The Best Automated Webinar Software Tools (2024 Reviews & Top Picks)

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The Best Automated Webinar Software Tools (2024 Reviews & Top Picks)

Published by Al Rose
Last Updated on February 9, 2024

Finding the best automated webinar software is not easy, given the many choices available today.

As someone who’s been in the course creation/knowledge business space for a while now, I’ve come to realize the power of automated webinar software. For us course creators and digital entrepreneurs, finding the right automated webinar software can help us with more efficient lead generation, and ultimately, a more robust bottom line.

But not all of these tools are created equal. For example, some webinar platforms are better suited for live events while others, like the ones in this guide, are great for automated recordings that can be viewed later. Some platforms also offer features like chat rooms, automated chat messages, and question-and-answer sessions, while others are more basic. 

I’ve been there too, and I’m writing this review after trying out most of the reputable platforms on the market. Now, I know which automated webinar platforms are worth trying and which you should avoid.

Also, this article is updated for 2024 and compares the latest features of different automated webinar software platforms, so you might want to read through it completely to get the most relevant information. 

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What are the Best Automated Webinar Software Tools?

There’s no shortage of automated webinar tools out there, but finding the right platform with the features you need is challenging. The sad reality is most of the tools out there that I’ve tested aren’t worth your time or money. 

That’s why, after exploring numerous options, I’ve honed in on just 4 standout tools for hosting on-demand webinars. These are the ones that I truly believe can give your business the competitive edge and long-term value you’re seeking.

1. Best Overall: Everwebinar

I picked Everwebinar as the best overall automated webinar platform because it comes loaded with many features that make it easy for you to present your content and at the same time, engage your audience, so the dropout rates are low and the conversion rates are high. 

Specifically, 3 features stood out to me:

Top Notch Technical Support

Everwebinar offers top-notch technical support as the developers had accounted for the common technical problems and had embedded solutions for the same within the platform itself.

Hands down, one of the coolest examples of this is the panic button. In the event of any technical glitch on the platform, all that you’d have to do is click on the panic button. Immediately, your audience is seamlessly moved to a new meeting room, and no one would even know that there was a problem.

Overall, the quality of audio and video streaming is also excellent as it is streamed at 30 FPS, and all these ensure that your audience can enjoy uninterrupted flow of good content.

Live Webinar Simulation


It’s no secret that live webinars are the crowd pullers because they are available only for a limited time. However, these webinars can be expensive, time-consuming, and aren’t for everyone.

Though Everwebinar is an automated webinar tool, it has features that simulate a live webinar. 

For example, the live chat simulator allows the audience to send messages during an automated webinar and the same are emailed to the host. The response by the host is displayed as a response to the chat, giving the audience an instant connection with the host. In turn, this engages your audience and is sure to create loyal customers.

Ease Of Use

I found Everwebinar to be intuitive and easy to use, especially compared to many other webinar platforms I tested. No downloads or installations are required and users can access your webinars through the browser. That means there’s a higher chance for more people to sign up.

The setup process is simple and straightforward and the multiple scheduling options give you a lot of flexibility as well. The landing pages can also be customized to meet your preferences.

Other Key Features

Some of the other key features of this tool are:

  • Advanced analytics give insights into the performance of your webinars and the areas for improvement
  • A/B testing boosts conversion rates
  • Just-in-time webinars allow people to sign up and watch right away to reduce the dropout rates.

Who This Software Is For And Who It Isn’t For

This software is for:

  • Digital marketers with audiences across different time zones
  • Those looking to replay the same webinar many times over
  • Entrepreneurs looking for advanced analytics to widen their customer base and boost conversions 
  • Organizations looking to leverage the best of automated webinars with live simulation features

This tool is not the best choice for those who:

  • Prefer to present live
  • Want to maintain exclusivity with only a one-time webinar


Everwebinar pricing offers three payment options.

  • $499/year
  • $874/two years

With our links, you can get an exclusive 30 day $1 trial for Everwebinar. This trial term is not available on other websites as other sites can only offer a 14 day trial period.

Check out our EverWebinar review for more info on this platform.

2. Best for Those on a Tight Budget - Demio

Demio is a good choice if you’re on a limited budget, as it offers both live and automated webinars at a low cost compared to other webinar software platforms. So, this can be a good webinar software provider for those who are just starting out.

I picked Demio as the best automated webinar software on a budget because of the below reasons.

Live And Automated Webinars

Demio allows you to stream both live and automated webinars from the same tool. It can even replay webinars, thereby giving your audience plenty of ways to watch your content and to connect with you through it. 

Undoubtedly, it can help to build a strong relationship between a business and its customers.

Customizable Pages

Demio comes with some good customization tools that help your company’s brand image and colors standout in your webinars, so they will be visible to your audience throughout. This constant visibility of your brand name, logo, or webinar title in the webinar room can leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Easy To Use

demio_ease of use

Demio is also an automated webinar software that’s easy to use and requires no downloads. This ease of use can lead to more signups for your webinar and it works well across multiple browsers and operating systems as well.

Other Key Features

Some of the other key features of this tool are:

  • Supports HD streaming
  • You can upload your presentations or share them directly, whichever is convenient for you
  • Use the built-in analytics to understand the performance of your webinars.

Who This Software Is For And Who It Isn’t For?

This software is a great choice for solopreneurs and small companies that want to explore the benefits of webinars before committing to a platform with a ton of features. It can also be an option for those who want to host live, automated, hybrid, and series of webinars.

Demio isn’t the right tool if you’re looking for advanced customization options. Also, it’s not for those who need advanced analytics to improve on the performance of their webinars, and get more out of it.


Demio has four pricing options, and they are as follows.

  • Starter – $42/month
  • Growth – $75/month & up
  • Premium – $184/month & up

3. Best Automated Webinar Software With Live Capabilities - Easywebinar

Easywebinar is my choice when you want to offer both live events and automated webinar sessions through the same tool.

So, why did I choose this tool?

Easy To Use

Easywebinar is easy to use and requires no advanced coding or technical knowledge. I think the navigation and setup pages are intuitive and can be handled by people of any level of technical experiences.

It’s easy to use for your audiences too, as no downloads or installations are needed and they can watch your webinars through the browser. 

Plus, it comes with many tutorial videos that give all the information needed for making the most of this tool. Customer support is good as well.

Live And Automated Streaming

The biggest advantage is you can use the same tool for live webinars and streaming recorded webinars, so it’s very cost-effective, and can help you reach audiences with varying preferences. It also helps you to scale up your overall content.


Also, you can stream it live on social media platforms and all that you present and share is streamed in HD across all the platforms, so your audience can expect excellent audio and video quality.

Custom Landing Pages

You can customize the landing pages to gear them for the kind of webinar you’re handling. While there is no split testing to understand which templates will work well, still there are some decent customization options.

Other Key Features

Some of the other key features in Easywebinar are:

  • Good quality video and audio
  • Real-time chat
  • Option to have multiple presenters
  • Record and archive web sessions

Who This Software Is For And Who It Isn’t For?

This software is for those who want to,

  • Offer live and automated webinar
  • Have a tool that’s easy to use
  • Stream live to social media platforms

This tool is not for those who want,

  • Advanced analytics to know the performance of their webinars
  • A/B testing to boost conversion rates
  • To stream webinars at a low cost


Easywebinar pricing includes three different plans:

  • Free – 10 live attendees
  • Standard ($80/month) – 100 live attendees
  • Pro ($197/month) – 500 live attendees
  • Enterprise (custom pricing) – 500,000 live attendees

4. Best for Newbies - RingCentral Webinar

RingCentral Webinar is a powerful tool for hosting automated webinars, offering a super simple, hassle-free approach.

Here are some of the things I love about this tool:

Easy To Use

This platform is marketed as being “hassle-free” and I have to agree here. From my experience, RingCentral Webinar has completely changed the game by eliminating the usual complexities and headaches associated with hosting webinar events. Suddenly, setting up engaging, polished, and on-demand webinars became a breeze, requiring no technical expertise whatsoever. In just seconds, I could have everything ready to go, making the process smooth for me, my attendees, and my panelists.

Interactive Features

RingCentral Webinar has truly elevated the interactive experience of webinars with its suite of engagement features. The platform allows me to stay closely connected with both panelists and attendees through interactive chat, making the exchange of ideas seamless and dynamic. Polling is another invaluable, enabling real-time feedback and keeping the audience actively involved in the content. The Q&A feature is another gem, allowing for a structured way to address attendees’ questions, ensuring that everyone leaves the session feeling heard and informed.

Who This Software Is For And Who It Isn’t For?

Overall, this tool is a good choice for anyone who’s just starting out and wants to explore the possibility of using webinars. It is also a good choice when you want the same tool for both meetings and webinars.


Starts at $30/user/month.

A Final Word

There are lots of automated software tools out there, but not all of them are created equal.

Hopefully, this guide will help you narrow down your options and find a platform that really fits your needs.

Remember, many of these tools offer free trials or limited free plans, so take advantage of those to test out different options before settling on one.

Still have questions about our best automated webinar software guide? Let me know by commenting below.

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