Convertbox Pricing (2024 Limited Offer Discounted Price)

Convertbox Pricing

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Convertbox Pricing (2024) - Learn About The Lifetime Offer

Convertbox Pricing

 Published by Al Rose  Last Updated on May 3, 2024

Convertbox is a unique tool that enables you to offer personalized offers and notifications to your audience. Moreover, you can also create lead capture forms and segmentation surveys to engage your visitors. All these are sure to boost your conversion rates.


But when it comes to Convertbox pricing, this information is pretty challenging to find on their website. You have to submit your name, email, and financial details to see their special lifetime pricing, which frankly is a little annoying.

Having said that, if you’re curious to know the structure of Convertbox pricing BEFORE you give them your email, we’re here to help.

We’ll give you a deep dive on their special pricing in 2024 so you can make an informed buying decision (using our links, you can also skip through to the pricing page without providing email details). 

Let’s get into it!

Convertbox Pricing Summary

Convertbox is an engaging lead generation and lead capture platform with a special lifetime price of $495 for the Standard Plan. This means you pay once and there are no ongoing monthly or yearly fees while similar tools cost upwards of $100 per month. You can also upgrade to the Pro Plan for an additional $95 for a total price of $590.

Table of Contents

Convertbox Pricing Plans



one time payment
for lifetime access




*(Upgrade to PRO Plan by paying $95 extra on Standard Plan. Total payment of $495 +$95 = $590)

Convertbox Standard Lifetime Plan For $495 (What’s Included)

So we are completely clear about the Convertbox lifetime deal:

The Lifetime Price really means for life

There are no ongoing monthly or yearly fees for the software’s features after you pay the initial $495 Convertbox lifetime deal. Typically, software with these features cost in the range of $80 per month or $960 per year. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee with Convertbox if you change your mind.

What are the biggest differences between the Standard Plan and the Pro Plan?

It’s important to remember that you get all the main features of the software with the Standard Plan (we will go through these in a bit)

The main difference with the two plans is the increased capacity

For example, you get a maximum of 250,000 views a month with the Standard plan and this is bumped to 500,000 per month with the Pro plan (Compare this with Optinmonster’s highest tier which only gives 100,000 views each month for a $80 monthly fee. Quite a gap in service.)

You can also add Convertboxes to 10 websites with the Standard plan instead of 50 websites on the Pro Plan. This is a restriction that probably won’t impact most of you unless you have a digital agency. 

Let’s dig into the main Convertbox features and how they can help your business:

Convertbox’s survey, quiz functions and multi-step funnels can quickly segment your visitors through conditional questions and allow you to present a highly personalised message or offer.

Personalization can be ramped up further by dynamic text replacement which allows you to personally address by name or company or other key data. 

Certain offers can be presented based on their answers in these multi choice features using Convertbox’s Conditional Action and Quiz Scoring(trigger action based on user’s score in survey/quiz). The visitor is then visually shown an analyzing screen which helps project the idea of a personalized result.

The more personalized the messages, the better chance the visitor has of relating to your offer which leads to higher conversions and sales.

With the multi-step opt in forms, you can also progressively collect data from the lead over time instead of asking for everything at once which can fatigue leads easily, losing conversions. 

All these messages, offers and funnels can be A/B tested too so you can see what variation works best in real time. With split testing, you will have definitive data and lead generation statistics on what is working instead of guessing.

Mobile specific Convertboxes can also be made in the mobile editor with a few clicks.

Real time analytics allows you to track the performance of your messages and lead capture forms across your websites and online businesses. Seeing everything in one place makes it really easy to spot parts of your funnel that are driving conversions and where you are losing visitors. 

You can implement countdown timers in your messages and offers. Scarcity and urgency for offers is proven to help visitors take action. This push to purchase can be very persuasive and can really help conversions as it taps into people’s psyche, specifically our fear of missing out. 

Visitor data can easily be captured using the customizable opt in form fields which smoothly integrates with external email marketing platforms like Active Campaign, Mailchimp or webhooks and many more. These platforms can be synced in minutes which means the data will automatically be sent to your marketing platform without any added work from you. 

The Convertbox lifetime plan has no branding, it’s totally white labelled so you fully personalize the appearance.

Conveniently, you don’t need to know a line of code to install these features. It’s just drag and drop your preferred features to where you want them, very quick and easy for non tech business owners. 

Convertbox Survey Template
Convertbox Form Triggers
Convertbox Form Triggers

Convertbox Pro Lifetime Plan For An Extra $95 (What’s Included)

For an additional $95 on top of the Standard plan’s price ($590 in total), you get 500,000 Convertbox views per month with the Pro Lifetime deal (as a competitor comparison, OptinMonster highest priced tier at $50 per month only allows 100,000 pageviews.)

That’s double the maximum views you get with the Standard Plan (250,000). That upgrade alone is worth an extra $95 as its 500,000 monthly views locked in for life.

Instead of 10 sites, you can apply Convertbox to 50 websites. An upgrade that will mainly suit digital agencies with a big client base.

5 sub users can login with the Pro account instead of 1 login.

Really useful if you want your employees to make edits but it won’t give them full access to add websites or integrations.Full access remains with the main account holder.

Convertbox Steps Breakdown
Convertbox Multi-Step Breakdown
Convertbox Reporting
Convertbox Reporting

Convertbox Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Convertbox Standard and Pro Plans Always Be a One-Time Lifetime Fee?

No, Convertbox plans to end this lifetime pricing deal in 2024 at some point. They will ditch the lifetime deal and change to a standard monthly or yearly recurring billing structure in the region of $75 per month for the Standard plan and $150 per month for the Convertbox Pro plan.

Am I Entitled To Product Updates and Customer Support If I Get The Lifetime Convertbox Deal?

Yes, any updates to Convertbox and its features will apply to your lifetime deal account regardless of whether it’s next week or 5 years from now. Convertbox has added upwards of 100 updates since opening for early access. A Customer Support team will also be available for questions at all times to Lifetime users.

Does Convertbox Work On Any Website?

Yes, Convertbox can be easily installed on any HTML website, WordPress websites, and the full range of landing page builders. You can learn more in our Convertbox review.

Will I Be Charged More Fees After Buying The Lifetime Account?

No, Convertbox will not charge any other fees once you buy the Lifetime account. The email marketing platforms you integrate with will charge fees though unless you use a free plan. 

Thrivecart GDPR Compliance
Thrivecart GDPR Compliance
Thrivecart Zapier Integration
Thrivecart Zapier Integration

Cost Summary

How much does Convertbox cost?

A quick rundown of the Convertbox lifetime price options:

  • Standard plan at $495 (Convertbox lifetime deal price)
  • Pro plan for an additional $95 (total of $590)

 Video Synopsis


A quick rundown of the pricing plans as noted in the guide.

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