Everything You Need To Know About Kajabi University

Kajabi University

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Everything You Need To Know About Kajabi University

Kajabi University

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Last Updated on February 16, 2024

Kajabi is one of my favorite platforms for creating online coursesmemberships, and coaching programs, and with Kajabi University, you can get the training you need to truly master the platform.

Kajabi University is a comprehensive, well-structured learning resource that covers everything from the basics of setting up your course to advanced marketing strategies to grow your audience. 

As someone who’s used the platform for years, I can tell you how valuable it is to have this resource at your fingertips. It’s like having a coach helping you make the most of Kajabi’s robust features to create, market, and sell your courses effectively. 

In the guide below, I’ll dive deep into everything Kajabi University offers and help you get the most from this offering.

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What is Kajabi University?

Kajabi University is designed to help entrepreneurs succeed by offering access to over 350 training videos and courses from top marketing professionals and industry experts.

Kajabi University is your A-Z resource for everything Kajabi and all the training that you need for your online business. It’s a curated educational information platform that allows consumers to address knowledge gaps, share best practices, and learn specific skills to help them succeed.

The courses include high-level business and marketing methods, leading entrepreneurs through the most effective strategies based on real-world examples to help them build and optimize their online businesses and brands.

It’s a platform where you’ll learn everything from starting your first coaching program to running a successful ad campaign and much more.

Regardless of experience level, Kajabi University offers something for all company entrepreneurs. You can always remain up-to-date on your expertise with our professional guest speakers, whether you’re wanting to learn how to utilize Kajabi, how to expand your business, or even some marketing advice.

Kajabi University is easier to use than before, so you may return to it as your business expands.

With more than 41 courses and 350 videos, Kajabi University offers a wide variety of content to its users. These could address topics like content generation, digital marketing, business strategy, course design, and other topics that are important to online business owners and content creators on Kajabi.

Professionals with a proven track record of success in their fields teach the courses. These industry professionals contribute their views, experiences, and best practices to provide learners with high-quality, practical information.

Each course is divided into small, readily consumable lessons, a feature intended to improve the learning experience by allowing users to move through courses at their own speed. Short, digestible courses provide more flexible learning schedules, making it easier for busy people to interact with the subject.

100% free access to Kajabi University is also included as a part of the subscription to Kajabi’s services throughout the lifetime of your Kajabi account. Now that you have access to a free Kajabi trial and the Kajabi University function, there’s no reason not to start selling your expertise online right away.

How To Access Kajabi University

Kajabi University is easily accessible for all users by doing the following:

Access Through Dashboard

Simply log in to your Kajabi dashboard, click on your profile image, and pick “Kajabi University.” This sends you to a page where you can learn about issues including website construction, product production, membership administration, marketing, and legal and financial guidance.

Access Through Website

Visit the Kajabi University page and select whatever online course you want to enroll in. Select your preferred course and then click the button below.

You’ll be prompted to log in using your Kajabi account. Following that, you will be routed to the course library. Your email address will be remembered. So if you want to add another course, simply click “Sign up for free.”

Courses are divided into skill levels (beginning, intermediate, or advanced) and contain resources such as webinars, help center access, and manuals. Furthermore, the site has a course library where you may find and enroll in courses to improve your online business abilities at your own speed.

Courses on Kajabi University

Experts on the site known as “Kajabi Heroes” create the majority of the video content that makes up Kajabi’s educational resources.

The courses offered by Kajabi University are divided into several categories based on subjects such as developing websites, creating products, managing memberships, marketing tactics, and even offering legal and financial guidance. These classes are designed to accommodate students at various phases of their journey, based on ability levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced).

Further supporting customers in their success with their online business ventures, Kajabi offers a variety of services, including webinars, a help center, Facebook groups, and guides. With this organized method, all Kajabi users are guaranteed to have access to the resources and information needed to successfully expand their companies.

Kajabi University’s information is neatly arranged and easy to navigate. This also applies to online courses. Materials are split into four categories, which are:

Kajabi Bootcamp

The Kajabi Bootcamp is a thorough 6-part course designed to assist beginners in building a website, email list creation, and sales funnels. This bootcamp is designed to be done fast; with enough commitment, it may even be completed in a week.

All new Kajabi account users are eligible for free access to this bootcamp, which offers a priceless tool for launching an online business.

In this course, you will learn about product creation, special offers, pricing, and terms and conditions, all while being guided through the course creation process. Additionally, it comes with more than twenty quick lessons that will show you how to apply the psychology of a successful website to your own Kajabi website.

There is also a fifty-minute course titled “Build a List,” which is separated into sixteen parts and teaches you how to construct, build, and convert a mailing list. You’ll also learn how to build freebies, share funnels, define your target customer, and more.

How-To Series

In addition to the Bootcamp, Kajabi offers a diverse set of teaching resources, including a series of in-depth how-to videos and manuals. If you want to launch an audio-only course, this six-lesson program will show you how to record, edit, and submit audio files in less than 15 minutes.

These courses go into additional technical details of administering an online platform, such as moving courses from other platforms. This Kajabi University course will walk you through the process of moving your course from another platform to Kajabi.

From the earliest stages to the best method to notify your clients about the change, you’ll learn all you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

structuring course content -This eight-part course, which lasts twenty minutes, will show you how to translate your knowledge into a collection of organized lessons that your clients will appreciate. Other courses include creating membership sites and establishing email lists.

Each tutorial focuses on a specific topic, providing thorough coverage to ensure that users fully understand and can use every element of Kajabi’s platform.

Kajabi's Business Essentials

Kajabi’s Business Essentials is a comprehensive, nine-part training series that teaches users the fundamental skills required to run a successful online business.

This program covers critical topics such as accounting, business legal frameworks where you’ll learn how to file a trademark, when to utilize a contract, and how to use other people’s photographs and movies.

Legal Basics is a twelve-lesson course that teaches you how to grasp and convey legal information for your internet company.

Effective marketing campaign execution and webinar funnel development, where you can learn all you need to know about creating webinar funnels that convert. You’ll learn how to develop a webinar launch strategy and the whole webinar funnel, from setup to post-webinar follow-up.

Unlike the Bootcamp and How-to series, which focus on platform-specific skills, Business Essentials delivers broader expertise relevant to all facets of company administration, equipping users to run an online enterprise successfully outside of the Kajabi platform.


Partners intend to teach you how to generate extra revenue through affiliate marketing and how to promote Kajabi to others. It focuses on collaborations, affiliate marketing, and strategic partnerships to help businesses develop and expand.

This category provides information on how to use partnerships to enhance an online business’s reach, improve product offers, and generate income.

Coaching basics is a distinct course. This will demonstrate how to establish your own coaching class. This includes developing and promoting coaching packages, scheduling sessions, monitoring client relationships, and using Kajabi’s tools to simplify operations.

Final Thoughts

Kajabi University is an great resource for all active Kajabi users, delivering a portfolio of courses designed to fit into your schedule, no matter how busy you are. Even if you think you already know how to use Kajabi effectively, there’s a good chance there are some features you’re not taking full advantage of.

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