The Best CopyAI Alternatives & Competitors For AI Writing

CopyAI alternatives

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The Best CopyAI Alternatives & Competitors For AI Writing

CopyAI alternatives

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Last Updated on March 8, 2024

Are you looking for CopyAI alternatives and competitors that will help you generate high-quality content with minimal effort?

AI writing tools have been gaining a ton of popularity recently, and with the right one, you can get the content you need faster and easier than ever before. 

Choosing a good AI writing app can significantly impact a person’s business, sales, and writing. Some even have built-in editors and plagiarism checks and grammar tools, so your writing becomes even more streamlined, requiring a subscription to only one software rather than many.

With just a few taps, AI writing can generate articles, blog posts, meta descriptions, YouTube descriptions, and more.

While CopyAI is certainly one of the most popular AI content generators out there, it’s not perfect (no single tool is). Depending on your needs, there might be better options for you.

Fortunately, some terrific CopyAI alternatives and competitors make AI writing a breeze.

In the guide below, we’ll go over some of the best websites like CopyAI that offer  incredible AI content generation services. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses, so let’s dive in and explore the possibilities! 

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What is CopyAI?


CopyAI is an entirely new innovative writing tool that can save people time, increase conversions and generate high-quality content. Founded in 2020, CopyAI could be the all-in-one answer you’re craving. The AI writing tool is a great option for digital marketers and content creators. It can generate excellent product descriptions and create converting ads for all platforms.

CopyAI offers a free 7-day trial and plans that start at only $49 per month. Though some fact-checking is necessary, CopyAI generates all kinds of content. It offers a few different plans, including a basic free one that doesn’t require a credit card. The free plan has a 2,000 word per month limit, allows for one user, unlimited projects, and access to 90+ copywriting tools. The pro plans are based on the number of words generated and allow five user accounts and content creation in more than twenty-five languages. The pro plan also has a comprehensive blog wizard tool.

CopyAI offers several functionalities that make it a great AI writing tool. The ability to have unlimited projects, translate language, and 24/7 customer chat support are just a few. However, while it is a terrific tool when used correctly, there are a few drawbacks to the software as well.

Drawbacks to CopyAI

Despite the many advantages of CopyAI, users should be aware that there are some drawbacks as well. 

For example, CopyAI has been known to generate content that is way off and nowhere near accurate. This means the user needs to fact-check and ensure their content is suitable.

With this in mind, it’s also important to acknowledge that CopyAI isn’t the most robust AI tool when it comes to long-form writing. We’ve found CopyAI works best for short sales copy, but if you’re looking to write a long article, eBook, or something else with a lot of words, it might not be the best fit.

The software also has been known to lag at times when generating content.

Considering these drawbacks, people might look for an alternative to CopyAI. To help you with your hunt, we’ve rounded up the best alternatives and competitors for AI writing.

What are the Best CopyAI Alternatives?

Below you’ll find our top picks for the best CopyAI alternatives and competitors for AI writing.

At the top of our list is Jasper, which is a solid and powerful alternative to CopyAI. Jasper features a user-friendly interface with cutting-edge technology that makes content curation significantly quicker. In addition, Jasper offers several templates and tools that will level up your writing and make content creation a breeze.

Not only is Jasper beginner-friendly, but it also offers built-in grammar and plagiarism checks along with powerful tools like a blog post outlines, blog post conclusions, creative stories, video descriptions, and more. In addition, Jasper can generate content in more than 25 languages, improve already written content, and make content creation a breeze.

With Jasper pricing options, users can choose from three plans. The starter plan is the introductory plan that starts at $24 per month. It offers access to excellent AI writing tools and templates. The boss mode starts at $49 per month and offers more templates and an SEO mode to generate optimized content. The boss mode covers up to 50,000 words per month and gives users access to their revision history.

Users can expect a few things from Jasper: original, high-quality content, an assortment of templates and an easier time generating content.

It’s a great pick for bloggers, small business owners, affiliate marketers, social media managers, writers and more. Suppose you’re interested in trying this CopyAI alternative.

In that case, Jasper offers a free 5-day trial where you can explore and test out their tools and resources.

And the price is worth it considering you get a website and blog without investing in building one separately. 

The other additional features too make this plan quite a steal! You get: 

  • Discount codes and gift cards. These are great for increasing sales through upsells and for building customer loyalty 
  • Abandoned cart recovery. No need to lose a customer just because they didn’t check out. Engage them to come back and complete their purchase. 
  • 2 Staff accounts. While 2 team members aren’t many, it’s still significant help when you need to get your business from the ground. 
  • Inventory locations. Make your inventory accessible through your physical outlets. 
  • Sales channels. Sell on multiple social media channels and on different marketplaces. 

I think these are very impressive features for a software’s basic plan. That said, there are some missing features which I think would be really nice to have on this plan, for instance reports. But there are also other features that don’t come with the basic plan that aren’t necessarily a deal breaker. For instance, international pricing. This is only a deal breaker if you are targeting an international audience, in which case you should upgrade to a higher tier.


While CopyAI remains terrific for creating website content, emails, ads, and sales copy, and even has excellent brainstorming tools, Quillbot is a great alternative that also offers writing tools.

For example, Quillbot offers unique features and tools to enhance your writing and an accessible Chrome extension.

In addition, Quillbot offers a limited free plan and a few pro plans based on the number of words generated.

With Quillbot, users can paraphrase, check their grammar, check for plagiarism, cite things in different forms and choose from various payment plans and terms.

Quillbot pricing includes a limited free plan and a premium plan that’s $9.95 a month or $49.95 a year.

Furthermore, Quillbot offers a terrific summarizer tool that can condense writing and identify critical points, co-write to improve speed and accuracy and ensure grammar and punctuation are spot on.

All in all, Quillbot is certainly among the best CopyAI alternatives out there.

Copysmith is a popular AI writing tool that is highly effective at generating converting, natural-sounding product descriptions.

If you’re looking to create compelling marketing copy, then Copysmith is a strong alternative to CopyAI.

You can use Copysmith to:

  • Rewrite content quickly and easily.
  • Write high quality product descriptions.
  • Create original content ideas
  • Create blogs

Users can select a template, choose keywords, and voila! Content created. Copysmith is a great brainstorming tool that can ignite creativity, enhance sentences and generate fantastic copy.

This CopyAI alternative also has a plagiarism check, and a bulk content generation tool.

Since the software is fairly new, there are constant updates to be improving it, and your work is automatically backed up.

Copysmith pricing starts at $19 a month and includes both monthly and yearly subscription options with varying tools and resources.

As you know by now, CopyAI is a good tool for writing product descriptions, ads, landing pages, and other short form content, but Wordtune is a tool that can be applied to nearly all types of content creation.

Wordtune is an AI rephrasing tool with an in-depth editor. It can significantly improve written communication and has an easy-to-use browser extension.

Wordtune is very user friendly, has terrific keyboard shortcuts, and a live chat support team to assist users with whatever they need.

Furthermore, Wordtune offers a limited free version and a paid premium plan, both offering substantial tools to support AI writing.

As a result, Wordtune is a strong alternative to CopyAI if you’re looking for rephrasing, editing, and enhancing tools.

ChatGPT is a new, free, innovative AI writing tool that can create quick, conversational content. The computer program can generate text in seconds on nearly any topic.

ChatGPT can even reply to follow up questions and further interrogation. The AI-based writing tool was created by OpenAI and is different than the typical AI writing tools.

ChatGPT can generate nearly human-like responses, giving the illusion that the content was created by a real person.

However, responses and information might not always be accurate.

ChatGPT can write any content, song lyrics, solve riddles, write code, and nearly anything else.

It’s very user-friendly, clearly labeled, and a powerful alternative to CopyAI.


If you’re looking for a powerful alternative to CopyAI, Anyword is high on the list of the best ones.

With Anyword, users can generate copy that’s proven to convert. Anyword can help increase sales and conversions.

With its massive variety of powerful AI writing tools, Anyword is a great software for bloggers, YouTubers, SEO writers, social media content creators, Pinterest marketers, and more.

One of the best features of this AI writing tool is its predictive performance score. So before publishing copy, users can assess how well it might perform. This helps ensure that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the optimal time.

Anyword is very cost-effective in comparison to hiring a copywriter. It allows for users to optimize their blog posts, analyze copy performance, and more. The data-driven plan is the software’s most popular plan and offers 200+ copywriting tools.

Anyword pricing includes a few different plans: Free, Basic ($29/month), and Data-Driven ($99/month). You can access many features on any of Anyword’s plans, even the free plan.


Frase.Io is a terrific writing tool for researching, writing and optimizing. Frase.Io helps to make the content creation process painless.

It can generate full-length content briefs that can replace hours of research. It’s an affordable, intuitive software that makes writing as easy as a click of a button.

Not only is it a great AI writing tool, but it’s highly effective in delivering users insights and in-depth analytics to identify what is converting.


Rytr is different from CopyAI in a few significant ways.

If you’re looking for longer-form content, a variety of languages, and to have control over tweaking the tone, then Rytr is worth a second glance.

It can generate high-quality content very quickly, making it a great option for bloggers, email marketers, YouTubers, and so much more.

Finally, Rytr offers a free forever plan and an unlimited free plan.

What to Look for in a CopyAI Alternative

There are a few key things to look for when choosing an alternative to CopyAI:

  • The price. Because there are so many AI writing tools available it’s important to notice the price and the number of tools offered. Some software offers free trials; others might have an entire free plan where you can get a feel for all the tools on a limited basis.
  • Ease of use. CopyAI is easy to use, while other alternatives like ChatGPT might need a few tech skills. Make sure to choose software that fits your skill level if necessary.
  • Output quality. There’s a huge quality gap between the best AI writing tools and the worst ones. Some tools create content that’s disastrously poor quality, inaccurate, and spammy. The better tools, like the ones mentioned in this list, put out quality content that sounds like it was written by a person (if you know how to use the tool properly).
  • Type of content you need. Not all AI writing tools do the same thing. Some are better for long-form content, while others are great for creating short content, like social media posts. Think about what you’ll be using an AI writer for before you choose.

Have any questions about our guide to the top CopyAI alternatives? Let us know by commenting below.

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