The Best Everwebinar Alternatives (2023 Competitors Ranked)

everwebinar alternatives

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The Best Everwebinar Alternatives (2023 Competitors Ranked)

everwebinar alternatives

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Looking for the best Everwebinar alternatives for hosting your virtual events?

Webinars are a great way to build lasting relationships with your current and potential customers, but you need the right platform to tap into this huge marketing opportunity.

While Everwebinar is a good webinar software, it isn’t the only one. And it might not be the best webinar software for your particular needs. 

That’s why, we’ll compare it with alternatives for hosting online events, such as Webinarninja, Webinarjam, Livestorm, and more to help you zero in on the webinar platform that best fits your needs.

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Read on for our guide to the top EverWebinar alternatives available in 2023…

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What Is Everwebinar?

Everwebinar is a convenient way to host your automated webinars as it gives the flexibility to pre-record it at your convenience and gives your users the option to view it at a time that’s convenient to them. 

This popular webinar platform also comes with powerful features such as Q and As, live chat simulations, offers, and more, and for users, it is sure to feel like a live webinar.

Areas Where Everwebinar Is Superior To Competitors

Everwebinar comes with a host of features that make it a handy tool for anyone looking to use on-demand webinars to interact with audiences. 

Let’s look at some features that make it the hands-down choice for many Internet marketers and companies who need a great webinar software.

Automated Live Chat

To enhance interactiveness, you can create a FAQ list where you come up with a possible list of questions that your audience may have and provide answers for the same, so they can refer to it.

While this is handy, what about the questions that you haven’t thought of or questions specific to a viewer’s needs? 

That’s where the automated live chat helps. Viewers can post questions and they are automatically emailed to you, so all that you have to do is answer, and the same is displayed to the viewer. As you can see, this option is very close to a live chat even in automated webinars, and it boosts your interaction with viewers and makes them come back for more.

Dynamic Attendees

Everwebinar allows you to boost the audience count of your viewers.

At the time of scheduling the webinar, you can simulate the live environment, and make it appear that many people are attending the webinar. For example, if you dynamically set the webinar attendees to 350, the person who logs into your event will believe that 350 people are attending the webinar, even if he is the only person.

This dynamic boosting adds to your credibility and can enthuse a person to view your webinar till the end, thereby reducing the drop rate.

Flexible Scheduling

EverWebinar offers a feature called the just-in-time webinars that increase the viewership rate as your audience can register and attend the webinar right away.

Reminders And Offers

You can schedule automated email reminders to remind your signed-up viewers of the webinar, 15 minutes before it starts to boost the viewership rate. You can also send a recorded replay of the webinar after it ends, so they can refer to it when needed, thereby increasing the overall engagement rates.

Similarly, you can make pop-up offers at any time through the webinar and they can click it to make a purchase. Needless to say, this is sure to improve your sales.

Another key aspect is you can play a promotional video to your viewers as they wait for the webinar to start to boost your conversion rate. 

Key Competitors

Now that we know the key strengths of Everwebinar, let’s see how it stacks against some of its competitors.

Webinarjam - Best Alternative For Live Webinars

Webinarjam, the sister product of Everwebinar, is a good choice for live webinars as Everwebinar offers only automated ones.

The biggest advantage of live webinars is that you can customize the presentation based on your audiences’ reaction to boost the interest levels and conversion rate. But in a recorded webinar, your choices for such customization are non-existent.

That said, recorded webinars have their advantages too, as these are evergreen and can be reused many times over. Everwebinar’s automated live chat, email reminders, pop-up offers, and other features can enhance interaction with viewers, even during recorded webinars, and can keep the audience engaged.

A big advantage of Everwebinar is its just-in-time webinars where attendees can register and attend a webinar right away. This increases the viewership rate as the chances for your attendees to skip webinars are less.

While Webinarjam has many cool features like a panic button and a control center. Everwebinar doesn’t have any of them simply because they are not required for recorded webinars.

So, when you compare the two platforms, both are easy to set up and have good customer support. 


In fact, you can use the same login and switch between the two platforms, depending on whether you want to go live or use automated webinars.

Since they address different aspects (live and recorded), there’s no winner here, though many marketers prefer to switch between the two with the same login. 

We also have a 30 day free trial agreement with Webinarjam as they are run by the same company as Everwebinar.

Pros Of Webinarjam

  • The panic button ensures that technical glitches do not impact your live webinars
  • Advanced plans offer a dedicated control center that can be manned by your employees while you focus on the webinar
  • The Always-On room is a dedicated room for your webinars, so your repeat audience know where to check-in for webinars

Cons Of Webinarjam

  • The number of attendees is limited by your plan.
  • More expensive than Everwebinar
Check out our WebinarJam review for more details on this popular webinar software.

StealthSeminar - Best Alternative For Analytics And Lead Tracking

StealthSeminar comes with many cool features to maximize your conversions. First off, you can play four different types of webinars – automated, dedicated replay, YouTube Live, and hybrid (mix of live and recorded). 

Though this flexibility is not available in Everwebinar, still both webinar platforms come with a ton of customization in terms of schedule, email reminders, and more.

That said, Everwebinar comes with better page templates and themes than StealthSeminar, so you can create relevant and enticing themes to capture the attention of your viewers. 

Also, Everwebinar has the automated live chat and dynamic attendee option that increase the level of interest and interactiveness of your audience, so they are likely to watch your webinar till the end.

Further, EverWebinar also has advanced analytics and tracking options.


So, which of the two is better? 

EverWebinar because it has

  • Customizable and good-looking templates
  • A simple set up process that can be up and running in a few minutes
  • A broadcast room that mimics live webinars
  • Easy scalability options as there’s no limit on the number of attendees
  • Cheap plans that add value. For example, the cheapest plan of EverWebinar is $399 while the cheapest of StealthSeminar is $699. 

Pros Of StealthSeminar

  • Supports many types of webinars and online presentations
  • Comes with advanced tracking and analytics
  • Offers flexible scheduling options such as just-in-time webinars, time zone-based scheduling, yesterday’s webinar, and registration-based webinars. 

Cons Of StealthSeminar

  • Limited customizable templates
  • More expensive than Everwebinar (the cheapest plan costs $300 more)

EasyWebinar - Best webinar Alternative For Combining Live And Automated Webinars

EasyWebinar is a good choice when you want to have a single tool for offering both live and automated webinars.

Though EverWebinar and Webinarjam are sister products, still they are not considered to be the same tool. So, having both live and recorded webinars is a key advantage of EasyWebinar. 

But EverWebinar comes with a ton of other tools that are not offered by EasyWebinar such as advanced simulation tools like live chat and dynamic attendee that give viewers the feeling that they are attending a live webinar.

Other areas where EverWebinar scores are:

  • Many customizable templates to catch the attention of potential viewers
  • The just-in-time schedule is a good choice for those who want to register and view a webinar right away as it’s a great way to sustain their interest.
  • Multiple and flexible scheduling choices that boost the chances for people across time zones to watch your webinars
  • Split testing gives insights about customer behavior on your registration and thank you pages, so you can modify it accordingly to boost conversion rates
  • Excellent customer support to answer all your questions at the earliest, so the process of setting up webinars is simple and less time-consuming 
  • Integrates well with many popular tools for extending the functionality of your webinars
  • Ability to send automated email reminders and follow-up emails post webinars enhance interaction with your audience.

Due to the above reasons, EverWebinar is a better choice, though it can host only automated webinars. And of course, you have Webinarjam (sister product of EverWebinar) to handle your live webinars.

Finally, EverWebinar is cheaper at $399 per year as opposed to the cheapest plan of EasyWebinar that costs $78 a month, totaling $936 per year.

Pros Of EasyWebinar

  • Live and automated webinars
  • Comes with helpful tutorial videos to help you get started
  • Simple interface

Cons Of EasyWebinar

  • Limited templates and customization
  • No split testing
Our EverWebinar vs EasyWebinar comparison guide goes into further detail on the differences between the two platforms.

WebinarNinja - Best budget Alternative For Smaller Audiences

WebinarNinja is a user-friendly platform that supports live, automated, and hybrid webinars. It is also easy to set up and comes with a host of features such as customizable registration pages, email notifications, analytics, and more.

EverWebinar, on the other hand, offers only automated webinars, but it comes with many features such as simulated live chat, pop-up offers, the ability to set up dynamic attendees, and more. All these give users the feeling that they’re watching a live webinar, so user experience and the resultant conversion rate will be high as well.

Further, EverWebinar has way more template choices to choose from for your registration and thank you pages, so you can impress your viewers as soon as they click to sign up, thereby enhancing your brand image and increasing the sign-ups.

The other area where EverWebinar scores are audience segmentation and email customization. With this platform, you can segment your audience, so you can send personalized messages to them, which in turn, will increase the chances for them to sign up for your webinars.

Also, you can send custom email notifications at specified intervals to remind them to attend your upcoming webinar.

While you can do this in WebinarNinja, the capabilities are highly limited, especially in audience segmentation.

However, WebinarNinja is touted to be the best budget product for webinars. At $39/month in the basic plan, it works to about $468 per year. However, you’re limited to only 100 webinars a month. 

In comparison, EverWebinar costs just $399 and there’s no upper limit, thereby making EverWebinar the better choice even in terms of pricing. 

On all fronts, EverWebinar is the better choice. 

Pros Of WebinarNinja

  • Offers both live and automated webinars
  • Clean and intuitive UI
  • Good customization options

Cons Of WebinarNinja

  • Limited customer segmentation
  • Low video quality

Livestorm - Best Alternative If You Also Need A Meeting Feature

Livestorm is well-known for its ability to offer both a meeting feature and webinars through the same tool. Also, you can run an unlimited number of webinars for up to four hours at a time in the highest video quality (1080p).

Further, you can customize the landing page and get a custom URL for the webinar and it supports both live and automated webinars as well.

But when you compare it with EverWebinar, there are a few aspects that the former lacks. First off, EverWebinar has way more customization choices than Livestorm and this is essential to give a fresh feel to your audience, so they keep coming back for your webinars.

Also, Livestorm doesn’t have split testing, which is a disadvantage, as you can’t gauge your audience’s behavior and adjust the design of the registration page to boost conversions.

The other key difference is you can’t have paid webinars in Livestorm and this undoubtedly, a huge disadvantage. Also, the analytics are pretty limited in Livestorm.

Due to these differences, EverWebinar is the better choice.

Pros Of LiveStorm

  • Live and automated webinars
  • Offers a meeting feature
  • Excellent customer support

Cons Of LiveStorm

  • Limited customization
  • No support for paid webinars

Everwebinar Alternatives Summary

To conclude, here is the Everwebinar pricing.

  • Installment – $199 X 3 payments
  • Annual – $499/year
  • Biennial – $799 for two years.

And here are some key benefits you gain by using EverWebinar:

  • Customizable templates make your landing pages more attractive and boost the chances for signups
  • Allows you to interact with viewers through the live chat simulation feature to reduce dropout rates
  • The dynamic attendee option gives users the feeling of a large audience and in turn, this can enthuse them to watch your webinar till the end.
  • Just in time webinars give the flexibility to register and attend webinars at any time, thereby increasing the rate of sign-ups
  • Easy to set up, so you save on time
  • Provides a good user experience that reduces the dropout rate
  • Boosts conversion rate by giving you the option to provide offers during webinars