The Simpsons Digital Marketing Crossover

‘‘It’s like that time in The Simpsons’’ is a constant phrase that people are probably sick of hearing from me. It was only a matter of time before i noticed similarities between my favourite show and this digital marketing world.

In the same way as the The Simpsons influences our lives, so do these digital marketing influencers below. Constantly being requoted, sometimes incorrectly, they have larger than life personas online. 

Can you see the similarities? Can you think of other marketing/Simpsons crossovers? Do these influencers remind you of a different Simpsons character? I have intentionally left members of the Simpsons family out to avoid controversy! Please share your thoughts in the comments section and share the infographic with friends who may enjoy it!

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The Great Twitter Purge of 2018

A New York Times exposé early this year exposed the rampant use of fake followers by celebrities and social media influencer’s to ramp up their online popularity. Twitter, the platform most ridiculed in the article, have been on a mission ever since to eliminate these fake users and spam bots. Millions of accounts have been removed in this purge and we have captured some of the most noteworthy stats below.

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