The Best WebinarJam Alternatives (2023 Competitors Ranked)

webinarjam alternatives

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The Best WebinarJam Alternatives (2023 Competitors Ranked)

webinarjam alternatives

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Today, we’re going to look at WebinarJam alternatives for those interested in hosting online events, like virtual conferences and meetings.

Webinars are a time-tested way to tell the world about your product/service, and for this, you need a top-notch webinar software like WebinarJam that offers a great experience for the presenters and audience. 

But is it the best webinar software available today?

In this article, we’ll compare WebinarJam to similar products to see which is better in what situations.

Before that, note that we have arranged a special 30-day trial with Webinarjam for just $1. This is only available through our Today Testing website. 

Read on for our full guide to the best WebinarJam alternatives worth trying in 2023.

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What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is an online webinar hosting platform with many interesting and useful features to enhance user experience. It is also simple to set up, highly customizable, and versatile.

You can use this webinar software to stream broadcasts from any place or device as it is compatible with the most popular operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices. 

Our full WebinarJam review goes into a ton of detail about this popular platform.

Areas Where WebinarJam is Superior to Competitors

Though there are many alternatives to WebinarJam, still it continues to rule the world of webinars, and for good reason too. Here are the areas where WebinarJam is superior to its competitors.

Panic Button

The panic button is a highlight of WebinarJam. When you face sudden technical problems, simply press this button, and your audience will be seamlessly moved to a new room, without anyone knowing or experiencing any glitch. 

This feature ensures that technical problems don’t impact your webinars, and more importantly, makes you feel at ease.

Customer Engagement

WebinarJam offers many options to engage with your customers. For starters, you have complete control over sending emails to remind them about the event and follow-up emails to thank your webinar attendees for coming, all of which can help to build goodwill with your customers. 

Similarly, you can design custom landing and thank you pages for registration and can send both private and public messages to your attendees during the webinar, so they are fully engaged throughout. This reduces the dropout rates from your webinars.

Further, every webinar is automatically recorded and you can send it for replay to your customers. The best part is they can ask questions even during the replays, and this greatly boosts your engagement levels, even after the live webinar ends. 

Ease of Use

WebinarJam is easy and quick to set up, so you can save a ton of time and effort in this process.

Also, you can preload your materials like charts and presentations and viewers can download them to their computer for a better viewing experience. This way, your users get a better understanding of your content, even if they log in from a place that has a poor Internet connection.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it sure gives you a glimpse into some of the areas where WebinarJam scores over its competitors. 

Now, let’s get into the actual comparison with similar webinar software platforms. 

Key Competitors

Let’s compare WebinarJam with some of its key competitors to get a perspective on areas such as ease of use, customer support, and pricing.

Everwebinar - Best Alternative for Automated Webinars

Everwebinar is for automated webinars while WebinarJam is for live webinars.

This is a key difference because automated webinars give a certain measure of flexibility to your audience to view webinars at a time that’s convenient for them and not at a time when you stream it.

That said, both these tools are sister products, so they have the same login screen, and depending on your subscription, you can easily switch between the two.

Since both products serve different purposes, they complement each other well. 

In fact, having a common subscription can help as you can easily switch between live webinars on WebinarJam and automated webinars on Everwebinar.

But still, if you have to choose between the two, pick WebinarJam when you’re around and can host live. On the other hand, choose Everwebinar if you’re catering to an audience in the other part of the world and can’t be around live. However, note that it takes some more time to set up an automated webinar on Everwebinar than a live event on WebinarJam.

Pros of Everwebinar

  • Secure webinar rooms with password protection
  • Advanced tracking and analytics
  • Flexible time slots
  • Automated webinar tool lets you host on-demand webinars whenever you want

Cons of Everwebinar

  • Can’t simulate a live chat
  • Email reminders cost extra

Overall, Everwebinar is a good choice when you want to offer automated webinars, and in all other cases, WebinarJam is your choice.

We have also arranged an exclusive 30 day $1 trial for Everwebinar available here

See our comparison of EverWebinar vs WebinarJam for more info.

Zoom - Best Alternative for large Webinar Audience Requirement

Both WebinarJam and Zoom are good choices for webinars, though, in reality, Zoom is more a videoconferencing/online meetings tool to which webinars were later included as an add-on. 

Hence, there are many differences in terms of customer outreach tools, analytics, email integration, follow-up tools, landing page customization, screen sharing, and more between the two platforms, and WebinarJam is hands-down the better choice on all these fronts. As a result, customer engagement is better with WebinarJam.

One area where Zoom scores are its ability to accommodate a large audience as its highest-paid plan can have an audience of 10,000 people. At the same time, this can cost you a whopping $64,900 per year.

WebinarJam, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 5000 attendees and this will cost just $999/year while hosting for the same number of audience on Zoom can set you back by $24,900 plus the cost of a basic license for video conferencing. When you compare the two, WebinarJam is the cheaper choice, unless you want to have an audience of 10,000+.

Pros of Zoom

  • Ideal when you want to have videoconferencing and webinars through the same app.
  • Have an audience of 10,000+
  • Works well on low Internet connectivity, so your audience can attend a webinar from anywhere. 

Cons of Zoom

  • Limited customer engagement tools and analytics. 
  • No customizations for landing pages

In all, Zoom is suited when you want to combine video conferencing and webinars in the same tool and want to reach out to 10,000 people at the same time. Otherwise, WebinarJam is the better choice.

Our WebinarJam vs Zoom guide offers a full in-depth comparison of the platforms.

Demio - Best Alternative on a Budget

Demio is considered to be a good alternative for WebinarJam pricing when you’re on a limited budget as the basic plan costs just $34/month paid annually when compared to the starter plan of WebinarJam that costs $499 a year.

But, Demio’s starter plan can accommodate only 50 attendees and even the highest plan can fit only a maximum of 500 attendees. WebinarJam, on the other hand, offers 500 attendees and two hosts in its starter plan.

Plus, WebinarJam comes with many features such as the panic button for technical emergencies, greater control over scheduling, more streamlined user engagement strategies and tools, advanced analytics, and more to boost customer engagement and conversion rates.

However, one area where Demio scores over WebinarJam is that it offers both live and automated webinars from the same tool, whereas WebinarJam offers only live webinar and for the automated one, you’ll have to switch to its sister product – Everwebinar.

Pros of Demio

  • Highly user-friendly.
  • Supports CTAs and polls during live events
  • Audio and video quality is great

Cons of Demio

  • Supports only a small audience
  • The replay page does not have any user engagement features

As you can see, Demio supports only a small audience that may not be enough for any growing business. Also, its engagement and analytics tools are highly limited and don’t add much value post webinars. 

Though Demio may seem like a low-cost alternative, WebinarJam gives more value for your money. See our Demio pricing guide for more info on their plans.

See our WebinarJam vs Demio comparison guide for a closer look at the two platforms.

GotoWebinar - Best Alternative for Multiple Panelists

GotoWebinar is a tool that has been around for a long time and is a good choice when you have multiple panelists to engage your audience. In particular, to bring down the dropout ratio and keep your audience interested.

WebinarJam also allows a maximum of six hosts in its highest plan, so it’s not far behind either on this front. In fact, when combined with other tools such as customizable landing pages, follow-up tools, and more, WebinarJam can boost your customer engagement and retention ratios.

Further, GotoWebinar requires a download and this can be a turn-off for many users, so they may choose to just skip over your webinar. Though there is a browser-based alternative called GoToWebcast, it’s not as user-friendly or intuitive as WebinarJam.

Pros of GoToWebinar

  • Comes with comprehensive tutorials.
  • Allows you to share presentations in real-time
  • Emails can be sent right from the application

Cons of GoToWebinar

  • Requires your attendees to install a desktop client
  • Does not work well with smartphones and tablets

WebinarJam is more advanced and easy-to-use than GotoWebinar, and more importantly, requires no installations. Hence, it is the better of the two, even when you want to have multiple hosts.

See our full WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar guide to learn more.

Easywebinar - Best webinar Alternative for Translating Webinar Funnels to Different Languages

WebinarJam and Easywebinar are similar in many ways as they have advanced scheduling features, the ability to invite users to speak on the webinar, integration with YouTube and Facebook Live, and support across multiple operating systems and devices.

However, WebinarJam’s Control Center gives you more control over the webinar as one of your team members can supervise and direct the entire webinar, so presenters can focus specifically on the presentation and keep the audience engaged.

And of course, the panic button helps to switch rooms in case of technical glitches. Advanced analytics and customization are the other advantages of WebinarJam as they give detailed insights into your audience behavior, so you can make the necessary changes for greater retention rates.

However, Easywebinar supports translating webinar funnels to different languages, which WebinarJam doesn’t.

Pros of Easywebinar

  • Supports both live and automated webinars
  • Allows you to invite users to speak on the webinar
  • Translates webinar funnels to different languages to reach out to a global audience.

Cons of Easywebinar

  • Only four templates of landing pages are available
  • No user engagement tools such as Q&A, whiteboards, polls, and surveys

Overall, WebinarJam is a better option for user engagement, customization, and ease of use when compared to Easywebinar.

Webinarninja - Best Alternative for Webinar Duration

Webinarninja is a simple and efficient platform for hosting webinars, as it comes with an intuitive UI and easy-to-setup options that allow you to focus on the presentation instead of the tech details. It also supports live, automated, hybrid, and even webinar series. The highlight is that you get 8 hours of webinars in the highest plan.

But it comes with just four landing page templates and users can’t interact with you during replays. Poor video quality and the inability to use polls at the right times in your presentation are major turn-offs.

Pros of Webinarninja

  • User-friendly and intuitive UI
  • Supports different types of webinars
  • The highest plan gives eight hours

Cons of Webinarninja

  • Chat section can be better
  • Poor video quality

Overall, WebinarJam is the hands-down better choice in terms of user engagement, control, and analytics, so you can keep your audience hooked and improve the conversion rate accordingly.

Conclusion - WebinarJam Summary

To summarize, WebinarJam comes with the following benefits.

  • Advanced analytics provide in-depth information about audiences’ behavior, so you can adjust your webinars accordingly for maximum viewership
  • User engagement tools give more opportunities to build a lasting relationship with customers
  • Pre and post-follow-up features boost your conversion rate
  • Easy to set up and use, and this saves your time and effort
  • No downloads are necessary and your users can log in from anywhere, thereby increasing your webinar’s visibility

And the cost of these benefits are reasonable too, as WebinarJam offers three plans,

  • Basic ($499/year) – 500 attendees
  • Professional ($699/year) – 2000 attendees
  • Enterprise ($999/year) – 5000 attendees

In all, WebinarJam is your go-to choice for hosting webinars.

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