Webinarjam vs Demio: Which Webinar Platform Wins? (2023)

webinarjam vs demio

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Webinarjam vs Demio: Which Webinar Platform Wins? (2023)

webinarjam vs demio

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Do you know that a single webinar can get you over 1,000 leads? But that’s provided you offer one that’s exceptional both in content and technology. 

The key is to choose the right webinar platform that offers the features you need, and Webinarjam and Demio top that list. So, which of the two is right for you?

We’ll tell you based on our experience and in-depth knowledge of hosting webinars.

Specifically, this article compares the two webinar platforms on customer engagement, reach, ease of use, follow-up features, customer support, availability of live and recorded webinars, and more. 

Before we dive in, both platforms offer a 14-day trial, but you’ll have to pay $1 for it with Webinarjam pricing while it’s a free trial with Demio.

Read on for our full comparison of WebinarJam vs Demio so you can find the right webinar platform for your needs.

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What is Webinarjam?

Webinarjam is a cloud-based platform for sharing your webinars and presentations to more than 5,000 people at the same time. More than one host can present the event and it is also backed by advanced tools for analytics, reporting, and customization.

This webinar platform is ideal for large companies, influencers with a large following, digital marketers looking to step up their efforts, and just about anyone who has something to show and tell. 

What is Demio?

Demio is an online webinar tool that allows you to offer both live and automated webinars. This is a simple tool that requires no downloads for your audience and comes with a slew of tools for marketing and analytics.

It is best suited for solo entrepreneurs, startups, and just about anyone testing the waters of webinars.  

Which webinar platform is right for your business?

To give you a bird’s eye view, choose Webinarjam if you want,

  • Customized landing and thank you pages that give visitors the information they want. In turn, this will increase your conversion rates and the overall sales.
  • Flexible email reminders and designs
  • No interruptions at all to your webinar, even if there are technical problems. The panic button is a handy feature to have for such situations. 
  • A vibrant social media community 
  • The customer engagements to continue during replay videos too. 
  • Space for a bigger audience
  • Additional tools during webinars like a whiteboard tool and transitions for presentation. 
  • More than one presenter

On the other hand, choose Demio  as your webinar platform if you want to, 

  • Host live and automated webinars
  • Include custom questions on the registration form
  • Save some money or if you’re just testing the waters
  • Provide a convenient and responsive mobile experience

Overall, choose Demio if you’re just starting out or have extremely limited budgets. For everyone else, get Webinarjam as it is comprehensive and comes with wide-ranging features to make the most out of webinars. 

Webinarjam vs Demio Feature Comparison

Let’s now jump into a detailed review of the key features offered by each webinar platform.

Who has a Bigger Customer Reach?

In Demio, you can only have a maximum of 500 attendees whereas, in Webinarjam, your Basic Plan allows 500 attendees and the highest plan allows up to 5000. So, you can have a bigger customer reach with just one webinar.

During the webinar, you can insert presentations, switch between slides, give file handouts, and more in both tools.  Also, you can get detailed insights into user behavior, attendance rates, and more. 

However, Webinarjam allows you to have transitions to your presentations and a whiteboard tool to point to things on your slide, both of which are not available in Demio. Also, you can have more than one presenter in the advanced plans of Webinarjam.

Considering these aspects, Webinarjam is the better option. 

Who has Better Customer Engagement Tools?

Landing and thank you pages are an important form of customer engagement as this is the critical link that converts visitors into customers. It also explains why many online marketers give considerable importance to these pages.

The good news is Webinarjam has customizable webinar registration pages and thank you pages that can be tweaked to meet your preferences and your users’ expectations. It offers many themes, color schema, video embedding, and more to pique your visitors’ interest. 

Demio, on the other hand, doesn’t offer this flexibility. It comes with a standard template that can’t be customized. In fact, you can’t even change the “Register” text on the button.

What this means is your visitors and customers will see the same landing page for all the webinars and this could get boring. Also, there is no engagement happening because the customer barely even looks at the registration page as they know it’s all the same.

Demio, on its part, has stuck to a simplistic design because it feels the focus must be on the webinar and not on the designs and preview videos as these could distract the user from the core purpose of the page. 

Well, to be honest, people do need variety and even possible previews to keep them interested. If you agree with this opinion, Webinarjam is a better option for customer engagement. 

Further, Webinarjam has built-in A/B testing on the landing pages, so you can get a better idea of the sections that users click and other engagement parameters. Accordingly, you can modify the page to maximize the conversion rate. 

This also gives you the flexibility to design different landing pages and run the A/B testing to see which page would convert better. 

Now, you might wonder if Demio offers any customer engagement tools at all?

Well, it does have an important one that Webinarjam doesn’t offer, and that’s custom questions on the registration form. You can use these questions to learn a bit more about your customers and what they’d like, so you can modify your offering accordingly.

But overall, Webinarjam offers way more customer engagement tools than Demio. 

At the same time, it merits note that both tools allow you to pre-configure the polls and offers before a live webinar, have public and private chats, an integrated Q&A session, moderators, and more. 

Pre and Post Webinar Customer Follow Up (Key for Sales)

Every online marketer will tell you the importance of customer follow-up and the key role it plays in boosting sales.

Let’s first talk about sending email reminders.

Just like landing pages, Webinarjam gives a lot of customization options for email reminders. You can use a lot of shortcodes and even write custom text to remind users about your webinar. But with Demio, your customization stops with just the custom text. You can’t alter the look and feel of the page at all. 

This is an important aspect because when you customize your email, you have the option to cross-sell and upsell your offering. You could use this email reminder as an opportunity to give a sneak preview of your other upcoming webinars or just about engaging your customer in any way.

Another important aspect is the frequency of email. With Webinarjam, you can customize the email schedule or even add custom email reminders, but with Demio, you can’t change the schedule at all. There are four email reminder formats to choose from, but nothing beyond. 

Such automated emails require little time and effort from you and at the same time, it stops you from losing potential customers. Also, these emails constantly tell your customers that you care and in this sense, creates a positive impression in their minds. 

Another closely related aspect is audience segmentation. When you can segment your audience based on their demographics, buying patterns, etc, you can provide a more customized offering that in turn, boosts their conversion rate.

Webinarjam allows you to segment your audience and send customized email reminders accordingly.

In all, Webinarjam is the hands-down winner when it comes to pre- and post-webinar follow-ups because of the sheer customization choices it offers. 

Ease of Use / User Friendliness

Both tools are well-matched in user-friendliness as they are easy to set up and use. 

In Demio, the setup process is straight-forward, and to change the preferences, head to the customization option. On the other hand, Webinarjam allows you to customize while setting up the webinar itself. 

Which of the two is better>

It’s a personal preference and both tools are winners in ease of use as you can set up a webinar in just a few minutes and control the way it’s delivered to your end-users. So, no more frustrations and learning curves here. 

Customer Support: Who Will Help You More?

Webinarjam has a vibrant Facebook community where you can get answers to most questions. 

Webinarjam also has a feature called “Panic! Button.” If something goes wrong with your webinar, the platform automatically creates a new webinar room and directs all your attendees to it. Since this takes only a few seconds, there’s no impact at all on your audiences’ experience. 

Demio, on the other hand, doesn’t have such quick backup support, but the customer service is quick and efficient. Most times, the questions and concerns are well-answered and in-depth. 

Overall, Webinarjam is the winner again because the panic button can be a real saver when things go south!

Live Webinars and Automated Webinars Availability

A key difference between Webinarjam and Demio is the availability of automated webinars.

While Webinarjam offers only live webinars, Demio offers both live and automated ones. 

In fact, creating automated webinars in Demio takes just a few minutes. All that you have to do is set the title, schedule the webinar, change any preferences if you need, and that’s it! You’re good to go!

This additional flexibility is handy for those who like to schedule webinars frequently, but may not be able to go Live each time. 

Though both tools allow you to schedule recurring webinars monthly or weekly based on your preferences, Demio allows you to schedule only once a week while Webinarjam has no such restrictions. 

So, which of the two is better? Undoubtedly, Demo if you want to host both automated and on-demand webinars. Though the scheduling process is more intuitive in Webinarjam, its inability to host automated webinars is a big limitation. 

A workaround to this limitation is to use Everwebinar, the sister product of Webinarjam that supports automated webinars and gives the look and feel of a live webinar. It comes with a lot of the features offered by Webinarjam to give an enriching experience for your customers. 

Webinar Replays

Webinarjam has a feature called “Replica Replay” that displays the events and the engagements exactly the way they happened during live. The bonus is users can still ask questions even during the replay, and the questions are emailed to the host. This way, the engagement continues during replays as well!

Demio’s replay feature is bland in comparison and all that you can do is insert a call-to-action. Even the chats and engagements that happened during live are not replayed, only the video is shown.

Undoubtedly, Webinarjam is the winner here. 

Do They Stream On All Devices Both Mobile and Desktop?

Both devices stream on both mobile and desktop devices and provide a fully responsive experience in both. 

A key difference is in the layout. Webinarjam places the engagement tools like a chat on the same page as the webinar while Demio moves it to a different page, so you can switch between the webinar and the chat.

While there’s no major benefit of one layout over another, it’s a personal preference. In this sense, both are winners!

Thus, this is the feature comparison between the two platforms. Let’s now take a look at the pricing.

Webinarjam Vs Demio Pricing

The pricing structure varies greatly between the two platforms. While Webinarjam only offers annual plans, Demio pricing gives the choice between paying monthly or yearly. 

Webinarjam offers four plans and they are:

  • Starter ($39/month billed annually) – 100 attendees, one host, and one hour maximum with unlimited webinars.
  • Basic ($79/month billed annually) – 500 attendees, two hosts, and two hours maximum duration. 
  • Professional ($229/month billed annually) – 2000 attendees, four hosts, three hours maximum duration, Panic button, and Always-On live room
  • Enterprise ($379/month billed annually) – 5000 attendees, six hosts, four hours maximum duration, Panic button, Always-On live room, and control center. 

Demio has three plans and they are:

  • Starter ($34/month paid annually or $49/month paid monthly) – Ideal for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs and can accommodate up to 50 attendees.
  • Growth ($69/month paid annually or $99/month paid monthly) – Comes with automated events, custom branding, and a ton of other tools. Can have a maximum of 150 attendees.
  • Premium (starting at $250/month per host billed annually) – This plan supports a 500-1,000 attendees and four hosts. It offers priority support and integration with Marketo as well. 

Demio pricing is slightly cheaper than WebinarJam, but WebinarJam let’s you accommodate more attendees for the price.


In all, Webinarjam comes with a host of advanced features that allow you to reach a bigger audience and stay on top of user experiences, analytics, customization, and more. 

Demio, on the other hand, is a great choice for small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and anyone who is just starting. Its automated webinar is a great addition to its repertoire of tools.

TL; DR: Webinarjam is the better of the two and also the only choice when you want to step up and expand your business to reach a bigger audience. If you’re just starting and are on a tight budget, consider Demio. In all other cases, it is Webinarjam. See our Webinarjam review for even more info.

Have any questions about our Demio vs WebinarJam comparison? Let us know by commenting below.