Zyro Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get? (2023 Guide)


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Zyro Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?


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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Want to build a website using Zyro, but don’t know which is the best Zyro plan for your needs?

Looking for the latest details about Zyro pricing?

We have you covered! 

Zyro is one of the most popular website builders out there today, and for good reason. 

With Zyro, anyone can easily build and launch a website or online store in practically no time at all. Their easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor combined with their gorgeous templates makes it super simple to design a beautiful website with no coding or technical experience needed.

In this article, let’s take a detailed look into Zyro pricing and the features that come with each Zyro plan. Before we get started, note that Zyro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and free hosting with all its plans. But, there are no free plans or free trials in this product.

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Zyro Pricing At A Glance

zyro pricing

Zyro accepts most common payment methods including MasterCard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, Discover, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Its payment gateway is secured by SSL encryption, so your payment details are secure. Also, 24/7 customer support is available on all the plans.

Let’s now take a detailed look at each plan.

Unleashed - $2.90/month

Unleashed is the lowest Zyro pricing plan available and is well-suited for building blogs, business websites, professional portfolio sites, and more. 

It offers all the essential features needed to get your website running along with detailed analytics on its performance. However, it does not support any eCommerce features. So, you will have to choose between the other two Zyro plans, if you plan to have an online store.

So, what does this plan offer?

Technical Specifications

A salient aspect of all Zyro plans is that there are no limits on bandwidth or storage and this gives you a ton of flexibility to experiment with different designs and use different media such as images, videos, and more on your website to make it highly appealing.

This unlimited bandwidth and storage also make it a good choice for blogs and other content-rich websites.

You can also connect your existing domain to Zyro. As a bonus, you get a free SSL certificate and a three-month free email subscription. If you choose to buy a new domain, it is free for the first year and there is lifetime free hosting.

Analytics and Insights

Creating and hosting a website is the easier part, but making it searchable and inviting is what makes your website stand out in today’s crowded world.

A good way to constantly evaluate the performance of your website and tweak it to meet your customers’ preferences is through detailed analytics. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are the top analytics tools available today, and Zyro connects seamlessly with both of them. 

As a result, you will get extensive information on how many visitors came to your site, their source, what they did on your site, how did your site perform, and more. This information offers extensive insights into the usability of your website and you can change its interactive elements accordingly.

Marketing Tools

This Zyro plan offers a host of digital marketing tools to get you started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

It optimizes your website, so you rank higher on Google and are more likely to be found by visitors. You can also customize these SEO settings on your dashboard. Zyro also integrates well with Google Tag Manager, so you can add relevant tags that will enhance the searchability of your website on search engines. 

It supports visitor remarketing as well. This is a process by which you identify those who have visited your site but have not interacted with it. You can create remarketing lists on both Google and Facebook to engage with these users again.


Zyro offers many well-designed and modern-looking templates. You can pick any of these designs and customize them to build a unique website for your business. The obvious advantage is that it requires no coding at all and can be done by anyone!

It also offers AI-based business branding tools to create your custom business logo and slogan to help your website stand out among competitors. 

If you want to host a bog, that’s easy too, as Zyro offers extensive blogging tools for adding and managing your content. You can also integrate with widgets such as calendars, document viewers, and music players by simply embedding the code in your website. 

You can also set up Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp live chat functionality to interact with your customers instantly. 

In all, this Zyro plan offers many features at a low cost.

eCommerce - $8.90/month

This Zyro pricing plan is well-suited for building and maintaining online stores as it comes with all the features of the Unleashed plan plus all the common eCommerce features required to efficiently run an online store. However, note that you can sell only up to 100 products with this plan.


This Zyro plan allows you to accept payments from any part of the world and through any means. Zyro supports more than fifty payment options including popular ones such as PayPal, American Express, PayU, and more. You can even offer multiple payment options for your customers to boost the chances of a sale. 

It is easy to offer discounts and redeem gift cards as well. The taxes are handled through the platform too, and it even automatically attaches invoices to order confirmation emails. The shipping can be tracked through your website as well.


In this Zyro plan, you can easily connect your Facebook and Instagram stores to reach out to your contacts on both social media platforms.  This is sure to give you better visibility and more sales.

Order and Inventory Management

Zyro allows you to manage your orders, right from the time a customer clicks “Order” to the time it is delivered to them. You can stay on top of every step to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Similarly, you can be in control of your inventory. At any time, you can know what products are sold, what is available, and how much you must order. All these aspects ensure that your ordering process is efficient and you never run out of products when your customers need them.


In this plan, you can customize the email notifications that are sent out to customers after they place an order. 

All these features are 100% commission-free and you don’t have to pay anything more than the monthly cost. Undoubtedly, this plan offers good value for your money.

eCommerce Plus - $15.90/month

In this plan, you can sell up to 2500 products. This is similar to the eCommerce plan in all aspects, except that you can sell more than 100 products. It also comes with three additional features that are not available with the eCommerce plan.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

If customers enter items on the shopping cart, but exit before buying them, it’s called an abandoned cart. You can send email notifications to customers to remind them about the items in the cart, so there is a higher chance for them to buy.

Product Filters

In this plan, you can offer product filters, so your customers can filter the search results by price, category, materials, and other features. This will help them to find just what they want, thereby enhancing their user experience on your site.

Sync with Amazon

You can sync your products with the Amazon store and manage your orders and inventory through Zyro. At the time of writing this piece, this feature is available only for USA customers. 

Thus, this Zyro pricing plan is a good choice when you have an extensive list of products to sell.

If you have more than 2500 products, contact the support team for a custom plan. 

While these plans help you to determine the Zyro costs, they can still be a bit confusing. Imagine you have about 90 products to sell and have an Amazon store that you want to connect to. Would you choose the eCommerce or the eCommerce Plus plan?

To help you make the right decisions on Zyro plans, this platform has created a pricing wizard.

What Is Zyro's Pricing Wizard?

If you are still confused about Zyro’s cost, you can always use the pricing wizard. 

Go to Zyro’s pricing page and scroll down to look for the pricing wizard. Next, you will be asked a bunch of Yes/No questions, and based on your answer, the wizard will suggest an appropriate plan. 

Here are some screenshots from this wizard.

sell products online
selling more products

Moving on, let’s look at some FAQs related to Zyro cost and plans.

Do I Get Free Email?

Yes, you get access to the Titan email client and the first three months are free. This email client enables you to create a branded and professional email address that matches your domain name. Also, you can access emails from your dashboard. 

After the three-month free period, you must pay to continue using this email address.

How To Cancel My Zyro Plan?

The fastest and easiest way to cancel your Zyro plan is to remove the auto-renewal option. At the end of the service period, the subscription will automatically expire.

To do this, go to your “Subscriptions” page and turn off the auto-renewal option.

cancel zyro plan

After you cancel, the subscription will be valid until the expiry date. Note that you will not be able to get a refund for the unused period. For example, let’s say your subscription ends in February and you cancel three months before in November. You will not get a refund for these three months.

You will get a refund only when you cancel within the first 30 days from the date of payment. Also, if you use the free domain option, Zyro will deduct the domain cost and will refund only the remaining amount.

How Can I Contact Zyro?

Zyro offers 24/7 customer service both in English and Lithuanian.  The same is available in Spanish from Sunday to Thursday 10 AM to 7 PM in GMT+1 timezone and in Portuguese from 7 AM to 4 PM in GMT-3 time zone. 

Besides phone calls, you can also send an email to support@zyro.com or submit your question or concern through the contact form on its website.  Other than these options, Zyro offers live chat through its website. 

In all, excellent customer support with lots of options.

How Can I Upgrade My Zyro Plan?

Upgrading your existing Zyro pricing plan is easy. Go to your dashboard and navigate to “Subscriptions.” Just below your plan, you will see a button called “Upgrade.”

upgrade zyro plan

Click this button and choose the plan you want to upgrade to. Also, select the plan period, and click “Continue to payment.” On the checkout page, you will notice that the existing credit from your current plan is automatically applied towards your new plan, so you will have to pay only the remaining amount.

How To Renew My Zyro Plan?

Your Zyro plan is auto-renewed, so there is no extra work from you. However, you will be notified if the payment failed due to insufficient funds, an expired bank card, etc. Simply update the payment details and you’re good to go.

You can also turn off the auto-renewal option by going to your “Subscriptions.” In such a case, you will have to manually pay when the subscription period expires.

How To Change My Payment Method?

You can change your payment at any time. To do this,

  • Click on your name on the right-hand top corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Payment methods”
  • On the payments page, look for a button called “Add New Method” and click it
  • Choose from the given payment options and enter the details related to them. 
  • Finally, save the new details.

When you make a payment the next time, this new payment method will be used.

Can I Get An Invoice For My Zyro Purchase?

When you buy a Zyro plan, an email is sent automatically to the registered email ID. This will have an invoice with the order date, price, and the payment method used. 

You can also get an invoice copy at any time. Just contact customer service.

Zyro Pricing Summary

How much does Zyro cost? Here’s the Zyro pricing summary.

  • Unleashed – $2.90/month. Ideal for websites and blogs.
  • eCommerce – $8.90/month. Good choice for small online stores (less than 100 products).
  • eCommerce Plus – $15.90/month. Perfect for large online stores (Up to 2500 products). 

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