Anyword Pricing & Plans (2023): Which Plan Is Best?

Anyword Pricing & Plans

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Anyword Pricing & Plans (2023): Which Plan Is Best?

Anyword Pricing & Plans

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Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Are you searching for the latest information about Anyword pricing and plans for its AI copywriting tool? You may be trying to determine if Anyword is what you need, how it can assist you as a marketer, or what it can do.

Anyword is one of the most popular AI writing tools out there.

The software has tools that can generate a significant difference in your copywriting. It can generate copy that is proven to convert for nearly every media channel, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram captions, blog posts, SMS text messages, and more. Anyword can help your audience receive your message at the right time and increase conversions and sales.

With an Anyword unlimited plan, users unlock substantial growth, excellent copy, and copy that converts. In addition, Anyword offers a custom mode where you can insert your brand voice and ensure that your copy reflects and sounds authentic. It helps you spend less time on writing but generate more impactful words. Anyword is a beneficial tool for any content creator.

Naturally, you’re wondering about the cost of the copywriting software and whether or not it’s worth it. Luckily, you’ve arrived at the right place.

In the guide below, we will share the details about Anyword. 

First, we’ll peel open the software and share all the important details. In doing so, you’ll have an easier time understanding what Anyword is, how it can help you, and the cost. 

Then, when you’re finished reading our guide, you’ll know which plan is best for you!

We will also share our thoughts surrounding Anyword, including whether or not i’s worth it, how it can be helpful, and how it stacks up next to competitors.

Continue reading for the full Anyword pricing review.

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How much does Anyword cost?

Anyword offers two plans ranging from $24-$99 a month in addition to a free trial. 

The free trial is for 7 days or 5000-word credits, whichever comes first. 

The two plans are the Starter and the Data-Driven. Each plan is available at a discounted annual fee or as a monthly fee. 

For businesses, Anyword offers a robust professional plan that is ideal for media companies, large-scale marketers, and website owners. 

The Starter and Data-Driven plan are perfect for all marketers and, when subscribed to an annual membership, offer two months free.

Now that we’ve covered a broad overview of what Anyword offers, let’s get down to the details below.

Anyword Data-Driven Plan - $83/month billed annually or $99/month cancel anytime

The Data-Driven plan by Anyword is the software’s most popular plan. It offers users an enormous amount of powerful tools that will speed up their workflow, convert your audience and improve their copywriting at a competitive and affordable price. 

It includes 30,000 up to an unlimited number of word credits, more than one hundred AI writing tools, more than two hundred proven-to-work copywriting tools, a predictive performance score, and insight into analytics to assist with choosing the right copy. 

In addition, with the data-driven plan users can personalize their text to keep their brand voice but create engaging copy that will convert.

Who is the Data-Driven plan suitable for?

Anywords’ Data-Driven plan is ideal for bloggers, YouTubers, SEO writers, copywriters, social media marketers, ad managers, writers, and Pinterest marketers. 

In addition, because of its advanced AI-powered tools and various formats to write in, Anyword is an exceptional software for anyone needing to create engaging and compelling copy.

Data-Driven Plan - Key Features

  • Predictive performance score – This feature is highly beneficial. It helps users predict how their copy will perform before publishing it. This can help make sure that you’re writing engaging and converting copy.
  • Huge selection of ad copy formats
  • Blog post optimization
  • The custom mode enables users to create and use their own brand voice.
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Affordable
  • Two months free when subscribed to an annual plan

Anyword Starter Plan - $24/month billed annually or $29/month cancel anytime

The Anyword Starter plan is suitable for precisely that – a starter. It offers a limited range of tools that assist with creating engaging and converting copy. The starter plan can write optimized content for all social channels, create awesome subject lines, generate click-worthy emails and more. It has a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that is ideal for beginners or experts.

Who is the Starter plan suitable for?

Anywords’ Starter plan is suitable for anyone needing limited access to the software’s tools. It’s also great for a copywriter who wants to test it out. Finally, the data-driven plan is the way to go for anyone needing/wanting all of the tools.

Key Features of Anyword

  • Generate copy for all types of social ads.
  • Create a call to action that convert.
  • Create blog posts.
  • Predictive performance score.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Custom keywords and phrases.

Who is Anyword suitable for?

Anyword is terrific for anyone needing copy. With Anyword, users can generate copy that converts and delivers a call to action that resonates with their audience. YouTubers, SEO writers, content creators, bloggers, authors, and more will find Anyword helpful.

Anyword Pricing Faqs

Does Anyword offer a free trial?

Users can try out Anyword without making any commitments or using a credit card. The free trial is available for 7 days or 5,000-word credits.

What is so good about Anyword?

Where do we begin?! Anyword is a fantastic AI-powered software that makes creating copy easier and more reliable. With Anyword, users can generate copy that converts. Furthermore, users can create copy in different modes.

What does the predictive performance score mean?

The predictive performance score generates a number to indicate how well that text/copy is expected to perform.

What are word credits?

A word credit is how Anyword measures. One-word credit is equal to one generated word.

What kind of copy can be created with Anyword?

Many variations of copy can be created with Anyword. For example – create ads for all social channels (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, landing pages, email marketing, SMS messages, and more.

Is there a discount for annual subscriptions?

Yes, there is! You’ll get two months free if you commit to an annual subscription.

Is Anyword worth the cost?

Anyword offers powerful AI tools that can generate copy that converts.

Anyword uses various tools to level up your writing and generate engaging, eye-catching content.

The software offers different plans at different price points, making it affordable and accessible for everyone. It’s easy to use, beginner-friendly, and will make a difference in conversions.


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