Quillbot Pricing & Plans (2023): Which Plan Is Best?

Quillbot Pricing & Plans

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Quillbot Pricing & Plans (2023): Which Plan Is Best?

Quillbot Pricing & Plans

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Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Considering purchasing a Quillbot subscription and trying to find further information about the program? You may be trying to determine if Quillbot pricing is worth the cost or what’s included in the free plan.

Quillbot is a powerful AI writing software used by many writers and marketers. It offers unique features, helpful tools to make your writing easier to read, and several plans to choose between.

Quillbot offers an excellent paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and citation generator. The software also offers annual, semi-annual, and monthly paid plans with a robust free plan. The free plan is perfect for getting a feel for what Quillbot can do and how it can increase productivity and efficiency.

The question, though, is – is Quillbot worth the cost, and which plan would be most beneficial for you?

Our guide below will share all you need to know about Quillbot pricing and plans. We’ll share the plan details, costs, and frequently asked questions. By the end, you’ll be able to decide which plan is best for your needs and have a solid understanding of how Quillbot can level up your writing game.

Make sure you read until the end to learn about all the details!

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How much does Quillbot cost?

Quillbot offers two plans with various payment terms. The free plan offers a limited version with a paraphrase limit of one hundred and twenty five words, two different paraphrase modes, and a summarizer word limit of two thousand five hundred.

Quillbot premium offers users an unlimited number of words for a paraphrase limit, seven different paraphrase modes, and twenty pages of plagiarism checking each month. In addition, the premium plan offers powerful tools that help you find the right words to generate the best impact.

Now that we’ve touched lightly on the plans offered by Quillbot, let’s break down the details to help you understand and choose.

Quillbot Free Plan

The Quillbot free plan offers a limited version of the program.

It offers a paraphrase limit of 125 words, a summarizer limit of 2500 words, and a moderate processing speed.

While the free plan doesn’t include everything, it does offer enough tools for users to get a good idea of how the software operates and how it can help.

In addition, Quillbot offers a Chrome extension that makes using it with google docs much easier and more seamless.

Quillbot Premium Plan

The Quillbot premium plan offers many more tools than the free plan.

For example, the paraphraser limit offers an unlimited number of words, different paraphrasing modes, an unlimited number of freeze words (these are words that won’t be changed in the rephrasing), and a fast processing speed.

Quillbot Premium Plan Key Features:

  • Seven paraphrasing modes
  • Fluency mode
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagarism checker
  • Auto-generated co-writer tool
  • Summarizer
  • Citation generator
  • Freeze words
  • User-friendly
  • Extensions for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Chrome
  • 100% money-back guarantee 3-day
  • Tools to pause membership
  • Tone changer

How much does Quillbot Premium cost?

  • Annual – $99.95 – savings of $139.45
  • Semi-annual – $79.95 – savings of $39.75
  • Monthly – $19.95

Quillbot Features in Detail


With Quillbot, users can paraphrase writing and ensure that they use the best words, synonyms, and tone. In addition, users can customize how much vocabulary they want to change and quickly generate excellent, high-quality writing.

Grammar Checker

Write like a pro with Quillbots’ grammar checker. Ensure words are spelt correctly, proper punctuation is used, and your writing is of the highest quality. Quillbots’ grammar checker will help ensure your writing makes sense and clearly illustrates your idea.

Plagiarism Checker

Quillbots’ plagiarism checker will scan your writing and compare it to billions of other sites to ensure there isn’t any plagiarism. This tool will also ensure that you’ve cited things correctly and let you know if matching content is already published or not. You’ll receive an accurate report of all findings of plagiarism and how to fix it.


Using cutting-edge technology, Quillbots’ co-writing tool can level up your writing and improve speed, accuracy, and grammar. In addition, Quillot offers a built-in web search where users can do their research, use AI (artificial intelligence) to write faster, and automatically cite from websites with accuracy.


Condense articles, narrow down essential points and customize the length of your sentences with the summarizer tool. Users can copy and paste or upload their content and adjust the length of sentences, customize the vocabulary and condense content to a smaller number of words but still meaning the same thing. In addition, summarizing can help to ensure your point is getting through clearly.

Citation Generator

Quillbot citation generator offers tools to quickly and correctly cite information. The citation generator supports various formats, such as APA, MLA, and Chicago style.

Quillbot Pricing FAQ

How much does Quillbot cost?

Quillbot offers a free plan that doesn’t expire nor requires a credit card to activate. The free plan offers a limited version of the software with helpful tools to improve writing. In addition, it can assist with proper paraphrasing, grammar checking, plagiarism checking, and ensuring that you’re writing with the right tone. Quillbot premium offers the full range of tools. These include paraphrasing tools, grammar checks, plagiarism checking, co-writing with AI, summarizing, and the powerful citation generator. In addition, with a savings of $139.45, users can get an annual subscription at only $99.95 for the year.

What languages does Quillbot support?

At this time, Quillbot supports English.

Who is Quillbot good for?

Quillbot is a great tool for everyone. Writers, authors, content creators, and people who want to ensure their writing is high-quality.

Does Quillbot have an app?

At this time, Quillbot does not have an app but does have Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsft extensions. In addition, Quillbots’ website is mobile-friendly, so you can easily use it on the go.

How many users can be on a Quillbot account?

A Quillbot account supports one user per sign-up.

What currency does Quillbot bill in?

Quillbot currently bills in USD. If you’re paying with a credit card, the charge will also be in USD.

What is the difference between a free Quillbot account and the premium option?

The difference between a free Quillbot account and the premium version comes down to the number of tools available and the capacity that those tools can handle. In addition, the free Quillbot account only allows the user access to some of the tools, whereas the premium plan does.

Is Quillbot worth the cost?

Quillbot is a helpful, powerful writing assistant that can take your writing right to the next level. We believe that Quillbot is worth the cost.

The free plan is great because it’s free forever and doesn’t require a credit card to activate.

The premium plan by Quillbot offers even more. Quillbot offers tools that include paraphrasing, grammar, plagiarism, co-writing, summarizing, and citation generation. In addition, users can customize various vocabulary words, the tone of the writing, and the fluency.

With Quillbot, users can improve their writing substantially. Whether it’s the tone, grammar, or simply making sure that the content is not accidentally plagiarised, Quillbot offers the tools you need. While a free plan is beneficial, the Quillbot premium plan is the better option simply because of the added tools included and the affordability of the price.


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