Is Kartra a CRM? Yes But There’s More To It

Is Kartra a CRM? 2020 Insights

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are crucial to enable a business to track all customer interaction and make it accessible to the relevant parties within the business.

There is a comprehensive CRM system in Kartra to ensure that the information is consolidated and updated on a single platform. 

It should be noted though that Kartra is much more than just a CRM, it is an all in one online business platform. You can read more in our Kartra Pricing section.

In this article, we will describe the functionality and features of the Kartra CRM at a high level and highlight the available features.

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Kartra CRM Profile

A profile can be created and updated by any user allocated to the system.

It contains information such as the name, e-mail address, the affiliate that referred to the prospect, and time zone.

Details of any interactions are captured in the notes section where all previous interactions will be displayed.

The system captures some information automatically and block the fields from any changes.

This includes values in the following fields: e-mail of the person capturing the client information, the amount of money transacted with the company, a point score, and the date the client was added to CRM.

The score feature can be made up of points for purchases, communication, or any other interaction that you may feel deserves points.

Points can be accumulated for upgrading a customer or redeemed for benefits as you see fit.

It is possible to have group discussions or actions through the use of tags. If a tag does not exist, it can be added without leaving the current customer record.

These tags can be given a specific timeframe and then be deactivated automatically.

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Kartra CRM lists

The LIST tab combines the information related to all the tags associated with the client including the date of subscription and the date that the customer unsubscribes from the list.

This will also display all the actions that the customer has taken while subscribed to a list


Kartra CRM communications

Tracking communication between the company’s representatives and the client is displayed under the COMMUNICATIONS tab.

 Information provided here includes the version, the initiator, and confirmation that the communication was delivered. 

The data is updated when the customer opens or clicks on the mail. 

Any transactions executed by the client will update the system enabling you to track the value of such transactions.


Kartra CRM Sequences

The SEQUENCES tab provides feedback on communications sent out via Automations. 

Automation is the automatic sending of communications to a client based on actions that the client takes on sent emails.

The information displayed on the Sequences tab includes the name of the Sequence / Automation, the step of the process, subscribe/unsubscribe actions taken by the customer, and any other action taken by the customer.


Kartra CRM Memberships

The MEMBERSHIP tab displays all the areas that the client has subscribed to and is currently an active member.


Kartra CRM Calendars

The CALENDAR feature allows the customer to book time in your calendar to discuss future sales, interactions, issues, or concerns.


Kartra Transactions

The TRANSACTIONS tab displays the description of the event, place, price point at which the transaction was executed, date of the transaction, order id, and the value of the transaction.


Kartra Log

A notable feature of the Kartra CRM is the LOG tab. All interactions between the customer and the business are displayed here.

It will display events like a page visit, signing up to a list and visiting a page to complete a form.

A description of the activity, date and time, and the revenue generated is also displayed. 


Kartra CRM Helpdesk

Lastly, the HELPDESK tab shows any interaction between the customer or company representative with the helpdesk. The information displayed includes the last date of interaction, ticket number, subject, and status.

Uploading Your Email List

Importing email lists from an existing CRM system, Email service provider, or shopping cart into the Kartra CRM system from a CSV or TXT file is allowed but it can also be done manually.

Imports can normally be completed within one business day.

To start the process, you click on the “Import File” button and provide the file location and map the file to the fields required in Kartra CRM.

The import report will provide information on the number of successful imports and unsuccessful imports. 

If there are duplicates, Kartra will only upload the first record and ignore subsequent duplicates.

Known Blocked Leads previously blacklisted in your system will be uploaded since they are known to be spam traps or closed accounts. 

This is done to protect your reputation and increase your deliverability ratios.

During the upload process abandoned and fake email addresses will be identified, and they will not be imported. Verification for fake or discontinued emails will be done on an ongoing basis.

Verification that the data is sourced legally will be done via a questionnaire during the upload process. The questionnaire will require information about

  • The source CRM
  • The verification code sent to your email address supplied in the questionnaire
  • Your phone number will be verified by Kartra
  • A company Facebook account

Email addresses can be tagged, added to a list, or added to a Sequence.

Kartra monitors your domain and IP health to increase email delivery. Any action executed that may affect the reputation of your domain will be flagged and your domain may be blocked.

Final thoughts

Kartra has an extensive list of CRM features to provide a comprehensive experience on a single platform.

The CRM feature provides most of the functionality provided by the top-end CRM systems and therefore you will not require any additional software to manage the relationships with your clients.

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