Convertkit Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get? (2024 Guide)

Convertkit Pricing

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Convertkit Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get? (2024 Guide)

Convertkit Pricing

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Last Updated on February 17, 2024

For course creators and digital entrepreneurs of all types, ConvertKit can be an incredibly valuable tool, bridging the gap between content creation and audience engagement. Its intuitive design and powerful features help online educators, coaches, and membership site owners build and nurture their email lists with ease. And with its direct integrations with platforms like Kajabi, WordPress, and Shopify, you can streamline the process of capturing leads and selling digital products. 

Now, you might wonder how much does ConvertKit costs? Will the ConvertKit plans match your budget and give you the value you want? 

ConvertKit pricing can vary greatly depending on the features you need and the size of your email list, ranging from free to upwards of $1,000 a month. In the guide below, I’ll try to bring some clarity to the various ConvertKit pricing tiers and what each offers, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with both your budget and your business goals. 

But before that, note that ConvertKit offers a 14-day free trial.

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ConvertKit Pricing At A Glance

ConvertKit offers 3 different plans — Free, Creator (starting at $9/month & up), and Creator Pro (starting at $25/month & up). As I’ll explain below, the pricing for the two paid plans — Creator and Creator Pro — can vary wildly based on the size of your email list, but it is worth pointing out that you’ll get a significant discount if you opt for annual pricing as opposed to month-to-month billing.

Free Plan

ConvertKit offers a free plan for new creators who have just started building their email list. In this plan, you can have up to 1,000 subscribers. 

As you’d expect with a free plan, there are some cool features but also several limitations.

It offers unlimited landing pages and forms, allowing you to create a variety of entry points for your audience to join your email list. 

The ability to send unlimited broadcasts means you can communicate with your subscribers as often as you need, without worrying about hitting a cap. 

Audience tagging and segmentation are also included, which are crucial for personalizing your emails and targeting specific segments of your audience effectively. 

Additionally, the option to sell digital products and subscriptions directly through ConvertKit, even on the Free Plan, is important for creators ready to monetize their content or services early on. 

Community support rounds out the offerings, giving you a resource for troubleshooting and growth strategies.

But like I mentioned earlier, the Free Plan does have its limitations, and I think most creators will outgrow this plan pretty quickly. 

A big drawback for me is that it lacks automated email sequences and visual automation builders, which are essential for setting up automated, behavior-driven email campaigns. These features save time and improve the subscriber experience by delivering timely, relevant content. 

The absence of third-party integrations also makes it challenging to connect ConvertKit with other tools and platforms you use, potentially complicating your workflow. 

Also missing are options for team collaboration, as additional team members cannot be added, which could limit the scalability of your operations. 

Advanced features like subscriber scoring and advanced reporting, which can provide deeper insights into subscriber behavior and campaign performance, also aren’t available in the free tier. 

Lastly, the lack of a newsletter referral system might slow down the organic growth of your audience.

While the Free Plan offers a solid foundation for brand new creators, the absence of these features can limit your ability to automate and scale your email marketing efforts as your business grows. 

In all, this is a good plan for anyone who is just testing the waters of email marketing.


This ConvertKit plan is well-suited for those who are looking to promote their work to a wider audience. It also works well for those who want to automate some parts of their email marketing.

It starts at $15/month when subscribed monthly and $9/month when subscribed yearly. This rate is applicable for up to 1,000 subscribers only and increases/decreases with more/fewer subscribers respectively. For example, it costs $29/month for a monthly subscription and $25/month for a yearly subscription when the number of email subscribers increases to 1000.

Along with the features of the Free plan, you also get a whole lot more with the Creator plan.

One of the cool things about this plan is the addition of free and paid recommendations, which can help refine your marketing strategies based on data-driven insights. 

The offer of free migration from another tool is very useful for anyone looking to switch over to ConvertKit without having to manually transfer their subscriber list.

Another feature you get at this level is automated email sequences and visual automation builders. These features let you have automated marketing campaigns that can run in the background, nurturing your subscribers without constant manual intervention. 

Integrations also come at the Creator Plan level. In the Creator plan, you have access to 70+ direct integrations and APIs that you can use to gain more out of your ConvertKit platform. Connecting ConvertKit seamlessly with other platforms you use in your business can help streamline your workflow. 

Besides this, you also have live chat and email support, so you can clarify any doubts/questions you may have. 

Of course, the Creator Plan does have a few limitations. 

No newsletter referral system means you might be missing out on a powerful tool for organic list growth. 

Subscriber engagement scoring and advanced reporting, which could provide deeper insights into your audience’s behavior and the performance of your campaigns, are not included. 

Also, the lack of integration with Facebook custom audiences limits your ability to create highly targeted ads based on your subscriber list. 

Another feature I wish this plan had is the ability to edit links in sent broadcasts. There have been several times in the past where I’ve sent links out that died for one reason or another, and this feature (available at the Pro) level can be so helpful for fixing this issue on the fly.


Overall, the Creator Plan offers a solid set of features for creators looking to automate and professionalize their email marketing efforts. 

Creator Pro

The Creator Pro plan is ideal for seasoned digital marketers who are looking to scale their business to new heights. It starts as low as $29 a month, and can go up to $1,000 a month or more depending on the size of your email list.

Creator Pro offers two new features to grow your audience. The first is the Facebook custom audiences where you can sync your tags and email segmentation to Facebook. This improves your targeted and paid ads outcomes on Facebook. 

The second feature is the newsletter referral system where you can reward your subscribers for referring their friends and contacts. This is handled via a Sparkloop account subscription that comes free with this plan.

The single biggest differentiator between the Creator Pro and the other plans is the reporting and analytics. 

The Creator Plan provides detailed analytics on your open and click rates for a specific email as well as the trend seen over a specific time period. Further, you can sort this data based on a particular list or segment.

Likewise, you get to see who are your highly engaged subscribers and who are those that need more effort from you. Accordingly, you can tailor your email marketing strategies to boost your interactions with non-active subscribers.

All these insights are sure to give a clear idea of the progress made on your strategies and what needs to be done to boost interactions and the resultant sales through them.

Another minor, but important feature is that you can edit the links in your broadcast email after they are sent, and this change will reflect in the sent emails. This is a pretty cool feature that can make up for any slips.

The other additional features include priority support via email and live chat. Also, you can add an unlimited number of team members.

So, now comes the big question. Is the Creator Pro worth the cost? It is almost double that of the Creator plan, but can be worth the difference because this is the only plan that provides detailed analytics and insights into the performance of your email marketing strategies. That said, this can be a stretch for individuals and small businesses, but if you start making a steady income through email marketing, this plan will be worth the investment. 

FAQs Related To ConvertKit Pricing

Is The Free Plan Really Free?

Yes, the Free plan is free forever, provided you add no more than 1,000 subscribers to your email list. This is a good plan if you don’t want any of the features that come with the higher-priced plans. Only when your subscriber list goes past 1,000, the support team will reach out to you, and will ask you to upgrade to the Creator or the Creator Pro plans. This will require a credit card and an upgrade, if you want to add more people.

Will My Account Be Upgraded Automatically?

If you go over the subscriber limit of 1000, your account will be automatically upgraded to the next tier. Of course, you will be notified of this upgrade and you will have to pay the difference to be able to continue to add more people to the list.

Can I Downgrade Plans?

Yes, you can downgrade plans, but it will be done manually by the customer support team. You can’t do it automatically and this is why you must reach out to the support team for a downgrade. Send an email to to downgrade the subscription plan.

Can I Cancel The ConvertKitPlan? Will I Get A Refund?

Yes, you can cancel your ConvertKit plan at any time. But you will get a refund only if you’re within the first 30 days from the date you signed up for the account. In other words, you will not get a refund if you cancel after the first 30 days.

The good news is, ConvertKit offers a 14-day free trial on its Creator and Creator Pro plans. You can use this time to understand if ConvertKit is the appropriate tool for your business needs. Accordingly, you can decide.

How Does Billing Work When I Upgrade?

Let’s answer this question with an example. Let’s say you’re currently in the monthly subscription Creator plan and you decide it’s time to upgrade to the Creator Pro plan. If there’s say a week left in your current subscription, the same will be prorated towards the higher plan.

To elaborate, the Creator Pro costs $29/month and you decide to upgrade in the third week of the month. The remaining unused amount in your Creator subscription is $29/4 = $7.25. Now, when you upgrade, you will pay for this additional week under the Creator Pro plan. The current cost of a monthly subscription for the Creator Pro plan is $59 for 1,000 subscribers. The prorated rate for five weeks is $59 X 5/4 = $73.75. So, your final payment will be $73.75 – $7.25 = $66.50.

Note that this amount will change depending on the number of subscribers. The above example is meant to just explain how the billing works.

You can reach out to the customer service team to upgrade your account. Also, you will be notified if it’s time to upgrade your account and in that case, simply follow the instructions in the email.

What's The Billing Cycle?

ConvertKit bills you ahead of time. You are billed on the first of every month for that month’s services. For example, you will have to pay the subscription on January 1st to use ConvertKit in January. If you go over the subscriber limit during the month, you are automatically upgraded to the next tier and the prorated difference is added to the next month’s bill.  From the next month on, you will continue to pay the subscription rate of the new tier.

ConvertKit Pricing Summary

To summarize, here’s the ConvertKit Pricing.

  • Free
  • Creator – $15/month for a monthly subscription and $9/month for a yearly subscription. This is for 300 subscribers only.
  • Creator Pro – $29/month for a monthly subscription and $25/month for a yearly subscription. This is for 300 subscribers only.

In all, ConvertKit is an affordable email marketing solution with many convenient features that can help your business to grow and scale.

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