Kajabi Vs Ontraport 2023 Side-by-Side Comparison

Kajabi vs Ontraport

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Kajabi Vs Ontraport 2023 Side-by-Side Comparison

Kajabi vs Ontraport

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on May 5, 2023

Today, we have another face-off between all-in-one platforms that allow you to market your content online. Our two contestants, Kajabi and Ontraport, will be examined on the basis of automation, marketing, testing, support, and ease of use.

Kajabi allows entrepreneurs to sell their creations online. You can upload an online course here to turn it into a digital product, use email marketing campaigns, and put it up for sale.

Using Ontraport is also a way to connect your content with consumers. Functions like analytics, ecommerce, and memberships are readily available.

Both Kajabi and Ontraport provide a free 14-day trial for potential customers.

For a short period ending soon in 2023, we have secured a special deal to extend Kajabi’s free trial from 14 days to 30 days for our readers. If you are interested in this special offer, click here for registration details

Read on for our full Kajabi vs Ontraport comparison of these two business marketing tools.

Table of Contents

Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Marketing Automation


With Kajabi, you can automate pipelines which redirect consumers from landing to sale pages and create email campaigns that can be specified to a particular audience for selling your online courses and other digital products.

You can send any upcoming event details, forms, the latest offers, and any message for consumers. Every step is fully customizable, and processes are streamlined once set up.

A fully personalized pipeline is one example. You can set a sign-up page, a 2-day email chain, a special promotion page, and a checkout page.

You design these according to your own brand preferences, and consumers will move through each step automatically.

kajabi marketing automation


With Ontraport, you can create campaigns specific to your needs. They can be for any stage of consumers: bringing them onto the platform, purchases and delivery of your product, and creating referrals.

All of this is done using a campaign map, whether you make your own or use a template, and set in features like triggers, actions, and filters.

Filters are used to send consumers to alternate paths inside your campaign. You can use the Go To element to redirect consumers from one section to the other.

You can use a Fork element to send customers on two simultaneous but separate paths. You can even use the Condition element to separate pathways according to requirements.

ontraport marketing automation


While Ontraport’s flow-chart like campaign builders are interactive, Kajabi offers a greater range of features in their marketing automation, as compared to only campaigns. Kajabi’s pipeline feature takes the win here.

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Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Membership Site


Kajabi gives the option of creating your own membership site, which is basically an online community that can access any content you upload, for a set fee.

Your membership site can be integrated with digital products, which can include online courses, books, videos, and even blogs.

You should go for this if you plan to continuously upload content as you need to keep members engaged, as well as receive value for their investment.

To create your site and customize it, the Kajabi Assistant can guide you through every step. You can even set membership tiers on your site. High paying members that have full access, to low level ones that only receive selected content.

Check out these Kajabi website examples to see what’s possible for creating membership sites and other types of websites.

kajabi membership


Ontraport also offers the feature of creating membership sites. You can build your site from scratch or use and alter an existing template.

They have an element of membership levels. Depending on the level a consumer opts for, they can receive content that frequently. A point to note, however, is that you require WordPress to access this feature as Ontraport only allows you to upload your online course there.

This will require a further investment of time into learning new plug-ins.    

ontraport membership


Kajabi easily stands out here as you can create membership sites using their platform, as compared to Ontraport where WordPress, a third-party, is a requirement.

Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Landing Pages


Kajabi lets you create a landing page to attract potential customers. Landing pages are basically your homepages to attract people enough so that they sign-up.

You can put up special offers, announce a new product, target specific crowds with discounts, and greet people who view your page. Kajabi provides interactive templates that can be customized with videos, a call to action, or even pricing.

k-landing page


To receive attention towards your business, Ontraport has a library of landing page templates that allow you to develop a responsive front page.

You can customize background color schemes, your headline, the font and size, and any buttons you require. You can even create in-built forms that pop up to capture interest and make an order.

ontraport landing pages


For this, I cannot choose one over the other. Both Kajabi and Ontraport have a range of appealing templates for their landing pages, and both can be transformed according to your preferences.

Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Email Marketing


Through Kajabi’s email marketing tools, you can create a link with consumers and send promotions to increase sales. Your brand can leave a lasting impression and increase loyalty.

You can send separate emails to specific segments, and even measure who clicked on your offers.

Automated responses can also be sent based on a person’s actions. This creates an interaction. A feature to note here is broadcasts.

You can also broadcast to your contacts and send them a call to action, photographs, or even emojis for a personalized email.


Ontraport has design templates for their emails as well. Videos and images can be added to attract an audience. There is the option of personalized email marketing for different target markets.

An autoresponder system for reconnecting with previous contacts. Plus, a tracking system to analyze conversions.

ontraport email marketing


If you are a beginner, Kajabi is more user-friendly. Ontraport, with their added analytical features, would be complicated to use unless you are experienced and have a substantially larger contact list.

Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Affiliate Marketing


Kajabi’s affiliate program allows you to reach a wider audience. If there is a particular group you want to target, you can do it through affiliates who will do marketing for you.

You can share a link with your users which can be for an offer or sales page, and if a purchase is made within 30 days using that link, your user receives a cut of the sale.

You can track conversions made by your affiliates, broadcast announcements to them, and export a summary of all transactions.


Ontraport’s affiliate program allows you to build partner relationships where others can sell your content and receive a commission.

You can provide your partners with banner ads and trackable links for effectual advertising.

You can also create a partner center where you can keep track of the sales each affiliate is making.


Although both Kajabi and Ontraport have extensively thought-out programs, Kajabi takes the lead here in terms of attention to detail with tracking and payments.

Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Analytics


Kajabi contains an analytics dashboard which tracks the progress you have made.

You can view your: net revenue, which is how much money you have earned, subscription metrics that tell revenue per user, page views, offers sold, affiliates, and opt-ins that track submissions to forms.

With this, you can identify problem areas in your business.

Kajabi also offers A/B testing where slightly altered versions of the same advertisement are put up to see which garners more attention.

If you try this feature out for a webpage, you can test out different fonts, videos, and offers. The results will be measured in the form of which webpage received more clicks and purchased an offer.


Ontraport gives the option of generating extensive tracking information about the success of your campaigns. You can check page visits, which landing pages and emails consumers are engaging with most, referrals, and how consumers are affecting your bottom-line.

Ontraport also lets you filter out reports by specific dates or events, and using variable data, you can see which sources are the most profitable.

Split-testing can also be done to compare separate campaign features. If you do this with email campaigns, you can vary one particular feature such as the subject, any pictures, or even the call to action button.

You can send different versions to separate groups and see which format provides the most engagement.

ontraport analytics


With analytics, Ontraport has a slight edge since they offer more features such as filtering. While these may be a little technical for beginners, an experienced user would benefit. It offers all the features of Kajabi, and more.

Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Integrations


Kajabi allows connections with third parties for three separate categories. For analytics, you can connect with Segment, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. For email, you can integrate with Aweber, Mailchimp, Drip, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign.

For miscellaneous, there are Zapier and Clickfunnels. Zapier here stands out as it will allow you to further connect with an app not listed here.


Ontraport allows a wide range of integrations with third party apps of your requirements. There are accounting, calendars, forms, mail, landing pages, ecommerce, reporting, signatures, social media, surveys, videos, and webinar selections. You do not need to start from scratch as data linking is possible.

ontraport integrations


Kartra definitely has better support and the consistency they have shown is a sign that their customer support is a priority to them. Kartra takes this round.

Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Customer Support


Kajabi has a help center that includes training webinar Q&A’s, foundation trainings, Kajabi University that helps you create content, settings for integrations and automation, website and product customization, billing, marketing, and partner programs. There is also a support chat that is available 24/7.


Ontraport has a support center that contains articles on business process, sales force and marketing automations, ecommerce, partner programs, landing pages, analytics, and membership sites.

They also have a customer support team available from 6am – 12am on Monday – Thursday, and 9am – 9pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Since Kajabi has a 24-hour support, as compared to fixed timings of Ontraport, they are of more use to consumers who could require aid at any time.

Kajabi Vs Ontraport: Ease of Use


Kajabi incorporates all the technical aspects itself and makes it simple to use for beginners. You can easily set up multiple businesses and grow them using email marketing tools, pipelines, and forms. There are no additional plug-ins required since Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. There are pre-made templates and tools for guidance.


Ontraport ceases the need for any consultants to develop your websites. You can sequence events that start from your landing page, sign-up forms, email reminders, and end with an offer page.

Integrations are very straightforward, and every aspect can be completely tailor-made. However, some of the analytical and support features may be complicated to use at the start.


Kajabi sweeps this last round as well for being much more understanding towards people who are not that technically savvy. Ontraport requires a more practiced user.

Key Differences

For Ontraport: Messaging

Along with traditional emails, Ontraport presents SMS text messages to reach contacts. These texts can include any promotions, reminders, confirmations, and any other information.

You can set-up automated responses and even add in messages to be a part of your campaign. Users can opt-in for this function and SMS messages can be easily personalized. This creates a very individual level interaction between buyers and sellers.

kajabi messages

For Ontraport: CRM

Ontraport has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Here, you can keep a detailed log of every connection and effectively systematize and segment them.

You can track every interaction and contact data can be updated with engagement, purchase history, and deal values. This will allow you to target people specifically for any new product or offering. You can create similar groups and automatically allot leads to particular campaigns.

ontraport crm


Kajabi pricing offers three distinct monthly plans. But if you buy an annual plan, you get 20% off:

Basic at $149. Discount price: $119.

Growth at $199. Discount price: $159.

Pro at $399. Discount price: $319.

Ontraport offers four monthly plans to consumers:

Basic at $79.

Plus at $147.

Pro at $297.

Enterprise at $497.  

What Platform Is Right For Your Business?

We have seen Kajabi and Ontraport with both their strengths and weaknesses. Both provide a range of customizable templates for landing pages and have strong referral programs.

Kajabi has certain advantages in fields like the ease of use for start-ups, all day customer support, clear-cut integrations, and their pipeline feature within marketing automation.

Ontraport has a more complex set of analytical features and stands out with a few aspects such as messaging, and Customer Relationship Management that Kajabi does not have.

Choose Kajabi if:

  • You want an all-in-one platform for your business.
  • You are a beginner with technical features like email marketing tools and analytics.
  • You want seamless integration with third-party apps.
  • You want 24-hour support.
  • You want a greater range of automation features.

Choose Ontraport if:

  • You want to create your websites through WordPress.
  • You want advanced tracking analytics.
  • You want SMS messaging in your campaigns.
  • You want a CRM system.
  • You want a larger number of integrations.

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