Leadpages Pricing 2021 and Overview

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Looking to pick the best Leadpages pricing plan for your company?

We have assessed the three pricing tiers available from the landing page software below, highlighting their key features and suitability depending on your company size. 

For those in a rush, there are summary pricing tables below or you can sign up for a two weeks free trial here.

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Leadpages Pricing



Per month

($25/mo when billed annually)



Per month

($48/mo when billed annually)



Per month

($199/mo when billed annually)



Standard Plan at $37 a month ($25 per month if billed annually)

The standard plan is targeted at new businesses and it provides a number of key features without restrictions.

Unlimited traffic and leads are offered at the standard plan level. Given that many competitors base their pricing plans on different traffic/lead levels being reached, this is a considerable benefit. 

The software is built around it’s drag and drop landing page creator which is positioned as one of the industries leading brands in terms of quality and conversion rate optimization. 

Equally, no limits are placed on the number of landing pages/popups you can use, ie. those using the standard plan can use as many pop-ups as someone with an Advanced plan. This is one of the key advantages we noted when comparing Leadpages vs Clickfunnels.


The restrictions at this standard tier start with your domain availability – Leadpages limits you to using their features on one domain with the Standard Tier. When you upgrade to Pro you can utilise three domains and the Advanced plan gives you 50 domains.

Many of you will be focusing on one company and one domain initially so this shouldn’t be an issue. 

One key restriction at the Standard Tier is the inability to use the Leadpages Checkout feature for online payments. Making sales directly from landing pages on Leadpages is only available at the Pro and Advanced Pricing TIers.  

A/B testing, a critical component for optimising your landing and sales pages, is also only unlimited at the higher tiers.

Pro Plan at $79 a month ($48 per month when billed annually)

As of January 2021, the Pro Plan is being charged at $79 monthly (you can lower this to $48 if you pay annually in one big instalment).

The price jump from the Standard Plan gives you access to additional features like the previously mentioned Leadpages Checkout, A/B testing and facilities to use the Leadpages software on three domains.

In addition, a Pro Plan provides the LeadDigits and LeadLinks features.

Both are designed to help improve email marketing subscriber numbers.  LeadDigits allows you to set up 10 campaigns where you can invite your audience to opt into your email list via an SMS text message.

LeadLinks gives your subscribers the ability to sign up for webinars and other email lists with one click from their email inbox. If you need more info on these features, our Leadpages review looks at them in further depth. 

In terms of support you can also use the chat function at the Pro tier, this is unavailable with the Standard Plan.

Advanced Plan at $321 a month ($199 per month when billed annually)

The Advanced plan provides you with some more bespoke features and is aimed at multiple employee companies like marketing agencies. A 1 to 1 call is organised with a Leadpages team member to get you going with the software. They also include 5 sub accounts that you can link to your main Leadpages account for your team members. 

More advanced integrations with leading marketing platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot are offered at this tier only and your LeadDigits text message allowance is also bumped to 50 campaigns from 10.  

Support is also prioritised at the Advanced plan level with priority phone, chat and email contact in place.

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