Kartra vs Infusionsoft (Keap) 2023: What’s Best For Your Business?

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Kartra vs Infusionsoft (Keap): What's Best For Your Business?

kartra vs infusionsoft

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 12, 2023

If you have been scouring the internet, researching key features of Kartra and Infusionsoft, you might be having a hard time deciding which one is the best fit for your business. In this Kartra vs Infusionsoft (now known as Keap) comparison article, we take an honest, in-depth look at each platform side-by-side, comparing their features and benefits. 

Both are marketing platforms with similar features, which might make it tough to pick one over the other. We have highlighted the benefits and drawbacks of each software, to make your purchase decision effortless.

This article will cover aspects such as marketing automation, integrations, and customer support. Read on to know in-depth details. Infusionsoft/Keap gives a free 14-day trial, while with Kartra, you can test out any package for $1.

Table of Contents

Marketing and Sales Automation

With Kartra, you can create a multi-page funnel flow. If you are wondering what that means, you can automate processes from your lead capture page, to your checkout page.

You can use a sequence builder where you can easily drag and drop your ideas such as tags. These tags help in segmentation.

If/Then conditions will streamline processes and take consumers on the route of their preference. There are even pre-made campaigns that will incorporate your sales page, checkout page, and upsell page into the funnel.

Kartra automation

With Infusionsoft/Keap, you also get the function of a campaign builder. These campaigns are built in a sequence of your choosing, which will be according to your goals.

Once a goal is achieved, such as a person filling in their contact information, a chain of events will start automatically. Tags can also be used which will basically be a naming system to help in tracking leads.

Infusionsoft automation


If you are not a very techy person, Kartra would be the winner here as each step of their automation has been simplified even for a beginner.

Infusionsoft’s interface is a little complicated to handle. However, if you are already an expert in marketing software’s, this is a powerful automation-focused selection.

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Email Marketing

When you are building your sales funnel in Kartra, you can also automate your emails. No more copy pasting the same content manually, emails can be personalized with an individual’s name, join date, and country.

Conditionals can be applied according to consumer behavior. That is, automatic follow-up emails will be sent to those who did not check the previous message, or even unsubscribe inactive users.

Templates are also available to fully customize emails with timers, videos, testimonials, etc.

With a Starter package, you get 15,000 emails per month. With the Silver package, there are 125,000 emails per month. Keep doubling the amount for the Gold and Platinum plans.

Kartra email marketing

You can automate any promotions to send, or even thank-you messages to consumers with Infusionsoft. Segmentation is available for when you do not want to spam your whole contact list. Emails with separate headlines and offers can be sent according to interests.

A key feature, however, is their social media integration. Emails can be sent to those with social media accounts on any platform. The amount of emails you can send are unlimited at each plan level.

Infusionsoft email marketing


While both have automation and template customization features, Infusionsoft takes the lead over Kartra with their social media integration. It can be a way to generate a lot of traffic.

Landing Pages

Whether you want to personalize your blog page, checkout page, offer page, product launch page, or any other type you can think of, Kartra will have a template for the job.

With over 100 different designs, you can add in headlines, backgrounds, countdowns, Google maps, share buttons, and more. The colors will be up to you, and you can even make your own design from scratch.

If you opt for a Starter package, you will only be able to host 100 pages. Any plan above this will give you an unlimited number of pages.

You can learn more about all of this in our Kartra review.

You can custom make your own landing pages with Infusionsoft. It is noteworthy that while you can change the background of any given template, you cannot customize the elements inside such as button text colors. These templates are also only for landing pages, not others.


Infusionsoft has some aspects of customization, but Karta is clearly ahead with the range of templates it provides, as well as those templates being available for any kind of page.

Plus, if you are not creatively gifted like me, pre-made templates really give a sense of direction.


With every feature Kartra provides, it also has an analysis running behind it. You can see which emails are leading to people visiting the sites.

You can see which campaigns are the most profitable. You can see which funnels lead to more sales.

You can even split test emails, pictures, or any page in your funnel. Similar messages, with some differentiating factors such as background or subject, are sent to different segments.

Reactions of the audience can be judged by which alternative people chose for a call to action.

Infusionsoft also provides reports to track your progress. You can see where the most contact is occurring. You can see your revenue sources, and forecasted sales generated.

There are administrative reports available, as well as order and billing reports.

However, there is a disadvantage of having to install further plug-ins that at times need to be paid for.  Only then can you access these analytics.

A/B testing is a new tool Infusionsoft has introduced. So far, it can only be used to broadcasting emails to see which variant works best.


Kartra’s analytics have the advantage of being built-in, and do not require add-ons like Infusionsoft. Kartra’s split testing can also be used for any page, unlike Infusionsoft’s which is only for email marketing.

This analysis is necessary for your business to investment more into profitable ventures, and either improve or cut out campaigns where conversions are minimal.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?

Kartra does have a customer relationship management center, which provides details on every action a consumer has taken. Whether they bought a product, opened an email, watched a video, sales that did not go through, and even contact history.

Infusionsoft has what is considered the number 1 ranked CRM system in technology. It has four aspects. Your contacts can be added, merged, organized, and segmented according to their records.

Similar databases can be created for companies, where connections can be assigned to companies. You can operate a sales program. You can even set up a referral system where consumers can get commission for creating sales for your product.


While both have CRM systems, Infusionsoft’s version is much more advanced, organized and captures a greater amount of data.

Kartra relies more on independent data collection with each separate feature, rather than all of it amalgamated in one place.


Kartra does allow for connections with third-party apps, so that consumers do not have to start or learn anything from scratch.

Mostly, these integrations are for payments, such as Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and Braintree. It can also connect with Google calendar, and Twilio for messaging.

Infusionsoft allows for a significant number of categories for integrations. Some ecommerce connections include ThriveCart and Privy. There are connectors like Zapier, workato, Unific, and piesync. Gmail and Outlook integrations and Lead Gen ones like optinmonster and AdEspresso.


While Infusionsoft does allow for a greater number of integrations, it’s reliance on them is too heavy. You might end up investing extra cash for services that require these connections.

Kartra stand outs here as they aim to provide all of these services on their own platform, and still allow for connections as required.

Customer Support

Karta has a five-tiered customer support program. First, there is a customer support team that can be contacted at any time by generating a ticket.

Second is the Kartraverse Training Center where you can enroll into a training program or attend Kartra Academy.

Third is their Facebook group community where you can interact with other members.

Fourth is where you can you can share a feature idea with their development team.

Finally, there is a helpdesk, where all your billing, collaboration, and response needs can be met.

Infusionsoft’s contact support program is two-tiered. There is an ‘Ask the Community’ board where members can discuss any issues faced. There is also a live chat from 6a.m to 7p.m on Mondays to Fridays.


Kartra has an immense network of support for its users. This support can be accessed at any time, as problems can arise at any time. The benefit of multiple channels is that one or more will answer the query that is picking at your brain.

Which Platform Is Easier To Use?

With Kartra, all you need to do is come up with business goals you need to accomplish, and it will streamline all the processes for you.

There are on-screen instructions to follow so you do not need any knowledge of coding etc. All you need to do is come up with creative content.

Infusionsoft, on the other hand, can be a bit complicated and confusing to use. You might end up hiring professional help to properly set up your business.

You will need time to figure out every feature if you want to handle it yourself.


Kartra is quite simple to use. This simplicity is necessary when you are beginning out in your business stage. If you are a more experienced user that has time to tackle a new platform, Infusionsoft can be the choice for you.

What Makes Kartra Stand Out?

Affiliate Marketing

Within the platform, users have the option to create a partner program. Every sale that is generated by an affiliate, they will get a 40% commission. The more revenue generated through a partner, their package and commission will be upgraded accordingly.

Kartra also offers another aspect of JV Brokers. If you are already connected with affiliates, you can sign up as a second tier JV partner and receive 10% commission for any sales your affiliates make.

While Infusionsoft does have a referral program, affiliates are prone to make mistakes like sending the wrong link or emailing a wrong template. This can be attributed to the portal itself being perplexing.

Membership Sites

Membership sites are a way for you to publish content for your customers and get paid for it according to your subscriptions. These become a secondary source of income since money received is stable.

You can also have a drip system which can release content earlier to valuable consumers. A portal will manage these members and analysis of their behavior is also performed to produce more attractive content.

Infusionsoft does not have membership sites within its own platform. Integrations with plugins such as Memberium are required to access this program.

What Makes Infusionsoft Stand Out?

SMS Messaging

While it may be a little complicated to set up, like you send email broadcasts, it is also possible to send out a mass text with Infusionsoft. Using integrations such as FixYourFunnel or Call Loop, you can add in this feature while you are building your campaign.

SMS integrations can also be done with Kartra with gateways like Twilio and Plivo. However, Infusionsoft has more seamless integrations in this regard.

Sales Checkout Service

Kartra only has checkout forms available. With Infusionsoft, you can create a customized checkout page.

You can add your product and prices through a template. Client information will be saved once they fill out the form. Payments can easily be accepted through Keap Payments, whereas Kartra will require integrated apps for payments.

 This checkout page will also send a follow up to your consumers after they purchase a product.


Kartra pricing offers 4 packages, paid for on a monthly basis. However, if you get an annual package, there is up to a 25% discount. The plans include:

Starter at $99. Discount price at $79 per month.

Silver at $199. Discount price at $149 per month.

Gold at $299. Discount price at $229 per month.

Platinum at $499. Discount price at $379 per month.

Infusionsoft/Keap pricing starts at $199 per month.


You have reached the end of the war. I can tell you my opinion on these platforms all day long, but it is up to you, and your needs to decide which platform would be better suited for your business idea.

Choose Kartra if:

  • You want an all-in-one marketing platform.
  • You want an interactive affiliate program.
  • You want membership sites as an income source.
  • You need access to a greater amount of customer support.
  • You want customizability for every page in your business.

Choose Infusionsoft if:

  • You want a greater number of integrations.
  • You want more straightforward SMS messaging connections.
  • You want personalized sales checkout pages.
  • You want your email marketing to target social media users.
  • You want payments to be through an in-site application.
Looking for more choices still? Check our these Kartra alternatives for more options.