Kartra Vs Builderall: Side-by-Side Comparison & Review (2023)

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Kartra Vs Builderall 2023 Comparison Review

kartra vs builderall

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 12, 2023

In the competitive online business sector, Kartra and Builderall offer unique value propositions with some overlap in key features like landing page builders and sales funnels.

But when it comes to choosing between Kartra vs Builderall, it can be hard to figure out which is best for your business.

After all, both platforms offer many of the same features, and both have lots of positive customer reviews. 

How can you make sure you pick the right platform for your business?

In the guide below, you’ll get a complete, unbiased comparison of Kartra vs Builderall, highlighting variations and similarities between the two and what benefits each brings to the table.

Karta provides a 14-day $1 trial while Builderall offers a free 14 day trial so you can test the software. 

Table of Contents

Kartra Vs Builderall 2020 Comparison Review

  • All in one online marketing software platform
  • Funnel templates built by renowned marketers
  • Unique features like helpdesk and membership sites
Start Kartra $1 Trial →
  • Affordable in comparison to rivals
  • Potentially lucrative affiliate program
  • Downloadable mobile apps can be built with software
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Software Overview

In 2018 the well-accomplished marketing duo of Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime founded Kartra. It is increasingly gaining popularity amongst small business owners and entrepreneurs due to its functionality and pricing strategy.

Another direct marketing legend Mike Kern is backing Kartra. The system found acceptance in the market due to it being feature-rich and its affordable pricing structure.

In 2017 after a decade of building a marketing and business management platform, founder Erick Salgado launched Builderall, an unlimited all-in-one Digital Marketing platform. 

This allowed for the tools required to run a successful online business in one system rather than a suite of different systems.

The modules available are sales funnels, website builders, landing pages, sales pages, click map auto-responders, heat maps to analytics to name a few. 

Landing Page Builder/ Editor

Gone are the days where you had to employ a coder/developer to build your website and with the release of the various webpage builder software options you can now build your own webpage that suits your requirements and you no longer have to translate your ideas to a coder.

With the drag and drop style webpage builder, the platforms eliminate the need to learn how to code and develop but rather to make use of a library of templates for the various functionality.


There is a selection of more than 500 customizable page and section templates in the Kartra library ranging from lead capture pages, sales pages, checkout pages and more.

The process to build a web page in Kartra is quite straightforward. You start off by selecting a template from the page editor to suit your business model and then commence with the build. There are two modes available on the editor, one for columns and another to insert components. The column section is highly customizable while the component editor allows you to insert text describing your business and other details.

The pages of the Kartra system are compatible with mobile and tablet devices therefor you will need no special skills.

The standard sections for client references/testimonials, downloads, etc. are pre-built and straightforward to include in your build.

kartra Page Builder


Builderall is a quality product and solid Kartra alternative in some aspects, but this is definitely not their strongest feature.  Builderall’s Pixel Perfect Builder allows you to drag and drop pictures and text enabling you to build pages rapidly. On the negative side, the editor is a little confusing at time and connecting the elements can become rather cumbersome, unintuitive and feel choppy.

Builderall landing page builder


Both builders are fairly straightforward and easy to use given the visual styling and drag and drop functionality. The page editors also work in very much the same way making this a close one. The winner, however, is going to be Kartra because of how optimized the builder is.

Double Your Kartra Trial Period

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The best funnel solutions take care of the customers’ needs from the time they enter the system on the landing page until the end where they are thanked for the patronage.


In Kartra you are able to design your own custom funnel or build one using the “Done For You Campaigns” templates created by well-known marketers Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins.

The pre-built funnels have pages for email marketing, automation tagging and various other options available. The option also exists for you to import campaigns that were built by other companies or even sell one of your campaigns on the Kartra marketplace.


Again, this is not Builderall’s strongest feature.  Builderall’s Pixel Perfect Builder allows you to drag and drop pictures and text enabling you to build pages rapidly. On the negative side, the editor is a little confusing at time and connecting the elements can become rather cumbersome, unintuitive and feel choppy


Both builders are fairly simple and easy to use with drag and drop functionality. The page editors are also very similar making this a section that is very close to call. The winner is Kartra as they provide the best user experience and a smoother way of building the funnel.

Email Automation

Both systems have automated email systems to run marketing campaigns or send out informative emails.


Kartra mail is highly customizable and allows you to set up customer mail based on their past behaviour. The email is personalized based on the information on file and it is tracked by the system. Information such as when the mail was opened or read is made available to enable you to determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

The tool is able to send a follow-up mail based on certain set criteria such as the number of days since it was read or after a number of days since the last unread mail was sent.

The mail packages are made available in different tiers to suit your requirements. The entry-level package known as the Starter plan is limited to 15000 emails.

Moving up in the ranks the silver package will allow for 125000 emails, the Gold package allows for 250000 emails and the top of the range is the platinum package that allows for 500000 emails.

Email kartra


Builderall utilizes Mailing Boss for the email automation system. Mailing Boss allows you to set up mailing or subscriber lists, create new campaigns and monitor statistics on all campaigns that have been launched.

It will allow you to automatically run campaigns against subscriber lists and follow up on unread emails or unanswered emails.


This round goes to Kartra as they have a more versatile tier system that will provide efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Customer Support

Customer support is a critical element of any business that interacts with clients.

Customer contact necessitates having a support section and when using technology where everything is driven by your online presence, people that may not be aware of the  how the system operates. They will depend on the support team feature. 


The Kartra system has a tremendously quick and effective customer support department and has built a great track record since its inception. Not only is the response rapid and to the point for questions asked offline but there is a live chat facility whereby customers can ask questions and receive a response while using the system.

There is a free training program available to teach you about all the functionality for you to optimize your usage f the system. Added to this there is a Facebook group where constant group discussions will expand on the overall product knowledge.

The following support options are available on Kartra:

  • Kartraverse training portal
  • Kartra Facebook group
  • Kartra live support
  • Kartra support portal


Builderall provides customer support 24/7 and Builderall offers a free one-on-one call which is followed up by a Builderall specialist if the issue is not resolved. There is automated support available on Builderall’s Messenger chatbot app.


Builderall has been in the business for a significant time and has built a reputation for good service but Kartra wins the customer support category as the platform provides more ways for customers to find solutions to their questions.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate management is often used to generate additional business for the company running the program.

This enables the company to use people to generate additional sales in return for a generous commission for every sale that is concluded. This is applicable to both the companies being reviewed.


Kartra enables a screening process whereby prospective salespeople or affiliates have to complete a questionnaire and sign the terms and conditions of the affiliation. Kartra pays 40% for all sales made.

There is an option to link affiliates to different tiers depending on their performance and to provide an incentive for increased sales. The sales can then be tracked via the detailed analytics provided by the system.

On the Kartra system, you can select to sign an affiliate on for all products via the global setting or selective products. The payment of commissions can be set up on PayPal to be processed instantly once the sale is concluded.


Builderall arguably has the very best leveraged affiliate system that allows you to use all of Builderall’s features and functionality while promoting Builderall as an affiliate and earn tier 2 commission of up to 30% while doing so. Once you have signed up your 100th customer you even receive payments of $500 every month for a year


Builderall takes this one. This is one of the strongest points of Builderall and the competition is finding it difficult to compete with the perks offered.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart ultimately aims at getting the customer to your checkout page and conclude the sale.

The high rate of abandonment in the industry of somewhere between 60% and 80% only the best user experience will entice the customer to follow through and come back for more purchases.


Your shopping cart and checkout page can be customized to be in line with your business branding and the list of templates will cater for almost any requirement that you may have.

When customers abandon their purchases the Kartra checkout system through its built-in automation can recover these shopping carts and link it to the customer when they return to the site.

The checkout page will allow you to upsell, downsell, cross-sell, manage the sale, allow the customer to subscribe to your newsletter, special offers, and many more features.

The payment gateways that can be linked to the Kartra system are Authorize.net, Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe.

Kartra shopping cart


The Builderall checkout system both utilizes templates allowing you to add templates and manage sales, subscriptions and other functionality. Builderall has support for 3rd party products and more payment gateways thus providing more options.

Payment gateways available to Builderall via API:

  • Apple/Android Pay
  • net
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Keap
  • NMI
  • Recurly
  • Stripe

Third-party products:

  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • PayPal
  • Warrior Plus
builderall checkout


The winner on this one is Builderall due to the number of third party payment gateways that they support.

Differences Between Software

There are a number of area’s where Builderall and Kartra differentiate themselves which we detail below.

Builderall Features That Aren't In Kartra

  • Builderall comes standard with an auto-webinar function to engage your audience keeping them informed on any new happenings in your business 
  • Kartra requires integration with webinarjam or everwebinar.
  1. Animation and video editor
  2. Photo editor
  3. Blog Builder
  4. Browser notification system
  5. Ecommerce tool integration
  6. Facebook Messenger chatbot
  7. Autopost for social media
  8. Social Proof software
  9. Presentation software
  10. A content share locking feature

Kartra Features That Aren't In Builderall

Analytics Heatmap

Kartra comes with heatmap analytics built-in to provide a deeper understanding of where your customer spends most of their time while online.

Builderall requires integration with 3rd party heatmap software.

Helpdesk Software

Kartra provides customer support with the Starter plan and on the higher plans, there is access to unlimited helpdesks.

This software offers a ticketing system for multiple departments and full access to the customer’s entire history of all interactions with your business. 

There is no pre-built helpdesk feature and templates in Builderall that you can implement.

Calendar and Event Booking Tool

There is a built-in calendar app in Kartra with the following 4 modes to enable the customer to book an appointment with you. Each mode has a different workflow :

  • the consultant,
  • the recurrent,
  • the gym, and
  • the live event     

Builderall doesn’t have any calendar functionality.

Video Hosting

The built-in Kartra video hosting utilizes the bandwidth limitation set by the pricing plans and could create a situation where you are forced to upgrade the pricing plan to stay within the bandwidth limitation.

Utilizing alternate video services such as Youtube or Vimeo will not utilize your bandwidth allocation under the pricing plan.

There is no video option on Builderall and you will be forced to make use of a 3rd party service.

Done For You Campaigns

Your marketing campaigns are entirely set up for you including the required lists, tags, and marketing automation sequences.

Affiliate Marketplace

The Kartra community utilizes the marketplace to trade products and services. There is no marketplace in Builderall.


The Kartra trial period of 14 days requires a $1 commitment and 4 pricing plans set out below. Pricing can be reduced by 25% if the payment is done upfront for 1 year. All Kartra features are available from the entry-level tier. For more info, go to our kartra pricing page.

Kartra plans

Prior to the upgrade from version 2.0 to 3.0, Builderall pricing offered two options but this has now increased to 4 payment plans and 1 free plan. There is no subscription fee for the trial period of 14 days.

pricing 1

Which Platform Is Best Suited For Your Business?

Kartra and Builderall are useful platforms with a range of powerful tools to aid you in setting up and executing marketing campaigns in your business. The platforms both offer useful features to optimize your marketing efforts and provide you new tools to reach potential clients. While they do offer a lot of the same tools, they do not share the same primary focus.

Ultimately your business requirements will determine which of the two packages are most suited for your application.

Kartra is a relative newcomer to the marketing stage but has made a huge impact with the incredible functionality, customer service, and pricing. All of its features are available from the starter price plan through to the top price plans. This provides a comprehensive package to entrepreneurs and business owners with which to build their business.

The strength of this software is in its capability to keep the focus on your clients while running a cost-effective business generating repeat business.

Builderall has established itself as a leader in the marketing field and has been around for a relatively long time they have developed a package that covers many features making it a good choice for companies that have an established business and want to implement the advanced features available on Builderall.

Go with Kartra if:

  • You require a full professional package
  • You want the ease of use
  • And you don’t mind investing a little more per month.
  • You want one platform for all your business systems
  • You require access to comprehensive data relating to your company

Go with Builderall if:

  • You want a less costly package
  • You require a multitude of features.
  • You are an affiliate marketer wanting to earn money from promoting the package.
  • You are dedicated to creating improved funnels
  • You are concentrating on spawning product/service consciousness

Still Not Sure Which Way To Go, Get Some More Clarity By Leaving Your Questions Below.​

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