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Thrivecart Pricing

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Is Thrivecart pricing for the Lifetime plan legit? 

Is the Thrivecart lifetime plan worth it?

What can it really do for my business? In our pricing guide, we will answer these questions and other key points so you can make an informed buying decision. 

We will also show you how to take advantage of the limited-time offer from Thrivecart by securing a lifetime account and avoiding monthly fees forever

This guide has been UPDATED for 2021. Watch out as many other reviews are not talking about Thrivecart’s updated prices. One even talks about pricing from 2019. 

Lets get into it. Don’t forget to use our Table of Contents to quickly access the info you want. 

Thrivecart Pricing Summary

Thrivecart is a powerful shopping cart system with a 1-time fee of $495 for the Standard plan. Thrivecart pricing for the Pro plan has a $690 price tag for lifetime access. Other checkout platforms with these features like Samcart cost $199 per month so Thrivecart offers great value for their platform which includes sales funnels, upsells and bump sells.

Table of Contents

Thrivecart Pricing Plans



one time payment
for lifetime access




*(Upgrade to PRO Plan by paying $195 extra on Standard Plan. Total payment of $495 +$195 = $690)

Thrivecart Standard Plan For $495 (One Time Payment Lifetime Access)

Thrivecart’s special one-time fee is $495 for its Standard Plan and this means you will never be charged monthly, or yearly fees from Thrivecart again if you purchase this lifetime account.

Thrivecart has noted that they will revert to standard monthly billing (starting at $99 per month) in late 2021. Members who purchase the lifetime accounts before this will not have to pay these monthly bills as their accounts are locked in for life. 

In terms of features, Thrivecart has a drag-n-drop page builder and conversion-tested checkout page templates to get you started on the platform if you don’t have any experience building optimal checkout pages.

The checkout templates are also embeddable, meaning they can be placed inline within a page’s content or as pop up. Additionally, there are hundreds of shareable Thrivecart checkout pages available online with a quick google search. 

To get a sense comparison, we will compare feature availability with Thrivecart’s key competitor, Samcart, which has a monthly recurring billing structure.

In this case, Samcart has a drag-n-drop builder and unlimited checkout templates at all pricing levels.

All the popular payment models are covered with Thrivecart’s Standard Lifetime plan and they can be customized and combined where necessary.

These include tripwires, flexi-subscriptions, 1-click bump offers, upsells funnels, “pay what you want” (PWYW) pricing and free trials.

Thrivecart checkout templates
Thrivecart Cart Page Selection
thrivecart payment models
Thrivecart Payment Model Selection

As a comparison – Samcart does not provide bump offers, upsells or the option for multiple payment options with their Basic plan ($49 per month). You must upgrade to their $99 per month Grow plan for these features.

Thrivecart automation features at the Standard Plan level include automatic follow-ups to your users who abandon their cart and it will also systematically chase overdue subscriptions. 

Samcart only has a cart abandonment feature at their highest payment tier, the Scale Plan at $199 per month. Overdue subscriptions can be chased with their Grow Plan at $99 per month.

Thrivecart Pro Plan For $690 (One Time Payment Lifetime Access)

Thrivecart’s Pro will cost you $195 extra as an upgrade to the Standard Plan. In total, you will pay $690 for the Standard and Pro Plan ($495 + $195).

You won’t see an option to pick the Pro Thrivecart Plan on the Thrivecart Homepage. After you click on the ‘Get My Lifetime Account‘ button on the homepage, you will be brought to the Pro Upgrade page. I have left a screenshot below of how that upgrade page appears and what additional features are included in the Thrivecart Pro plan below.

What does the upgrade to the Pro Plan get you?

There are 7 upgrades in total. The key features include:

  • An affiliate center is included which allows your audience to promote your product using affiliate links in return for a commission. A team of affiliates can help provide rapid ROI as they can leverage their existing audience for targeted sales. Samcart also has an affiliate center and it is only available at the $199 per month pricing tier, the Scale Plan.
  • Thrivecart’s subscription saver functionality (Dunning) protects your subscriptions from expired or cancelled credit cards and declined payments. Thrivecart Pro Plan will automatically sends emails to your customers for you when these errors occur. Samcart have this facility and again this is only available at the Scale plan tier, $199 per month. 
  • Thrivecart’s automatic sales tax calculation ensure the correct tax is allocated to your customer order depending on their location and other factors. Samcart have this facility at every price tier including the Launch Plan at $49 per month.
Thrivecart Upgrade Page
Thrivecart Pro Upgrade Page
Thrivecart affiliate center
Thrivecart affiliate center
Thrivecart business insights
Thrivecart Business Insights
Thrivecart Sales Tax Calculation
  • Through Advanced User Management, allow your team members to manage your Thrivecart account and make changes to billings, subscriptions, create pages etc. You can add a maximum of 5 additional users with the Thrivecart Pro Plan. Samcart allows an additional 2 users with the Grow Plan and an additional 9 users with the Scale Plan.


  • Intelligent Business Projections provides real-time metrics like customer lifetime values and conversion rates so you can easily see how your business and individual products are doing. Samcart has this advanced reporting at the Grow Plan upwards ($99 per month).
  • JV (Joint Venture) contracts enable you to split the sales revenue of individual products with another person. ThriveCart can track this split revenue and generate the sales contract. Samcart do not have this feature.


  • Client Usage Rights allow you to power your client’s carts and funnels and sell their products using your own account. Client logins to your account can also be created. Samcart does not have this facility.


  • The custom domain name functionality means you won’t need to use Thrivecart’s branded domain. Instead of, you can use your own brand, Samcart makes custom domains available at every pricing tier.

Is ThriveCart Worth It? Competitor Comparison

Most of you will be asking is Thrivecart expensive when compared to their key competitors?

We have used Samcart as a comparative example throughout the article but it’s worth clarifying their cost structure again to compare against Thrivecart’s current one-time payment deal.


  • 14 day free trial period following by monthly recurring billing.
  • Launch Plan at $49 per month ($588 per year).
  • Grow Plan at $999 per month ($1,188 per year).
  • Scale Plan at $199 per month ($2,388 per year).

As mentioned, the cart abandonment trigger feature, subscriptions saving (Dunning) are only available with Samcart’s higher tier – the Scale Plan at $199 per month. 

The only Samcart plan that compares directly with Thrivecart’s features is the Scale plan at $199 per month.

How do they compare price-wise over time? 

It’s pretty damning..

1. You can pay $690 for just over 3 months use of Samcart’s Scale plan OR

2. Pay $690 for Thrivecart and get all the same features FOR LIFE

Even if you just used Thrivecart’s software for 3 years, that $690 for 1,095 days or around $.63 CENTS per day!

Samcart’s fees in the same 3 year period would be $7,164 ($199 x 3 years or 36 months)!

Thrivecart Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Standard And Pro Thrivecart Account Always Be a One-Time Fee?

No, these current discounted prices are a limited offer. Thrivecart will revert back to monthly recurring billing charging in the region of $95 per month for the standard plan and $150 per month for the Thrivecart Pro plan. You can avoid this monthly billing by locking in the current lifetime deal. 

Lifetime members will have forever access and WILL NOT be impacted by any future changes to monthly billing.

Will Lifetime Users Be Entitled To Feature Updates And New Releases?

Thrivecart Lifetime account owners will continue to benefit from feature updates and Lifetime users will get access to any new features. Thrivecart is not going to ignore its Lifetime user base once they have signed up and they will not need to pay extra to access new features.

What Software Does Thrivecart Integrate With Including Payment Processors?

Thrivecart integrates with Zapier, a global integration solution, which means Thrivecart can connect with over 3,000 apps. They also integrate with all the leading membership site software (Teachable, Kajabi), email autoresponders (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign) and notification platforms (Slack).

Regarding payment processors, Thrivecart integrates with Paypal, Stripe and Payments from Apple and Google pay are also accepted and Thrivecart is considering adding more processors in the near future. 

These integrations are available with both the Standard and Pro Lifetime Plans.

Is ThriveCart GDPR Compliant?

Yes, Thrivecart offers functionality to cover GDPR compliance such as the ability to remove customer data easily and adding checkboxes to receive customer consent to send marketing emails.

Can Physical Products Be Sold On Thrivecart?

Yes, physical products can be sold and key elements like shipping weight,price and product dimensions can be added on your checkout page. Thrivecart also integrates with fulfillment providers like Kunaki and Lulu.

Will You Be Charged Other Fees After Buying The Lifetime Account?

No, Thrivecart will not charge any other fees once you purchase the limited offer Lifetime account. Your payment processors like Stripe will continue to charge their percentage-based fees. 

Thrivecart GDPR Compliance
Thrivecart GDPR Compliance
Thrivecart Zapier Integration
Thrivecart Zapier Integration

Thrivecart Cost Summary: Yes or No?

Is it really worth it?

Let’s look at this logically…

You either pay a once-off lifetime $495 or $690 fee for the Pro plan and get a shopping cart software (including updates) FOR LIFE or you start paying a monthly fee for a rival like Samcart at the very minimum of $199 per month (the Samcart tier with similar features) which becomes more expensive than Thrivecart in less than 4 months.

Never-ending monthly fees for a competitor with very similar features or no fees ever again after the initial purchase with Thrivecart.

For solopreneurs and small business owners, Thrivecart is the simple choice. 

The only caveat I have is for digital agencies and larger ecommerce companies. Thrivecart isn’t a good fit for you as it lacks CRM features that work at scale. 

Happy converting and selling!

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    Hello. I’d be very grateful for your advice on payment plans for clients. I want to be able to provide clients with the option to pay both in full and in monthly instalments over a set period of time e.g. 12 months so just to be clear, this is not a membership situation. I had hoped to be able to do this with both Stripe and Paypal but after numerous conversations with customer service, their monthly option turns out to very onerous. I’m just looking for a seamless, stress-free way to offer both payment options to clients. Can you let me know if this is possible and then how much it would cost and some instructions or a tutorial on how to do it. Thank you so much.

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    Hi, I like the look of the thrivecart features. I have a WordPress + WooCommerce website and am looking to set up a VIP membership to my store. This would give members access to exclusive discounted pricing.

    With thrivecart, can I display the member price along side the standard price on the product page to entice people to join?

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