Grasshopper Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get? (2023 Guide)

Grasshopper Pricing

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Grasshopper Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?

Grasshopper Pricing

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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

You have probably heard of Grasshopper, a service that helps small businesses manage their customer calls through a virtual phone system. This kind of service used to be the preserve of large companies that can cut fat checks, but not anymore. Grasshopper offers business phones and extensions, with useful conveniences such as call forwarding, call transfers and more, at a fairly low monthly subscription. 

The phone service gives you the flexibility to receive your calls and keep running your business whether you are in or out of the office. 

But how much does Grasshopper cost? 

This post will help you understand the pricing behind Grasshopper. It will allow you to choose the best plan for your needs, and avoid the pitfalls involved when selecting software. 

There are only three Grasshopper pricing plans to choose from, which makes it easier to decide which of them is best for your business.

Grasshopper has a 7-day free trial, so you can try before you buy. Or you can read on to see how the plans compare.

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An Overview of Grasshopper Pricing

An overview of Grasshopper pricing

An In-depth Look At Grasshopper Plans

All Grasshopper plans have the same features. 

  • Support for mobile and desktop, across all operating systems 
  • Use your business number to send respond to business texts quickly or to send updates 
  • Call forwarding, either to your number or other people’s numbers, e.g., colleagues 
  • If you cell phone network is bad, you can call over VOIP or Wi-Fi
  • Receive virtual faxes in PDF format in your inbox 
  • Receive voicemails in your inbox in MP3 format
  • Voicemail to text transcription 
  • Set up call forwarding rules for your employees’ extensions 
  • Instantly respond to customers’ calls with automatic text messages when not in a position to answer a call
  • Greet your customers with pre-recorded instant messages 
  • Call holding and call transfer options 
  • Lines can handle calls simultaneously, preventing instances of customers hearing the “line-busy” signal 
  • Access call control options such as call blocking or call scheduling 
  • Access detailed performance reports 

In addition to the above, Grasshopper gives you the option to either port your own numbers (which is absolutely free), or take advantage of Grasshopper’s inventory of local, toll-free and vanity phone numbers. 

  • The local numbers are useful for brands that want to build a local presence. It’s a great way to promote your business among customers who would rather buy from a business in their area. 
  • On the other hand, toll free numbers will give you the appearance of being established nationally, which instills confidence in customers who want to buy from an established brand. 
  • Vanity numbers use a combination of toll-free numbers and a word related to your business, to remind customers what you do. 

Furthermore, Grasshopper helps you stay organized is by marking your calls, so that you always know when an incoming call is from a business caller. This separation is possible since the app exists and operates autonomously without interacting with any personal data present on your phone.  This keeps all your business contacts and emails completely partitioned on their own. 

The real clincher for any customer really, is Grasshopper’s promise of 99.99% uptime. This it does by having multiple servers in different geographies to reduce instances of service downtime. In addition, because the phone system is virtual and doesn’t rely on old telephone technology, users can enjoy high call quality. More so, use of wi-fi for calling guarantees better calls when cell service is shaky. 

So, if all these features are available on all of Grasshopper’s plans, why are they priced differently? The only difference between them is in the phone numbers and extensions they allow. Let’s look at what this means for each plan.

Grasshopper Solo Plan

All Grasshopper plans allow you to select numbers from different area codes, or use a combination of local numbers and toll-free numbers. The solo plan however, only allows users to have one number, making it a suitable option for a solopreneur. 

But you can still expand your side gig on this plan by buying extra phone numbers at $10 each per month. The number of extensions doesn’t increase however. If you need more than the 3 extensions allowed on this plan, you’ll have to upgrade your plan. 

All numbers are text and voice enabled.

Grasshopper Partner Plan

This plan is great if you run a small business employing between 1 and 3 people.  It costs $49 and comes with 3 phone numbers and 6 extensions. 

Just like the solo plan, you can pay more to get additional numbers.

Grasshopper Small Business Plan

The small business plan is designed for businesses that want more flexible calling and call-routing options. 

Although it only gives you 2 additional phone numbers over the partner plan, it comes with unlimited extensions, which is a great option to have when you are working with a growing team. 

Again, you still have the option of getting more phone numbers at $10 each.

Can You Cancel Your Grasshopper Plan?

Yes. Cancelling Grasshopper is quite easy. But before you do so, pay any outstanding fees. 

The cancellation process differs based on whether or not you want to retain your number. 

If you want to cancel your plan but keep using your local or toll-free number, transfer the number to a new carrier. The carrier will ask you to fill in a transfer authorization request, complete with all the details of the number you want to transfer. 

Once the transfer is complete, call Grasshopper customer support, select extension 3, and provide them with the following details: 

  • The Grasshopper phone number (this is also called the account number)
  • The primary PIN for the number 
  • The last 4 digits of your credit/debit card and the billing address for the card

If you want to cancel your plan as well as the number, call Grasshopper customer support, pick extension 3, and give them the account details listed above.

Does Grasshopper Have A Free Trial?

Yes. Grasshopper offers a 7-day free trial that is limited to

  • One phone number 
  • 3 extensions 
  • Only one toll free code -800
  • 2 area codes for local numbers in Canada and 10 area codes in the US
  • 100 minutes talk time and 100 text messages 
  • All standard Grasshopper features  

Once your trial ends, you can keep the same number while upgrading to a paid plan. If you wish to change the number, you can do so by calling customer support. 

Note that the free trial either ends after 7 days or as soon as you have reached your talk time limit.

Grasshopper Likes and Drawbacks


  • It is competitively priced
  • It comes with a rich feature-set that allows you to turn your phone into a tool for handling your business calls 
  • Easy to set up and use, with a simple UI
  • You can import contacts
  • It has inbound and outbound calling and messaging 
  • Access to a virtual receptionist 
  • Call segregation and filtering
  • Supports toll-free numbers, including 1-800 and vanity numbers
  • Support many integrations through Zapier 


  • Doesn’t have call recording
  • No CRM integration


Grasshopper is a virtual phone system for small businesses. It offers business phone solutions such as text messaging, voice mail, call extensions, call handling, call forwarding, encrypted faxes, and others. 

Here is a summary of Grasshopper cost: 

  • Solo plan: $29/month or $26/month billed yearly. This plan supports 1 number and up to 3 extensions. It is great for a solopreneur. 
  • Partner plan: $49/month or $44/month billed yearly. You get 3 numbers and 6 extensions on this plan to support a small but growing team. 
  • Small business. $89/month or $80/month billed yearly. This plan has 5 numbers and unlimited extensions, which gives you a lot of room to expand your team.
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