Jungle Scout Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get? (2023 Guide)

Jungle Scout Pricing

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Jungle Scout Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?

Jungle Scout Pricing

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Last Updated on February 24, 2023

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive platform that provides all the data and tools you need to start or expand your Amazon business. It comes with a ton of features that help you to make informed decisions.

So, how much does Jungle Scout cost? What are the different Jungle Scout pricing plans available? Let’s get all the answers to these questions.

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Jungle Scout Pricing At A Glance

Below is a quick look at Jungle Scout’s pricing plans.

As you can see, Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans, and all of them come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Let’s now take a detailed look at each of these Jungle Scout plans and what you can get from them.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is priced at $29/month when billed annually and $49/month when billed monthly. This is a single-user license and is not eligible to include more people. But you get a good set of features that can help you get started on Amazon. Here’s a look at what you can get from the Basic plan.

Product Research

The first step to successfully selling a product is to do market research and understand its potential. However, this is not easy as you need the expertise to analyze different data before deciding if a product is in tune with your business goals. This is where Jungle Scout can help.

It offers something called an Opportunity Score, where a number is assigned based on a product’s profitability and competitive potential. The higher the score, the greater the opportunity for that product to provide good returns for you. Besides this, you also get an estimate of the monthly sales of the product. In this plan, you can have up to 500 such estimates per month.

You can also download 5000 reviews per day to better understand what customers think of a product, and accordingly, you can decide if you want to choose it or not. 

If you have specific products in mind, you can organize and compare up to 20 products per month, so you can decide which are the more profitable choices. Other than these, you have three searches a day for finding high-demand and low-competition keywords, verified suppliers, high-converting keywords that you can add to your listing, and access to Amazon’s catalog.

Good Quality Data

Good quality data can help you to get a more accurate idea of the state of a product, so you can make appropriate decisions around it. Jungle Scout’s plans provide the necessary information for you. 

For starters, you can view the one-month historical performance of any product to understand how popular it is among customers. Likewise, you can measure the keywords you want over a month to understand their volume patterns. 

You also have access to AccuSales, one of the most accurate algorithms for Amazon sales estimates. Finally, you have access to 10 global marketplaces that support third-party sellers.

Advanced Seller Features

In this plan, you can request bulk product reviews from Seller Central and also get automated review requests. You can even track your expenses and Amazon sales data through Jungle Scout. 

If you’re still unsure about a product’s performance, you get up to 100 listing quality tests per month, so you can gain some optimization insights. 

Besides all this, you have access to training materials and 24/7 customer support. 

Overall, the Basic plan is a good choice for anyone looking to establish a business on Amazon. It provides all the information you need to decide on the products that meet your business and financial goals. Plus, you have access to a few seller features that are sure to help you get started as an Amazon seller.

Suite Plan

The Suite Plan is the most popular Jungle Scout plan and is well-suited for anyone looking to expand and better manage the existing Amazon business.  It’s priced at $49/month billed monthly and $69/month when billed annually.  You can also add additional seats at $459/year. 

This Jungle Scout plan has all the features of the Basic plan, plus the following.

Product Research

When it comes to organizing and tracking product ideas, you can do it for up to 150 products when compared to the 20 products of the Basic plan. Similarly, you can have up to 1000 Amazon sales estimates per month based on the best seller rank.

Industry-leading Data

When it comes to data, you have three-month historical product tracking data for each product as opposed to the one-month data in the Basic plan. Needless to say, this will give you more insights and you can better understand the performance of a product over time.

Advanced Seller Features

This is one area where the Suite plan scores greatly over the Basic plan.

In this plan, you can stay on top of the products and orders that get review requests, thereby signifying greater interest in the product. Accordingly, you can choose a product that is popular and offers a good return on your investment.

Another cool review is the rank tracker where you can rank the history for multiple keywords at the same time. The limit here is 3,500 keywords per month.  

Moving on, the listing quality increases from 100 in the Basic plan to 200 per month in this plan. Along with this, you can build data-driven listings with a proven keyword strategy developed by experts. You also have access to an inventory manager that will provide suggestions on how much you should order and when.

Another advantage you have is custom alerts. You can set notification alerts for specific information like price changes, Buy Box ownership, hijacks, and more. All of these will allow you to stay on top of your chosen products’ performance and trends, so you can make the necessary decisions accordingly.

In this plan, you can offer coupons and offers that will promote your product and boost your sales. Using this platform, you can also stay on top of communications with your suppliers, compare quotes from different suppliers, and even generate purchase orders where relevant. 

As you can see, the features in this plan help to consolidate your business and take it to the next level. This is why the Suite plan is well-suited for sellers who are looking to grow their business and boost their revenues.


The highest Jungle Scout pricing plan is the Professional plan. It’s priced at $84/month when billed annually and $129/month when billed monthly. This plan comes with six licenses and you can add more at anytime for $459/year.

This is a highly comprehensive plan and provides all the data you need to take your business to new heights. It includes all that’s included in the Suite plan plus the following.

Product Research

You can track up to 1,000+ products instead of the 150 under the Suite plan while the Amazon sales estimator is available for 1500 estimates per month.  This means you can run through more products and identify the highest-performing ones that you can in turn add to your portfolio.

Industry-leading Data

When it comes to historical data, you can have it for six months to better understand the performance of a product and the interest that it has generated among customers. Likewise, the historical keyword data search is available for two years instead of one year under the Suite plan. All of these can give you better insights about products and their performance.

Advanced Seller Features

As for the advanced seller features, there isn’t much of a difference between the Suite and Professional plans. The key differences are an increase in listing grader from 200 to 500 per month and an increase in rank tracker from 3,500 to 5,000 keywords per month. 

Besides these, you get priority onboarding.

The real difference is that you can increase the limits under the Professional plan for extra money, but you don’t have any such option in the other two plans. 

Now comes the big question, should you go for the more expensive Professional plan? 

When you compare the Professional and Suite plans, the real jump is only in the data that’s available for better decisions. So, the answer really depends on your business and how you’re looking to grow. If you’re planning to add more products to your portfolio and want to know some of the best-performing products, then the Professional plan is worth the additional cost. 

On the other hand, if you plan to increase the sales of existing products through a combination of digital strategies or are looking to make a foray into new global markets, the Suite plan should do. It’s all based on your business objectives and how you’re looking to grow your business.

Thus, these are the three Jungle Scout pricing plans. If you want to customize any particular feature or want to include more features, you can always contact the sales team. To get a feel of the product, you can also request a demo.

Next, let’s look at some FAQs related to Jungle Scout plans.


Can I Get A Refund?

Yes, Jungle Scout gives you a refund, provided you reach out or cancel your plan within seven days from the date of your first payment. No refunds are given beyond this period.

Can I Cancel The Plan?

Yes, you can cancel any plan at any time, but will not get any refunds. If you’re on a monthly plan, you will not be billed for the subsequent months after cancelation. But if you’re on an annual plan, you can only stop the renewal for the subsequent year. In some ways, canceling a plan in the middle of the term makes no sense, so you might as well use it until the subscription ends.

How Can I Pay?

Jungle Scout accepts only credit cards payment and this has to be made online using your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. If you don’t have a credit card, you can send an email to support@junglescout.com, and they will send you a PayPal invoice. You can pay this invoice to start using the plan.

Can I Upgrade My Plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time and the incremental charges will be prorated. You will have to pay this difference for the new plan to take effect. For example, if you’re on a billing cycle that starts on the 1st of every month and you decide to upgrade from the Basic to the Suite plan on the 15th, you’ll have to pay an additional $10 for the upgrade.

How does this work? You have paid $49 for the Basic plan. For the first 15 days, this comes to $24.50. From the 15th onwards, you will pay $34.50 (which is the prorated amount for the Suite plan). This comes to a total of $59. As you can have already paid $49 for the Basic plan, you have to pay the remaining $10 only. 

Thus, these are some of the important FAQs to know about Jungle Scout pricing and billing. Before we end, let’s wrap up the Jungle Scout costs again.

Jungle Scout Pricing Summary

Jungle Scout offers three plans:

  • Basic – Priced at $29/month when billed annually and $49/month when billed monthly.
  • Suite – Priced at $49/month when billed annually and $69/month when billed monthly.
  • Professional – Priced at $84/month when billed annually and $129/month when billed monthly.

All three plans come with a seven-day money-back guarantee after which there are no refunds. The Basic plan is a good choice for anyone who is just exploring the option of setting up a business on Amazon while the Suite is for those who are looking to expand their Amazon business. The Professional plan is for those who are looking to take their business to the next level of operations and scale.

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