Camtasia Pricing: Is It Worth The Cost?


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Camtasia Pricing: Is It Worth The Cost?


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Last Updated on April 26, 2022

If you’re looking for details about Camtasia pricing and plans, you’ve come to the right place.

Video presentations can be tricky, but not when you have software like Camtasia

But let’s be honest. Camtasia isn’t the most affordable video presentation software out there. And as with every product with such a price tag, you will be forgiven for wondering whether it’s worth the cost. I mean nowadays, you have web-based software such as Animoto which for just a few dollars, you can do some pretty legit video editing with. 

But before you write off Camtasia, I need to remind you that it’s worth it, but only if you are the right person for it. Plus, you can try Camtasia free for 30 days before you buy to make sure it’s worth it for your situation.

Let’s qualify this by looking at the following: 

  • A brief description of Camtasia 
  • Camtasia plans: How much does Camtasia cost? 
  • Pros and cons of Camtasia 
  • Camtasia FAQs

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What Is Camtasia?

Camtasia is a suite of screen recording and video creation tools that let you create high quality, professional presentations. 

What does this mean?

This means that if you would like to turn any content on your screen into an interactive training video, you can easily do that with Camtasia. This makes this software a powerful training tool that anyone can use to turn their content into a webinar presentation, training video, sales video, or anything else. 

Camtasia works with macOS and Windows, and is suitable for anyone who wants high quality training videos.

I first heard of Camtasia years ago when I first thought of video editing. 

Admittedly, the Camtasia pricing was a bit of a shock to me at the time. In fact, I was staggered by its hefty price tag and also a bit intimidated by how professional it looked. Years later after I started video editing, I stumbled upon the same software and yes, it still looked very professional, if not more so than any other software I looked at. 

But that’s because it is: Camtasia is not a tool for hobbyists. It’s a tool for any freelancer or organization that’s looking at doing some pretty heavy or frequent video editing (that should most preferably turn a profit). 

Like I said, this video creation software has been around for years. It was created in 2002, which is way before YouTube video hosting became such a major thing. Back then, video creation was the purview of professionals, and their tool of choice: Camtasia. 

Camtasia remains a highly preferred software by most people, and with good reason.

The Advantages of Using Camtasia

  • Camtasia is surprisingly easy to use and as you would expect, it results in high quality video content. 
  • It turns video-tutorial making into a breeze as your own screen content becomes your video content
  • It is great for beginners or professionals 
  • It’s well equipped with multiple editing tools 
  • The user interface is clean, easy to navigate and is well labelled 
  • The pricing structure is uncomplicated 
  • It offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee 
  • It supports payment by Paypal, Amazon Pay, Debit card and credit card 

That said, Camtasia has a few drawbacks. These include

The Drawbacks of Camtasia

  • It requires a learning curve to use 
  • Camtasia pricing can be costly
  • It does not support live recording from a DV camera 
  • Manipulation of objects is not interactive and is more complicated 
  • Limited audio handling and video manipulation 
  • Minimal integration with other software
  • The software tends to lag
  • You have to download and host it on your computer

How Much Does Camtasia Cost?

Camtasia pricing and features depend on which of the 4 plans you choose: Individual, Business, Education, Government & NGOs. Each plan costs $299.99 per user, but the Education and Government plans also offer discounts.  

Let’s have a look at these Camtasia pricing plans in more detail

camtasia cost 2

More About Camtasia Pricing

Camtasia is a TechSmith product, therefore to use it, you need to create a TechSmith account. Once you do, you can access a 30-day free trial of any Camtasia plan. This is a great way to feel out the software before you commit to paying for it. 

Each plan also has a 30-day money back guarantee, yet another way that TechSmith uses to safeguard your money in case you aren’t satisfied with their product.  

The individual plan supports a single license but no site licenses. All plans, apart from Individual and business also support tax-exempt ordering. 

All plans come with one year of maintenance. After that, you will need to renew maintenance at $50 per year, although this is optional. The maintenance package not only gives you access to chat, phone and email support, but also training and certification. More so, you get a free upgrade of Camtasia, saving a whopping $300. 

There is really no much difference between any of Camtasia’s plans. In fact, the difference is in who is using the plan. For example, the individual plan is, as the name says, for individuals, and is therefore not eligible for quantity discounts, while all other plans can access discounts. 

In addition, the education and government plans are tax-exempt and can access site licenses. 

Other than that, Camtasia offers the same screen recording and video editing functions across the board. It is an easy to use platform that has the following features:

  • Drag and drop editing 
  • Interesting cursor effects: highlight, magnify, spotlight, target, wrap, and others 
  • Interactive video creation through the use of quizzes 
  • Video effects such as motion blur 
  • Video proxying for large camera files 
  • Direct sharing and upload 
  • Different file formats 
  • Multiple video templates 

Note that to subscribe to the education plan you have to provide proof that you are an education customer. The same goes for customers who work for governments and NGOs.

Bottom Line: Is Camtasia Worth It?

Camtasia may be a good video creation and editing tool for you if: 

  • You are struggling to create a course and need content for it
  • You constantly need to come up with engaging presentations  

Coming up with content can be difficult but with Camtasia, the content from your web cam or screen can be easily converted into your presentation. What’s more, you can edit easily, splice in other images and videos and add annotations. Video rendering is fast, meaning that in mere minutes, you can create professional looking videos, upload them or share them. 

That, of course, is as long as you have the money and time to invest in learning the software first. 

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Does Camtasia Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, Camtasia has a free trial period of 30 days.

Is The Price A Monthly Subscription?

No. You pay a one-time price for Camtasia. After that, you will only need to pay a service fee every year, which also gives you access to the next upgrade. If you don’t pay an upgrade fee, you will have to pay for the upgraded software version.