What Is Right For You?

If you are like me then you like your buying decisions to be black or white.

In other words you want to know what’s software is right for you in your circumstances on your budget.

And you want to be CRYSTAL CLEAR in that decision.

I hear you!!

That’s why this page was made.

Both these software programs will move the needle for your business if you use them correctly.

But they are made for business’es at different stages of their life cycle…with different budgets!

With that said please consider your software fit by reading the criteria below.

Go For Clickfunnels If You Are The Following:

  • Blog Owners
  • Amazon FBA sellers looking to capture
  • Authors
  • Webinar Marketers
  • High Ticket Coaches
  • Event Planners
  • Real Estate Business’s
  • You have no experience with sales funnels and want to implement them into your business
  • You need to quickly add an upsell/downsell to your sales funnel
  • Budget between 100 – 200 a month

Do Not Go For Clickfunnels If:

  • You are have no traffic or sales
  • You cannot afford a minimum of 1200 a month
  • You are overly reliant on receiving quick chat support

Go For Infusionsoft If:

  • Growing online business (sales of $30k or more)
  • Seller of multiple ecommerce products
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Traditional offline small/medium sized business’s
  • New Business but you envisage scaling it to 7 figures with multiple products/services (pain in the backside to transfer files over)


Do Not Go For Infusionsoft If:

  • All of the above Clickfunnels reasons and
  • You or a designated team member is not willing to out in the hard yards to get to know the software
  • Lack of financing to employ a consultant/hired help if you cannot get to grips with system
  • Reliant on A/B testing in your business

Still not sure which way to go, get some more clarity below.

If You Are Still Torn and Need More Help… ASK ME Any Question.