Duda Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?

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Duda Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?


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Last Updated on April 26, 2022

Thinking about building a website with Duda? Looking at the different Duda pricing options and trying to figure out which plan you should choose?

Duda is one of the best website builders on the market today. You can easily build professional, eye-catching websites in a fraction of the time it used to take, all without restricting your creative vision. Plus all websites built with Duda are fully optimized for Google Core Web Vitals, page speed, SEO, and other important metrics.

All in all, it’s easy to see why Duda is such a popular option.

But with four Duda plan options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your business.

But don’t worry — in this article, we’ll explain the feature differences between all Duda plans, Duda pricing, Duda’s pros and cons, free trial and cancellation process.

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An Overview of Duda Plans

Duda has four plans, which range from simple to complex. The Basic plan is good for creating a simple website. The Team plan is for teams of people working on a website together. The Agency plan is for web development agencies. The Custom plan is only for fast-growing websites.

duda plans

All the plans include hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS), HTTPS encryption, and multi-language websites. They also come with access to Duda’s app store.

Duda’s custom website builder does not include custom domains or email services. These are handled on the outside, so it’s worth to have a plan for both if you want to run an online store.

E-commerce with Duda will also cost extra, with an additional fee per site.

That said, let’s dive deeper into each individual Duda plan.

Basic Plan

Duda’s Basic Plan is really just that: basic. With this plan, you have access to email support, which is great if your website is just for a hobby. But if you are running your business online, you may find access to better customer support useful. 

The basic plan does not come with a free trial, perhaps because the team at Duda knows that you won’t get a good user experience trying their software on a price plan that is so limited in features.  You can only try Duda for free from the 2nd tier up.

Duda’s basic plan also lacks the “publish per page” feature. Users on plans that have this feature can publish one web page at a time without having to republish the entire site. but since the basic plan lacks this feature, it means that publishing a new page will affect the whole site. This is not very efficient. 

Other features that you will miss while using the basic plan include: 

  • White Label Client Access (Custom Branding / Domain). Without while label access, you cannot personalize Duda to make it “your own”.   
  • Client Users & Permissions. This means that your clients cannot manage their sites.
  • Site Comments. This feature allows your colleagues and clients to give feedback directly on the site. this is great for building engagement and for improving your service. Since you don’t have it on the basic tier, you will have to invest in other engagement channels.
  • Site statistics and analytics. Without statistics, you cannot keep track of client performance.
  • Own branded sales & marketing materials. You won’t have access to any marketing material.
  • Custom email domain. You cannot send professional looking emails with your brand name when on the basic plan. 

So, as you can see, the basic plan will get you started if budget is an issue at the moment. But you’ll have to scale up to the higher tiers, and pretty fast too if you want to grow a brand presence.

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Team Plan

Duda’s team plan may lack most of the advanced features that come on the software’s higher tiers, but it does offer way more than the basic plan. 

So much more in fact that team Duda saw it fit to offer a 14-day free trial on the team plan. 

There are some similarities with the basic plan here: for instance, you still only get one website, and you cannot publish per page. But unlike the basic plan, this plan gives you access to team collaboration features such as team members, collaboration tools and access to Duda experts. You also get better customer support that includes phone and chat, in addition to email.

The client management features lacking on the basic plan are also available on the team plan. With those features you can:  

  • Personalize the Duda platform (white-label it) to be your own.
  • Give access permissions to your clients so that they can log in whenever they like, make changes or manage aspects of their accounts. 
  • Have access to useful feedback straight on the site. 
  • Have at your disposal powerful analytics that you can also share with your clients. 

Use professionally designed marketing material that contain your branding. 

Custom email domain is the only client management feature lacking here. It would be great to have it, but it’s not really a deal breaker in this case because you can still make quite a good impression on your clients with the other white-label features. 

This is the plan I would recommend to begin with if you are just dipping your toe into the world of ecommerce entrepreneurship. At $22 per month, Duda pricing for this plan is just right for anyone on a budget. With a great plan, and/or some team collaboration, your business should see some positive growth under this plan.

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Agency Plan

So, your business has grown to a point where you can no longer call yourself a startup. Your client database has grown, you have more sales and marketing activities running or in the pipeline and you are just raring to expand your business horizons. 

If this sounds like you, then the agency plan is worth considering. 

This is because in addition to giving you everything you get on the team plan, the agency plan allows you to build more websites – Up to 4 websites actually. It also gives you more advanced features such as:

  • A custom widget builder 
  • Dynamic pages, a feature that allows you to use a page as a “template”, to create similar designs but since the process is data-led, all new pages come out unique in design and content. It’s an efficient tool to have for fast-paced agency work. 
  • Up to 10 team members – great for handling all that extra work load. 
  • Priority customer support via chat, phone and email. 
  • The ability to export entire websites. 

Although you have some of these features on the team plan, they are more powerful in the agency plan. Take dynamic pages for instance. You’ll find it on the team plan, but its features are limited there. However, dynamic pages are unlimited in the agency plan. 

So far so good on this plan, right? But I’d like to point out some downsides that aren’t so obvious to begin with. 

One is the widget builder. You actually need to know some coding to make full use of the widget builder. Then again, since you have up to 10 team seats, you will want to add someone with CSS, Javascript and HTML knowledge on your team. 

Two, 4 additional websites are a step up but it may not be enough if you are expanding or have plans to expand aggressively. Considering you have to spend $11 per month on every additional website, your overheads will really start to add up. 

This is a great plan overall, but anyone looking to expand past 4 websites had better read the next section.

Custom Plan

This is Duda’s most advanced plan. Since it is a custom plan, it means that the sky is the limit for your business. You ask, and Duda customizes an offer for you based on how much you can pay. 

The custom plan has access to all the features in the agency plan, but with more extensive capabilities. For example: 

  • 24/7 dedicated customer support. This means that you will not only be first in line, but you can call anytime and you’ll get a dedicated assistant. 
  • Team members. There is no limit to the number of people you want to bring on your team. 
  • White label client access. You can use custom CSS and HTML to advance your white labelling. 
  • Dynamic pages. while the agency plan only lets you create limited dynamic pages and only on google sheets and airtable, on the custom plan, you can create unlimited dynamic pages and rely on 3rd party data sets. 

Besides these features, the Duda’s custom plan also has additional advanced features not available on the other plans. These include: 

  • Instant websites. This is a feature that relies on client data to instantly come up with new websites. 
  • Unlimited API calls and SSO. This lets you integrate Duda into your business in a way that makes most sense. 
  • Managed services. This entails everything from a dedicated account manager, to personal consultation and guidance during implementation, to tailored training, and assisted migration of any number of websites.

Can You Cancel Your Duda Subscription?


To cancel a subscription, go to the dashboard. Select the site whose subscription you wish to cancel. Click on the 3 dots that are next to the subscription column.

Next, select payment information.

payment info

Navigate to the bottom left corner of the site payment info page that loads, and turn the auto renew option off.


That’s it! 

Note: cancelling your Duda subscription will not close your account. If you wish to close your account, raise a ticket to Duda customer support and they’ll guide you from there.

Does Duda Have A Free Trial?


You can sign up to Duda to enjoy all of its features for 14 days completely free. 

And the great thing about this trial? There’s no credit card information required. 

Simply create a new account with your business email, or sign up with google.

duda free trial

Likes and Drawbacks of Duda


  • Duda is a simple to use website builder 
  • It comes with dynamic templates designed to speed up site building
  • It has a highly-integrative widget builder that increases the platform’s design capabilities
  • The content library makes it easier to manage client content in one place 
  • Users can customize the platform with features such as white label access, statistics and sales material 
  • Duda is a great tool for team collaboration and agencies 
  • It offers a 14-day trial period


  • Duda doesn’t offer a free forever plan, and its basic plan has very limited features 
  • It is somewhat pricey to scale on Duda  
  • It is not equipped for SEO

Conclusion: How Much Does Duda Cost?

To conclude, here is a summary of Duda pricing and plans: 

Duda Basic: $19 per month/$14 billed annually. Limited on features. Great for hobbyists. No free trial on this plan. 

Duda Team: $29 per month/ $22 billed annually. Supports up to 4 team members. Great for a team that is just starting out. 

Duda Agency: $59 per month/ $44 billed annually. Up to 10 team members. A great plan for an agency that handles more clients or is on the verge of expansion. 

Duda Custom Plan: Cost is customized to an individual’s business needs. This plan is great for an agency handling mega amounts of work.

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