ClickFunnels Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get? (2023 Guide)

clickfunnels pricing

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ClickFunnels Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?

clickfunnels pricing

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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Looking for info on ClickFunnels pricing, plans, and features so you can choose wisely for your business?

Sales funnels are known to boost conversion rates, as you can track your customers’ journey from awareness to a buy. In the process, you can also understand where your business stands and make the necessary optimizations.

There are many sales funnel builders out there, and ClickFunnels is one of the most prominent choices. 

In this article, we will help you understand how much does ClickFunnels cost by analyzing each ClickFunnels plan and its features. 

Before we jump in, note that ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial on all its plans.

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ClickFunnels Pricing At A Glance

Below is a quick preview of ClickFunnels’ cost.

As you can see, ClickFunnels offers two plans – ClickFunnels and ClickFunnels Platinum. Let’s now see what each of these ClickFunnels plans offer.


This ClickFunnels plan costs $97/month. 

So, what do you get for this pricing?


Needless to say, you get to build funnels and use them (plus get access to a ton of funnel metrics). Under this plan, you can build up to 20 funnels easily with the platform’s drag-and-drop editor. It also comes with a ton of predesigned templates to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about creating a funnel from scratch. Simply pick an existing one and modify it to meet your business needs.

You can share the funnels you create with others and there are no restrictions or limits on the same.

Landing Pages

You can have landing pages inside each funnel. This plan restricts landing pages to 100, but that by itself can be plenty, unless you’re managing many businesses simultaneously. You can also choose from existing landing page templates to create beautiful pages for your business.


Under this ClickFunnels plan, you can have up to three domains for different products or brands. All these three domains can be in the same account.

Also, note that you can have only one team member with login and admin rights.

Additional Features

Other additional features you get include chat support,  training courses and materials, and access to three payment gateways through integrations to make it easy for you to get paid. 

Overall, this is a good plan for building funnels and leveraging their power.  That said, it comes with some limitations and may not be ideal for large digital marketing companies that specialize in providing these services for a wide range of clients. For such companies, the Platinum plan is a better choice.

ClickFunnels Platinum

ClickFunnels Platinum costs $297/month.

A key difference between this ClickFunnels plan and the previous one is in terms of restrictions. In this plan, there are no limits on the number of funnels or pages that you can create. Also, up to three users can have admin and login rights. 

Further, you can have a maximum of nine payment gateways to receive money. Another advantage is you can have up to nine domains for different products and brands. This can come in handy if you’re a digital marketing agency handling the products of many clients. 

Besides these, you have priority support and additional hours of training videos and materials. You will also have an expert guiding you through funnel creation, so the chances for you to build a successful one are high.

Followup Funnels

Followup funnels is a key feature and one that’s not available in the other plan. In this feature, you get to connect with your customers even after they leave your funnel. This is an important feature because it gives a chance to understand why some customers left the funnel in the first place, so you can fill those gaps.

Secondly, you can bring these people back to your funnels, again and again, thereby improving the overall conversion rate of your digital marketing strategies. There is no limit on the number of followup funnels you can build. 

Thus, these are the additional features you get under the Platinum plan.

If you run a fast-paced high revenue business and would like to automate your team operations, this may be the plan for you.

Is The Higher Price Worth It?

Now comes an important question – is the higher cost of ClickFunnels Platinum worth its offering? 

The difference between the two ClickFunnels plans is $200/month and this is undoubtedly high. For most business owners and small businesses, this plan is clearly out of their budgets, and rightly so, because you don’t see such an unlimited number of funnels or landing pages.

If you’re a marketing manager of a business, you’d use an average of about four to five funnels for different funnels and verticals. The same applies to small digital marketing companies as well. So, for such people, the Platinum plan is a clear waste of money.

On the other hand, this is a good choice for large enterprises that have multiple brands and sell many products through them. In particular, these unlimited funnels can come in handy if the products sold are dissimilar or if they have a different target audience.

Plus, the idea of followup funnels is powerful because it not only helps to understand what’s missing in your business, but also boosts the chances of bringing more people under your organization’s fold. 

In all, go for ClickFunnels Platinum if you’re a large enterprise selling diverse products or a large digital marketing company catering to many clients around the world. In all other cases, the regular ClickFunnels plan should do.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the plans and their associated costs and features, let’s move on to some FAQs related to Clickfunnels pricing.

FAQS on ClickFunnels Pricing

How Can I Cancel My ClickFunnels Account?

You must have an active ClickFunnels account before you can cancel it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can cancel your ClickFunnels account.

  • Go to your account’s dashboard.  Hover the mouse on your profile name/picture and choose account settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Look for an option called “Account Billing” on the left-hand pane of the window.
  • You will see four tabs and the rightmost one will be “Cancel Account”. Click that. 
  • You’ll see a yellow button called “Cancel My Subscription” 
  • Next, a few reasons will be displayed. Select the appropriate option.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tick the checkbox. This is just to confirm that by canceling you agree to lose all your subdomains, leads, pages, funnels, and customer data.
  • Finally, click the “Cancel my Account” button.
  • You’ll again be asked to type “CONFIRM” in a text box and after that click the “Proceed with Cancellation” button below the text box. 

With this, your ClickFunnels account will be canceled and you will get an email notification of the same. The many checks are designed to ensure that you are aware of the implications of canceling your account and you’re ready for it.

Can I Pause My Account?

Yes, you can pause your account at any time. This option simply hibernates your account, so all your data is safe and is not deleted. You can resume the account at any time.

Please note that this option will not allow you to build or access funnels or any other data in the system. 

To pause your account, 

  • Go to your dashboard. Hover over and choose account settings.
  • In the next window, choose account billing.
  • Next, select the cancel button tab followed by the cancel account button.
  • Before confirmation, you’ll be given the choice to pause your account. 
  • Or, you can choose the “Pause my Account” option as one of the reasons for leaving.

When you pause your account, all your data will be safe.

How Do I Reactivate My Account?

You can always reactivate your account after canceling it. However, you must do it within 30 days of cancellation. 

To reactivate your account, simply log into your account, and select the subscription plan you’d like to continue. The default card details that are already available in the system will be automatically charged for the first month.

Can I Downgrade The Subscription?

You can downgrade the subscription at any time from ClickFunnels Platinum to the regular ClickFunnels plan. 

To downgrade the account,

  • Go to Account Billing from the profile menu.
  • Scroll down the Account Billing page and click on an option called “Choose a different plan”
  • Choose the plan that you want to downgrade to.

In case of any questions, you can always reach out to customer support.

How Do I Upgrade Your Subscription?

Just like how you can downgrade, you can also upgrade your subscription. 

To do this, go to your Account Billing page. Scroll down the page and click on “Choose a Different Plan.” From the options, choose the plan that you want to upgrade to. 

You can also contact the customer support team at any time.

Can I Get A Refund From My ClickFunnels?

The parent company of ClickFunnels, called Etison, does not have a refund policy. Under no circumstances, you will get a refund.

In case you want to try this tool, you can take the 14-day free trial.

What's The Best Way To Contact The Support Team?

ClickFunnels offers live chat support 24 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. You can start talking to a customer service representative right from the website. 

Besides this, you can also create tickets for technical and payment-related issues, and the same will be resolved by the ClickFunnels team at the earliest.  Alternatively, send an email to with a detailed description of the issue.

What Are Payment Gateways? How Are They Relevant To My Billing?

Payment gateways are online services that process your payments, so you can receive money from your customers. With ClickFunnels, you have to explicitly integrate a payment gateway with your account. Some of your choices are:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Keap
  • Recurly
  • NMI
  • Easy Pay Direct

Integrating these gateways is easy. To integrate a payment gateway, go to your Account Settings and on the left-hand pane, navigate to Payment Gateways. Click a button called “Add a New Payment Gateway.” Fill in the details and you’re good to go.

Thus, these are some of the FAQs related to ClickFunnels’ cost and billing.

ClickFunnels Pricing Summary

Here’s a quick look at the ClickFunnels pricing summary.

  • Basic/regular ClickFunnels plan – $97/month
  • ClickFunnels Platinum – $297/month

Overall, ClickFunnels is a convenient platform for building funnels to boost your conversion rates. If you’re a large enterprise handling multiple products, go for the Platinum plan. In all other cases, the regular plan should be enough.

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