Everwebinar Review: In-Depth Look at the Platform (2023)

Everwebinar review

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Everwebinar Review: In-Depth Look at the Platform (2023)

Everwebinar review

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

When it comes to hosting automated webinars, EverWebinar is one of the most popular platforms out there. And as you’ll see in our EverWebinar review, there’s a lot to like about this automated webinar software.

Webinars have one of the highest conversion rates in the digital marketing world, provided you’re able to leverage the interest of your audience with stellar content and a good webinar hosting platform like EverWebinar.

That’s why we present to you the updated review of EverWebinar that includes a rundown of its latest features and current pricing (something that you’re unlikely to find in the older ones).

But before we jump in, note that you can enjoy a 30-day trial for just $1 when you sign up now through our links.

This 30-day timeframe is exclusive to Today Testing and is not available through other websites who can only offer the standard 14 day trial.

Read on for our full EverWebinar review. 

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What Is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is an automated webinar hosting platform that comes with many advanced features to engage your audience and to increase your overall brand image and conversion rate.

Its ease of use, advanced analytics, and customization choices have made it a popular choice for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses the world over.

To better understand how this tool can get you closer to your business goals, here’s a look at some of the features that can come in handy for your digital marketing goals.

Automated vs Live Webinar

Webinars can be live or automated, and each comes with its pros and cons.

EverWebinar is an automated or evergreen webinar tool that gives your audience the flexibility to watch your webinar at any time, depending on their timezone and convenience.

So, more people are likely to watch an automated webinar as its always available, thereby increasing your Return on Investment (ROI).

Also, you can reuse the same webinar to reach out to more audiences and this also adds to the ROI on the time, effort, and money spent in making the webinar.

To add to it, EverWebinar comes with many features such as dynamic attendance that gives your audience a feeling that they are attending a live webinar, so the dropout rates will go down.

Further, EverWebinar allows your webinar attendees to interact with you as they watch, as the questions they ask are automatically emailed to you.

All these features help EverWebinar to give you the benefits of a live webinar even though it’s fully automated and on demand.

How Good Is Everwebinar’s Tech?

EverWebinar’s tech and the overall platform are reliable and consistent, so you don’t have to worry about dropped calls, poor video quality, and other tech-related problems that come with hosting webinars. 

Also, such an advanced platform ensures that your audience gets the experience they seek, thereby boosting your brand image and making them come back for more.

In particular, the webinar is streamed in high definition at 30 FPS with high-quality audio and video to give an excellent user experience.


Also, no downloads and installations are required as your audience can enjoy the webinar right from their browsers, so the possibility for more people to join in is high. It works well on mobile devices as well, and is compatible with a wide range of modern browsers and operating systems.

Finally, as the producer/presenter of a webinar, you can rest assured that there will be no interruptions, thanks to the panic room feature that will seamlessly move your audience to a new webinar room in case of any technical glitch. And your audience won’t even know about it.

Live Webinar Simulation And Customer Engagement

Though EverWebinar is an automated webinar software, it gives the feel of a live webinar for your audience.

The dynamic attendee features make every person in the webinar feel that he/she is attending it with hundreds of other people, so the chances for your audience to drop out is less.

Similarly, the live chat simulator makes it convenient for your audience to send questions to you while the webinar is being played. These questions are emailed to you and your response for the same is sent back to them, so you can engage them throughout the webinar, and in the process increase your conversion rate.

EverWebinar allows you to add offers and popups at any time and clicking on them will not impact the webinar in any way.

All these features ensure that you can engage with your audience throughout to boost the conversion rates and to reduce the dropout rates.

Flexible Scheduling

EverWebinar offers flexible scheduling, so you can select any time and date in the calendar to broadcast your webinar. You can even set up recurring dates and times to reach out to more audiences around the world, so people have the option to choose the slot that works best for them.

This translates to a good response and more people are likely to join your evergreen webinars.

It also has just-in-time webinars where someone can register and watch your webinar right away without waiting. Also, they can join in an ongoing webinar at any time, so there’s no waiting time at all.

This greatly increases the number of people to view your evergreen webinar.

Analytics Feature

EverWebinar offers stats in real-time, so you can know the performance of your webinar at any time.

You will get advanced information such as the registration and show-up rates, drop-out rates, the point at which your audience drops off, and more to understand how well your webinar is performing and where you can make improvements.


Metrics such as dollar per registrant and dollar per attendee help you to understand your ROI while user-rating and revenue will help to gauge your performance and the resultant outcome.

Landing Page Conversions And A/B Testing

A/B and split testing helps you to maximize conversions and make the most of the money you spend on advertising.

With EverWebinar, you can do a split testing on your landing page to know which parts of the page convert for which traffic sources, and accordingly, you can improve your page to improve the conversion rate.

This feature can come in handy for ad campaigns and affiliate programs as you’ll have better control over your conversion metrics.

Customer Reach

EverWebinar comes with many convenient features that make it easy to reach out to customers around the world. Its just-in-time webinars and flexible scheduling are a case in point.

Also, you can host up to 5,000 people in the same webinar. Add this to the fact that you can reuse the same webinar many times, and you’ll see the huge ROI on the time and money you spend in making each webinar.

Further, you can interact with them throughout the webinar helps you to better understand your customers’ needs, so you can tailor your future content and products to meet their preferences.

Integration With Other Software

EverWebinar integrates well with other software, so you can extend its functionality based on your business needs. In particular, it works well with many CRMs and email autoresponder tools.

As a result, you can have more granularity and control over your overall business operations. You can even craft marketing messages based on your customers’ needs and preferences.

Email Marketing/SMS Features

Since EverWebinar integrates well with email and autoresponder tools, you can send reminder emails for those customers who had registered earlier to remind them of the event, so the attendance rate will be high.


Likewise, you can send follow-up emails to the participants after the event to boost interactions and can even use this opportunity to inform them of future webinars or offers that are currently available. All these can boost customer engagement and can help you to establish a long-term relationship with your customers.

Ease Of Use For Host And User

EverWebinar is simple to use and comes with an intuitive interface for both you and your users. No prior training or technical knowledge is required to set up or use this tool, and this saves time and effort for you.


And of course, it makes it convenient for more people to join your webinars, so your viewership and conversion rates can go up.

Customer Support

EverWebinar has robust customer support to help with any issues that you may have. There are training videos and kits that you can use, especially if you’re exploring it for the first time.

The website has an extensive list of FAQs that can give answers to most questions. If you still have more questions, you can reach out to the support team directly, or create a ticket on the helpdesk, depending on your urgency and the nature of the issue.

Its support efforts are backed by a vibrant Facebook community where you’re likely to find answers to all possible questions from fellow users like you.

All this means you can host webinars comfortably knowing that help is readily available at all times.


EverWebinar pricing offers three plans and they are:

  • Annual plan – $499 yearly
  • Biennial plan – $874 for two years

Pros And Cons Of EverWebinar

Here’s a brief look at the pros and cons of EverWebinar


  • Usability – EverWebinar’s interface is intuitive and simple to use. Also, you have the option to customize the landing pages/webinar registration pages, and the editorial tools are extensive and convenient to use. In all, you can create an appealing landing page and host a webinar with little effort and knowledge.
  • Feature-rich – This webinar tool comes with many convenient features such as flexible scheduling, on-demand webinars, simulated live chat box, dynamic attendee display, and more. Despite this multitude of features, the tool is overall simple to use and can boost your conversion rates. 
  • Integration – EverWebinar integrates well with many tools, so you can extend its functionality.
  • Analytics – Its detailed analytics give you a comprehensive idea of the performance of your pre-recorded webinars, your audience’s reaction to the presentation, and the overall impact in terms of conversion rate, revenue, and more. Using these analytics, you can improve your performance to achieve your business goals.


  • No live webinar – Though EverWebinar has many tools, they can only simulate a live webinar. The many advantages that a live webinar has cannot be replicated in this automated one. For example, the presenter can alter the presentation based on the reaction of the audience. Such on-the-fly changes are not possible in EverWebinar.
  • Pricing – The pricing is not cheap as it costs a minimum of about $400 a year. But given the many features that it offers, the price is justified.

Is EverWebinar Worth It?

Yes, EverWebinar is 100% worth the cost because it allows you to reach out to audiences located in any part of the world, as they can pick a convenient time to attend your webinars.

The ease of use, availability of advanced tools for customizing the landing pages, and features to simulate a live webinar help you increase conversion rates, connect with your customers, and improve your brand image, without spending a lot of time and money in the process.

To see the benefits, consider signing up for the 30-day trial as it costs only $1.

Alternatives To EverWebinar

If you’d like to consider other similar webinar platforms, here are some alternatives to EverWebinar.

  • Webinarjam is the best alternative for live webinars. It is a sister product of EverWebinar (EverWebinar is a great WebinarJam alternative if you’re hosting automated events) and many digital marketers prefer to switch between the two platforms to get the best of both worlds.
  • StealthSeminar is a platform that can support many types of webinars including live, automated, and hybrid. But it can be a more expensive choice. Our Everwebinar vs Stealth Seminar guide has more info.
  • EasyWebinar is another platform that allows you to host both live and automated webinars. But its customization is limited and there are no advanced features such as split testing.
  • Livestorm is a tool that can host meetings and webinars, but it offers no support for paid webinars and the customization choices are few too. 
  • WebinarNinja is a good budget option for small audiences, but it comes with too few features for the money you pay.

Given these aspects, EverWebinar can give the best value for your money as it comes with a ton of features to reach to a wide audience, give them a live webinar experience, and create a connect with them to achieve your business goals.

Have any questions about our EverWebinar review? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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