The Best Kajabi Alternatives & Competitors Worth Trying (2023 Guide)

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The Best Kajabi Alternatives & Competitors Worth Trying (2023 Guide)

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Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on May 5, 2023

Kajabi is one of the top platforms available today for creating and selling online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, membership sites, and more. But did you know there are many great Kajabi alternatives out there that can potentially save you money or maybe even better fit your particular needs?

While Kartra is great, the truth is there’s no platform out there that’s truly the best fit for everyone. Maybe Kartra exceeds your budget, or maybe it’s missing a certain feature you need for your unique situation. Or maybe you just don’t like how Kartra works for one reason or another.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to Kartra competitors and alternatives.

We will see how each of the competitors stack up against Kajabi, including their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision.

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What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform and online course platform that gives you access to all the tools needed to run a successful online content empire. 

Whether you’re an experienced instructor or just starting, Kajabi offers a ton of features that range from creating courses within minutes to  tracking your students’ performance, and everything in between, 

With Kajabi, all your needs are streamlined as you can access your website, courses, products, marketing analytics, students’ performance, communication, marketing, and more through a single dashboard. 

Areas where Kajabi is Superior to Competitors

Kajabi is preferred by many online course creators because it is simple to set up and use. It’s arguably the most user friendly online course platform out there.

Here are some more areas where Kajabi is superior to its competitors.

Membership Platform

Providing content to your members regularly is a great way to keep people coming back to your site. And Kajabi makes it a breeze to handle this drip content.


It not only makes it easy to schedule content at the time of upload but also sends out notifications to members when new content is released. 

As a content creator, managing the recipient list is easy and at the same time, you can provide a personal experience that’s tailored to their needs. 

Unlimited Hosting

One of the highlights of Kajabi is its unlimited hosting. In fact, its video hosting options make it easy for users to create and upload videos quickly. 

For example, you can drag and drop the video files from your computer, link it from your Google Drive or Dropbox, or simply provide a URL where the video content is hosted, and Kajabi will automatically integrate this video to the course.

Page Design

The fast and flexible page builder makes Kajabi stand out among its competitors. 

kajabi alternatives design

As a content creator, all that you have to do is pick a theme, customize it the way you want, add your logo and company name, and publish. No technical knowledge is required to create well-designed web pages. 

Detailed Analytics

Another area where Kajabi scores over many other platforms is analytics. 

In Kajabi, you can easily segment your users, track their behavior on your platform, understand what interests them, see how they interact with your offerings, and so much more.

kajabi analytics alternatives

With such detailed information, you can use the right marketing strategies to target their specific behaviors and can alter your content or presentation for a customized experience, all of which are sure to increase your customer base. 

Now that we have seen some of the aspects where Kajabi is better than its competitors, let’s now get into a detailed comparison with a few of its competitors.

Key Competitors

There are many alternatives to Kajabi and let us explore each of them. We will also compare how these platforms fare in comparison with Kajabi.

Teachable – Best alternative for online course creation

Teachable is the best alternative to Kajabi when it comes to online course creation. In fact, Teachable comes with a few additional options for course creation and that’s because Teachable is more an online course creation platform and learning management system whereas Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for content generation.

For example, in Teachable’s online course platform, you can enforce that students must listen to a lecture, watch a video, or take up a quiz. But with Kajabi, you can only lock a specific category until the previous lecture or lesson is completed.

kajabi_lock content

Likewise, Kajabi doesn’t support inbuilt certificate generation whereas Teachable has many certificate templates to choose from in their learning management system.

teachable certificates

Let’s briefly compare the two to see which is better in which areas (you can also check out our full Kajabi vs Teachable guide).




Course Compliance




Kajabi is an all-in-one place that offers everything, so you don’t have to worry about integration with other tools.

In Teachable, you may have to integrate with third-party apps for certain features.

Themes and customization

Comes with 10+ themes and a lot of customization options.

Design options are highly limited, though it comes with a geeky editor.

Certificate options

No in-built certificate options

Comes with built-in options to generate certificates.


Kajabi offers animations for specific lectures

No support for animation.

Handles EU Digital Goods VAT tax



24/7 Live chat support



Podia – Budget alternative for online course creation

One of the downsides of Kajabi is that it is slightly more expensive than many other alternatives available today, even though it offers good value for every penny spent.

But for those who are starting, Podia is considered to be a budget alternative for Kajabi, as it offers two plans – a basic “mover” plan for $39 and an advanced “shaker” plan for $79. In comparison, Kajabi’s basic plan is priced at $149.

podia alternative

Besides cost, Podia is a simple platform geared to meet the needs of course creators whereas Kajabi is a full-stack solution that comes packed with many features. 

Here is a brief comparison of the two platforms as it relates to creating online courses and more for your online business.




Feature list

It comes loaded with features that are necessary for a complete online course.

It comes with a basic set of features and may need integrations with other third-party tools.

Automated emails

It allows you to have advanced automation features like sending an email after a student completes a lesson, and more.

Only has a simple email marketing solution.


Kajabi comes with an assistant that helps you to find anything and everything you want in this tool.

Podia comes with no such assistant. But its navigation is fairly simple and intuitive.

Visual builder

Kajabi has a visual builder to customize your page the way you want. You can add many kinds of elements to enhance its look and feel, and to give an overall rich end-user experience.

Podia also has many design and customization options, but are highly limited.


Kajabi is expensive and not for everyone.

Podia is affordable and can be a great place for beginners and SMBs.

Reporting and analytics

Kajabi has advanced reporting tool and analytics.

Podia lacks a well-defined reporting tool.

Limitations on products or courses

Depends on the plan.

No limitations.

Kartra – Best alternative for an all-in-one marketing platform

At the heart of it all, Kartra is a marketing platform on which you can sell anything while Kajabi is an all-in-one course creation platform that supports marketing funnels, automation, and other marketing features for an online business.

Hence, Kartra can be used for selling physical and digital products as it is a marketing platform whereas Kajabi is an online course creation platform that comes with many powerful marketing tools.




Marketing Tools

Comprehensive enough to sell different online courses.

Extremely extensive and comes with powerful automation and email marketing features.

Video Marketing Tools



Customer support

Live 24/7 chat.

Basic email and chat support.


Kajabi has a simple and clean UI. Setting up all that you want is super simple.

Extremely complex setup process as there are too many configuration steps for each tool.

Course Builder

Comes with an easy drag and drop feature to move content to your courses. You can also link directly from cloud storage.

Not that intuitive and it can take some time to understand.

Mobile App



Builderall – Budget alternative for an all-in-one marketing platform

Builderall, as the name suggests, is an online marketing platform that makes it possible for you to sell anything and everything. It is geared mostly for beginners to intermediate sellers who are just starting.

In comparison, Kajabi is a platform for creating and selling online courses. It comes with an exhaustive list of top-notch tools that make content creation a simple, yet effective business idea. 

That’s the key difference between the two platforms. Besides that, there is also a variation in pricing. Builderall starts as low as $19/month while Kajabi pricing basic plan starts at $149/month. 

Here’s a sneak peek into the key feature differences.




Focus Areas

Online courses and membership-based content.

Any online product that includes both physical and digital products.


Expensive as the basic plan starts at $149/month.

Very cheap as it starts at $19/month.


Advanced users who want to create top-of-the-line content.

Beginner to intermediate users who need a marketing platform to sell their products.

Available tools

It has many tools that integrate well with each other and on the same platform to give a streamlined user experience.

Though there are about 30+ tools, the user experience among them is fairly inconsistent.

Landing Pages

Opens the possibility to create the best landing pages using the existing templates. No coding knowledge is required.

There are many pre-built templates for landing pages, but the customization options are limited.

Website Builder

Comes with an intuitive website builder that makes it easy to create visually appealing web pages.

Comes with a drag and drop builder that helps to create web pages, but it could be basic.

Sales Funnel

For advanced users with an existing business and requires complex sales funnels.

For the more basic users who need simple sales funnels.

Clickfunnels – Best alternative for sales funnels

A key difference between the two platforms is that Kajabi is a comprehensive platform that allows you to create online courses whereas Clickfunnels is more geared for creating sales funnel automation to bring more visibility and sales for your business.

So, Clickfunnels works for people selling any product whereas Kajabi is geared for those selling online courses. 

clickfunnels alternative to kajabi

Below is a bird’s eye view of the differences between the two platforms. You can also check out our Kajabi vs Clickfunnels guide.




Intended Users

Anyone who wants to sell digital content including courses and drip content.

Anyone looking for a marketing platform to sell their products and services.

A/B Split Testing



Customer Support

24/7 chat support.

Email support only.

Design Themes and Customization

Since Kajabi is geared for building and selling courses, it has 10+ themes and many customization options.

Though Clickfunnels has pre-built templates, they are limited and extensive customization is not possible.

Engagement Tools

Powerful tools for building and engaging audiences.

No such tools.

Creating Sales Funnels

One of the features in the marketing bundle.

A central functionality of Clickfunnels.

Mobile App



Thinkific – Best alternative for Quizzes and Assessments

Thinkific and Kajabi are similar in many aspects, though Kajabi tends to be a lot more comprehensive whereas Thinkific is focused only on providing the “core” features that are a must-have for any course.

The best example is quizzes and assignments, both of which are simple to create and host on Thinkific. Kajabi, on the other hand, provides only limited support for such evaluations.


Here is a quick look at some of the other differences between Kajabi vs Thinkific.




Course Creation

Offers 10+ well-designed themes and tons of customization options.

Comes with some well-thought themes, but not as extensive as Kajabi.

Course Compliance

Highly limited.

Makes it easy to enforce course compliance.


Though assessment options are available, it tends to be limited. Many times, integration with third-party apps may be needed.

Extensive, as it is easy to set up quizzes and assignments, and track the progress of students.

Bulk Courses

Yes, but could require more effort than Thinkific.

Makes it easy to sell bulk courses and manage students on it.

Marketing Tools

Comes with advanced marketing automation and sales funnel builders for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Has many marketing tools, but not as extensive as Kajabi.

Blogs and Communities



Mobile App



Final Thoughts On Kajabi Alternatives

To conclude, Kajabi is a powerful all-in-one platform that offers everything you need to build and sell online courses.

It comes with well-built templates for building landing pages, an intuitive dashboard for staying on top of your activities, helpful reporting and analytics, an advanced sales funnel, and extensive marketing automation tools

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