is an undeniable fact that $495 for such a feature-packed lead generation tool is a good buy. I was able to recover this initial cost after a few sales.

As long as this tool is a good fit for you, you will never have to pay for a lead generation, segmentation, optin-form creation, or funnel building tool again.

That said, only get Convertbox if:

  • You are a new solopreneur or blogger
  • You are a course creator with a website
  • You own an ecommerce site

Don’t get Convertbox if:

  • You need to use it for your agency
  • You are looking for a free tool

In a nutshell, if you own a business that is small to medium-sized, and you want to take your lead generation to the next level, you should get Convertbox before the deal is up.

Section 8: Alternatives To Convertbox

Here are some other worthwhile options to consider in case you cannot get Convertbox now:

Rightmessage. Rightmessage is a new software that is also big on personalization. Unlike Convertbox and other lead generation software, Rightmessage first creates a customer journey to segment customers, and then customizes widgets (which act as optin templates), to the right segment. You can learn more in our Convertbox vs Rightmessage guide. 

OptinMonster. OptinMonster is a trusted name in lead generation as it has been around for a long time. This software also features different types of forms, a drag and drop builder, Yes/No multi-step forms, limitless integrations, countdown timer and campaign triggers.

Thrive Leads. Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that comes as part of Thrive Suite. It focusses heavily on Conversion optimization, and features multiple editable templates, advanced targeting options, A/B testing, smart links and smart exit, among others. We take a deep dive in our Convertbox vs Thrive Leads piece.