VirtualPBX Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get? (2023 Guide)

VirtualPBX pricing

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VirtualPBX: Which Plan Should You Get?

VirtualPBX pricing

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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Looking for the latest info on VirtualPBX pricing so you can choose the VOIP plan that best fits your needs?

In today’s connected world, VoIP is a cost-effective way to communicate with partners, employees, and clients the world over.  A well-known VoIP tool that streamlines communication is VirtualPBX

So, how much does VirtualPBX cost? 

What are the different VirtualPBX plans offered in 2023? 

Which of these best fits your needs?

You can find answers to these questions and more in our guide to VirtualPBX pricing and plans below.

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that VirtualPBX offers a 14-day free trial that lets you test out the service at no cost.

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VirtualPBX Pricing At A Glance

VirtualPBX Pricing

VirtualPBX offers three plans – Flex, Pro, and Premium. All these three plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee. Also, you get free one-on-one sessions to get started on this platform. You can add any number of international numbers to each plan, with each costing $4.99 per month.

Let’s now explore each of these VirtualPBX plans and what they offer for you.


Flex is VirtualPBX’s basic plan and costs $19/user/month. If you prefer to pay for the entire year, the price comes down to $17/user/month. So, what do you get for this VirtualPBX pricing? Let’s find out.


For this price, you get unlimited local minutes and business texting, but no free toll-free numbers. For international calls and toll-free numbers, you have to pay $4.9c per minute. It also supports group calling. In addition, the VirtualPBX softphone app is free with this plan.

Devices and Numbers

A free VoIP device is also included with this plan. If you want more devices, it costs $9.99/month. You also get three phone numbers as a part of this plan.

Additional Calling-related Features

This plan comes with some useful features such as call recording that can come in handy for your quality assessment. Its auto-attendant feature ensures that you don’t miss important calls at all while the transcription feature helps you to better understand messages, even if there are accent variations.

You can also use this plan for your audio and video conferencing needs. Lastly, its digital faxing makes it easy to use the same device to send faxes when needed.


VirtualPBX’s Flex plan integrates with Zapier, and thousands of apps through it. Moreover, it also connects to any AWS private external storage.

This platform supports webhooks as well. Just to explain, a webhook is an API that makes it easy to share data and functionality, so you get more out of the platform.

Overall, this is a good plan for those who mostly make only local calls. It’s well-suited for small business owners whose primary customer base resides in the same city. If you have to make long-distance or international calls regularly, the next plan is a better choice.


The Pro plan is priced at $29/user/month on a monthly subscription and it reduces to $24/month if you buy annually. This plan includes all the features of the Flex plan plus many additional features, such as the ones described below.


Along with unlimited local minutes, you also get 1,000 toll-free minutes. Anything more than this limit will cost you 3.5c per minute. These additional minutes make this plan a better option, especially if you have to make long-distance and international calls regularly.

Devices and Numbers

You get five phone numbers and two VoIP phones with this plan. Every additional VoIP phone costs $9.99/month.

Additional Features

Moving on to additional features, you can have multiple auto attendants instead of just one.

Another salient feature is the advanced call reports that give a list of the numbers that were called, the duration of each call, start and end times, and more. This information provides granular control over the use of VoIP. Further, it also helps to analyze the usage and how best you can optimize the cost without compromising on business operations.

ACD Queues

One feature that distinguishes the Pro plan from the Flex plan is the availability of ACD Queues.

The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) queue makes it easy to analyze different aspects of the call such as call volume, wait times, agent performance, and more. Armed with this information, you can make many strategic business decisions that can improve your customer service and your employees’ productivity. 

Overall, these ACD queues augur well for your business.

However, note that these ACD queues are an add-on, which means, you have to pay extra money to include them. It costs $49.99/queue. If you also want to have Pro agents to monitor and handle your call volumes, it costs $40/user/month when billed monthly and $35/user/month when paid annually. It also comes with 1TB storage, with additional storage costing $1.99/GB.


Along with the integrations in the Flex plan, you also have Microsoft Teams integration in the Pro plan. 

You also have API access which means you can extend it to work in your custom infrastructure.

In all, the Pro plan comes with many advanced features, especially in the areas of analytics and control. It works well for all businesses, and in particular, can come in handy for those that operate in the customer service segment. Undoubtedly, it justifies the additional cost.

Premier and CRM

The highest VirtualPBX plan is the Premier and CRM plan. This plan is ideal for large enterprises and call centers that have clients around the world. It also works well for companies with custom call flows. You can contact the sales team for a custom quote.

In this VirtualPBX plan, you get 2500+ toll-free minutes and the additional minutes are charged at 2.9c or less per minute. It comes with 10+ numbers and 2+ VoIP phones per user.

Other than the features in the Pro plan, you get the following additional features.

Dynamic Caller ID

You can have a dynamic caller ID depending on whom you’re calling. Commonly known as Calling NAMe (CNAM), you can assign values from your Main Business Number. This way, you can incorporate multiple numbers in your VirtualPBX plan and assign one number to a department/team depending on whom they call.

CRM Integration

The VirtualPBX platform integrates well with Salesforce CRM to provide a good inflow of leads and boost your conversion rates. With this integration, you can take your lead through a custom sales funnel for long-term retention.

Add SIP Trunks

You can easily add SIP trunks to your plan for an additional cost. The advantage is your cost reduces greatly and you can also consolidate your operations because all the call traffic is diverted through your Internet. Another advantage is you can scale up or down easily!

In all, the Premier plan is a huge jump from the Pro plan, but it is well-suited for call centers and large enterprises that need to scale up to meet their growing customer needs.

Thus, these are the VirtualPBX pricing plans.

Moving on, let’s look at some FAQs related to VirtualPBX costs.

Can I Return My VirtualPBX Phone Equipment?

Yes, you can return your VirtualPBX phone equipment, but within 30 days from the date of receipt of your equipment. VirtualPBX doesn’t accept returns or issue refunds after 30 days. Also, you’re expected to keep the equipment in working order and in the original packing in which you received it.

Is There Any Warranty For My Equipment?

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty for phone equipment. However, note that the warranty doesn’t extend to any physical damage. The equipment will be repaired by VirtualPBX for free. Further, you have to send the equipment in the original packaging and pay all shipping and handling charges related to the returned equipment.

Can I Get A Replacement For My Faulty Device?

Yes, you can get a replacement. You have two options here. The default policy of VirtualPBX is that they will replace the device only after receiving it. The other option is VirtualPBX will do an advance shipping, but customers will be charged for the device. After receiving the faulty device, VirtualPBX will give credit for the cost of the new equipment charged earlier. Again, a catch here. You have to send the faulty equipment within 30 days after the receipt of the replacement equipment to qualify for a credit.

What Payments Does VirtualPBX Accept?

VirtualPBX accepts only debit cards, credit cards, and ACH payments. All VirtualPBX accounts are automatically debited for renewal, so you must send a note if you don’t want your subscription to be renewed automatically. Note that your credit card will be charged three days after the invoice date.

Can I Get Double-billed?

No, you will not be double-billed, though it may seem like you are. Let’s clarify that a bit.

Every call has two parts to it. The first part is the call from your client to VirtualPBX’s equipment while the second call is from the equipment to your phone. But, if you look closely, you’re charged only for the inbound calls to your phone. So, there’s no double-billing though the two segments may seem like you’re paying for two calls.

Can I Cancel My Account?

If you want to cancel your account, call 408.479.3214. This is VirtualPBX’s customer support number and the concerned customer service representative will talk to you about canceling your account, refunds, and any other concerns/questions you may have in this regard.

Is There A Way To Reinstate My Account?

If you’d like to reinstate your account, simply call VirtualPBX at 1-888-825-0800 and choose option 5 to talk to the billing team. If your account was canceled due to non-payment of subscription or because of a wrong/expired credit card, you will have to provide the updated credit card details and pay the remaining amount. Only after this, the account can be reinstated.

Can There Be More Than One Primary Contact On My Account?

Yes, you can have more than one person as the primary contact on your account. Simply send an email to with the following details. 

  • The name of contacts you want to add
  • Full address of each contact person
  • Phone number of each contact. Please ensure that you don’t provide any VirtualPBX numbers here.
  • Email ID for each contact person.

Using this information, the VirtualPBX team will update the details. Please note that it can take 3-5 business days for these changes to reflect.

Can I Export My Call Traffic?

Yes, you can export your call logs. The easiest way is to use Webhooks with Zapier to automate this export process. The good part is you can customize webhooks to display just the information you want. 

For example, you can export calls with a certain duration, inbound/outbound calls, get call logs for a given period, and more. All these provide granular control over your information and the resulting analytics.

How Do I Update My Personal Information?

Simply log into your dashboard. You can update the personal information of your technical and billing contacts, as they can be two different entities.

We hope these FAQs enhance your usability of the VirtualPBX platform.

VirtualPBX Pricing Summary

Before we end, here’s a summary of VirtualPBX pricing plans.

  • Flex: $19/user/month when billed monthly or $17/user/month when billed annually.
  • Pro: $29/user/month when billed monthly or $25/user/month when billed annually.
  • Premier & CRM: Custom quote

Remember, you can always try VirtualPBX free for 14 days before you pay a thing.

Overall, VirtualPBX is a reliable platform for all your inbound and outbound calls. It comes with many advanced features too, such as call recording, auto agents, voicemail, and more. It also integrates well with the Salesforce CRM suite and with thousands of apps through Zapier.

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