GoHighLevel Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get? (2024 Guide)


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GoHighLevel Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?


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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

If you’re in the game of selling courses, membership subscriptions, coaching, or any other product for that matter, HighLevel (or as some like to call it, GoHighLevel) is a Swiss Army knife for your marketing, sales, and customer management needs. Imagine having the power to automate your emails, design high-converting funnels, keep tabs on your leads, whip up landing pages, and even build out your entire website, all without breaking a sweat.

HighLevel is all about giving course creators and entrepreneurs of all stripes the tools we need to keep our audience engaged, our sales funnel flowing, and our operations smooth. And with simple, straightforward pricing of $97 or $297 a month, HighLevel’s pricing is an exceptional value for all that it includes.

In the guide below, I’ll discuss in depth the different GoHighLevel plans and which is better suited for you. This guide has been completely updated for 2024 to include all of the latest details on GoHighLevel prices, plans, features, and more, so you can be sure you’re getting all the current info to make an informed decision.

But before that, note that there’s a 14-day free trial that you can leverage to evaluate if this platform is a good fit for you.

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GoHighLevel Pricing At A Glance

Here are the broad pricing tiers of HighLevel.

GoHighLevel offers two broad plans – Agency Starter Account and Agency Unlimited Account. Let’s now see what you get in each of these plans. Note that both plans have a 14-day GoHighLevel free trial.

Agency Starter Account

The Agency Starter Account is priced at $97/month, and here’s what you get for this cost.

Build The Sales Engine

In this plan, you can create a custom sales funnel using multiple apps. For example, you can capture new leads using tools like ClickFunnels, Buffer, and Kartra. Next, you can engage with your leads and nurture them using tools such as MailChimp, Pandora, ZOHO, etc. Finally, you can use HighLevel’s built-in tools to schedule appointments, process payments, stay on top of analytics, and more. 

In this sense, HighLevel works like a tape that stitches together all the different platforms, so you can combine your preferred ones to have a custom funnel that works best for you.


From my experience, HighLevel isn’t just another tool, it’s the backbone of a seamless operation, allowing you to mix and match your favorite platforms into a funnel that fits your business like a glove. It’s about creating a system that works for you, not the other way around.

Capture New Leads

You can even capture new leads easily through the HighLevel platform itself. This plan allows you to build a complete website and landing page along with custom menus. You can create them from scratch or customize existing templates.

In these landing pages, you can also include surveys and forms for capturing leads. These are built-in elements that you can simply drag and drop to your desired locations on the landing page. I’m not a great designer by any means, but I found the landing page builder to be pretty straightforward and easy to create something that looks pretty good and converts well.

Besides forms, you can also set up calendars within the site to make it easy for potential customers to fix an appointment with you. This strategy has proven to be highly effective as you get to talk to potential customers right at the beginning, so the chances to convert them into regular customers are high.

Engage With Your Customers

One of the most important aspects of marketing is to keep your customers engaged with your business always. With this HighLevel plan, that’s easy as it comes with features to nurture your leads and to keep bringing your customers back to your products and services.

In particular, a follow-up campaign is a great option as you get to reach out to customers through email, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp messages, voicemails, and text messages to engage with them regularly.

The thing I like is you can create custom nurture sequences for different audiences, tailoring your communication to meet their specific needs and interests. This level of personalization not only boosts engagement but also significantly enhances customer loyalty. 

With HighLevel, setting up these targeted follow-up campaigns is straightforward, allowing you to automate the process while maintaining a personal touch. Whether it’s a gentle reminder, a special offer, or valuable content tailored to their preferences, you can ensure that your business stays top of mind. 

What’s truly remarkable is the versatility HighLevel offers — it empowers you to connect with your audience across multiple channels, ensuring that your message is heard loud and clear, no matter where your customers prefer to engage. I’ve found that this multi-channel approach, combined with the ability to customize nurture sequences, makes keeping your customers engaged not just a task, but a powerful strategy for growth.

HighLevel even has a mobile app for both Android and iOS, and this can also be an effective communication channel. It also integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide excellent insights into conversations.

Build A Community

This plan makes it easy to build a thriving community through its Membership Access feature. As a part of this feature, you can build full-fledged courses with videos, lesson plans, and more. There are no limits on the number of users too. 

Besides selling and marketing online courses, you can also offer drip content where your members get exclusive information periodically. How you want to use this feature depends on your business, but undoubtedly, it opens up new opportunities for additional income.

Advanced Analytics

Another important feature of HighLevel is its advanced analytics. This platform collates all information about your customers including your interactions with them, and using it, provides detailed analysis. You can even all the information through a centralized dashboard to get a snapshot of what’s going on, and can click each section to get detailed perspectives.

From my experience, being able to drill down into each section for more detailed insights has allowed me to fine-tune my strategies like never before. I could see which campaigns were resonating, where leads were dropping off, and even identify trends I would have otherwise missed. It’s this level of detail and accessibility that has made HighLevel not just a tool, but an essential part of my marketing toolkit. The ability to quickly assess and adjust based on real-time data has not only saved time but significantly improved my ROI.

Other Features

Some of the other features that you get with this HighLevel pricing plan are pipeline management and payment processing. In pipeline management, you can know how many customers are there in each stage of your sales funnel, including their individual demographics. 

Also, GoHighLevel integrates with Stripe, so you can easily collect and process payments through your website. 

In this plan, you have the option to enter your API through Twilio to enable two-way texting and can leverage Mailgun for sending unlimited emails. 

All these features make HighLevel a comprehensive platform for furthering your digital marketing efforts. You have all the tools you need in a single platform to make it easy to manage clients’ leads, set up appointments with potential customers, track their progress on your sales funnel, and more. All these features are backed by 24/7 support from a dedicated customer team.

Needless to say, these features are enough to get you started. It works well for both individual marketers as well as agencies that are looking to scale up.

Agency Unlimited Account

This plan is priced at $297/month and includes all the features that come in the Agency Starter Account plan. Besides that, you have the following features.

Unlimited Accounts

There is no limit on the number of accounts you can create with this plan. This opens up a world of opportunities as you can create sub-accounts for your clients and possibly even their end clients. Or you can use the advanced tools of HighLevel plans to further the digital marketing results of your clients.

Branded Desktop App

The other highlight is that you can have a branded desktop app as soon as you sign up for this plan. It comes out of the box and you can customize it right away to reflect your business.

These are the two significant features of the Agency Unlimited Account. Now, you may wonder if the additional $200/month is worth the features this plan offers. Well, the answer depends on your business. If you have to create sub-accounts for your clients to manage their digital marketing campaigns, this account is a good choice for you because the agency starter plan allows you to create only a single account for your use and just another one for the client location. This is the deciding factor to pick a HighLevel pricing plan.

White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade

Other than the above two plans, you also have the option for an upgrade at an additional $497/month. As a part of this upgrade, you will get a branded and customized mobile app that can be used to interact with your customers and as a sales channel for selling your products and services. 

You will also get a Zapier account through which you can integrate with thousands of apps. This Zap account will be exclusively for your brand and its subscription is included as a part of this upgrade. 

Please note that you need an Agency Unlimited Account to be eligible for this upgrade. 

Now that you know all about HighLevel pricing plans and their features, let’s now turn to some FAQs related to pricing.


How can I cancel my HighLevel plan?

There are many ways to cancel your HighLevel plan, and let’s look at each of these options.

iPhone or iPad

To cancel your GoHighLevel plan from an iPhone or iPad, follow the below instructions.

  • Go to Settings and click on Subscriptions
  • Navigate through the list, and click HighLevel.
  • Click the Cancel button at the end, and confirm your action.


Here are the steps to cancel your GoHighLevel plan on an Android phone.

  • Open the PlayStore and sign in with your credentials.
  • Open the app and look for a hamburger icon.
  • Click on it and navigate to Subscriptions
  • Look for the option called Cancel Subscription and click it. 
  • Choose a reason for cancelation.


If you paid your HighLevel subscription through PayPal, you also cancel through it.

  • Sign in to your PayPal account and click on Settings. 
  • Select Payments > Manage Automatic Payments
  • Look for the HighLevel subscription and click the Cancel button next to it.

Chat and Phone

To cancel your plan, simply call the support team at (888)-732-4197. You can also cancel your plan through the live chat feature and you will get an email to your registered email ID asking you to confirm your cancelation along with a reason for the same.


Head to GoHighLevel and log into your account. Go to your profile page and select Subscriptions. Look for the cancel option and click it. 

Thus, these are some ways to cancel your HighLevel subscription.

Are there any Training Resources to Help me get started?

Yes, HighLevel has many self-service resources and materials to learn more using this platform effectively to achieve your goals. You can head to the Facebook Community and look for answers to your questions. But before that, you’ll have to provide the email ID that was used to sign up for HighLevel and you must agree to the community’s terms and conditions.

HighLevel also has a knowledge base and YouTube channel that contains explanations to some common questions. In addition, you can attend any of the physical or virtual events hosted by HighLevel periodically.

Can I Pause my HighLevel account?

Yes, you can pause your HighLevel account at any time. There is no additional fee for pausing an account, but you can pause for a maximum of two months only. During this time, you will not have access to your account and will have to reactivate your account to start using it again. 

You can choose to extend the pause account beyond two months, but will have to notify the support team before the pause period ends. Since no alerts or email notifications are sent, your billing will restart automatically at the end of the pause period.

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes, you can upgrade your HighLevel pricing plan at any time, but you will be prorated for the upgrade. Since this is a prepaid service, you will have to pay the prorated upgrade cost at the time of the upgrade itself. To explain this, let’s assume that you are billed on the 5th of every month. In one particular month, you decide to upgrade to the Agency Unlimited account on the 15th. For this month, you will be charged under the lower-priced plan for 10 days. This amounts to $32.33. The remaining amount of $64.67 will go towards the higher plan. 

Now, the new plan is valid for 20 days, which means the cost is $198. Since you already have a credit of $64.67, you’ll only have to pay the remaining $133.33. From the following month, you will start paying $297, and your billing will be on the 5th of the following month again. 

To upgrade your account, log into your HighLevel account. If you have the Agency Starter plan, you’ll automatically see a green Upgrade button. Simply click that and follow the instructions. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. You may get a discount if you opt for the annual payment option, though it depends on the promotion campaigns that HighLevel may run from time to time.

GoHighLevel Pricing Summary

Here’s a recap of the GoHighLevel pricing plans again. 

  • Agency Starter Account – $97/month
  • Agency Unlimited Account – $297/month

If you have the Agency Unlimited account, you’re eligible for the White label mobile app + custom zap upgrade that costs an additional $497/month.

The key difference between the two plans is the number of accounts you get. With the starter account, you get only two accounts, one for your use and the other to be used from a client’s location. But if you opt for the unlimited account, you can open any number of accounts for your clients.

Occasionally, GoHighLevel offers discounts to help customers save even more off the regular price.

Remember, GoHighLevel is designed to eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) the need to pay for a bunch of different business software tools. Since it can handle everything from CRM to email marketing to landing page building, it’s like you’re getting several different tools for the price of one, which makes it a great value in our opinion.

Want to see how HighLevel pricing compares to other similar all-in-one marketing platforms? See these guides:

Overall, HighLevel is a one-stop platform for your digital marketing features as it brings down multiple features such as email marketing, analytics, landing page building, mobile app, and more through a single platform.

If you want to learn more before you try it, check out our GoHighLevel review.

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