What Software Does Kartra Replace?

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What Software Does Kartra Replace?

what software does kartra replace

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Last Updated on April 26, 2022

Kartra is a feature-rich and affordable platform that contains all the features required to create an online presence and market your service to clients. 

Key features they offer include a drag-and-drop landing page builder, automated email marketing, shopping carts, CRM, membership pages, helpdesks, affiliate programs, and checkout pages.

Combining all of the features into a single product offers you a single platform and keeps the cost down.

Some of the more popular platforms that Kartra can replace include MailChimp, Unbounce, WooCommerce, and Zendesk.

Below, we break down each feature that Kartra can replace in more detail. 

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Landing Page builder

The library in the Kartra platform contains a selection of 500+ customizable landing pages and the templates section contains lead capture pages, sales pages, checkout pages, and more

kartra landing page building

Building a landing page in Kartra is a simple process started by selecting a template to suit your business theme. The editor provides feature-rich functionality to build the landing pages using columns and text as set out in the template. Standard sections such as client references, downloads, and FAQs are included in the templates.

These templates can be used on both computers and tablets / mobile devices and no extra development skills are required.

Kartra can replace platforms such as:


This tool creates professional-looking landing pages with many features like the ability to track the performance of the landing pages


Unbounce has a drag-and-drop editor for easy customization of landing pages. It can create one-step and two-step forms by using coding features like “checkboxes and radio buttons.

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Membership sites

Building the membership portal is easy with Kartra’s drag-and-drop builder. It can accommodate multiple membership tiers with different content, price points, and login details. 

Files and videos can be uploaded into the membership sites and embedded into the landing pages. Content can be distributed via the automated Drip system. 

Popular platforms like Memberpress and Podia can be replaced therefore.

Shopping cart

Products can be configured for multiple prices within Kartra allowing a diversity of service tiers, bundling of products, and split-test Kartra pricing points.

This all leads to the highest return on investment for your marketing efforts through the use of Kartra’s all-inclusive platform.

The process within Kartra covers all the essential payment features and the platform directs you through every single step resulting in a top class payment system.

The platform enables you to set up your payment gateway, add tags to client profiles, use multiple price points, send out automated email receipts, and add a new autoresponder for customers.

Upon completion of the sale, you can decide what action to take with the client. You can the client to a list, tag the buyer, link the product purchased to access to a Membership area, and implement Automations.

The shopping cart integrates with a few payment gateways such as Authorize.net, Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe and there are a few competitive shopping cart platforms that are available such as:

WooCommerce that is a free plug-in for WordPress website

Shopify is a code-free application that can be integrated into various platforms

Kartra can fulfill all the features offered by these systems and is already integrated so no coding or integration will be required.

Email Automation

Kartra provides access to an assortment of expertly designed templates that include countdown timers, testimonials, and video thumbnails.

The templates can be modified using the drag-and-drop editor or by copying content from another source.

A/B or split testing is available in the automated email process and you can send out emails with different subjects and a variety of content. The email system will track the responses and automatically change to the highest converting combinations.

Personalization of emails to create a more personal relationship is possible by custom tags to the mail.

An example of this is to address the mail to “Hi there {firstname_tag), we have noticed that you have joined our mailing list on {datejoined_tag} and have reviewed products in the  {department_tag}. 

Software that was replaced by Kartra is email automation tools such as:

MailChimp – enables the promotion of your business via email, social media, landing pages, and more from a single platform

Drip – streamlines the email process by dripping content or emails at a slow rate to the selected audience. It contains features to gather emails, templates, and a drag-and-drop feature.

Affiliate Management

Affiliates are incentivized to refer more customers to your pages which should increase sales. In turn, they receive a share of the profits generated from such introductions and sales.

The affiliate program can be linked to specific products or a combination of products.

The base rate payable to affiliates is set at 40% of all sales and affiliates can be linked to various tiers to incentivize the increase in sales. Commission payment is done via PayPal.

Kartra replaces some of the top affiliate software by combining the feature into the single platform:

Tipalti – can integrate into various affiliate payment platforms to enable mass payments to global affiliates via an automated process.

Tune – provides flexible SaaS technology for marketing partnerships across all mobile and internet-based systems.

Helpdesk Software

Supporting your customer base is critical in maintaining the relationships and trust between the parties. A lack of such support will likely lead to negative reviews and a loss in clients.

The Kartra customer service has built a solid reputation for its swift and effective resolution of tickets raised.

There is a significant amount of online material to guide users through the platform and email questions are answered swiftly. In addition to the email option, there is a live chat option to interact with a support person while you are online and building your system.

Kartra offers free training providing step-by-step guidance of all functionality and features of the platform.

Competitive helpdesk software that is available in the market is:

Zendesk helpdesk technology executes a few core tasks and is highly scalable. The processes are based on ITIL and the goal is to minimize the adverse effect on clients.

Genesys cloud provides a comprehensive cloud solution that helps you process tickets seamlessly and it can integrate seamlessly with CRM systems.

Video Hosting

Kartra offers premium video marketing capabilities that include analysis of video usage. Feedback is provided on which videos attract people and which videos are viewed less often. 

Videos can be uploaded and embedded in your landing pages. Call to action points can be inserted at any point in the video.

YouTube or Vimeo provides similar features.


crm kartra replace

The CRM module is incorporated into the Kartra platform providing access to the clients’ information and all interaction between the client and the business. 

All activities and communications are logged and sales generated through every interaction can be monitored.

Kartra can be put in place instead of others CRMs like Hubspot and Zoho to save money. 

Final Thoughts

To do online marketing and create an online presence you require a combination of features that are available on an individual basis.

Kartra combines all of the features that you will require, and it offers a comprehensive platform to enhance your online presence and do effective marketing.

You can save a considerable amount of money therefore through the consolidation that Katra offers. 


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