SendOwl Pricing & Plans: Is It Worth The Cost? (2023 Guide)

SendOwl Pricing

SendOwl Pricing: Is It Worth The Cost?

SendOwl Pricing

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Looking for info on SendOwl pricing and plans? 

If you’re thinking of selling your digital products such as memberships, online courses, eBooks, of software,  you’ve probably considered signing up for SendOwl. 

But why haven’t you? 

If you are delaying your decision to buy SendOwl because you aren’t sure whether it’s worth the cost, we’ll help you decide that in this post by reviewing the following: 

  • What SendOwl does
  • An overview of SendOwl pricing
  • An in-depth look at SendOwl plans 
  • How to sign up for SendOwl 
  • How to cancel your SendOwl subscription 
  • Pros and cons of SendOwl

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What Is SendOwl?

There are quite a handful of ecommerce tools out there. But if you sell digital products, you probably know that very few of them are created with digital products in mind. Those that offer a platform for selling digital products only pack in this feature as an afterthought. 

Enter SendOwl. This ecommerce platform is created with the digital product seller in mind. It offers a somewhat inexpensive solution for creating storefronts for selling services, subscriptions, memberships and digital products. You can also enable drips for your digital products. 

SendOwl makes launching a storefront easy and fast. 

SendOwl pricing is fixed, leaving no room for surprises in case your subscribers increase.

How Much Does SendOwl Cost?

SendOwl standard pricing has four pricing plans: 

  • The Basics. This costs $9 per month. 
  • Standard plan, going for $15 per month
  • The Premium plan. You will pay $24 per month to access this plan. 
  • The business plan $39 per month.

Considering SendOwl doesn’t charge any transaction fees, this makes its standard pricing structure quite affordable. 

SendOwl also has pricing options that fall under these categories: self-hosted and subscription. Both categories have the same pricing plans as the standard package. 

  • Self-hosted   
  • Just the basics: $19/month
  • Standard: $39/month
  • Premium: $59/month 
  • Business: $79/month
How much does SendOwl Cost_b
  • Subscription 
  • Just the basics: $24/month
  • Standard: $49/month
  • Premium: $74/month 
  • Business: $99/month
How much does SendOwl Cost_c

You will find subscription plans useful if you want to sell your products on a subscription basis.

An In-depth Review Of SendOwl Plans

The Standard Plan

The Basics. This costs $9 per month. It offers customization, support for 10 products, and 1GB storage. It doesn’t have customization. It is called “the basics” because it only offers the bare minimum you need to get going, but not enough to run your digital store. this is a great plan if you are working with limited funds but still need to get your store up and running. Consider this a “testing” plan. 

Standard plan. At $15 per month, you can list 30 products, recruit affiliates and access 3GB storage. You can also customize your store and use PDF stamping. This is a great option for business owners who do not have many digital products. 

The Premium plan. You will pay $24 per month to access this plan. this will unlock – listing for more products (up to 100) and increase storage to 5 GB. You will also get access to other features such as cart abandonment, 1 subscription, video streaming and upsells. This is in addition to the standard features -customization, PDF stamping and affiliates.  

The business plan costs $39 per month. You can list up to 250 products on this plan, get access 15 GB of storage and three subscriptions. Unlike the other plans, the business plan supports multiple users. You also get the other features in the premium plan, including upsells and cart abandonments.


Self-hosting allows you to manage your products (either by yourself or through a third-party hosting solution) rather than sending files to SendOwl. This only leaves SendOwl to handle payments and redirect your customers to your products. 

With the Selfhosted option, you only pay for bandwidth. This makes the plans cheaper as no payment goes to SendOwl. However, when you choose the selfhosted option, SendOwl will not offer you file protection. 

The most basic self-hosting tier is a great beginner package that allows you to list 500 products. It also gives you the option to customize your storefront. In addition, you get an affiliates feature, which I think will give your store’s sales growth quite a boost as you’ll get to enlist extra “hands” to promote your product for you. 

Going for $39 per month, the standard plan is quite an upgrade from the basic as it increases the products you can list to 2500. It also gives you more customization options, in addition to upsells, cart abandonment, and room for multiple users. 

The premium and business plans also have the same features as the standard plan. The only difference is in the number of products you can list: 5000 on the premium plan and 7500 on the business plan.  

The basic plan doesn’t support subscriptions. This is only available on the standard (3 subscriptions), premium (5 subscriptions) and business (10 subscriptions) tiers. These numbers aren’t all the much, but then again, if you’d like to do more subscriptions, SendOwl already has a subscriptions package specifically made for that.


As mentioned, the subscription pricing structure contains pricing options for selling subscription products. As such, its offering is more focused on giving more subscription slots but doesn’t give a generous allowance for the number of products you can list. 

All the same, you still have room to list between 125 products on the standard plan, 250 on the premium plan and 500 products on the business plan. these numbers are way higher than what you get on SendOwl’s main pricing. 

Below is a summary of the features you’ll get on the subscription plans: 

  • Basic plan: list up to 50 products, 10 subscriptions and 1 GB storage
  • Standard plan; list 125 products, 25 subscriptions and get access to 2GB of storage 
  • Premium plan: list 250 products, 50 subscriptions and access 5 GB of storage
  • Business plan: list 500 products, 100 subscriptions and access 10 GB storage 

In addition, each of these plans also allows you to 

  • Customize your offerings and get access to video streaming and pdf stamping. 
  • Convert more customers with affiliate programs and a cart abandonment series

How To Sign Up For SendOwl

To sign up for SendOwl, click “get started” at the top of the pricing page, or click the buy button below the plan you want to get. 

Enter your name, email and password. After you confirm your email address, you’ll be directed to your account where you can test your account for free for 30 days.

You can upgrade your subscription any time before the 30 days are up.

Can You Cancel Your SendOwl Subscription?

You can suspend your SendOwl account anytime if you want to take a break from your store but would like to use it later on. You can also close it, although this will delete all your products, data and settings. 

Pausing your account freezes it for up to 6 months. During this time, your account reverts to a “free service” and all your data and products stay intact. 

To suspend your SendOwl account, head to the accounts page and select close account. You will see these options: do not close account, close account, suspend account. 

Select “suspend account”.

Does SendOwl Have A Free Trial?

As discussed, SendOwl offers a 30-day free trial period for every payment plan, including the self-hosted and subscription plans. You don’t need to provide your credit card details when signing up.

Pros and Cons Of SendOwl


  • It’s an easy-to-use platform with a reliable interface
  • You can use it to build and run affiliate programs
  • Great for bloggers as it has support for selling premium content
  • Supports for multiple currencies 
  • Flexible payments
  • You can customize your own checkout templates
  • Has bump offers and One-click upsells
  • Integrates with marketing tools
  • Monthly payment model makes it easy to predict what you’ll pay


  • Offers limited customization 
  • Lack of support for community groups
  • Doesn’t offer emergency customer support
  • Template A/B testing isn’t handy

Bottom Line: Is SendOwl Worth It?

SendOwl is a platform created to make it easier to sell digital product, services and subscriptions. Due to its pocket friendly pricing, this platform is meant for beginner and small digital sellers. So SendOwl cost is definitely worth it, particularly if you fall in the groups I have mentioned.

SendOwl may not be for you if: 

  • You need to sell large volumes of subscriptions products (more than 100)
  • You are an ecommerce seller with more than 7500 products in your inventory 
  • You need an all-in-one digital marketing tool with more sophisticated CRM and marketing features
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