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Last Updated on March 8, 2024 offers a suite of AI-powered tools designed to streamline content creation for bloggers, marketers, course creators, and just about anybody who needs to make content. With plans starting as low as $12.66 a month, it’s a ChatGPT alternative that has a lot going for it.

In this article, I’m going to explore pricing and plans, telling you about all of the features and benefits that each plan offers so you can decide which plan, if any, best fits your needs.

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Introduction To

Frase is a cutting-edge SEO content optimization tool and AI writer designed to streamline content creation. Because it’s AI-driven, it makes it faster and easier to produce content that ranks well on Google.

This software is trusted by over 30,000 content, SEO, and marketing teams for its ability to enhance every step of the content workflow, from research and outlining to writing and optimization.

Overview of Frase Plans

Frase provides three main subscription plans: Solo, Basic, and Team. Each plan is designed to cater to different levels of content production needs. Additionally, it offers a Pro Add-On if you’re looking to enhance your plan with unlimited AI-generated content and other premium features.

Let’s break down each plan and its offerings.

Solo Plan

Price: $14.99 per month, or $12.66 per month if paid annually.

User Seats: 1

Content: Write and optimize up to 4 articles per month.

The Solo plan is ideal for individual users or freelancers who manage a moderate volume of content. On this plan, you’ll get basic access to Frase’s content optimization tools but limits the number of articles you can write and optimize each month.

Honestly, the 4 articles/content pieces a month is so limited in my opinion that it’s hard to really see this as a great fit for most creators, whether you’re a blogger or creating content for your online course. Chances are you’ll outgrow this plan almost immediately.

Basic Plan

Price: $44.99 per month, or $38.25 per month if paid annually.

User Seats: 1

Content: Write and optimize up to 30 articles per month.

Stepping up from the Solo plan, the Basic plan suits small businesses or individual professionals who need to produce a higher volume of content. With the ability to optimize up to 30 articles per month, you’ll get more flexibility if you’re looking to ramp up your content marketing efforts.

Team Plan

Price: $114.99 per month, or $97.75 per month if paid annually.

User Seats: 3 (with the option to add extra seats for $25 per month each)

Content: Write and optimize an unlimited number of articles.

The Team plan is designed for larger teams and agencies that require collaboration among multiple users. It supports three user seats, and allows for the creation and optimization of an unlimited number of articles. Each additional seat costs $25. This plan is the best when you want to generate content in high-volumes.

Pro Add-On

For an additional $35 per month, you can enhance your Frase subscription with the Pro Add-On. This add-on provides unlimited access to AI-generated content. It also includes the following premium features:

  • Keyword Search Volume: Unlock monthly search volume data for keywords in the Outline Builder.
  • SERP Data Enrichment: Access domain authority and backlink data for top search results.
  • Frase AI Writer: Generate content at the click of a button with unlimited access to the AI Writer.

Features Included in Every Plan

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will have access to a core set of features designed to facilitate efficient and effective content creation. They include the following:

  • Automated Content Briefs: Generate detailed SEO content briefs automatically.
  • Share Documents Easily: Send editable links to writers, allowing for easy collaboration (This feature is not included in the Solo Plan).
  • Google Search Console Integration: Use Google Search Console data to analyze site-wide content performance.
  • Content Scoring: Receive help and tips for optimizing articles for target keywords.
  • Custom Templates: Create and use custom templates for content creation.
  • Content Editor: An intuitive content editor with comprehensive word processing features.
  • Project Management Tools: Organize documents into project folders and track the status of assignments.

Choosing The Right Plan

When deciding which Frase plan is right for you, consider the following factors:

Your Specific Content Creation Needs

The volume of content you want to produce, the size of your team, and the level of AI assistance you need, should influence the plan you choose.

The Solo and Basic plans are affordable entry points for individuals and small teams. The Team plan provides the scalability needed by larger organizations and agencies. The Pro Add-On is an excellent choice if you want to leverage advanced AI capabilities to maximize your content’s impact.

Simple Content Creation Process

Content creators are pressed for time, and therefore simplicity is everything when it comes to choosing a tool, and deciding on a plan that will automate your content creation as much as possible.

Applicability Across Various Content Creation and Optimization Scenarios

Frase is applicable across a wide range of content creation and optimization needs. You’ll find it particularly beneficial if you are a:

  • SEO professional looking to improve a site’s search engine rankings.
  • Content marketer and strategist aiming to produce high-quality, relevant content.
  • Writer or freelancer who wants to streamline your writing process. is also useful for agency or enterprises that requires efficient collaboration among team members on content projects.

How It Compares To Other Tools

You should also consider Frase’s unique features before you decide whether or not it’s worth your investment.

Frase differentiates itself by offering a more integrated approach to content creation and optimization. Unlike other tools that may specialize in just one aspect of the process (such as keyword research, content writing, or SEO analysis), Frase provides a comprehensive solution that addresses each step. Its focus on SERP analysis and AI-driven content generation offers a unique blend of automation and insight, making it a powerful tool for anyone looking to improve their content’s SEO performance.

Unique Features

Some of its unique features that stand out include:

  • SERP Research Made Simple: Frase saves time by providing a comprehensive analysis of the top search results, making competitor analysis straightforward.
  • Outlines in Minutes: The ability to quickly curate and organize outlines makes content planning creation faster.
  • AI-Driven Content Generation: Produce drafts quickly with an AI Writer that’s informed by SERP data, ensuring content is optimized for SEO.
  • Content Optimization: Frase’s topic model helps identify the essential keywords and topics to include in your content, based on a comparison with top competitors.

Easy To Use

Frase stands out from the competition by simplifying the content creation process into four main steps: Research, Outline, Write, and Optimize.

  1. Research: Frase condenses and analyzes content from the top search results for any search query. It displays this analysis in an intuitive research panel, making it easy to visualize key SERP metrics like word count, domain rating, and heading count. This makes it an ideal tool for analyzing  competitors’ content.
  2. Outline: You can quickly generate well-researched outlines by selecting headings from top SERP results, or use AI to generate a well-organized outline in seconds.
  3. Write: With the outline in place, Frase’s AI Writer can produce SEO-optimized copy instantly. You can generate blog intros, copywriting formulas, FAQs, and more.
  4. Optimize: Frase’s intuitive text editor assesses your content against competitors, providing a list of related topics and recommended mention frequency to help craft content that Google favors. Pros and Cons


  • Streamlines the entire content creation workflow.
  • Integrates SERP analysis directly into the content planning and writing process.
  • AI capabilities significantly reduce the time required to produce a first draft.
  • Optimizes content for SEO, increasing the likelihood of ranking well.


  • There is a learning curve before you can fully leverage all features.
  • Subscription costs may be prohibitive for individual freelancers or small startups.
  • You need additional editing to ensure voice and brand consistency.


Frase’s plans and pricing are structured to accommodate a wide range of content creation needs, from solo freelancers to large enterprises. By offering scalable solutions that integrate AI-powered tools for research, writing, and optimization, Frase helps users produce high-quality content designed to rank well in search engines. 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your content marketing strategy, Frase has a plan that can support your goals.

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