Klaviyo Pricing & Plans: Is It Worth The Cost? (2023 Guide)

Klaviyo Pricing

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Klaviyo Pricing: Is It Worth The Cost?


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Last Updated on January 11, 2023
Klaviyo Pricing

Looking for info on Klaviyo pricing and plans to see if it’s a fit for your email marketing needs?

Everyone knows email marketing is one of the most important online marketing tools for businesses. 

It’s been growing exponentially since 2005, with over 50% of all online sales going through email marketing. 

One tool that has become a standard in crafting and sending emails is Klaviyo, a powerful email marketing automation platform. 

Klayvio helps businesses take their email marketing (and social media marketing, for that matter) to the next level with a host of powerful features, like pre-built templates, laser-focused segmentation for personalization, automated flows, and more.

Sounds great, right? 

But how much does Klayvio cost? And is it worth the money?

Klaviyo keeps its pricing simple by offering the same features on each plan. With each tier, you’ll enjoy the same features, including one-click integrations, automated emails and reporting, among others. The only things that change are the number of contacts, emails and text messages you can send. You also receive more support as your numbers grow.

In the guide below, we’ll go into great detail on Klayvio pricing, comparing each plan side-by-side so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

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What Is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a marketing automation software that helps online businesses grow. You can use Klaviyo to measure how your campaigns are performing and see which marketing activities are driving the most sales.

How Much Does Klaviyo Cost? What You Need To Know About Klaviyo Pricing

  • Email: free for up to 250 contacts. Pricing increases based the more you add on your contacts.
  • Sms: free for up to 50 contacts. Plan pricing increases from 50 contacts as contacts increase.
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  • Email and sms: Pricing is dependent on the number of contacts on the individual sms and email plans
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An In-depth Review Of Klaviyo Plans

All Klaviyo offers begin with a free plan. 

  • You can manage up to 250 contacts on the free email plan and send 500 emails. You only get email support. 
  • The free sms plan lets you send 150 sms or 50 mms to up to 50 contacts. The free sms plan only offers email support. 

These numbers are a good place to begin when you want to understand your email and sms needs. In addition, since the free plan gives you access to all of Klaviyo’s features, it covers all the basis for growing your business. 

Pricing adjusts upwards as your number of contacts increase. Let’s assume you have 1000 contacts. Here is what your new pricing will look like: 

  • Email: up to 10000 emails for $30/month. You also get email and chat support
  • SMS: up to 5000 sms sends or 1667 mms for $40/month. Email and chat support are included in this plan, as well as a toll-free number. 
  • Email and SMS: For $70, gives you access to 10000 email sends and 5000 sms sends or 1667 mms. You will get email and chat support on this plan. 

So, as you can see, you get real value the more your contact base increases. Features such as throughput increase automatically as you increase your audience. A higher throughput will enable you to send emails and SMS fast to a large audience. 

You can play with that contact slider to get pricing for over 100,000 for emails and around 40,000 contacts for SMS. Anything higher than that and you’ll need to contact Klaviyo for a customized quote.

Klaviyo Features

As I have mentioned before, every plan, from the free to the most expensive, gets the same features. Let’s look at what these features mean to you.


Klaviyo’s sophisticated email list segmentation allows you to import contacts from your email lists and then segment them. Segmentation is based on shopper behavior, their ecommerce transactions, and the time frame within which events take place. You can even segment based on behavior or events around a specific product, day or time. 

In addition, as Klaviyo integrates with Facebook, it gives you a whole new level of customization options for your audience targeting. 

Interestingly, proper segmentation on Klaviyo will actually save you money.


Automation is also available at every price point and from our experience, it doesn’t disappoint. With this feature, you can build multi-level workflows in no time at all, and cut all that time you spend figuring out your email campaigns. 

What’s more, automation in Klaviyo is quite intuitive, and its prebuilt templates make it easier to build any and all workflows: from your welcome series, cart abandonment, all the way to post purchase follow up.


Klaviyo monitors the performance of your emails and presents this to you in detailed reports and dashboards. With performance metrics such as email clicks, bounces and unsubscribes, Klaviyo’s reporting and analytics feature tells you which of your emails are performing well and which ones are underperforming.

As well, all email performance metrics are tracked in real time. And the cherry on top? If you have integrated Klaviyo into your online store, you’ll see in real time how your emails are affecting customer behavior and purchases. 

In case you are wondering about ways to optimize emails for best performance, Klaviyo’s A/B testing feature comes in handy and area actually incorporated in every flow. This means that with each flow you launch, you also launch a version of it. then you can compare which version to keep or improve on. 

I also think that you’ll like how Klaviyo allows you to customize your dashboard to look the way you want, and to track the metrics you want.

Know More About Your Klaviyo Customers

Do you want to know your customers’ lifetime value (how much they are likely to buy in future)? You can do that with Klaviyo. 

In addition, if you would like to know your best customers, Klaviyo will automatically collect customer engagement information such as click rates and purchasing behavior. You can organize this and other information by product, time period, or other parameters. 

Although the more data you have the better in any online business scenario, in Klaviyo’s case, a beginner might find all the options too much at first. Our advice? Ease in with a few options and once you get more familiar with the system, add more metrics.

Customer Support

Going through Klaviyo’s help center, you can’t help but be amazed by all the effort they have put into developing their guides, webinars, and videos, all of which serve as helpful resources from campaign setup to execution. They even offer training sessions.

Email and chat are available when you need to contact the support team, although chat is only available for paid accounts.

Klaviyo's Integration

If you use multiple tools in your job, you know how time-consuming and tiring it can be to click from one to the next to download data, find information, run or read reports, segment, etcetera. 

Klaviyo solves this problem by integrating all your software tools in one place. Integration simplifies your work. It also brings all your data and customer information into one place, giving you complete visibility of your organization with one click of a button.  

In addition, integration with your website allows Klaviyo to import company information and branding into your emails.


When building out emails on Klaviyo, you can choose to build every element from scratch, or use one of Klaviyo’s templates.

The templates make creating email campaigns easier since they are pre-done for you. All you need to do is input your content and put a few personal touches. Klaviyo probably has a template design for every purpose, so start with them if you are new to email marketing.  

If you like building everything yourself, go the longer route and use the drag and drop editor to create your own emails. You will get more personalization options this way.

How To Sign Up For Klaviyo

To sign up for Klaviyo, visit their website and click “get started” on the pricing page.  Fill in the sign-up form. Once done, click “create account”.

Can You Cancel Your Klaviyo Subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your Klaviyo subscription whenever you feel you no longer need their services. 

Cancelling your account will not delete the account or its contents. Note: If your account is billed manually, you can only cancel your account with the help of Klaviyo’s support team. 

Below are steps for cancelling your account:

  1. Click on the dropdown button next to your account icon.  Select “account”. 
  2. Next, go over to billing >billing preferences>manage subscriptions. 
  3. Klaviyo will take you through 3 cancellation steps. Provide all the information required and click “continue” once done with each step. 

One of the things you’ll need to specify in the 3rd step of the cancellation process is when you would like cancellation to take effect.  After you provide that information and confirm that you understand the implications of cancelling your account, click “cancel my Klaviyo email subscription”.

Does Klaviyo Have A Free Trial?

No. Klaviyo doesn’t have a free trial. 

But it has a free plan for Sms and email.

Pros and Cons Of Klaviyo


  • Simple user interface
  • Templates make it easier to build email workflows
  • Great segmentation 
  • Real time analytics 
  • It integrates well with other software 
  • Collects behavior data and events which can help you create buyer personas and automate flows
  • Can be used by small businesses and also large ones.


  • It is difficult to upload videos and emails
  • Text messaging needs to be more predictive 
  • It doesn’t offer a wide variety of mail templates

Bottom Line: Is Klaviyo Worth It?

Not all marketing tools are worth the time and money that you invest in them but Klaviyo is definitely one example of an e-mail tool that effectively tackles turnover, customer interaction, and returns.

It has a simple user interface and it aggregates all the data it collects into an easy to use analytics interface. 

It has a free plan. If you’re just starting your e-commerce business, this deal with Klaviyo will prove to be a great opportunity for your brand and provide a variety of different contact-related solutions that can be beneficial to your business.

As a user of a higher-tier account, you will receive support from a dedicated account manager who will help you create email workflow flows – this really is a valuable addition to their platform.

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