Kartra Pricing and Feature Overview 2022: Which Plan is Best?

Kartra Pricing and Feature Overview 2022


Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on May 26, 2022 by Hanah Alexander

Trying to figure out the best Kartra pricing plan for your business? Our analysis below breaks down the benefits of each plan and will show you what pricing tier matches your business size.

Kartra is one of the most highly acclaimed all-in-one tools for managing and growing an online business. It offers just about everything you need to market your business and build a sales funnel, including tools for email marketing, landing pages, checkouts, forms, membership management, and more.

Of course, there are a few different Kartra plans you can choose from as a user, and the right plan can vary greatly depending on the size of your business, your budget, and your goals.

With that in mind, check out our in-depth, side-by-side comparison of Kartra pricing and plans below.

If you’re in a rush, you can check out our Kartra pricing plans section below or sign up for a $1 trial period here.

Kartra Pricing



Per month

($79/mo when billed annually saving $240 a year)



Per month

($149/mo when billed annually saving $600 a year)



Per month

($249/mo when billed annually saving $840 a year)



Per month

($379/mo when billed annually saving $1440 a year)

Kartra Starter Plan at $99 a month ($79 per month if billed annually)

With a limit of 2,500 contacts and 15,000 emails, this Karta plan is designed for small businesses beginning to build email marketing lists. This will suit those of you starting off but don’t be surprised if you are soon considering the Silver plan.

15,000 emails are not actually that much a month once you have a few automated campaigns in place and your list starts to grow.

You are restricted to one custom domain with the Kartra Starter plan. This should be enough as focus ought to be concentrated on one website in the early days.

For those of you asking, ‘Can I get Kartra for free?’, there is no free offering at this time. The Kartra Starter plan is the cheapest option. 

Using our links on desktop/laptop, you can also currently upgrade to a Kartra 30 day $1 trial. To do this, click the button link below, and follow the instructions to get this limited offer.

kartra trial click here

To go directly to Kartra, click the link here and click ‘Start Your Trial’ on the Kartra homepage. On the subsequent pricing page, hover your mouse over the back-up arrow a few times and an exit pop-up (screenshot below) will appear. This will allow you to trial Kartra for 30 days at $1.

This is a limited time offer available on desktop/laptop sign-up only and subject to change. You cannot get this 30-day trial if using mobile or tablet to sign up so please use your desktop/laptop. 


double kartra trial 30 day

Payment can be made with all major credit cards including Mastercard, VISA, and American Express. Here’s a screenshot from the payment page below.

Kartra Payment Page

Other Restrictions



You can sell a maximum 20 products on Kartra’s Commerce platform. In my experience, a new online business with small email lists are not typically promoting more than a few products at one time. The exception would be physical product based companies. If that’s you, step up to the next tier.


Bandwidth per month

Think of this as the capacity of your website like the capacity of a football stadium. In your websites case, the more images and videos hosted uploaded and downloaded on your website, the more capacity is taken up. 

The Kartra Starter Plan provides 50GB in bandwidth while a typical 20 minute HD Youtube video hosting takes up between 400-500MB.

More straight forward short videos will take up much less space. As a result, 50GB should be enough if you are starting off but it’s hard to assess exactly. For instance, you may use a number of long interactive webinars in your funnels which take up significant space. 

I would advise using a video compressor like Handbrake and regularly reviewing hosted to files to remove unwanted data.

Kartra Silver Plan at $199 a month

As of May 2022, the Silver Package is charged at $199. You can reduce this to $149 a month if you pay an annual instalment instead of monthly payments (25% reduction). There’s a significant jump in terms of contacts at 12,500 and emails become unlimited. You were previously limited to 125,000 emails with the Silver Plan but Kartra improved this offering in May 2020.

The jump in bandwidth to 125GB is needed to coincide with these increases and this plan also opens you up to using three websites with Kartra’s software and the benefit of unlimited pages.

Every other feature for this plan is also unlimited at this tier. That 100 dollar jump from the Starter Plan packs a lot of value for those of you looking to step up.

At the Silver Plan level, you are also offered the Kartra Agency feature as a free bonus. This allows you to run your agency portfolio and client accounts from a central master console. 

Gold Plan at $299 a month and other plans

The rest of the pricing plans are pretty self-explanatory – the bigger your contact list the more Kartra will charge you at the Platinum and Diamond plan levels. Essentially domains and bandwidth are offshoots of a larger list.

Can You Cancel or Change Kartra Plan At Anytime?

Yes, Kartra’s billing portal allows you to cancel your plan or upgrade/downgrade plan levels whenever you want with no restrictions.

For an in-depth look at all the Kartra features, check out our Kartra Review page.

Kartra Pricing Summary

How much does Kartra cost monthly? To wrap up here are your Kartra plan options again:

  • Kartra Starter plan is $99 per month.
  • Kartra Silver plan is $199 per month.
  • Kartra Gold plan is $299 per month.
  • Kartra Platinum plan is $499 per month.
  • Kartra Enterprise plan: please contact support. 

How Does Kartra Pricing Compare?

Want to see how Kartra pricing compares to other platforms? See these guides:



 Video Synopsis


A quick overview of the pricing plans as outlined in the article.

Still Not Sure Which Way To Go, Get Some More Clarity on Kartra Memberships By Leaving Your Questions Below.

43 thoughts on “Kartra Pricing and Feature Overview 2022: Which Plan is Best?

  1. Mike Klingler Reply

    Kartra requires a person to opt into their lead form to see pricing. Thanks for putting this together. Very well organized.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      No worries, let me know if there are other software products where you are struggling to find pricing info on. Al.

  2. Darren Chabluk Reply

    Very interesting offers. I’m with one of your competitors but keeping my eye open as I am thinking about building my next funnel on a different platform.

      • Wendell Reply

        Is Kartra better than clickfunnels or does webinarjam just work better with kartra than with clickfunnels?

        • Today Testing Team Reply

          Kartra is an all in one marketing software system while Clickfunnels is mainly focused on sales funnels. Kartra release software updates very often which shows they are product-focused while Clickfunnels put more effort into marketing their products. If you are looking to build a business online from the ground up, go for Kartra. Use Clickfunnels if you are solely focused on funnel building.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Thanks, do let us know what platforms you are interested in signing up for if any. We have arranged some bonuses to complement a number of the main marketing software platforms to help get you started.

  3. Divyesh Shah Reply

    Hello TodayTesting, you have written such a great article explaining everything about it in detail. Really appreciate your efforts keep up the good work.

    https://www.ewcart.io/ well I do suggest you to add this website details as well.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Yes Michelle you can. I have now added payment info to the article.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi Jake, Clickfunnels is mainly a sales funnel software provider while Kartra is more of an all-in-one business platform. For example, Clickfunnels doesn’t allow you to host videos so that makes membership sites a big issue. You would have to use an external provider like Vimeo which isn’t ideal. Kartra has all these features available on its platform in contrast.If you are looking for an overall online platform to manage all aspects go with Kartra. Clickfunnels might have some interesting sales funnels but I think Kartra has caught up with them here too.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi Martina,

      Kartra does not directly integrate with Stealth Seminars right now. You may be able to use Kartra to handle your auto-responder needs and possibly set up access to your webinars through creating a product.
      For webinars, Kartra integrates with EverWebinar and WebinarJam. For step-by-step instructions to integrate Kartra with WebinarJam, use their Knowledgebase article:https://help.genesisdigital.co/275406-Integrating-Kartra-With-WebinarJam

  4. lea Reply

    Hello thank you for those informations
    Do you know if we can integrate kartra to contact form 7 on wordpress?
    I want to know if we can capture leads also on contact form 7
    Thanks a lot

  5. David Reply

    Hi There,
    I cannot see the pop-up window for the 30 days, is this offer still in place?
    Please let me know as I’m quite eager to test it for a month.


    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi David,

      THe 30 day free trial is still in place. I sent you an email there to clarify process.

  6. John C H Perry Reply

    Hi there,
    if I sign up with the ‘Starter’ option, which comes with 1 Custom Domain, am I able to get an additional Custom Domains and if so do you know the cost?

    Thanks John

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi John, to get additional domains you will have to upgrade to the next plan, ‘the Silver Plan’ which gives you 3 custom domains. Obviously you will be paying the higher price for this.

      • Today Testing Team Reply

        Sorry John, i have some additional info on getting extra domains which i think ould help you. There is an overage fee of $10 monthly per domain. You can read more about overages here: https://home.kartra.com/billing

        While you can freely customize your sender information within each broadcast and sequence email settings. you are only allowed one sender alias for automated notifications such as invoices, membership emails, calendar subscriptions, etc.

  7. John Reply

    Hi there testing team,

    if I begin with the, ‘Starter’ plan but want an ‘Additional Domain,’ how much is each additional domain?
    And, does each additional domain allow me to have a separate email address that enables:
    +sending and receiving in Kartra Mail, +building Funnels & Campaigns, +creating Memberships, and +tracking Affliates?

    Hoping my question is clear.

    Thank you in anticipation,

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi John,
      To get additional domains you will have to upgrade to the next plan on the tier. The Silver Plan will be an extra $100 a month to get an extra 2 domains along with the other feature increases at this higher tier. Yes, you can have a different email address and kartra mail set up with different domains.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi Andrew,

      Thinkific currently don’t offer direct integration with Kartra. However, you could just direct or link your Kartra funnel or landing page to your Thinkific site. Thinkific has free landing pages with Site Builder, and you could link to them, or the checkout page directly.

  8. Christine Reply


    ich habe 2 Fragen:
    1. Kann ich mir in Kartra auch eine Website anlegen?
    2. Wie umfangreich ist der Mitgliederbereich?

    Danke und Grüße

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Entschuldigung, ich glaube, ich habe Ihre Frage oben beantwortet. hoffentlich verstehst du!

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hallo, entschuldigung für mein gebrochenes Deutsch:

      1. Ja, Sie können Websites erstellen. 2. Mitgliedschaftswebsites können so groß sein, wie Sie es benötigen.

  9. Joanne Simon Reply

    Hi, thanks for the review. I have a joomla site and want to use Kartra for my membership modules. Can you see any problems with my main joomla site and the membership sub-domain having links in the headers to toggle from one to the other in a relatively seamless way? I presume the theme colors and formatting might be different.

    Also, could the Kartra marketing and SEO (etc) functionality be used for the Joomla site or just the sub-domain.

    Thanks very much

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi Joanne,

      I have responded to your queries in email as there are a few questions to answer.

      Best wishes,


  10. Lynda Sunshine West Reply

    I’m looking at Dubsado and Kartra for my business. Dubsado seems to have more features than Kartra. But a friend of mine is using Kartra and swears by it. I’d love your comparison of the two…..

    Here’s what Dubsado has:

    Client Management
    Manage your clients and create projects to keep everything in one place.

    Contracts & Forms (I currently use JotForm for forms and it looks like Dubsado will replace it)
    Create forms and contracts custom branded to your business.

    Get more done in less time with automated workflows.

    Get Paid
    Send invoices easily and use payment schedules to keep your clients on track.

    Scheduling (I currently use Calendly and it sounds like this will replace that)
    Book appointments without the back and forth.

    Accounting & Reporting
    Stay up-to-date on your finances and track lead generation metrics.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      I don’t have much experience with Dubsado but the real question is what are your goals for the software? These two software platforms are not very similar from my review so it’s key that you outline what you are looking for. For example, Kartra has pre-made sales and marketing funnels and campaigns designed to capture new leads but Dubsado doesnt seem to have this feature. Kartra also has a checkout system so you can sell your product/service online, again Dubsado doesnt have this. Dubsado has scheduling software and contract creation and other features which would indicate that it is a client management system. Kartra would be more targeting to getting leads and converting them while Dubsado is more about managing them. They have very different price points also. If you confirm your objectives, i can try to help further.

  11. Zachariah Reply

    This is no longer working as far as I can tell. There is no “start trial” in the top right, and when I click on plans and pricing, and move the cursor out of the window, it offers the standard 14 day trial.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      30 day trial still in place, please see links on this page.

  12. Kim Reply

    Does Kartra offer the ability to have referral partners and affiliate links? And if so, what package does that become available?

  13. Tomas Reply

    the Leads limit on Kartra is that the total amount of contacts you can have in the account?

    Meaning if you collect more than 2500 contacts from a campaign you must have minimum silver+ (and if you go over 50’000 contacts from multiple campaigns over time that you keep you must go into enterprise?)

    Somehow the leads amounts seem to be a major bottleneck compared to other factors in the different plans.

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi Tomas,

      Yes, the leads limit is the total contacts in your account so you are limited to 2,500 with the Starter plan. You are right, the leads is the key feature that will force you to upgrade plans. I think the idea here is that business owners should hopefully be earning more than $199 from 2,500 contacts on a monthly basis to cover this.

  14. Susan Reply

    Hi there, can I ask how this compares to Kajabi – I’m a growing small business owner in the wellness industry creating video content now. What are advantages of Kartra? Thanks!

    • Today Testing Team Reply

      Hi Susan,

      Talking purely in terms of video content to start with, Kartra has a limit of 50 GB video bandwidth with their starter plan, and then it becomes unlimited at the Silver plan upwards. Therefore, You will likely need to start with the Silver plan if video content is your main business feature. Apart from that, the key differences between the two are: Kartra is a better all-in-one sales and marketing platform. It has better marketing automation capabilities and templates for sales/checkout landing pages. It is superior at ‘getting the customer in the door’ therefore. Kajabi has a more polished online course and membership function so if you want to host and design course and sell digital products, Kajabi i think could be a better fit. hope that helps. Here is a link to our kajabi review too https://todaytesting.com/kajabi-review/

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