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Infusionsoft vs Clickfunnels: A No-Nonsense Review


Published by Al Rose, Date Updated: August 22, 2018

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Table of Contents

Clickfunnels vs Infusionsoft: An Intro

Al, What’s your take on Clickfunnels vs Infusionsoft?

How long do you have is my usual response.

These 2 technologies and their intricacies consume my daily life…Seriously.

Infusionsoft forms the focal point of my larger supplement business while Clickfunnels is the lifeblood of my sales and leads creation in my smaller Amazon FBA business’s.

This separation is a key point for all of you to take on board right away.

Why do I say this?

I say this because these 2 pieces of software ‘can’ achieve different goals for you depending on your business.

It is not as simple as saying Infusionsoft is better in all cases or Clickfunnels is the definitive winner.

I punctuated the word ‘can’ there because while these software providers can exponentially improve your sales and returns..they will do very little if you don’t have a clear goal on what you plan to achieve.. or if you lack the drive to learn.

I have seen this happen..marketers become disillusioned with the software (especially with Infusionsoft) or they bought the wrong product for their business needs.. In both cases they give up before they see results and it leaves a sour taste and plenty of money on the table!

You have to know your goal before making a big business purchase..PERIOD.

If you shell out good money for anything, you want to know it is right for you…that’s how I plan to help.

My overall goal here is to ensure you are not one of those disillusioned people.

How will I help you?

By the end of this guide my hope is you will have achieved the following:

1. Key differences between the 2 pieces of software.

2. Clear picture of both their features, price plans, pro’ and con’s (Also you can check out our individual Clickfunnels review or Infusionsoft review for more detail on both.

3. Clear picture of what software your business requires.

Also if you have any questions not answered in this review then please contact me in the contact box at the bottom of the page. I will get back to you as soon as i can with an answer.

Or… If you have any questions regarding the software can be directed to yours truly here or the giant FAQ at the end of this page.

With that said, lets jump in to the details.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels allows you to create marketing funnels that helps your business market and sell products or services online.

You can use pre-built marketing funnel templates that have been heavily tested or you can create your own. Landing pages, squeeze pages and order forms can also be created using their visual drag and drop builder or tested templates if preferred. It is designed for entrepreneurs and small business’s with little to no coding skills who want to create and systemise their online marketing and sales funnels.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is an all in one marketing automation, sales automation, CRM and e-commerce solution. It is designed for small to medium sized business’s who are looking to streamline and centralise their marketing and sales functions to accelerate growth.

A Quick Reminder From The Outset

The core functions in Clickfunnels of landing page building and sales funnels needs to be stressed – This is what they do well.  Once we move beyond these base features they struggle to match Infusionsoft in many areas. On paper they share many of the features of Infusionsoft and they want to be seen as an all in one marketing platform

In reality they are still a landing page builder (an excellent one) and sales funnel expert and they are trying to catch up with Infusionsoft in terms of reporting, CRM, email marketing etc.

Some area’s where Infusionsoft excel like sales automation have still to be added by Clickfunnels so it must be stated that we are not comparing apples with apples here

Therefore it is vital that you know what your goal for your business is before reading on and making a buying decision.

Features List


$80 - $398

Per month


$97 - $297

Per month

Pricing (Value For Money)

Landing Pages

Sales Funnels

Order Pages

Email Marketing

Customer Support




Affiliate Tracking

Sales Automation

Not Provided

Ease Of Use

Pricing and Sign Up Thoughts

Here is where the first divergence occurs and for many people reading this, it is the most important divergence.

Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft do not offer the exact same services and their price plans are centred around different metrics.

Let me explain:

With Infusionsoft, the increase to your price plan revolves around the amount of contacts you have and the amount of emails sent a month. The price plans increase as you take on more of both as seen in the table below.

Infusionsoft Pricing



Per month


$ 65*

Per month



Per month

Deluxe Sales


Per month

Deluxe E-Comm


Per month



Per month



Per month

Multiple Teams


Per month

Clickfunnels Pricing



Per month

Etlson Suite


Per month

Infusionsoft offer features that Clickfunnels simply does not have. The power of their marketing automation and CRM system (Which I will delve deeper into later in this guide) is renowned in the internet marketing community and it’s these features that make Infusionsoft a premium purchase.

What about Clickfunnels?

Cheaper but not cheap by any means either!

Clickfunnels pricing is based around the amount of sales funnels and lead pages you plan to use in contrast to Infusionsoft’s contacts approach (Clickfunnels allows you unlimited contacts).

To a lesser extent, they base it on your unique visitors but I feel once you hit 100k unique visitors paying $297 a month would not be too big an impact!

The question is:

What you do need for your business to achieve your goals? (I will ask this question throughout the guide so get used to it!)

Do you need an all in one marketing platform covering CRM, email marketing, sales automation or is your main goal to set up a sales funnel, collect leads and make sales?


Another important point..especially if you are on a fixed budget.

Infusionsoft have a mandatory training program you must take normally costing $1,999 although right now it is down to $299 (as of May 2018).

I know what you are thinking!

Why should I pay an extra fee after I have bought the product?!

I thought the same thing when I signed up.

It doesn’t feel quite right,there is no doubt about it.

In hindsight though, it is a necessary evil as Infusionsoft is DAMN tricky to learn.

Even for experienced marketers there is some much to learn. You would really struggle if you didn’t have it and you would miss out on seeing Infusionsoft’s real capabilities.

Again what about Clickfunnels?

No such upfront cost, thank goodness! Clickfunnels training is a lot more straight forward and so a paid course is not necessary or warranted.

Sales/ Landing Page Builder

This is Clickfunnel’s bread and butter.

Landing pages has always been what Clickfunnels does best and they are ahead of the pack in this category.

Why are they the best?


The landing page builder use a drag and drop feature that a preschooler could easily handle.

Within 20 minutes anyone can build a decent landing page with this software.

It incorporates everything you need for an effective page in 2018. You can integrate countdown timers, embedded videos, and pop ups.

Clickfunnels also has all the other key marketing pages you need to attract customers.

Live webinar pages, thank you pages, billing pages are all also included.

I, for one, do not have the time or patience to build these pages from scratch so I use Clickfunnels’ tried and tested template pages.

These pages are a key selling point for Clickfunnels as they have been A/B tested til the cows came home.

The templates they offer have proven to work for Clickfunnels users and that’s why they appear in the list.


Clickfunnels Landing Page Templates


Depending on whether you choose the startup package which gives you access to 100 pages or Enterprise which gives 300, they will form a crucial part of your marketing plan.

Unless of course you are some landing page building that case the easy navigation will make your job quick and painless.

In 2017, Infusionsoft upped their game in the landing page builder department.

About time!

Recognising the importance in creating responsive landing pages(maybe after noticing Clickfunnels success), Infusionsoft rolled out a simple drag and drop builder which allows you to create highly customised sales pages, event pages etc.

They also upgraded the landing page domain allowing you to customise the domain – previously they were hosted on Infusionsoft meaning you gained nothing in terms of SEO for any links to the page.

 Infusionsoft Landing Page Builder


What about templates you ask?

Yes they have them and there are specifically designed templates for a variety of industries.

Are they on the same level as Clickfunnels?

From my experience, the answer is no…

As I said earlier landing pages are Clickfunnels bread and butter and they are ahead of Infusionsoft because their landing pages have been A/B tested in hundreds of variations which has helped them pinpoint the exact designs that convert.

Infusionsoft templates do not convert as well for us and we get the feeling that these designs have not gone through as many rigorous tests as Clickfunnels’.

Infussionsoft’s landing page builder sits inside its campaign builder and it is this feature where Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels are most closely related. We delve into this campaign builder in more detail in the next section.

Quick Comparison

Sales Funnels

Clickfunnels vs Infusionsoft in terms of sales funnels is a tricky debate and depends on your end goal as well as your budget.

For Clickfunnels the sales funnel is the cornerstone of their business. As a result, they have ensured that using these funnels is a quick and painless process.

 Clickfunnels Sales Funnel


They achieve this through including well designed and tested sales funnel templates which cover both basic and sophisticated marketing techniques.

Along with sales page funnels, they also offer lead capture funnels, webinar funnels, product launch funnels and more basic squeeze funnels – In total at the timing of writing this, Clickfunnels offer 22 templates.

Just like the landing page templates, these sales funnels have been tested and re-tested against numerous variations.

Does it really matter?

For us it really did as these templates proved to be far more effective converters than manual funnels we had created in the past.

We also had the sales funnel up and running within a few hours of buying Clickfunnels. The ease and speed of setting these templated funnels up is a big advantage for us especially when we want to quickly check how a new product launch might work with our audience.

Of course, you can create your own fully customized sales funnel too but we don’t recommend this to beginner marketers.

How does Infusionsoft compare?

Infusionsoft’s sales funnels sit within the software’s campaign builder, a feature which simply has far more power and flexibility than Clickfunnels sales funnel builder.

 Infusionsoft Campaign Builder


The campaign builder sales funnel interacts with other pieces of Infusionsoft’s ecosystem like the CRM system and marketing automation features to ensure your lead is reached at the right time in the right way . The campaign builder allows you visually drag and drop a marketing/sales campaign (automation of tasks) from start to finish complete with email reminders, and custom responses based on the audience you have targeted.

For me therefore, It isn’t really realistic to compare Clickfunnels sales funnel with Infusionsoft’s.

There are more moving parts in Infusionsoft’s which make it more customized for your target audience and in my opinion, more effective if you are trying to build a loyal audience.

But purely looking at the quality of the sales funnel templates, Clickfunnels is ahead for me.

Again it all depends on your goal and your budget.

Quick Comparison

  • Infusionsoft funnels fall under their powerful campaign builder function.
  • Their sales funnels form one part in a myriad of interconnecting features to target your audience.
  • Very effective but not a direct comparison to the leaner, more focused sales funnel feature offered by Clickfunnels.
  • Clickfunnel’s best feature, unsurprisingly, is their sales funnels.
  • 22 templates to choose from covering sales, product launch funnels, webinar funnels and lead funnels.
  • Very quick and easy to set up.

Order Forms

A clear win for Clickfunnels here straight off the bat. This feature is part of Clickfunnels core offering and it’s something they do really well.

Clickfunnels order forms are highly customizable due to the drag and drop feature.

I have increased my conversions by adding videos, testimonials and exit pop ups offering discounts to my order forms in the past with Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Order Form Set Up


What else are customers looking for when they make a purchase?


If you display an upstanding reputation to your customer they will buy from you again and again

Clickfunnels recognise this and added verification seals to order forms which helps to assure the customers that their financial information is secure and will be processed safely. Again they also offer plenty of proven templates if you don’t want to build forms yourself.

Integrating with reputable providers like Stripe also helps Clickfunnels in building trust here.

Verification seal available with Clickfunnels payment pages


Infusionsoft biggest issue with order forms is customisation – only those comfortable with HTML can edit order forms (that’s not me and never will be!)

While they offer decent order form themes, the drag and drop customisation is missing meaning its quite difficult to add videos or impact the user experience in a big way.

 Infusionsoft Order Form Edit


The forms are also not self-hosted and must be hosted on Infusionsoft’s server – its frustrating not being able to fully monitor your leads.

For these reasons many people use order forms from other providers like Samcart – a frustrating extra expense when you are already shelling out very good money for Infusionsoft.

A definite weakness of Infusionsoft which they have addressed through this integration with Samcart. Hopefully they can create a more robust intenral solution soon as paying extra on top of Infusionsoft’s price plan doesn’t sit well.

Quick Comparison

  • Not on a par with Clickfunnels order forms.
  • Order form themes offered but customization only available through HTML editing. 
  • Samcart integration offered which solves the issues but this is an added monthly cost. 
  • Drag and drag feature which is very easy to use. 
  • Really useful conversion features like exit pop ups increase engagement.
  • Integration with reputable online payment companies like Strike helps build trust with customer.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, for me is where Infusionsoft really earns its crust.

Let me explain:

In today’s market you cannot get away with sloppy unprofessional emails…I tried the cheap route earlier in my career and my conversion rate rightfully remained in the low single digits.

Today you need responsiveness and slickness aligned showcasing your company’s brand colours and we found Infusionsoft’s email marketing templates offered this. It also offers the much sought after higher click through rates.

Again, as a saving grace for non-technical marketers out there, Infusionsoft also use the drag and drop feature if you want to create your own customised emails.

The key strength of the Infusionsoft email marketing feature though is its integration with other elements of the Infusionsoft package.

Take the CRM system (which we will look at shortly).

The email marketing function will interact 24/7 with Infusionsoft’s CRM sending out personalised emails based on triggers being fed from the CRM contact database.

Say a customer gets to the payment page and doesn’t complete the purchase. This regularly happens and can be really frustrating when you are so close to a sale! This purchase stage will be added to the customer activity on the CRM.

You can set up an automatic trigger in the form of an autoresponder email which goes to any customer like this who does not complete the transaction. The email will go out automatically a few days later reminding them to complete the purchase.

This is powerful and has without question added to our top line.

Infusionsoft’s broadcast email feature also makes your communication with large segments of your contact list simple and quick to organise.

A broadcast email is one single email sent to your list of contacts at a scheduled time.

Infusionsoft uses a mail merge function to personalise the message to each client taking their info from the CRM and we have found it really useful for communicating monthly newsletters to our audience. (10)-min

When I first bought Clickfunnels I charged straight in without really assessing every feature available.

Dumb move right!

Anyways as I worked through it I started looking for the option to add edit and send group emails. Nothing was appearing on the dashboard so I contacted customer support.

Turns out email marketing was only available on the more expensive Etison package ($297 a month) through their actionetics software!

Email marketing was and still is an important tool for my business so I stumped up the extra cash per month.

And for a while I thought Actionetics email marketing was the bees knees in terms of email automation and CRM.

Firstly, It saved me from having to intergrate with other email automation software as it has a built in email autoresponder service much like Infusionsoft.

This automation is built around their ‘Action Funnels’ feature which is an easy to use set of actions you can implement.

It allows you to automatically trigger an email, text message or perform an action like adding someone to a list depending on how your lead or client interacts with certain Rule Groups.

What is a Rule Group you ask?

A rule group breaks down your list based on certain actions or traits.

A Product Group for example will let you trigger an action depending on whether a product was purchased while a contact group will trigger an action according to contact info.

This automation was simple to set up (an ongoing theme with Clickfunnels – they do make things simple!) and it seemed to be quite effective at generating responses.

They also have an email list feature which is pretty standard – it segments your contact list depending on your target audience, be it your leads or offers to existing customers and they also offer the broadcast email feature like Infusionsoft.

So why do I no longer think Clickfunnel’s email marketing is the bees knees?

I found the response rate to Infusionsoft email marketing was significantly higher.

Why is this?

Infusionsoft is simply a more powerful platform with more data to extract for use in personalised email campaigns and more techniques to convert leads. Clickfunnels as stated previously are experts in landing page builders and buying forms. Email marketing and the automation around it are new areas for them and they are not yet on a par with Infusionsoft.

For example, with Infusionsoft if your lead is redirected from an email to your product sign up page, their contact information will be automatically filled in. Saving your lead the hassle of filling in their contact info can be the difference between a sale and last minute flake out!


As I noted in the previous section, Infusionsoft has a highly proficient and interconnected ecosystem where email marketing, the CRM and sales funnels communicate with each other ensuring your leads and existing customers are targeted at the correct time with the correct message.

The CRM forms the engine in this process feeding and storing information to and from the sale funnel/ email sequence.

What I have really benefited from seeing my customers position in my sales funnel sequence. Every time your customer takes an action along the sales funnel, it is recorded on the customers profile on the CRM. It can also show you what decisions they have taken on your website.

This has been a big eyeopener!

I have been able to quickly recognise patterns where multiple customers are going cold at the same buying stage and have made changes to my marketing approach which has improved conversions.

The lead scoring element of the CRM has also been a beneficial addition to my lead nurturing.

What is lead scoring?

This features identifies your hottest leads (strictly in buying terms of course!) – those who are closest to the buying stage.

This is measured by their prior actions on your marketing sequence by a number – the more positive actions the higher their lead score number. This is not a unique feature to Infusionsoft and you need to have a proven sales process in place but it has really zeroed in on my highest potential prospects.

Another key element of Infusionsoft’s CRM arsenal is the tagging function. This allows you to niche down your contact list beyond basic segmentation.

Customer Support

There is real divergence in quality between Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels when it comes to customer support.

The most important difference is that technical support is offered 24/7 by Infusionsoft while Clickfunnels can only manage Monday to Fridays from 9am to 5pm.

If you are like me you will be working most weekends on your business so it can be very frustrating to wait over a full weekend for a response to a technical query.

With Infusionsoft you can pick up the phone and talk to an agent within minutes to iron out problems and that has saved me much heartache in the last few years. You can also send an email with response times for me between 24 and 48 hours. With Infusionsoft constantly growing its likely that the support will become less personalised but for now the response times and knowledge levels of their support staff is above average.

For Clickfunnels their customer support problems revolves around a lack of trained staff and a pass the parcel policy when it comes to software issues.

Let me clarify:

Clickfunnels has grown rapidly in the past 3 years – their small support staff simply could not deal with the number of customer queries pouring in each day. They hired new customer service agents to handle the influx but this new staff is not too knowledgeable on some of the techy issues that can really trip you up.

The other issue is that technical queries I make are commonly referred to other teams within Clickfunnels when the agent doesn’t have a template answer. This brings further delays to solving your issue and often times the expert referred to doesn’t provide a complete solution either!

Customer support issues are the hallmark of a rapidly growing business but hopefully with more experience and training these problems can be ironed out soon.


This is an area that can irk me!

Infusionsoft has great data…no question!

But getting reports that I would consider most useful like a weekly sales report is not as simple as a click of a button. When I login into Infusionsoft I think I should be able to see my graphical sales report from last week or last month and ideally this should be updated week on week.

Instead I have to manually input the specific dates im looking for on a date calender in their Sales Report section and I would need to do this every time I login as it doesn’t save your searches.

Thankfully I learned from the guys at Monkeypod Marketing that there is a way around this ordeal using the tagging feature but I still find it annoying. (with patience tagging can get you every report you could want but I’m just not that patient)

To be fair though, the Infusionsoft reporting or campaign reporting function does offer some great analysis through pulling data from the CRM:

For instance, I am pretty obsessive about knowing how many of my leads actually completed my intended goal in a campaign like for example, signing up for a newsletter.

Infusionsoft campaign reporting can do just that in its performance mode section. This is a ‘click of a button’ task – my favourite kind of task and it can show you exactly how effective your campaign really is.  Infusionsoft have a good article on this topic which you can find here.


How does Clickfunnels reporting shape up?

Infusionsoft can produce the weekly sales reports that I crave for (after some effort), Clickfunnels can too but on a rigid per funnel basis.

It is frustrating especially at the Etison Suite level of $297 as I think it should be on a plate for you.

Clickfunnels has a dashboard which monitors metrics from your sales funnels.

You can tell this software was made by a marketer as its got all key industry metrics.

Click through rates (CTRs), cost per click (CPC), conversion rates (CVR), cost per customer, bounce rates and conversion rates are all displayed in the Clickfunnels dashboard.

These are really helpful – don’t get me wrong – but there is a rigidity to them that I hope could be addressed.

For instance you can only see metric on a per sales funnel basis – I want to see returns for EVERYTHING…all my sales funnels combined at the click of a button.

And you can look at these metrics over a week, 30 days, 2 months, yearly or all time basis.

Useful but I want to pick the specific days I measure from.. Over the Christmas period for example.

You want to see this specific 2-3 week period but you cannot get this snapshot here, without dusting off the calculator.

The less integrations the better I think… for stress and eliminating chances of things going wrong.

Infusionsoft stands up as a clear winner with it all in one approach.

Clickfunnels Integrations vs Infusionsoft Integrations

As Clickfunnels is not an all in one marketing platform like Infusionsoft, third party integrations are a lot more crucial to the success of my Clickfunnels business.

The most important intergration for me is payment processing as that is how you get paid!

Clickfunnels integrate with Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank,, and JVzoo.


 Clickfunnels Intergrates With Payment Processor Stripe


Trust me when I say this:

Just stick to Stripe!

It’s dependable, its supports One Click upsells and offers (unlike Paypal) and it’s solely a payment processer which ensures its focus is not distracted by other area’s of business.

Email service integration will also be crucial for those of you who don’t want to go for the $297 Etison Suite which gives you the Actionetics email service.

Thankfully Clickfunnels is really not lacking here in terms of their partnerships.

Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Aweber, Ontraport or GetResponse are all very capable email autoresponders with Active Campaign the stand out in terms of quality.

Other useful integrations are included for webinars like Webinar Jam which can enable Q & As with members, Kunaki which is a fulfilment center (if you’re selling physical products) and Taxamo which calculates European VAT if you are selling in the EU.

Infusionsoft, on the other hand is an all in one ecosystem so intergrations with outside companies is not required to run effective sales campaigns.

The beauty of Infusionsoft is that everything can be done within the platform – you don’t have worry about connecting multiple third party software platforms to each other and hoping they work seamlessy along with the added expense of signing up to these providers.

Everything is in one place.

What Infusionsoft do have is add ons and plugins much like you get in WordPress

Plugins like Memberium has allowed me to intergrate my website with Infusionsoft and make it a membership site and FixYourFunnel which has added SMS marketing to my funnel.

There is one absolute must add:

Zapier – it connects hundreds of web applications to Infusionsoft like Shopify. For me this has been really helpful as I not a big fan of the Infusionsoft shopping cart so I have replaced it easily with Shopify.

Lest I forget that Infusionsoft also integrates with Clickfunnels itself! Again using the Zapier application, marketers can add their Infusionsoft ecommerce product to a Clickfunnels order page. As order pages are notably better on Clickfunnels, this integration makes sense for increasing sales. I have not taken the step of integrating the two but instructions on how this is done can be found here.

Affiliate Tracking

Both Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels have affiliate tracking systems built into their software and I have been an early adopter of both.

Backpack – this is the name of the Clickfunnel’s affiliate management tool and it does a decent job of tracking clicks and sales from affiliates.

Can you get this on the basic $97 package?

Afraid not!

You will need to upgrade to the pricier Etison Suite package at $297 for the BackPack tool.

As I was already going for the Etison package because I needed the Actionetics email software, I found BackPack to be a nice addition and it became important quite quickly to me when I realised other marketers could be promoting my products! The tool is easy to use with multiples guides and how to videos and it will do a fine job for you.


 Clickfunnels Affiliate Management Tool: Backpack


Personally I am mainly using Infusionsoft’s affiliate tracking tool right now because it works great in tandem with the Infusionsoft CRM.

At any moment I can see purchase data from each client and the appropriate affiliate who should be credited with the sale on the Infusionsoft CRM database. The system is very accurate and it allows me to offer a recurring affiliate commission structure for my monthly subscription products.

Affiliate marketers love this structure as it gives them to chance to earn lifetime recurring commissions (or however long I decide to maintain this affiliate program!).

Another aspect of Infusionsoft’s affiliate management that’s really lifted my business has been the tiered structure you can incorporate to encourage your partners to recruit others to the affiliate program.


Managing Referral Partners In Infusionsoft


The parent partner gets a cut of every sale made by the person they recruit – another marketing tactic that bloggers and internet markets really seem to love!

You wont go too far wrong with either Clickfunnels or Infusionsoft on these tools but the integration with Infusionsoft own CRM probably gives it the edge here.

Sales Automation

There is no Infusionsoft vs Clickfunnels comparison when it comes to sales automation as Clickfunnels do not provide this feature.

Again Infusionsoft’s all in one marketing platform makes it possible to incorporate an automatic sales pipeline and this feature is utilised by sales reps to track prospects along the sales process.

Infusionsoft’s ‘Opportunity record’ feature shows me where my lead is in the sales stage.

These stages are split into

  • Contacting: Identified lead but still to hear response.
  • Engaging: Dialogue opened but must determine whether it’s a qualified lead.
  • Qualified: I’ve determined the lead is qualified to purchase my product.

All of these stages are built around automated email chains which nudge the prospect to engage at set intervals.

Sample Infusionsoft Opportunity Record

It gives me comfort in knowing all my leads are being pursued when before I simply would forget to contact people as I wasn’t organised enough!

I think this feature is suited to a sales rep team where multiple leads are being chased by different employees and pipelines need to be monitored. I use it in my business because I now hate the thought of letting my leads go to waste since I started using it!

I don’t think this is a necessary feature for one or 2 person business’s unless it’s entirely driven by many cold leads and remember this is an add on feature for Infusionsoft called ‘Sales Pipeline’ and it will cost you $29 extra at the current discounted price (as of May 2018).

Concluding Thoughts

Quite a flurry of information to deal with there!

The two software providers have similarities but plenty of differences and I hope it became more clear as you read through the above sections which one you should go for.

If you are the early stages of your business and are just looking to build converting sales pages and funnels then Clickfunnels is best for you right now. ALL their template funnels and landing pages convert well because they have been tested through the roof. It’s an extremely easy software to use too and is the cheaper option if finances are a big consideration (basic package is $97).

If you are a small but growing business and are looking to take your marketing and sales conversion to another level then Infusionsoft could be the correct move.

The all in one nature of the Infusionsoft ecosystem should also be given serious consideration – let me tell you, trying to transfer client databases onto new systems is not fun and you will save yourself a lot of heartache if you go for Infusionsoft early on when your client list is small.

If I haven’t answered all your question below I hope the FAQ below will cover any remaining queries you have and you can also contact me with your question below on our contact form and I will get back to ASAP.

There is also our individual product reviews – Infusionsoft review and Clickfunnels review – which offer a deep dive on both pieces of software.

I hope between these different resources we can get you to a final correct decision for you and your business!

Quick Comparison

Still not sure which way to go, get some more clarity below.

If You Are Still Torn and Need More Help… ASK ME Any Question.

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