Amazing Selling Machine Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?

amazing selling machine pricing

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Amazing Selling Machine Pricing: Which Plan Should You Get?

amazing selling machine pricing

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Last Updated on May 26, 2022

Looking for info on Amazing Selling Machine pricing and plans so you can take your Amazon business to the next level?

If you’ve been trying to sell on Amazon, you know it’s not easy as you’ll be competing against millions of sellers from around the world. Understanding how the Amazon platform works, how you can stand out in the crowded market, and what are the possible hurdles that can come up, are likely to be some lingering questions.

But the good news is, that there’s a training program that answers all these questions. Plus, it offers interesting insights and practical tips on how to leverage the Amazon platform to make a regular income. This training program is called the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM).

Read on to know how much the Amazing Selling Machine costs, what are the different Amazing Selling Machine plans, and more.

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Amazing Selling Machine: Pricing At A Glance

Here’s a bid’s eye view of Amazing Selling Machine’s pricing.

Let’s now take a detailed look into each of the pricing plans to understand what you get from each. But before that, note that there’s a current offer that gives you two months of personalized coaching for free when you sign up for either of the Amazing Selling Machine plans.

Also, both plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Foundations is the basic Amazing Selling Machine pricing plan that costs a one-time fee of $997. The website claims that the original cost of this plan was $2,497.

So, what do you get for $997?

Eight Training Modules

The highlight of the Foundations plan is its eight-part module that teaches all that you need to get started on the Amazon platform to earn a seven-figure income from it.

The welcome module creates the right mindset for you to start selling on Amazon. It brings up the potential challenges and what you can do to overcome them. Once you get a hang of the Amazon platform, you’re all set to follow the instructions presented through the eight modules. At the end of it all, you should have a solid business going.

Module #1

The first module teaches you to identify the product(s) that best meet your requirements. Ideally, you’d want to select highly-priced products that have low competition and low entry barriers. This way, your startup costs will be low and at the same time, you can make high profits just from a few sales.

Module #2

Once you’ve identified the product and know what you’re going to sell, it’s time to set up your business on the Amazon platform.

This module will teach you how to set up your Seller Central account to start selling your products. It will also show you the formalities required for selling in specific countries like the U.S, UK, Australia, and more. At the end of this module, you’ll know how to set up an LLC, how to file your taxes, and more.

Based on this information, you can create a plan of action and prioritize your tasks.

Module #3

Now that you’ve set up your business, it’s time to start ordering inventory and creating your unique brand. And that’s exactly what this module teaches you.

At the end of this module, you’ll know which supplier to choose and the best way to ship them, so you can earn the highest profits. It’ll also teach you about assessing and inspecting your products for quality assurance.

Module #4

Here, you’ll learn about building your brand assets including your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc. At the end of this module, you will know to create a social media strategy and follow it up with appropriate content and engagement.

Module #5

In this module, you’ll get down to the actual sale. You’ll learn the five elements that every product listing must have and how they can be optimized to boost your sales. This module also teaches you to write eye-catchy copy for your products, how to create the visuals that will draw customers, and how you can use relevant keywords to rank on Amazon through Zoof.

The authors also share some secret tips and tricks to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Module #6

Next, you learn about using paid search through PPC. These insights come from many years of experience, so they can prove to be invaluable in getting that edge. By now, you must have made your first sale.

Module #7

Now that you have everything in place for your first few sales, it’s time to take your business to the next level.

This module helps you to set your KPIs, choose the appropriate ads, and even know how to use tracking tools to analyze your performance. Based on the analysis, you can also learn how to optimize your campaigns and make the most of your advertising budgets.

Module #8

The last module teaches you some fine strategies to boost your business. To give you examples, it tells you how you can handle situations when you run out of inventory, manage your cash flow, how to negotiate and buy in bulk, and how to keep your customers engaged with your business, and more.

At the end of these eight modules, you can become an expert seller on Amazon and can start earning a steady income.

Additional Training Materials

Besides the above eight modules, you will also get 120+ additional training lessons and 20+ hours of content by experienced Amazon sellers where they talk about their experiences and things you must look out for. Such information can be invaluable for those like you who are just starting off.

As a bonus, you also get extra training on how to find the lowest-priced products that offer maximum returns.

Other Features

Some of the other features that you get in the Foundations plan include,

  • 6 months of Zoof Platinum
  • Private resource vault to safely store your information
  • Free lifetime upgrade
  • Customer support hotline.

In all, this material is considerable and is sure to help you get started as an Amazon seller.

Thus, these are some things that you get from this Amazing Selling Machine pricing plan.

Amazing Selling Machine

The other plan is called the Amazing Selling Machine plan and it’s priced at $2,997. The original price of this plan was $4,997.

This Amazing Selling Machine pricing plan includes everything in Foundations and along with it, provides access to a private members-only ASM community. This is the place where the top performers learn insider strategies and network with other successful sellers. This plan provides lifetime access to the ASM community.

Besides this entry, here are some other benefits you get with this plan.

Mentors and Coaches

People who make seven-figure incomes will be your mentors and can help you become top sellers like them. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn with the gurus. Also, you’ll get monthly coaching calls from our experts who will check on your progress and will work with you to ensure that you’re successful.

Product Evaluation

Before you decide on your final product, you can share it with our experts, and they will evaluate it to see if your choice is in tune with your objectives. These experts provide feedback on the product’s viability and search volume, so you can make an informed decision.

Product Listing Review

The description and copy on your Amazon page are critical in bringing more customers into your fold. So, this has to be top-notch. The expert writers at ASM will check the copy and will make appropriate corrections to make it highly attractive.

Pre-launch Strategy

It’s important to create hype around your product even before you launch it, so it generates interest and expectations from your customers. This requires a well-thought-out pre-launch strategy, and ASM’s expert marketers can craft this for you.

PPC Review

60 days after you’ve started selling, ASM experts will assess your PPC campaigns to understand their effectiveness. Accordingly, they will provide suggestions for optimization, so you can get more value from every dollar you spend.

Brand Expansion Session

If your product has a successful start, it’s time to take it to the next level. This is where ASM experts can help. They will schedule a free 30-minute consultation to talk about expanding your product base and bringing more products under your brand. They will even brainstorm your ideas to see how they can fit well with your business.

Thus, these are some of the benefits that come with the Amazing Selling Machine. According to the company, all these benefits are worth $3500 when bought individually, but you get them as a part of the plan for just $2,997.

Which Plan Is Better?

The answer depends on what you know and your background.

If you already have a background in digital marketing and want to start off an independent business as an Amazon seller, the Foundations plan should do as it’ll show you how to set things up on Amazon. 

From here on, you can handle the other aspects of marketing such as PPCs and social media campaigns using your knowledge and experience.

On the other hand, if you’re completely new to this space, you’d require more support and this is where the Amazing Selling Machine can be a good choice. You will have mentors and experts who will guide you all the way until you have a firm grasp of digital marketing practices.



Will I get a refund if I cancel my plan?

Yes, you will get a refund provided it is within the 30-day guarantee period. This starts from the day you pay for a plan. Beyond this period, there are no refunds.

Will I have access to all the materials during the 30-day guarantee period?

Yes, all materials will be sent to you instantly so you can evaluate the same. Otherwise, you can request a refund within the 30-day period.

Can I talk to a support person?

Yes, you can send an email to Or you can chat live with a customer service representative through the website. Likewise, you can also call at 1-888-415-0615.

Can I get an idea of how much I will earn?

In all honesty, this is impossible to tell. But, Amazing has a calculator here that can give a broad idea of how much you can earn. In this calculator, you have to input the number of products you’re selling on Amazon, the potential margin percentage on each item, the average price of your items, and the number of items that are likely to sell each month.

Please note that this is just to give you an idea and the actual results may vary greatly.

What Happens if these Courses are Not Helpful for me?

Well, simply give them back and apply for a refund! As soon as you sign up, all the materials are sent to you. Follow the instructions and see if you’re able to get going. If nothing works, make sure to apply for a refund within the first 30 days of making a payment.

Why is the Amazing Selling Machine Priced so High?

The founder of ASM, Matt Clark, explains that it takes a certain amount of money to produce high-quality videos that make a difference to those who are trying to be successful. Plus, the fact that ASM employs expert mentors, copywriters, and social media experts to help you, costs money. This is why Matt Clark claims that ASM has to charge a certain amount of money to provide meaningful and relevant service.

Thus, these are some FAQs and we hope it was useful for you.

Amazing Selling Machine Pricing Summary

To conclude, here’s another look at Amazing Selling Machine’s plans.

  • Foundations – $997 (Original price was $2,497).
  • Amazing Selling Machine – $2,997 (Original price was $4,997).

Opt for the first plan if you already have a background in digital marketing or have sold products online. In all other cases, the second plan is better as it gives you a comprehensive understanding of how to sell successfully on Amazon.

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