Voluum Pricing & Plans (2023): Which Plan Is Best?


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Voluum Pricing & Plans (2023): Which Plan Is Best?


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Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Are you looking for powerful link-tracking software? Perhaps you’re trying to find some information about Voluum pricing and plans, wondering how it stacks up next to competitors.

Voluum is a great link-tracking software used by tons of affiliate marketers. It allows users to see what is working and what isn’t and then proceed to make changes to increase conversions. 

Voluum is easy to use and very beginner-friendly. It can save both time and money. 

The software can track organic and paid traffic, clicks, and conversions. 

In fact, Voluum is well-known for being one of the best ad-tracking software available.

Voluum is great for media teams of all sizes, performance marketers, agencies, bloggers, and more. It’s a powerful tool that can help users dive deeper into the analytics behind marketing campaigns and affiliate links. 

The software helps users to discover the best and most profitable combination of offers, landing pages, and traffic sources. It’s a powerful marketing analytics software and integrates easily with over 70 ad platforms.

So the big question comes to the software’s cost and whether it is worth the price. 

In our guide below, we’ll dive deeply into each plan offered by Voluum and break down all its features.  We will also share our thoughts regarding whether or not the cost of Voluum is worth it and how it matches up next to its competitors.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Voluum pricing and plans.

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How much does Voluum cost?

Voluum offers a few different plans. All plans are available for a monthly subscription and an annual subscription. The annual subscription saves users some money. 

Voluum’s most affordable plan starts at $89/month, and offerings range up the most extensive plan at $249/month. 

A few of Voluum’s best features include supporting a range of currencies, having access to a fully functional mobile app, custom domains, real time reporting and more.

Now that we’ve touched briefly on the software, let’s unwrap each plan individually.

Individual Plans

Voluum - Discover - $89/month or $69/month billed annually

The Discover plan is the smallest and least expensive individual plan offered by Voluum. 

It includes 40 active campaigns, 3 months of data retention, one custom domain and one SSL dedicated domain, up to 1,000,000 events (visits, clicks, conversions), real time reporting, and access to free digital marketing courses. 

It makes it easier for businesses to manage all parts of running ads including tracking, optimizing, and automating.

Voluum - Profit - $149/month or $118/month billed annually

The Profit plan is designed to maximize your results. It includes a one-hour onboarding call, 6 months of data retention, 3 custom domains and 1 dedicated domain, up to 3,000,000 events, auto rules, API integrations, and a guarantee of reaching the support team within twelve hours of reaching out.

 It’s a substantial plan with a great savings when set up on the annual plan.

Voluum - Scale - $249/month or $199/month billed annually

The Scale plan by Voluum is the largest individual plan offered by the software. It aims to help businesses expand their ad operations and fight bot traffic. 

The plan includes features like a one-hour onboarding call, 3 months of chat support, 12 months of data retention, 6 custom domains with 1 dedicated domain, up to 8,000,000 events, an anti-fraud kit, and a guaranteed response from customer support within four hours of reaching out. The Scale plan also includes PPC campaign tracking as well as impression tracking.

Business Plans

Like the individual section of Voluum, the software offers three substantial plans aimed at businesses and large sized teams. Each plan is available for a monthly fee or a discounted annual fee paid upfront. We will highlight some of the most popular features in each plan. If you’re not sure which plan would be most impactful for your needs constact Voluum’s support team.

Voluum Business Plans Cost

  • Start-up – $419/month or $319/month billed annually.
  • Agency – $849/month or $699/month billed annually.
  • Enterprise – $1699/month or $1359/month billed annually.

Voluum Business Plans Key Features:

  • Starting at 10,000,000 events
  • Starting at 9 custom domains up to as much as 50.
  • Higher level of customer support.
  • Quicker access to customer chat.
  • Real time analytics.
  • Mobile app.
  • Integrations.
  • Anti-fraud kit.
  • Additional users can be added.
  • And more!

Voluum Cost FAQ

How much does Voluum cost?

Voluum offers six plans suitable for individuals and businesses. Each plan is available on a monthly subscription basis as well as annual. (The annual plans save users quite a few dollars.)

The Cost of Voluum Individual:

  • Discover – $89/month or $69/month billed annually.
  • Profit – $149/month or $118/month billed annually.
  • Scale – $249/month or $199/month billed annually.

The Cost of Voluum Business:

  • Start-up – $419/month or $319/month billed annually.
  • Agency – $849/month or $699/month billed annually.
  • Enterprise – $1699/month or $1359/month billed annually.

Does Voluum offer a free trial?

No, Voluum does not offer a free trial.

What are “events”?

Events are the actions taken by customers. For example – impressions, visits, clicks and conversions are all measured in Voluum.

What forms of payment are accepted by Voluum?

Voluum accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

Is it hard to unsubscribe from Voluum?

No it isn’t difficult to unsubscribe. If you’re on a monthly plan you won’t be charged for the next month. However if you’re midway through your annual membership your membership will remain active and won’t renew the following year.

Is it difficult to use Voluum?

No, not at all. Voluum is beginner friendly. The platform is well laid out, clearly labelled and easy to use.

Is Voluum worth the cost?

If you’re after an all-in-one type of experience where you can easily manage all of your ad campaigns, then yes Voluum is worth the cost. It offers a generous amount of tools and resources to level up your marketing game.

Have any questions about Voluum pricing that weren’t answered in our guide? Comment below so we can help.

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